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Inner circle
Portland, OR
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Profile of Turk
A couple of rubberbands
Spare change that includes one half dollar
A piece of 3/8" nylon rope plus finger ring

CardWarp (if I am also carrying a deck of cards)
TT with $20.00 bill
Color Changing Knives

Zig-Zag Lady Stage Illusion strapped to my back (but only if doing wandering street magic)
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Chris Boyd
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Regular user
Mansfield, TX
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Profile of Chris Boyd
I always carry a minorly stacked deck, easy to make clean, ring and rope, sponge balls, Slow Burn, various coins, and a TT.
Chris Boyd
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Regular user
Baltimore, MD
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Profile of frank
I was curious, so I looked up the word
"impromptu" at - I know, I'm
a geek. Smile

Here's what it said:
"1. Prompted by the occasion rather than being planned in advance: 'an impromptu party', for example.

2.Spoken, performed, done, or composed with little or no preparation."

So, it looks like impromptu magic really does have two camps. One camp is the impromptu "performance" that you are prepared for (carry cards, etc., similar to definition #1). The other is performing with "little or no preparation". That is, performing with borrowed props, because you're not prepared or you like to work with borrowed/ordinary props (similar to definition #2).

I guess I do a little of both...

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Profile of Ozer4
I'll have a deck of cards on me, and considering this is impromptu more or less, an Onosaka purse with 3 halfs, flipper, and s****. Those are usually on me all the time.
Daniel Faith
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Inner circle
Neenah, Wisconsin
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Profile of Daniel Faith
I was thinking the same thing as kingsandqueens. All I carry is a TT. In fact I rarely carry that. Impromptu means performing spur of the moment with what is at hand.

I borrow the strings, rings, rope, cards, rubberbands, paper or napkins, cups, etc... The magic becomes so much more credible when you use borrowed items.

Think about it. Do you HAVE to carry each and every item you are carrying or can you borrow them??? If something is not available then you skip it. There is always plenty available if you know enough impromptu type magic.

If you know your stuff you can perform a strong routine with borrowed items...

Daniel Faith
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New user
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Profile of Stef
A few easy objects to carry:
  • In my change purse (where I carry most of my usual change): 4 silver dollars and a Chinese coin.
  • Pen (needed everyday).
  • Playing Cards.
  • And business cards.
Just with those items, I could perform a GOOD 30 minutes and after still be able to hand out my business card for their events.

Life is a throw of the die.
Mentally yours.
Mark Martinez
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Inner circle
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Profile of Mark Martinez
I ALWAYS carry my wallet, and in my wallet I have business cards, B'wave, and two rubber bands wrapped around the fold in my wallet.

I very often will have a deck of cards with me too, but with my wallet I don’t have to think about remembering anything and have taken up no extra pocket space.

Other things that I often have are fifty cent pieces or some other form of change.

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Rich Fredeking
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Regular user
Jacksonville, Florida
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Profile of Rich Fredeking
I always have 1 deck and, in my wallet, I have Slowburn/Hundy 500. (Lets face it...people love money and are attracted to it.)
Rich Fredeking
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Regular user
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Profile of DADE
I never leave home without a red Bicycle deck, a TT, and a Sharpie marker. Without these I am naked.

Just my thoughts.

DADE.. Smile
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Black Magic
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New user
New Orleans, La
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Profile of Black Magic
I carry the 4 Aces (Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, Hearts)
the 4 2's
the 4 3's
the 4 4's
the 4 5's
the 4 6's
the 4 7's
the 4 8's
the 4 9's
the 4 10's
the 4 Jacks
the 4 Queens
and the 4 Kings
Oh yeah, and a box big enough to put them in.
Juan D
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Elite user
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Profile of Juan D
At a moments notice? Easy! Do a design duplication by means of a center tear.

Plays really well and girls love it.
M@gic Man
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Regular user
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Profile of M@gic Man
I carry a deck of cards, a couple of rubberbands and sometimes a TT. But never anything less than that!!! Smile

Why does everyone carry a half dollar? What tricks do you perform with them? (If they are ungimmicked.)
Smile Smile
Its not what you do, but how you do it.
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Profile of BlackSalt
Though I try to borrow their business cards, I always carry mine so that I can do an off-center tear or “The Mast Billet Move” (available from Ted Lesley). I also carry my version of Bob Farmer’s “Head Hunter”.

Best regards,
Michael BlackSalt
A Vacation For The Mind!
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Regular user
Dwight Powell
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Profile of DwightPA
In my left pants pocket I always carry Scotch & Soda in a plastic coin squeeze purse with rubber bands wrapped around it. In the right pocket, 4 half-dollars, 2 English pennies, and occasionally a half-dollar s****.

If I'm wearing a shirt with a pocket or a jacket, I'll usually carry 2 black cards and a red queen for Dai Vernon's 3-Card Monte or Skinner's Ultimate Monte.
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Regular user
californian living in wisconsin
136 Posts

Profile of gforster
I always have a knife of some sort (be it a Bali, Swiss army, Leatherman, etc.). You would be surprised the magic that can be done with a knife. I usually have rubberbands with me, and as a student, I more often than not have a pen or pencil (sometimes Misled). I have been known, even before my magic days, to carry a few half dollars with me. Last, but definitely not least, I carry a pocket-sized Bible (those in gospel magic I'm sure can think of a use or two for that). Smile
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Profile of dillib
Rubber bands, cards for Card Warp in the wallet, some halfs, a TT loaded with silk, an expanded s**** or a Scotch and Soda.
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Profile of brownbeauty
I always carry a nail writer and billets for anytime thought readings! I also always have my 5 thimbles for Rosinis (Carney) routine.

Brian Lehr
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Inner circle
Edmonton, Canada
1600 Posts

Profile of Brian Lehr
My required items consist of:

1. TT
2. Scotch and Soda (in wallet)
3. Kolossal Killer (in wallet)
4. Deck of cards (for Card Warp, etc.)
5. F****** Coin (in wallet)
6. Three small ropes (for Professor's Nightmare)
7. Hot Rod
8. American dollar bill (for Piercing George's Ear)
9. Credit card with a half card attached to the back of it (use your imagination for how you could use this— this is my all-time favorite).

Most of these are in my wallet, and ready to go on a moment's notice.

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Loyal user
Miami, FL
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Profile of Zednanreh
  • On my wrist, at least 10 rubber bands (for my collection of band tricks).
  • In my wallet, folding dollar (but I'm probably going to remove it since it was revealed...$@#%!!%#@!!! I know those shows don't get much ratings, but I don't want to risk it.)
  • In my right pocket, four half dollars (ungimmicked) and a Sharpie.
  • In my left pocket, one red deck (ungimmicked) which I use to practice with (very beat up right now) and a blue deck for performances.
  • I'm looking for a Himber wallet with a packet trick to toss in to the mess.
...and that's just my magic stuff!

- Alex
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Las Vegas
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Profile of magicduro
How can some of you have missed Michael Ammar's 2 Dollar Bill Tear! Learn it!

Also I used a gimicked bill for the 5 and 1 Switch Beswiteched.

Expanded shell! You can perform so many effects with this one item. It's more useful that a thumb tip for one torn and restored bill trick. (Of course, some of you may do 20 tricks with the thumb tip and I applaud you.)

Loops are great; in some conditions. I suggest getting Jeff McBride's Kundalini Rising. You can wow and audience of 200 in a giant room with a borrowed deck! I've seen him do it and I've done it. Always carry it.

The Super Sharpie, nail writer (?) sounds killer. Rubberbands, of course. Vox Box is card rattle box. Great utility item. Plus you are not wasting any extra space.

Jeff McBride said that Eugene Burger carries a whole show in his pockets. That's why I strive for!! Instead of people listing what they carry, I would much rather hear about what they do with it. I know that's on other posts too. But, duh, we call are going to say coins, cards, and rubberbands. Let's get down to the nitty gritty and start to learn and share! If you are interested in really making progress. Drop me a line or PM.

T.A. Waters said there is no need for magicians to all be performing the same effects. He's right. Distinguish yourself and be creative!
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