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Hello peoples,

I am currently brainstorming an end to my dancing hank routine- I am using the Impossible hank 2

I would like a dance sequence done to irish dancing music that I have- I realise that the hank only moves left to right but I'd like to do more than the dance number Sean does on the video

any suggestions

Thanks all,

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Left or right yes but forward and back if turned slightly. I've combined both the Ultimate and Impossible Hank with two very different styles of music within same act.

The programming of equipment can be programmed to allow you to dance while hank remains still and vice versa.

You dance, hank watches....Hank dances, you watch etc etc.
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Whats the difference?i have ballerina hank but it hasnt arrived so I don't know how it works
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OK Nick- better post your own topic because I need some help with my product
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Learn to remember that the dancing hank is just a gimmick and strive to create a routine, like you are doing, that explores and makes this gimmivk into a full fledged routine that captures and intrigues the audience.

What I always try to do is look past the pbvious of the prop and just think to myself, what would I love to see if a hank could dance by itself? What reactions would I have that fits my own character? Would my character be suprised by it, or would he invite it as if he is controlling it himself? Does it have a mind of it's own where every time the magician thinks he has control, he really does not?

There are really so many different ways you can take this, but it also depends a lot upon your character you play on stage and your own personal style.


May I ask you what shows and audiences do you plan to perform this for? This may also help us steer you better in the right direction. How you handle it for kids may be different then for an adult audience etc.

One thing I placed into my routine is nice transitional effects that break up the flow of the routine. I also play a very particular character and there is almost a story being played out through the dancing routine I do with it. This adds in comedy and the suspense that I feel is needed.

A funny ending would be for you to do your routibe, you struggle trying to keep him under control as he always upstages you every time. You finally get him back into your case as you take your applause que. Just then the music of irish or RiverDance begins and you see him pop back up and start dancing more. You shrug and turn away and then 3 or 4 opthers pop up along side of him and begin dancing or moving along with him as if a line dance thing.

Another idea is that you are trying to do a silk routine but he keeps interrupting you every time. There is funny friction between you and it. You have a stool and place a boom box on top of it. You pop in a CD and it begins to play..."thank you for buying Dancing So Easy even YOU can do it". Our first lesson is picking a partner.. so please do so now..."

You look stunned like oh crud what are you going to do.. you look at a lady and smile before shrugging off as if saying only joking. You can not seem to find anyone. So you are tired and take out the hank as if to whipe the browl. You look at the hank and the audience and then smile. (gets a laugh)

"Ok now that you have found a partner.. let's begin to dance. First you must make eye contact with your partner to show that you are both ready to dance." You look at audience and pantomime as if saying.. "you have GOT to be kidding me".

So you stare and gaze at the hanky and lean inwards as it starts to lean away from you as if trying to get away from your weirdness. lol "Ok now that you have made eye contact. please select a song to play on your radio.."

You reach down and select something cool and hip. You motion to the audience "perfect.. this is the best music ever awww brings back memories." As you say this the hank is moving back and forth motioning NO.. as if saying it stinks"

You notice and as soon as you look at him, he stops moving. You look away and he starts dancing again. You see him finally and shout. "ok let's get one thing straight. I am the leader here so we go by my rules and I pick the music."

You pick something you like that could also get a laugh from the audience as well. "Ok let's boogie" You dance a bit and he does nothing. " Um hello??? you snap fingers and nothing. you do it again and nothing." You shout. well what is wrong now?.. You place him on your sholuder and he leans in to your ear as if talking to you.

"What" I have great taste in music" At this point he could be made to move to look like he is giggling. Well if you do not like it pick something else. You place him on the stool and he leans inwards towards the radio nob as if turning the channel.
The radio static is heard as if he is tunring it. You finally hear irish dance music and go ewwww yuck.

So basically from here you have a comedy routine based upon your interaction with this character. It can lead to humerous ideas and suprises for your audience and gives the hank a personality.

Just an idea.

Kyle Peron

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I just swicth the gimmick with the silk for a simple silk. Then proceed with the classic snowstorm in China. This if you had the ultimate dancing hank.. The version 2.0 of the impossible hank is thinner that the 1.0 so I think you can finish with the same idea. Just let the impossible hank "hide" inside the case and take out the ungimmicked silk for the snowstorm.

Another idea..
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Yes sorry magic I should have said that.

Basically in a big nutshell my routine is this.

Brief case open- hank pops up as music starts- (from the River dance music)

I snap my fingers it stops snap again it wiggles- I do this again

On the 3rd time it doesn't stop I then move to make it disappear with a big black silk

I cover it and remove thesilk and the hank is gone

I step away and the hank moves over and I go into the ultimate hank routine

finally it goes back into the case whaere I switch for the impossible and

do a couple of things with it- well try to as it doesn't do what I ask.

I feed it a chocolate it keeps carrying on- I then hypnotise it and Then move into a dance routine which is what I am asking about

It is for adults- and the music is an electric Violin- really upbeat and the theme is like the Irish Dancing Hank

I would like to do an Irsish dance move and then pass it onto the silk to do but

Irish dancing is waste below only- the silk is waiste up only so I'm at a loss as to how this will work.
Pete Biro
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Wow... Riverdance. We saw that show three times we liked it so much. The music is awe inspiring... the gal on the electric fiddle is the best in the world...
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