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Chris S
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Right on Dan - if nothing else, the lack of colour really makes the moment. It is also an issue about the irrationality of an audience's mind. One of the most magical routines I have ever seen was David Roth's Tuning Fork routine. This one absolutely knocked my socks off.

In terms of construction, it is nothing short of a masterpiece, but that aside, David made one heck of a good point during the explanation. He said that during the effect when he "pours" the sound of the tuning fork into the glass and then tips it out again so everyone can hear it was captured, it is emminently believable to some people because they think "maybe, if the angles were juuust right, he did as he said".

My rather drawn out point in the context of a bill switch routine is simply this - a different bill really does give the spectators nowhere to go if they think about it. Magical, perhaps, but the mismade bill is superior at the level of irrationality where laypeople live. For the couple of seconds that they see it folded inside out, that little voice in their head says the same thing that they hear when watching the tuning fork "maybe you could do it if you got the fold juuuust right". I think for this reason you should not hand the bill out, since it's when they hold it and feel that it really has turned into what they think they see that maybe a switch could swim into view, but that's a side issue.

Then again, magicians have a tendency to over analyze things and maybe that's exactly what I just did.
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Zach Allen
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I performed the Bill Switch today for some of my classmates, using a mis-made bill and the patter line that "if you fold it just right, you can make it appear to turn inside out". For the last 15 minutes of our lunch, I had everyone at the table trying to fold their own bills inside out. What fun, eh?

I think tomorrow that I might use my Scotch and Soda to try and convince them that if they squeeze a Mexican Centavo in their hand, it turns into a quarter. Smile

It'll be interesting to see how many people actually try to squeeze the Centavo.

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Also, here is a free PDF of ideas:
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Dan Watkins
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Sounds like a new lunch time game, squeeze the Centavo, good for hours of entertainment.
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Some of you already mentioned Jay Sankey's travelling expenses bill switch from his Best of Videos volume 2. He also has the Ultimate Bill Switch Kit which is about $20. One of the best effects on there is the bending the image of a spoon. Definitely check it out! Smile
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ross welford

Try getting hold of "The Concealed Art of Magic" by George P Sanderson and look up his "Sigma £1 Note & Security"


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Ron Crumley
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On 2002-11-14 10:40, David Fletcher wrote:
The bill switch is one of my signature pieces.
Their bill to a hundred, back to their bill. Then their bill to envelope in wallet.
It is all in the presentation. The show. The acting.


In researching for a good bill switch routine, I read your post.

Because you obviously have developed it to a solid performance, I'd appreciate knowing which version you use and where I can get the handling/material.

Thanks for your help
- Ron
Paul Chosse
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Check out "A $ Change Routine Idea" in the "Food for Thought" Forum - there is a solution to various problems inherent in bill switches in general that you may find worthwhile. I would caution you that the routine is idiosyncratic, however, the principles are applicable to any bill routine, since they are theater based. As far as the actual mechanics of the switch, my method, sans TT, has been published in the Ron Bauer series as "Paul Chosses' Bar Bill Stunt". There are many methods, and any of them may better suit your style, but I am biased, and think that the method I use overcomes the tells that so often give away the fact that "something" happened. I would be happy to comment further if there is anything I can add that will help.

Best, PSC
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I'd like to comment on Ross's post early on in the thread, and only a comment.

Ross uses the example of the TT silk vanish.

I think the same extreme logic can be used, but in reverse. For example:

TT vanish-Yup, he hid it and then unhid it. I don't know where and I don't know how, but it was hidden. Must have been when he placed it in his fist.

Bill Switch:

A) It went up his sleeve. No, his sleeves were rolled up.
B) It was a trick bill. No, he borrowed it from me or no, I examined the bill myself.
C) He was hiding the other bill in his hands. No, he showed me his hands were empty.
D) and just as Ross said. Err... you got me. That really "LOOKS" like magic.

Also a response to Andy's early post that it's just not believable. I wouldn't mind somebody saying, "He borrowed my bill and changed it to a $100 bill." "It was unbelievable!" Isn't that how magic should be described, as unbelievable?

I'm not saying I don't battle with this question all the time. In fact, I could change my opinion as early as next week. But now, I'D rather not present this effect as a puzzle of how I got the holes to collect from the 4 corners (Sankey), or turn it inside out along with the toothpick holes that were there before (Close).

Right now, I'd like to present the effect to answer the question, "If I really were magic, what would I do?", which is why I like to have a bill of my own examined and then make it increase.

These are just my thoughts on what has been posted. I think it's great to have the Café to think about our own magic and then share them here and come up with our own conclusions.

As far as answering the question, I really like Ammar's Classic renditions video tape to learn from.

BTW, I believe it was Dan Garrett who had a really neat idea of using the bill switch as a torn and restored bill combined with a mismade bill with tape holding the pieces together. Then he took the tape off to show that it fused together, or something like that. I could go on, but everybody has probably stopped reading by now.

See ya.
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