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I AM NOT A SMOKER, just to start things off before people rant about how bad smoking is (which is very bad.) I am just curious to know how these smokers can do this? I am very intrigued by it. And no this wont make me start smoking, lol....

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I stoped smoking 29 years ago.
It is hard to expalin how to blow smoke rings without showing you. It has to do with a few things like mouth position and jaw movement and breath control. It is not that hard really to do just hard to explain.
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Harry Mandel
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Smoker here...will give it my best shot....
form an O with ur lips without opening ur jaws too much, and blow out(push out) using ur tonsils (it IS hard to explain)...give it a shot...and yes this will make you start smoking...cuz I saw this magician (cant remember his name, but he had moustache!) and he was smoking a cigarrette, blowing bubbles, popping them turning them into plain white balls...grew up, "old" enough to hold a cigarette...started with that, and now cant get off of it!

good advice from a smoker, don't try it!
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No really!!
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I too am an ex-smoker and blew smoke rings with ciggarettes, pipe smoke, and cigar smoke.

And although I like the effect of blowing smoke, would never go back to smoking, hacking, coughing, buring my shirts, and smelling like a dirty asktray, etc. that all come with smoking again.

My advice? Admire it from afar. But don't even start to consider doing it. You may start out jsut blowing smoke rings, but you will end up smoking everything.

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I remember before many many years I saw advertised some gimmick cigarettes that you could make perfect smoke rings even if you never smoked in your life...If I am not mistaken they were advertised in an old 'Edwins Magic Cataloque'...Anyone remember this?
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America’s North Coast, Ohio
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I remember the little smoke circle blowing dogs that were advertised on the backs of comics or magazines (man, I used to love reading those ads...)

I actually bought one. And you put this little white stick into the dogs mouth, and light the end and it would blow little rings of smoke from the "cigarette/stick/"..

Pretty cute. But not exactly the same as real some rings from a big puff of cigar Smile

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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Wow....that little ring blowing dog was completely out of mind until you mentioned it. I had one, too. Thanks for that very odd memory!
joker 55
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Get a burning match and put it out in your mouth on you tounge or with the lack of oxygen in your mouth will put it out and try it that way,
Magic and Drums
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You can do smoke rings without your mouth. You have to hold the cigarette in "smokers grip", hand palm down, lit end upwards. Try to move your hand up and down, the upward motion a bit harder/faster. It's very hard to explain - again - without showing you, it's like conducting an orchestra, but with reverse actions...
It may not work the first few times, but once you have the right "feeling" for it, it'll work everytime when the air is not in motion.

But, as others said, never ever put a lit cigarette into your mouth. I startet the same way... Smile

Best wishes,
RealDeal JU
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I am not a smoker, however I can blow smoke rings. I don't go out and buy cigarettes, I don't smoke every day/weekend/month. I'm not addicted nor do I have any intrest in smoking. I hardly ever smoke unless I'm at a social event and the mood is right. One night while trying for god knows how long I was able to blow a decent smoke O. I do it the same way as listed above except for the blowing part. I stick the tip of my tounge to the bottom of the gum of my front teeth on the bottom jaw(this is turning out harder to explain then I first thought). So now my tounge is sort of rolled down, I push with my tounge to the front of my mouth. There is no actual breath involved. By moving your tounge it pushes the smoke out. When your tounge goes forward it should hit the roof of your mouth. A smoke O should develop. that's just how I do it and explained the best way that I can. Smoking is very addictive and my advice(although not addicted) would be to admire from afar as said by BroDavid.

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