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I do the Bertram, but boy am I jealous of that snap change. Was that trick photography ? Very nice.
Not clever enough to come up with something orginal, or did I.
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Hey thanks guys... When I posted this I didn't think so many people would like it.

All of you have seriously made my day better. Thanks again.
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Two classic card changes with great performance. Bravo! Especially your snap change was very suprising and smooth!
Lucas Ace

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Hey, how'd he do dat? ... Smile ...
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
Cesar Munoz
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What are some good sources for learning these sleights?

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Cesar I learned them both from Oz Pearlman. You can learn the Bertram Change from his dvd Stealing Pips and the snap change from
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Cesar, the Bertram Change (or some People call it the Tebe Change) can also be seen in the video Cultural Exchange 1. The handling is different from OZ's video, but it also looks good. It's also easier for some. Check it out.

Nice job on the Bertram and snap change!

imagine the possibilities... endless...
Ben Train
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On 2006-01-04 13:21, Christopher Williams wrote:
I agree Nordatrax, IMO, the younger generation of magicians don't seem to know who these classic magicians are, and they have no idea about the classic sleights. This is because of all the new magic DVDs coming out, which are showing new effects.

First off, old timer, how old are you? 30? You're not the older generation yet...

Second, I'm only 20 Dawg. I still wear diapers for goodness sake. I don't think its weird that people don't know some of the "classics".

One, reading through Bertram's book and finding the jewels is so laborious, it almost wasn't worth it (no offence Mr. Ben). Marlo's book isn't much better.

Now part of this is because the wording and layouts aren't up to our expected standards, but part of the problem is also this:

If you had to pick a car to own, would you pick the Model T (classic) or an Enzo? That's what I thought. A lot of stuff has been updated and improved, to the point where in some people's magic journey they don't need to explore old sources. Some tricks, like Carlyle's homing card, is still the best method (arguably) but Williamson among others has some great ideas on it. If you only learned Williamson's, you would be in as good shape (and better) then someone who only know Carlyle's.

I'm not suggesting you shouldn't look at the old sources (I think Haman, Vernon, Marlo, Slydini etc are great) just that if you decide to only stay with the golden age (Don Allan, Fox, Jennings) or even new school age (Darwin, Ammar, Giobi, Regal, etc) you'll still be OK.

Saying all that, the moves on this video can be found in references from all three of the aforementioned areas (old school, golden age, new school). The issue isn't that we don't research the older "classical" magicians, but that were not learning enough period.

If you've bought Oz and you figure that's all you need, that's fine. but then why are you here?

I don't think anyone is stupid. Maybe you're just starting out, or that's not the effects/sleights you've learnt yet, but if you've been doing magic for more then 2 years, and you consider yourself serious, you should know these things.

I think the video was, again, well done.

Cheers y'all
If you're reading this you're my favourite magician.

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Very nice, smooth...I think I'll watch it another 10 times now. Again, very nice man!
"That smart thing that somebody else said".
Christopher Williams
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Nordatrax, I wasnt saying that anything of what I said is what you were implying, I started off by saying I agree with you, and then went into my own thoughts on this. I am younger than you still, only 19, I understand what you mean, but when I say younger generation, I meant the beginner generation, if that makes any more sense. when I see magicians start up now, they don't start off with books like Royal Road, Expert at the card table or something like that, they go to Penguin or somewhere, and learn all their moves from people like Oz, which is fair enough, but there is no credit, or references as to where they can learn the original moves or concepts

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(Mouth Moving With No Sound)Your Kung-fu is good. Very Good! But Can you defeat my Snap Dragon, Or my Bertram Chinchilla? Haw! Haw! Haw!(Mouth Moving With No Sound) ....Just playing like I said before it was very good.
Jonathan P.
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Smile Smile Smile Smile
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Nicely done, however I am surprised no one has mentioned the incomplete (or lack of) clean-up. I remember posting over two years ago “If I see one more video of a snap change that ends dirty I will scream.” Since then I have only seen one video where there was a clean up at the end, and about a hundred where the camera cuts right after the change. It is easy to clean up with the camera off, isn’t it?

The clean up is not that hard, but why, why, why do people post videos for magicians of an incomplete change? Sure, to the spectator the magic is complete, but for those of us who know the move, you are still dirty as a pig in mud in real life. Amazing to me how the internet has allowed the snap change to flourish without ever showing the clean up that would need to be done in real life. Very misleading to the uninitiated. How ‘bout showing us a clean up? That is what I am interested in……nobody else?

Not bashing your vid by the way. The moves were nicely done.
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The Bertram was definitely beautiful to behold and so was the snap change, but I have to agree w/ fingerjack, the snap needs a cleanup such as the std. technique of depositing it back on the deck held in the other hand. But the Bertram doesn't allow for it. But it still was nice!
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Very cool! More! More!
If there is a single truth about Magic, it is that nothing on earth so efficiently evades it.

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And nobody mentions the great song on background..hehe

OT: nice changes but I would never change a changed card back into the same card. THat would implie there r 2 cards.. that's the only thing bc you handled the cards gentle and good.
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I like 'em both. I 've been wanting to incorprate the snap change into my regular routines. When I can get it to look as good as yours, I'll be happy.
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Fingerjack I can clean up just fine but why didn't I show it? I don't know. I just thought it looks better like that. I mean if your really wanted me to I could have done it but I cant really go back and change it now.
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Magic Chris said...
We're all pretty dumb here.
I am not dumb...Im incredibly stupid!
good job on the snap and BERTRAM changes.
I am going to get my Bobo book out, dust it and start practicing those moves.
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Magic Chris....? Are you talking about me because I'm Chris. Also thanks for watching.
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