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Jolan Vanderdark
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I have been doing close up magic for quite awhile now, and think I'm going to start trying out some stage magic. Something that I never really give thought about was clothing. Blackstone, one of my favorite magicians, usually wore suits or tux...but now almost everywhere you look on the net almost everyone says this is almost a fashion faux pas.
I'm not sure when magicians started wearing Criss Angel leather or David Blaine street grunge, but I don't think this is the look that I want to portray. Not taking anything from them...just my opinion.
I'm not sure why exactly suits or tux are considered over the top now for magicians, but I'd almost bet if you asked any lay person what a magician wore, the first thoughts would be Blackstone suit, and cane, maybe a top hat...not mind freak leather.
Anybody have thoughts on this. Am I just missing something...perhaps I'm just too old...hehe.
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Chad Sanborn
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Your clothing and attire should be an extension of your personality. If you are very elegant when you speak, black leather and chains probably isn't the attire for you. What we wear when we are not performing magic is indicitive of the kind of person we really are. It is this kind of clothing you should be wearing when you perform. After all, you picked out your clothes at the store because you liked the style/look of them. They matched you and your personality. Yet when we perform, we tend to wear something 'showy' to stand out. Why? Wear what's you and let your magic stand out.

Victor Brisbin
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I have an aversion to vests with bunnies. I don't look good in leather pants. The age-old advice of dressing one notch better than your audience is general, but true. Billy McComb said he spent much more on finely tailored suits than he ever did on a tux. Smile
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Scott F. Guinn
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I think there is more to it than just wearing what you like. Your attire needs to be appropriate to the venue and event for which you are performing.

If you are the entertainment at a black tie corporate affair and show up in leather pants and a muscle shirt, you may not even be allowed to go on. However, most magicians are more likely to make the opposite mistake--dressing in formal wear at a restaurant where the clientelle are in shorts and tank tops. Both extremes are equally awkward.

I always ask what type of event it is. I explain that I can weara tux, business suit, or business casual and let the client decide. I still get to pick outfits I like within each category. For a company picnic or the grand opening of a water park, etc, I'll typically wear Dockers shorts and a polo shirt.

A true professional is more concerned with pleasing the client than himself.
"Love God, laugh more, spend more time with the ones you love, play with children, do good to those in need, and eat more ice cream. There is more to life than magic tricks." - Scott F. Guinn
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I agree with a lot of the advice from Scott, Victor and Scott said, but I want you to think about your magical personality when you are performing. Most of us have a magical personality that is an extension of who we are. Others have a distinct personality or character.

This, I feel, helps you determine what you wear when you are on stage...

"Try to find the humanity in the magic and maybe you'll come up with something of your own. It's the humanity that gets you there, not techniques." Michael Moschen on Creativity
Chad Sanborn
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my fingers hurt from typing,
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One other thing, once you decide on what you are going to wear, take full advantage of the outfit. Your clothes can be rigged for magical purposes. So why not do so!

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I always scope out the place I will be doing a gig the day before, if I can, to get an idea of what the punters will be wearing. If it is a party, I will ask what the dress code is. Sometimes I wear a suit, sometimes casual wear. I agree with Brad on the rigging up. Always take advantage of what you are wearing. But I don't always agree with dressing one step up from your audience if you are doing close-up. I Like to blend in a bit, if I stand out too much, I usually end up with a large crowd around me when I really want to be performing for a few people. Then I start to worry about angles and stuff. But for stage, one notch up for sure.
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Vests or ties with bunnies, playing cards or wizard hats should be taboo. Seriously though, it depends on the act, performing style and venue. Worth seeing a clothes consultant or stylist? Could be a good investment in the long run.
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- Anon
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You really want to know the best place to look for clothes? GQ Magazine! You want to not only look good, but stylish and professional. Forget the ties with cards on them...bunnies on the vest? Out of the question!
I am a 37 year old white male. I say that because when I went looking for a suit to wear, I went to an "urban" men's clothing store. I wear a blue (and I mean BLUE!) suit with a black shirt and blue/multicolor tie. If I'm working a more professional clientelle, then I wear black slacks with the blue jacket. The coat looks both professional while still allowing me to "stand out" as a performer.
By the way, that's not the coat in my picture to the left.
If you want a great statement on what magicians need to do to stand out, read Tim Ellis' article on "magicians and WWF" at his website.

Richard Green
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Neale Bacon
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When I am doing just magic (as opposed to clown) I usually wear a suit or black pants, black shirt and black vest with a tie (I won't tell you whats on it Smile )

The vest I got at a formal wear store and has loads of pockets inside it (came that way)

I agree with the step up idea too, but I alsdo want people to know I am not the waiter or manager, so I wear something to add a bit of pizzazz (the tie or name tag)
Neale Bacon and his Crazy Critters
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Jerome Murray
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<img src="" alt="Image result for asian suits"/> does any one know what kind of coat this is sorry if I'm not in the right place first post
Jerome Murray
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Jerome........ this is a version of a Peacoat
Now in the particular picture you posted they have it buttoned all the way to the top and the collar flipped up.

An authentic Peacoat is one you will get from a military supply shop: these are made of 100% wool and are very heavy and have a nice inner lining for comfort. They are made to stand up to high winds and very cold weather. These coats are designed for the navy and multiple countries use them so you will find variations from country to country, like color of wool and length of coat, buttons and they way the folds lay. If you seek the "REAL DEAL" price will run you close to 200.00USD for something brand new, military surplus you can find used ones but condition may vary, so be warned, especially when buying online.

I STRONGLY suggest you NOT buy a military grade coat and go for something more fashion conscience. Just about every men's clothing store will carry a version of this coat. They tend to be A LOT lighter and will be priced more according to name/branding and place of purchase rather than quality, this style of coat tends to be well constructed and durable.
The one I currently own I got for an INCREDIBLE bargain.... it was end of season and such a lucky find nearly 90% off original price, it had just been marked down multiple times and the winter was not as cold as usual and the nice heavy coats from that season did not sell good so the mall stores had an overstock of such things.
Here in New England we are having yet another mild winter and it could be good time to shop for one now.
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