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One day a friend (Rob Sanderson) suggested me that it was possible to walk thru a tree using the same method to walk thru a mirror (with the "hottrix" hand gimmick).

Then I started practicing it using a pole lamp instead, as you can see in the following video:


Then I noticed something: For some people, this illusion is very funny, but for other ones, there seem to be nothing happening... as if there was no mystery, as if the fact that I'm walking thru the lamp was not obvious at all.

Is there a way to make the illusion more obvious? Maybe there is something I'm doing wrong. Or maybe some people's visual perception work differently??

Thanks for your help.

Slim King
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It just looks like you are doing what you are doing...walking around the lamp. I am also working on effects with this device.
Try holding the cape above the lamp, or at least above your head with the lamp still visible, so they only see you on one side...then the other. There's a miracle with nothing given away.
Secondly, try showing the non-gaffed side when you do it, removing any chance of actually seeing the gaff and it's "Problems"....
Pm me if you need more help or want to brainstorm.
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Chris Stolz
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I think what Slim said about doing the thing while raising the cover above your head is a good tip. Also, you really need to make sure you lower and raise the cover a couple times to clearly show that you're BEHIND the lamp. Bring it right down below waist height so your entire body can be seen behind the lamp. Then raise and lower it one more time just to built it up a little. When you finally do end up on the other side it will be very clear as to what has taken place.

I like the idea of passing through visibly however I think you need to cover the shoulders. Try raising the cloth to just below your chin and turning the body sideways and keeping the head to the audience as you "pass through". This will get you a lot closer to the lamp post and help create the illusion that your body, and not just one arm, is passing through it.

It's a cool effect, the more you play with it, you more uses you'll find for the gimmick. I like to throw on some good dramatic music and just play. The music really helps the routine develope into something more graceful and takes away the silent "choppiness".

You've got a good idea there with the lamp, keep on it!

- Chris.
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I don't know if you do this differently when infront of people, but from the video it just looks like you need to build up some handling and patter. This is something that I see more and more, especially with a sub-trunk. Some people will perform a sub-trunk just straight on with no words, no set-up or anything. Metamorphisis is amazng because of the speed, but it's not just the speed, it's the setup as well. If you set the trick up like a traditional escape, letting everyone inspect everything, and making a big deal of getting out of the restraints. Then people (who have never seen it before) expect a much slower escape. Then you can nail them with the speed of the exchange. It makes a huge difference. For almost any trick, movie, joke, etc. there's a set-up, build, climax, and reaction (performer not audience). This is especially crucial in magic because in the set-up we are preparing the audience for what they think they will see, and subsequently what they should be paying attention to, or not paying attention to. The Build gets the excitement up. This can be anything that adds more emotion to the trick, even a simple pause. At the same time the build is when you are taking the audience down the wrong road only to 'wow' them with the climax. The reaction is that of the performer queing the audience that it's time to clap, or gasp, or whatever. Typically this is a very obvious look at the audience or something else, but I prefer something more subtle.
If I was you I would tell the audience that I was going to make my jacket, or whatever piece of cloth you are going to hold up infront of you, pass through the pole. Then show how solid the cloth is and make a big deal of trying to get the cloth to pass through the pole. This sets up the idea of not being able to escape the pole without moving your hands, while never drawing attention to your hands. Then I would 'move through' the pole, but make it look like I was still around the pole. I would make a big deal about maybe something going wrong with the coat or the pole, and then 'bam' I would make a sudden move and come clear of the pole. I would then looked surprised like that wasn't supposed to happen and move on to the next trick. Just a thought.
Laszlo Csizmadi
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J D here is how I see. Sorry but I have to be honest with you. that's what you asked. You are doing almost good but what I see you hold your right hand to far from your body while your left hand looks normal to your body. Other words move your right hand closer to your head. I suggest for you try to keep your both hand about same distance to your head. Practice front of the mirror.

good luck
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All of you have very great suggestions ! I definitely needed a more builded presentation to make the trick more clear. Thanks Smile

I can see trough your answers that there are so much possibilities with this prop. As I said, I use "the hand" hottrix gimmick, but for the inside coat to remain straight, I builded a "bending" simple wooden frame, without knowing how is the real gimmick working. Where can this be found? The gimmick I made is very heavy.
Peter Loughran
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For this illusion to look proper. You need to have a sheet not a jacket. You need to be standing directly behind the Lamp, Mirror, Wall etc. to start. Then bring both hands around to the front. Drop the cloth so that it touches the ground. Next raise above your head and as others suggested lower it again. And repeat this a few times. Make sure you do the sequence slowly. Finally the last time you raise the cloth, step around to the front behind the cloth, make sure your covered from head to toe. Then lower the cloth, and make sure you are standing directly infront of the object, and now you will have what looks like realy magic.

Your video makes it look like only your arm goes through the lamp, and that will draw attention to the third hand gimmick, which is not what you want. You need to make it seem as if your whole body passes through the lamp, right between the eyes.


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It seems to me that you wouldn't be able to perform it live with the coat, you would need a sheet, as peter said, otherwise the audience will see your feet..... also on film not seeing all of you it looks to me like you are hiding something, and it seems to me like that's the last thing you want
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Well, I must say that this film was not intented to be shown, but it was just a test for me. That's why it doesn't look really professional Smile

However, I used to practice the same way, wondering how it could be done more deceptively, and thanks for your answers.

Rob Sanderson had told me that it could be done with a coat as a more "impromptu" way, and that's why I'm trying to find the best possible way when the feet are seen.

I just saw that there was a similar post at the Café (see "The Best Plans For A Walk Thru .... ") but this one is not with a coat. The video of JC Sum's looks very great, but it is a version where we don't see the feets.

Maybe there is a good way to do the trick with a coat, and your suggestions will help me.
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In the video, it appears to be an arm thru lamp effect. It would be far more impressive if it were more of a walking thru lamp; where the whole body appears to pass thru the lamp.

Although they essentially use the same method, the impact of the walking thru illusion far exceeds that of the arm thru, in my opinion.

Just something to think about when you're creating your routine.
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Its a good beginning, but Peter's absolutely right: it should appear that the lamp goes thru right between your eyes. Also the lamp should be a bit taller so your head wont hit the lampshade. Showing your feet with this technique can be done of course. You could use a cloth which clears the floor when your arms are extended all the way up. Rise it all the way up and down, again and on the 3rd time when your face is covered, quickly come forward and keep the cloth moving. Takes lotsa practise to be smooth and in all calls for accurate timing.

You could combine this with a self-illuminating lightbulb. When you step thru, the light goes out and the bulb you have in your hand or mouth lights up as you have passed thru not only the lamp but the electric current as well. As a finale, point the bulb at the lamp and "throw" the light back.
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