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Corey Harris
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Kansas City, MO
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How are we as magicians judged? First how would some one feel if instead of saying magicians would have said students of magic. That wouldnt bother me. And I don't think it would really bother any one. Because that is what we are. We are students of the magical arts. But how are we judged experience wise? Are we judged by our posts on any given forum? If that was the case then Jonathan Townsend would be the God of Magic. Which he still may be. I have never seen him do magic myself. But why judge by posts. Some one new to this board may have been doing magic for half a century. Why do some assume that if he/she is new here that they are new to magic. I write this because I am part of Several magic message boards. I even have my own. The magic Café is where I do most of my posting though. Over 1000 yay. But I go to another forum/forums and I am treated like I have never even looked inside a magic book. Why is this? It has also been recently that even people that know me have called me a new commer to magic. I don't know if I should take that as an Insult or be flattered. I have been doing magic since I was 6 years old(1988)and now I'm 23. Is it because I have not performed for money since I was 12? I don't know. Does any one else ever feel this way? or is it just me.

Corey Harris
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We are our credintials until further evedince is presented. We are judged by what can be seen and often even then with a grain of salt. If someone wrote like a 2 year old but presented great credintials, then their credintials wouldn't be worth very much. Whenever you join a community you have to be willing to pay your dues. Many have perfected a quick way to pay those dues, and they will always do better than others in a new community. If that is an issue, perhaps you should perfect your due paying process.
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Seeing is believing. It's the job of the magician to make sure the audience only sees what they're suppose to see & nothing else. Reactions are the results of actions imparted or disclosed by the performer. To be judged and criticized and not become frustrated is the mark of a true performer, for with out constructive critisism one cannot expect to excel in their craft. Take it anyway you can... insult or flattery. I personally regard magic as a hobby and it's fortunately not a profession for me. You are a wrestler and you are constantly being judged by your followers & fans whether they like you or not. Your reputation is equal to what effort you put in. But I also can sympathize with you bro I feel the same way in other forums. Don't let it get you down! Hope this helps.
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Josh the Superfluous
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Respectful people will treat you with respect. F the rest.

All of the magic thinkers that I respect have given credit to hobbyists that have furthered the art. A smart man can learn from anyone. We all have something to give.
What do you want in a site? "Honesty, integrity and decency." -Mike Doogan
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Paolo Venturini
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Lucca (I.) - New York City
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you know, most of the people talk because they have the mouth, and because they know how to handle a deck of cards, they think they're entitled to judge someone, careless about the person: inner circle or new user doesn't mean you're better than me, what's important is how you handle yourself in a forum like this, or any one else. I believe true personality came out after few posts, and you can easy recognize the experienced and respectful magi.

Paolo Venturini
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Everyone has something to offer. The number of posts do not signify the level of expertise someone may or may not have. I read what a person has to offer on a subject. Number of posts do not mean a thing to me.

Magic is a vanishing art.
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I can relate to what you say.

When I first came to this forum, I was treated (correctly) as a newbie. I was, so it was no biggie - it's less challenging to be the newbie than to be the resource you know. And as people treated me this way, I tended to think the same of others - few posts = newbie. But I have been proven wrong too many times to still be of the same belief.

So I learned, and if someone mistake you for a newbie, just prove them wrong with your words and wisdom. It works...

Magic is everywhere
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Just listen to what people say - you will soon discover whether they have experience or talking b****it.

Optimists have more fun.....
Cory Gallupe
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Nova Scotia, Canada
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I don't get insulted by the post counts, but I get frustarted when people assume magicians are just tricksters trying to fool you. And they want to see your little "tricks" and "games" and don't think that you wil be amazing because, in my case, you are a kid. Or they just don't think much of magicians other than people who cut beautiful assistants in half. I think we should be more known about. I have tried performing for people, and they don't even know what magic is. Some people think its that geeky game. When I say Im a magician, they are like "You like yugioh?" HUH???
And people are always asking me if I can "fly like that guy on tv" I say, no, but I can levetate... we are always being reffered to horrible magicians such as David Blaine. I think someone should go out there and educate the public on what magic and magicians is and are. that's what Im doing!!! But on the up side, they might be expecting something boring, and they are REALLY amazed when I get the show on the road. Because they were not expecting it.
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NJ, U.S.
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Judging a magicians experience by the number of posts is a no no simply because a lot of the posts are not always helpful. They're just chatter, simple replies, etc.

I'm here to try and help where I think I can. Therefore I have a lot of posts. Whether my posts show some experience or anyone sees my posts as helpful that's up to them.

Some students of magic may be very knowledgable in stage magic but have little in close up. Others may be extremely knowledgable about coin magic but have no knowledge about mentalism. Still others may excel in presenting magic or magic history or technical knowledge. Some are experienced performers, some not.

When you go to a new forum nobody knows you and when new people come to the Café they don't know you either. I have to admit that when you first came here I thought you to be a new "student of magic".

To truly realize a magicians experience would mean seeing them perform for laypersons.
Matt Malinas
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I agree with jaz totally. but beeing considered as a newbie here or on any other message board does not bother me. whether I am a newbie or not will always be my problem. I have always received help and good advice on the Café . I have tried to help others as well. in my opinion this is the Café's purpose. for us to help each other. until someone refuses to give me any advice because he thinks I am a newbie I have absolutely nothing to complain about

The masters make the rules, for the wise men and the fools
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