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Mediocre the Great
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Rich Hurley
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I love it when this happens.

On occasions when people make reference to trick decks or coins, (assuming that must be the way I do it) I tell them I'm way to CHEAP to buy a trick in a magic shop and that all my magic is done with ordinary objects. I then borrow cards, coins , finger ring, rubber bands, or some other object and prove my point.

By the way, It may sound like I'm putting the audinece down, but I try not to do this is a condensending way. I just point out that the kind of magic I enjoy involves ordinary objects. - after they've bought the concept, out come the gaffs! They're even more amazed now.
Mediocrity is greatly under rated!

Rich Hurley aka Mediocre The Great!
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Be careful about analyzing spectator's comments. If across several performances spectators are making the same comment, then there is probably something wrong with your presentation. For example, if they consistently mention that you are using gimmicked coins, then (whether or not you're using gimmicked coins) you are handling your coins incorrectly or inconsistently. (I hesitate to say un-naturally in Mike Gallo's presence Smile ). Under these circumstances, you need to correct your handling and/or adjust your presentation. For example, I have seen many newbies handle their sh**ls like they were made of aluminum foil, so I could see how the audience might suspect that there was something out of the ordinary. If, on the other hand, the comment is a one off (as this one seems to be), then just make a note of it, but don't take it to heart.
Harold Cataquet
Jonathan Townsend
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On 2005-11-14 19:42, Chris "linkster" Watson wrote...yeah Bobo's was nearer £10...but the practice time involved..Hmmm! Then I thought...wait a minute that may actually be a compliment! ...

Enjoy the TWO compliments. One that your technique went by un-noticed and the other that he enjoyed your performance. Bravo! all the coins I've dropped here
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On 2005-11-20 06:43, Mediocre the Great wrote:

I tell them I'm way to CHEAP to buy a trick in a magic shop and that all my magic is done with ordinary objects.

- after they've bought the concept, out come the gaffs!

This is a great philosephy!
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There's not hard-and-fast rule to follow here. Some people seem annoying or prying, but they're just curious. Other people can be a real pain in the prat, and who knows why? Further, there are people who, no matter what you do or how well and gracefully you do it, will just dismiss it. Either they'll say it's up your sleeve or you palmed it (since "palm" is almost the only magic word they know) or they can buy the same thing, and blah blah. I remember once doing gadabout coins for a bunch of friends in a bar and when I was done, one woman (who was ticked off she couldn't figure it out) said somewhat angrily," You cheated!"

And how else?

At this point, I just try to focus on the people who enjoy my magic for whatever reason they do. As for people who tend to bug me, I put on a slightly idiotic smile and ignore them.
Cory Gallupe
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Nova Scotia, Canada
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I would have said "No, I didn't get these there, I worked on real magic. The kind that you need to practice with because it takes talent."
Dave Lewis
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One of the reasons I like Mark Jenest's "Short Hop" done in its purest form is because you actually start the routine by saying "I just got this trick at the magic shop..." which makes the specs think you really did just buy it and haven't practiced very much. After trying to remember the steps, only to get it wrong a couple of times, the finish has you left with nothing in your hands because you've given up and have decided to practice more before doing it for an audience again.

Finishing with jumbo coins, as mentioned elsewhere in the Café, blows the whole story about how you have just done a trick that didn't go well because you didn't practice it well enough, only to make everything disappear at the end, which can't be done with trick coins! The outcome should have the specs realizing that you aren't as inept as you act, otherwise, you couldn't vanish every coin they've seen in one move at the end.

Introducing big, goofy coins at the end turns an intimate moment at the conclusion of the effect into a clutzy, pie-in-the-face exhibition of absurdity that destroys the whole idea. The compliments you get might be more like "You had me going for a minute. Now I feel like a you're making fun of me and I don't care for it." Whereas, in it's original form, Short Hop keeps the focus on your shortcomings with a surprise at the end, and not on showing the spectator that you are capable of not only leading them down a path but rubbing their faces in the mud at the end of the road.

I may have strayed off topic but the compliments one receives, whether they be backhanded or straightforward, should be accepted graciously. Comments like "For a fat girl you don't sweat much!" or "I've always liked my steaks a little on the burnt side." might sting, but they aren't always meant maliciously.
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A tad offtopic but when I was actively working on spellbound(which was quite recently actually), after I had the moves down I just tried my HARDEST to get them to think it was a trick coin.

My thinking was if I can eliminate the possibility of two coins and get them to focus on only a singular object, then it would help in the long run. After I could consistantly get them to accuse me of trick coins(rather than multiple) I started changing it up with a holed coin(east africa my fav) and with a casual inspection...Then after that I worked my hardest on actually making the coin change with another(well this part was just acting and subtext but it definatly changed the way the effect is percieved...) No longer do I get any trick coin comments or even multiple coin comments.... perhaps you should try it yourself.

I think if you want to make sure something doesn't happen, you should learn why things happen and how to avoid them...

So if someone is accusing you of using trick coins, then practice on making them say that, figure out why they are saying that and then once you can force them to that conclusion, you'll know what *not* to do and only leave them with magic as an explanation.
Jerome Finley
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Just my quick take . . .

Personally I love being challenged. This can go one of two ways, obviously and depends directly upon your skill as an entertainer. I could go on and on about spec. management, etc; though in the end even the most "managed" spec's can turn out to be a real hassle.

So, you have 2 options.
1. Let them challenge you, HARD, and come out on top.
2. Get scared and bail out, (not recommeded).

Let's talk about 1.

When working with gaff's, I've found one of the most powerful and effective ways to remove any heat is to allow the spec. to handle them as well! HAND THEM whatever it is you're using.

If you don't give it attention or hold it in a special light, neither will they.
I've handed out two-sided coins, Svengali decks, an entire deck (with gaff's) after "A Dream of Aces". I performed "White Bikes" with the spec. handling all the cards themselves, did ring on stick from about 20 feet away (the ring was right there!), handed a woman a Himber Ring, given out my Time Machine, and much, much more. If YOU don't care, neither will they, promised.

Next, after moving along and creating a career with Hypnosis and Mentalism, I would find challenges a lot. The usual, "You can't hypnotize ME!", and that's the very person I would begin with. Confidence goes sooooo far in any area.

When displaying mentalism for TV and radio, I ASKED to be put under the most stringent conditions possible. This is not recommended for everyone, though by suggesting this, one cannot believe how lenient "they" became.

After a Mentalism show, (this RARELY happens anymore), sometimes people would approach me after and ask if they could see "that book" or whatever.

I would simply state that these things were already examined (so no need other than to satisfy your OWN curiosity, "and you know what that did to the cat".)
I would confidently state that everything I use in my demonstrations are completely normal and above board BUT, "IF YOU (or someone you know) ARE A DOCTOR OR SCIENTIST WHO IS WILLING TO PAY ME FOR MY TIME, YOU CAN FREELY EXAMINE BOTH ME AND ANYTHING I USE UNDER YOUR OWN TEST CONDITIONS.

End of story.

Here's a great sleight of mouth line I use in these and other situations outside of magic/mentalism. "Do you really BELIEVE that, or are you just trying to convince yourself?" They will back off immediately.

Also, I have found the best way around being busted for using gaff's or marketed routines is to STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I know this is easier said than done. It is so easy these days to hop online and FIND what someone may have seen you do.
The remedy for this is to do lesser known, underground or self-invented routines.
It's quite the task, though it pays in the end . . . if YOU are the only one with said routine and method, how can you get caught?

I'm no guru, I don't have all the answers, and at the same time I trust this will help in some small way.

Kind regards,
"Join my update list here!"
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