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Marc Levine
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South Florida
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Does anyone have a cute or clever response for a person who asks you to make something you don't know how to make? The best I came up with is giving a comical confused expression and saying "How bout a puppy" with a tonge-in-cheek tone (as everyone knows that puppies are cliche). It gets a chuckle, but I'm looking for a response that comedically tells them I cant make the balloon they asked for but incourages them to choose another. Thanks.
Skip Way
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My favorite response is to make a big deal out of making exactly what they asked you make a basic balloon dog. "TA DA!!! What? Kid! It's a balloon! Ya gotta use yer imagination!!" I follow up with the old classic, "Look, kid, (Said in a friendly W.C. Fields tone) I make over 250 balloon it my fault that they ALL happen to look like dogs." The adults LOVE this bit...right up to the point where the kid kicks you in the shins.

Wear shin guards!
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Magic Youth Raleigh -
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Tell 'em that "HEY...this isn't Burger King ya know!...HERE, you don't get it your way...this is Pizza Hut (or wherever) and HERE...ya get it MY way!" Then I make 'em what they asked for!

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Valparaiso, IN
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Skip, I like that. I didn't know that was W.C. Fields. I begin by saying that people are going to ask me what can you make with a balloon. I then pause until they catch on and ask, "What can you make with a balloon?" I then thank them for asking and say that "I can make anything with a balloon...they just look like poodles or swords." This gets a laugh but it is amazing that, later, in line a child will ask me for something and I will say that I cannot make it. He/she will say, "Yes you can it will just look like a poodle or a sword."
Bill Nuvo
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If they happen to ask for an animal I don't know how to make, or it will take too long to make in the alotted time I have, I say...

"Well you take a daddy ________ and a mommy __________ and when the love each other sooooooooooooo much you get a baby _____________. That is how you make a __________."

Often, though, after I say that, I take the challenge and try to make it anyway. Experimentation is cool. And people like to watch you try something new. Make it a big deal and you will gather a crowd.
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New York, New York
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I give the kids a "Menu" and they still ask for something that I don't do.
I just repeat the choices. And repeat the choices.
"We are what we pretend to be" Kurt Vonnegut, jr.

Now U C It Now U Don't

Harry Mandel
Ron Reid
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Phoenix, Arizona
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Hi Marc:

As I read your post, I was thinking of the same line that Skip already gave you. The line about making 250 different animals, and they all look like dogs. I read that line somewhere, and never thought too much of it at all. Then, one day at a show, I used it and got a lot of laughs.

I use it every show now - I've never used it as a response to certain requested balloons, but think I will give it a try.

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Make a magical gesture and say poof your a.... what ever they have just asked you to make them.
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Nucindu .... I do the exact thing you do
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When I start making balloons I tell the kids there are three rules.
Rule #1 Don't put the balloons in your mouth.
Rule #2 If your balloon pops, you have to throw the peices in the trash.
and Rule #3 You can name any kind of friendly animal you want, and I'll make a doggy.

I reality I can make 50 or so different animals, so if I can't make what they ask for I just suggest something equally cool.
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Las Vegas, NV
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How about just plain honesty. "I don't make that... how about a__________"
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Skip said he said the line in a W.C.Fields tone not that the line was written by the man himself. I actually think Mack Painter made that line up, he comes up with quite a few good ones, I'm sure he'll be chuffed to know that one has gone mainstream.

I sometimes say "No, but I can make a Maddaboobou"

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(click your fingers)"and sleep........."
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Newcastle England
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This Works For Me I Say There Are Hundreds & Thousands Of Different Animals In The World Name Any Animal What Ever They Name IE Duck-Billed Platter-puss I Then Say Without Missing A Beat That Looks Like A Poodle & In This Case It's exactly What They Get A Poodle Of Course If They Ask For An Animal You Can Make It's happy Days
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I normaly just give them another choice and try to guide them to something I can make.
Steve V
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Northern California
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My response is always "Sure! You just have to have a veeeery good imagination".
Steve V
Cholly, by golly!
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I just say "I'm all out of __________ balloons right now... how about a doggie?"
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the netherlands
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Yeah, I do kind of the same as you do Cholly, look through all of the ballonns, or just look inside my suitcase and say "ahh, left the ____ at home today. Too bad! But I see a_____"

If they are trying me (sometimes kids (and parents!) have much fun in trying to name one they think I can't make) I sometimes answer:"No, but can you??" if they say no, I say "too bad, otherwise you could have teached me!"
Or I try to make whatever they ask for and like mrbilldentertainer make a big deal out of "never tried taht one before". or with small children just believe in it yourself thast it is what you (they) want it to be (and if not at least that it is a very extremly special one)and they get along with it.
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Tennessee, USA
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I've not done balloons in years, but I generally used Jewls suggestion, "POOF! You're a _____!"

My favorite was when asked to make a gun. "Sure I could, but there's a five-day waiting period."

Another alternate was to have a memorized (now long forgotten) list of critters I could create. I'd practiced to the point where I could rattle them off REALLY fast. Pausing for breath I'd ask, "Got any ideas?" More often than not, they'd ask for something they'd already seen someone walking around with...and I'm off the hook.
Smoky Mountain Magic
"We build AMAZING things"
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Kenosha, WI
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It's an interesting challenge making new stuff. Sometimes I end up with some nice creations that I wouldn't have otherwise tried. It does get terribly time-consuming though. I had a party where I created pretty good renditions of Tweety, Pluto, and a ninja turtle (and I never made any of them before). The downside is that it took a LONG TIME for each one. Sorry to say that I don't have any brilliant comments for you...Mike
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