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Great Domino
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I never leave home without a deck of cards and a mesh cigarette vanisher. Sponge balls and the Mirage Wallet always blow them away.
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I never leave home without my TT, the times I have I have usually regretted it!
Jack Bryce
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Edinburgh UK
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On 2002-12-08 22:37, Zorak wrote:
I agree with Socates and Londoner. You are the magic! Take with you confidence, an amiable nature, a sense of humor, and skill.

There is nothing wrong with taking a gimmick or trick. You need to work out the presentation on live humans after you have mastered the effect.

I don't think you need a crutch. Doing magic with borrowed objects is the most powerful close-up you can do. Even if they haven't an object, they have their minds and imagination, use that. Smile

My sentiments exactly, just as Londoner, Socrates and a few others have said, this is the impromptu section isn't it? Most of what has been put here so far is not impromptu magic!

To do impromptu magic, you shouldn't need to carry more than your sense of humour, your confidence and a few coins in your pocket.

The magic should be done with everyday objects or borrowed items from the spectator. The only exception I would consider might be a rubber band or two as these could be considered everyday objects! Smile

I never forget a face but in your case I will gladly make an exception...Groucho Marx
Fred E. Bert
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New York, NY
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I'm a bit out of practice and wish I could perform more on a moment's notice, but when I go out and know I'll be asked to do magic, I'll pack:

A regular deck of cards
A loop around my wrist (and more loops in an envelope in my pocket)
Voodoo Pen (I lost my Wonder Pen in a bar, but now prefer Voodoo)

As far as people are concerned, all of these are impromptu (there's nothing suspicious about carrying an ordinary deck of cards, loops are invisible, and the pen through anything is just a pen). I don't like carrying "magician's" items like sponge balls, paddles or silks— it's just not what I do.

Last thing— I have heard lots of great stuff about Kolossal Killer and have ordered it and plan to carry it always. Also, if you've never tried loops— GET LOOPS! They're great for ring levitations, haunted pack, PK etc...and they reset instantly. Best $10 investment you'll ever make.
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I never leave home without 2 TTs, Ultra Mental deck and business cards (for any type of force and prediction on the back of my card)—good PR. Also my security sponge ball.
Personal preference. Smile
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Profile of gkfreed
Deck of ungaffed cards (with the MacDonald set under the cellophane), TT with mismade bill loaded, rubber bands. If I'm not in the shower, they are with me.
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St. Louis, MO
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Profile of MacGyver
Right Pocket: Regular Bike blue deck in card guard with name on front, 5D on back. Set up for 2-Card Monte, then 2 dupes, and the rest of the deck is in order for Chance Zero(red/black trick).

Left Pocket: Old cards, paperclip and a Sharpie.

Right change pocket (kind they have on jeans): 2 half dollars, steel core quarter, 2 palming s****, 1 s*** s**** nickel, a penny, 1 dollar bill, 100 dollar bill and 2 rubber bands.

Inside jacket pocket: Invisible deck in card guard also blue with name on front and a J-S on back, so I can switch. A red Anything deck and a beat up old card case with Ultimate 3-Card Monte, cigarette through card, my own rising card gaff (blue), my own gaff that allows an indifferent card to be switched to named card.

Left sleeve: Classic Raven.

Right sleeve: nothing yet but going to get either a good utility pull or an ITR.

Pants, shoes???: The Elevator when it arrives.
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New Jersey
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Coins, Hot Rod, bill change, silk, mental trick— PLENTY.
Mark Rough
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Ivy, Virginia
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Let's see, right now I have a deck of cards, a Sharpie, FT, two rubber bands and B'wave with me. Smile
What would Wavy do?
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I'm sorry, I thought this was impromptu magic? Some of you carry more props then I carry to a stand up show. What's impromptu about that?

I always try to bring a good brain that has studied my craft. A lite heart filled with laughs, and astonishment. Oh yeah! Many fingers with a little talent.

If I do a coin or bill trick it's with those items someone hands me. Sometimes I find napkins, salt shakers, a glass. Sometimes a bartender might loan me a deck of cards. Some child a ball. Must I go on?

Gimmicked coins and cards are wonderful if your doing a close up gig. I know if I carried expensive gimmicked coins with me I'd accidently spend them.

To me impromptu is the most intimate magic we can do, and it's the most remembered of all magic. In those conditions if you pull out your own deck of cards, (to them) it's a trick.

When people come to a show they expect you to have your own props, but I bet if you went to Walmart, and asked people coming out of the store if they had a deck of cards with them... Well maybe you should try it to let us know how many do, and how many don't.


When I studied at Chavez College I brought my props to class. When I went to the Magic Castle my props went with me. When I take my sweet wife to dinner if someone wants to see magic they better hand me the prop I'm going to use, or it better belong to the restaurant.

I hope nobody thinks I'm picking on them. I'm trying hopefully to make a point about this art we all love so well.

Hey if by some strange coincidence I have a prop in my pocket I might use it after I've already dazzled them with their stuff. Oh, and I'd never use it twice in my impromptu show.

TTs and other gimmicks should only be used to round out the skill you all ready have. I believe most real magicians feel that way. Except maybe the guys selling them to you.

May all your impromptu tricks become miracles. ......... Manyfingers
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I never leave home without rubber bands, 4 ungimmicked half dollars and 1 English penny.
Without Magic, Life is Boring.
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Cornwall, UK
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I tend to keep a couple of rubber bands around my wrist. I normally have a deck of cards in my pocket to practice on and I guess pretty much everyone has a few coins in their pocket most of the time— plus rings on fingers and normally a plectrum or two in my wallet which would be put to good use!
Learn as if you would live forever... as if you would die tomorrow.
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Landrum, S.C. by way of Chicago
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Well, I always have a 1940 English penny and a 1909 Barber half (sometimes there is a 1964 Kennedy half with them) in the change pocket of my pants. Sort of like good luck charms. So I'm always ready to go with a two phase "Spellbound" routine. Besides that, give me something, anything!


aka Steve Taylor

"Every move a move!"

"If you've enjoyed my performance half as much as I've enjoyed performing for you, then you've enjoyed it twice as much as me!"
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TT and M5.
I'm Your Daddy
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Well that's certainly impromptu kingsandqueens. But with just a tiny bit of preparation you can perform a MIRACLE for a layperson. Doing a flurry with a quarter or a quick trick with a napkin is good but I have no problem putting something in my pocket to really blow someone away.
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london ,England
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Profile of BLAZE
Eight coins the same not gimmicked, a TT unloaded for salt/sugar/liquid, a match box and match packet, 2 paper clips and a couple of rubber bands. If I'm out (and off duty lol) and someone asks to see something then I'll borrow an item off them for an effect. (Unless I'm in a line for the cinema and a kid is near by, then I can't resist the D'lite. My own kids love them as well no matter how many times they see it.)
that is not dead which can eternal lie
yet with strange eons even death may die
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Tasmania, Australia
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Maybe a deck of cards, if not on me then in my car, but most people who want to see you do a trick will have cards and using their cards adds to the amazement. I have, on occasion, taken the Brainwave deck in an egg bag, which fits easily in jeans pockets.
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SLC Utah
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TT and rubberbands. Smile
magic hands
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Regular user
Long Island, NY
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TT, Blendo, mismade dollar for switch, Hopping Half set, flipper coin, 7 quarters for coins across, flash paper for disappearing coins, Twisted Sisters. Smile
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Profile of JoshBlum
I always carry a normal deck, sometimes an invisible one, four or five half dollars, a pen through quarter, a couple of dollar sized coins from Vegas, and a really light casino chip from Vegas.

I also wear some rubberbands on my wrist sometimes for Crazy Man's Handcuffs.
:spinningcoin: Smile Smile
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