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I've only messed up a few small things like a glide here, a dl there. But it's cool because since the spectator doesn't practice magic consistently they'll forget. But I know how it feels, if I mess something up it crushes my self-esteem and confidence leaving me with this empty feeling in my stomach. I feel as though I failed every magician in the world.
James F
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You are definitely right that I mess up. Please understand that in no way was I saying I don't mess up or hinting that I’m better in any way. I didn't mean that at all. I was just stating that messing up "A LOT" is not good. I wasn’t taking into account your standards for mistakes. (Messing up patter, etc.) I think it was the way you stated it that made it sound like every other move you did messed up. Smile No offense was meant of course.

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^^cool ,

On another point, for the newer magicians, your audience doesn't know what's going to happen next. So when something happens, instead of going "oops", work with it and improve a little. - BE PREPARED.
This is why my daily wallet is a card wallet.

One of my favorite tricks is the Martin Lewis paper tear (actually Trevor Lewis but it's in Martin's notes). You intentionally drop the extra, torn tissue during a torn and restored paper trick. The audience gets a nice laugh, then pick it up and open it and it is restored too.

Or check out insert by Harry Loryane - it's a pick a card trick but you find the wrong card. Give it to the spectator and tell them to insert it into the pack to find their card, upon several unsuccessful attempts, the chosen card is actually in the spectator’s hand.
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Card on ceiling the elastic came lose cards went everywhere
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I made the funniest mistake at a bar.

I was doing the card revelation trick called card under drink (J C Wagner), when I knocked the glass over. They didn't notice it at the beginning, but suddenly they realized the table being wet, and their card swimming in the lake of beer!

THAT was a nice card revelation Smile

By the way, the trick is brilliant, and can be found on the DVD or the book called COMMERCIAL MAGIC by JC Wagner which also is brilliant.

Christopher Williams
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If I do rarely mess up, it is a careless mistake like a casual DL, or taking a treble, but I know enough to get myself out of trouble, so I will do a card change or go straight into a another trick and bring the old trick back into play. If you mess up, you shouldn’t even hesitate; make it look like it was meant to happen. If you mess up a lot, practice more. If you are a performing magician, you shouldn’t be going out to perform if you aren't refined and know exactly what you are doing at what precise moment. I know sometimes it can go wrong, I don't think 1 magician in the world has never messed up with something, but use what you can do. I can’t stand it when I'm in the magic shop and someone comes in and says 'What is a really good trick that gets great reactions, I've got a show tonight in front of 200 people'. And they just don't have time to practice and perfect it.

Copies of the limited edition 'MindPlay' still available
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....funny thing about mistakes, no one really knows but you!
Brent McLeod
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Many years ago when I was very young! I knocked Zombie ball onto floor

It split in 2 pieces & rolled majestically to a stop!

The audience was so quiet you could hear a pin drop!-For a few brief seconds We all were focused on the ball-It really was special!!!!!!!
Paolo Venturini
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Two days ago I've asked for a quarter and perform the Coin in the Bottle. After the effect I've returned the wrong coin... The guy was smartest than me, he claim: "Hey, gime me back my coin!", and we switch back the quarter again, and nobody understood what's happened.
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Always! Why be any different with my best trick! Smile

Many years ago whilst still at school I performed a big show for my class. The finale went decidedly pear shaped... I nodded to the teacher who quickly realised something was wrong... she started clapping, the class started clapping... and I got away with it! Smile
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Had a sword cabinet mess up on me once...

The routine was scripted so that I was sword fighting with the stagehands while the assistant hid in the cabinet. I lost, got skewered, and lay "dead" on the stage while the stage hands thrust the swords through the box... except... something jammed, and my poor stagehands were at a loss as to how to recover.

As the audience started whispering nervously, I got up, turned the box so the front door was facing the wings, and peered inside to determine the problem. Having spotted it, I turned to the audience, mugged an overt "eww, that looks bad," face (which immediately dispelled their fears of an impaled assistant), yanked the sword out, then fixed it. I helped the stagehands finish inserting the swords, walked back to my mark, and said, "Obviously, I'm not the only one dying here..." and keeled over, "dead" once again (to a roar of laughter from the audience), while the stage hands spun the cabinet around. They then flung the doors open, revealing just the swords, rather than a bleeding assistant (much to the relief of the audience).

No excuse, we'd needed more rehearsals. All in all, though, it went better than it could have gone- malfunctioning illusions can reveal secrets or, even worse, injure people. I'm just glad the two semesters worth of improv class I took in college finally paid off.
Self-proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades and google expert*.

* = Take any advice from this person with a grain of salt.
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^ ouch!
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Cody Fisher
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If I ever on a double lift, take one card instead of two, I just say, Oops, I got two, and turn over a double. They don't think twice about it.
Larry Bean
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While doing a hand chopper routine I chose a very pretty black girl to be my assistant /victim. Then I remembered that the fake severed hand that I throw up into the air immediately after the blade drops matched in color with a caucasian and NOT a black girl. Of course I didn't throw it into the air and she never asked what the white hand in the bag was for - thank goodness.
Dave Gerin
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Flashback Books.....They hate me
Lord Anacho
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Ken De Courcy, erstwhile editor of the Supreme house magazine 'The Magigram' once issued a challenge (not original with him I seem to recall).
Magician take a walk through town; sees through a window of a hall another magician performing the vanishing birdcage. He can't hear what's going on, he can only see what's happening. Trick goes wrong and the birdcage is dangling from the performer's sleeve. Magician says something to the crowd and they all burst out in tremendous applause.
Challenge: What did the performer say to his audience?
Don't ask me, I don't know!

Ciao for now
"The secret impresses no one. The trick you use it for is everything" (Alfred Borden in The Prestige)
George Ledo
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I was in a magic competition once, doing my cards-and-doves act. This act was so tightly routined that one thing just flowed into the next, so there was no room for error. Suddenly, I notice that one of my birds, who was hanging in his bag in position for a production, fell on the floor.

Talk about re-scripting on the fly! And this was a silent act done to live music, so there was no place to say anything... I just had to re-work the routine and go on.

The dove turned out to be fine, but I think I lost a few pounds in a few seconds.

Oh, yeah, I won the competition.
That's our departed buddy Burt, aka The Great Burtini, doing his famous Cups and Mice routine

Latest column: "Sorry about the photos in my posts here"
Tanner & Company
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I always get caught when stealing something, one time when I went under the silk to produce another colr silk the silk kinda floated out of my hand, I laughed, then vanished them both.
Donal Chayce
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My assistant missed his cue during our Canvas Covered Box illusion. We were performing it as part of a variety show troupe contracted to perform at a juvenile detention camp, so I was even more anxious than I would otherwise have been.

I was never so relieved as when we finally made the switch and I was inside the box. The "kids" rushed the "stage" (the show took place in the camp gym) and proceeded to dismantle the box board-by-board.

Earlier in the same show I performed Gene Anderson's T&R Newspaper. During the flash restoration the "other" packet tore free from the newspaper and hit the stage.

It just wasn't my day...
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I remember doing an ace assembly years ago to to about half a dozen people. To my shame I really had lost the last ace. With out skipping a beat though I asked one of the spectators to shuffle the cards and cut the cards anywhere she wanted. He friend then turned over the top card to reveal the last ace.
The hardest thing to do in a circimstance like that is to keep your cool and not look as spell bound as the other spectators.

Lord Anacho. Whenever I make an unrecoverable screw up I often say "Bad day at the office." Or something to that effect. It never fails to get a laugh as most people can suddenly empathise with your situation
Benny Orson
Paradox Engineer
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