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Just an idea that i have been playing with, but while doing the halloween show at Fenway park i noticed that they were giving away those little gold wrapped chocolate coins. While playing with them i broke into a impromptu Misers dream with a borrowed hat.

The Gold wrapped coins are the perfect size and Highly visible. The chocolate coins also make a great give away to the kids when doing a b-day party, making this one of my favorite new tricks to do (check for a diabetic child first guys).

So My question is...Has anyone else come up with already or can i list this as another neat thing i came up with?

Always Thinking,

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I've heard this idea before, but I always had a question about it:

Since the effect depends on the sound of the coins dropping into the bucket, how well does that carry off with foil-covered, chocolate coins? Also, those coins are usually pretty big and easy to break/bend -- wouldn't it be difficult to handle the stack?

My guess is that it wouldn't be very loud, unless you dropped them in an empty paint bucket or something. I can't imagine what it was like with a borrowed hat.
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perhaps a combination of real and chocolate money could be produced. Use various jokes according to the money produced and where it comes from.

There was a routine in the MAGIC magazine is Silly Billy's section where a magician produced chocolate coins. Not sure of the issue, sorry.

Philemon Vanderbeck
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You might wish to start off producing real coins, then changing them into gold-foil wrapped chocolate coins (use your favorite change device).

Just make sure that this is your last effect in a show!

Professor Philemon Vanderbeck
That Creepy Magician
"I use my sixth sense to create the illusion of possessing the other five."
Darrin Cook
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You could use gold-plated coins --a jeweler can do this, plus there's an effect sold with a gold coin-- and then ring in chocolate coins. I use chocolate coins in a matrix routine for kids, and I've thought of having fake chocolate coins to avoid the dangers of melting, breaking, aging, etc.
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I guess for this routine, especially with kids, they don't notice the sound as much as they do notice the continual production of chocolate coins and a hatfull of them at the end. While the coins are fairly silent they do make a slight noise when they hit, though this requires getting the kids to quiet down before the "coin" is dropped. While I find that this does require control of the children it is not that difficult a task (and if it is you should work on your act, sorry if this offends you but crowd control is a key necesity for magicians regardless of the forum they are performing in.). In fact I will make a big show about putting each coin in the hat, so that they are waiting breathless when it re-appears in my hand.

I know that this varies from the original effect but it still seems to keep them both amazed and entertained. So without jumping into the theory thread, is this lessening the effect/strengthening/changing it for kids, since in my experience, they are more receptive to visuals.

Awaiing your responses and flames (bring it on!! he he he)

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I think the chocolate coins would break and dent being dropped into a tin.
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I do the miser's with the thumbtip and coin attached, turning all at the end to a large 50cent piece. amazes kids! Adults I find prefer the flourish. Just my 2 centavos. Smile
Peter Marucci
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First of all, don't dismiss this just because someone came up with the idea before.
Unfortunately, they have -- several times.
Which is my point: Just because someone has come up with it before, in no way lessens that fact that you came up with it independently.
Congratulations! That's good thinking.
The Egyptians and the Mayans may have come up with the idea of the pyramid independently; but nobody obssesses about who did it first and, therefore, dismiss the other!
So it is here: First, second, or whatever, it's still a good idea!
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I think this is a great idea way to think on your feet! You know your audience and your situation better then anyone. You know you thought of it when you saw the opportunity and that is good enough.
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I use silver dollars painted as gold coins. One day a child heckeled I'm using gold foiled choclate candies.

Try having a silver dollar in the pail in the begining. As you seem to place the coin you caught in the pail, let your palm hit the rim of the pail pretending to drop the coin. It will sound like you are dropping the coin in pail. You may want to solder a small 2" wall around the silver dollar. The candy will not interupt the coin movement. Keep all the candy in a small cooler when you travel so it won't melt.

Happy Holidays Smile
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I was thinking, if you use a bucket for misers dream and you have a clear plastic insert for it, you could fill that with chocolate coins before the show. Now if you put a cover over it and put it, mouth down, in a roll on table, you could do a misers dream routine as usual. When you finish the routine you tip the coins out into your hand and put the bucket in the table ON TOP OF THE PLASTIC INSERT. Now remove the bucket with the insert from the table turning it mouth up again as you go and knocking off the cover into the table. You can now tip the bucket up to show streams more coins have appeared.

Tha other possibility would be to switch buckets. It's still an idea in progress at the minute.

What you guys think?

"The Power to Amaze"
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I love the chocolate coin idea. I have been playing with the same idea ever since I was at our local chocolate store. Malley's has a chocolate penny the size of a silver dollar that looks bronze. It is a perfect fit for my big fore-paw, and the color doesn't show too bad. I am working on a routine that starts with a small paper shopping bag from the candy store. I unfold it and show it empty. Then with deft skill I produce the chocolate coins from mid-air, (the part I'm working on), and plunk them into the bag. At the end of the business I say now I will make them vanish, pull the tin off the one I was using, eat the chocolate and pop the bag. the kids may not be happy but you can include a chocolate coin in the goody bags at the end. I would rather avoid the chaos of a pail of candy unless you have a good game to control the kids getting to it. Or go for the Pińata.

Of course good chocolate coins are not cheep!
Oriental Trading Company has bubble gum coins for much less.
Nothing would get done at all, if man waited so long that no one could find fault with it.
Alan Munro
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I remember a Jim Ryan move for making a paper bag sound like something is dropped into it, during a thimble routine. The same move could be used for a Miser's Dream with chocolate coins.

I have a copy of his "Bar Magic Lecture Notes" from 1977. Maybe Willmarth and Associates still publishes it.
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On 2004-08-19 12:18, Alan Munro wrote:
I remember a Jim Ryan move for making a paper bag sound like something is dropped into it, during a thimble routine. The same move could be used for a Miser's Dream with chocolate coins.

I was just thinking the same thing. Just because you're producing chocolate coins doens't mean you have to put them into a coin bucket that may look like a champaign pail. I was going to suggest putting them into like a paper bag with something like "Fannie May Candies" or whatever on it. Even for Halloween you could have like a trick or treat bad or something. With a paper style bag they'll not only get the sound from snapping the bag and dropping the coin but also visually see the bag "thud" (for lack of a better word) when the coin drops into it. Then for the finale' turn them into a jumpe hersey's kiss or just fold the bag over and give it to the b-day kid or something. I'd go with the idea, from what's been posted above it may not be totally original but I'd still run with it and see how it goes. There's got to be some sort of tie-in to Charlie and the Chocolate FActory with it or something...

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