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Ok guys I need your help, I just did my super bowl prediction show where I revealed my predition about the game. Obviously I got it right, but this post isn't about the prediction. This show was a college show (and I am a college senior) and there as this one kid who was just an ***. I was on the front page of the paper last week because of my super bowl prediction so I got a lot of publicity.

So over the weekend this kid sends me a nasty email saying how I am full of **** and all, that why didn't I predict 9.11 and etc. So he comes to my show and I blew away everyone got a standing ovation and this kid comes up after the show and start messing with my props, which was fine because my props are ordinary props, books and pads, etc. Then I get home and check my email and he send me the following email.

Message: First, I would like to apologize. I should not have gotten so upset.

Let me speak candidly. I do agree that you have a knack for reading people. I do believe that you would make an excellent businessman. You will not have to worry about making enough money. Look at you, it takes balls to do what you did and talent to do it well. You've got both.

However, I feel that most, if not all, of your tricks can be recreated by the average person. We've already talked about the phone book and I still believe that she was in on it the whole time. But lets move on. The envelope trick where you offered the different colored squares: one, I saw you look briefly at the envelope moments before handing them out. Even if you had not looked, it is still very easy to remember a sequence. Your mistake was that you shuffled each time they called a number. You should have already had your envelopes memorized with their corresponding colors.

And picking the number, 126. Well, if she wasn't on it, you just picked her out before the show. I don't think you even meant to pick the girl behind her and when you stood up you were thinking, "OK, I don't really care what your # is, just throw it out." Finally, you picked the blonde girl. Then you had your friend come up again (conveniently) and YOU confirmed that the number was 126. You would have shown everyone if it was legitimate.

I am not against what you do. I just think you should call it a magic show which we all know to be false but don't really care. It's what you bring to us that we enjoy. I did enjoy your show however it did make me a little upset that you insulted my intelligence and tried to pass off the act as a science rather than a bunch of magic tricks.

I would like to learn what you have to offer. If this is possible, let me know. Take it easy buddy.

I want to reply back to him and tell him off cuz he believes everything I did was set up, which wasn't because I offer a $10,000 reward. I was nice to him at the show when I really wanted to punch him in the face, so I am asking you, my fellow mentalist, what should I say when I respond back. I will respond back in a couple days but I want to see what you guys think I should do, before I respond back. Any feedback is welcomed.

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Honestly? Just ignore him.

Eventually he'll find something else to wet himself over. You have the $10.000 guarantee, that's enough explaining on your end.

If you feel you must reply, thank him for enjoying the show and encourage him to keep his mind keenly peeled. Politely decline the request for teaching and explain that you are very busy.

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Thanks for the advice Bamba.
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Exactly right - you must always be polite, curteous and grateful.

I would reply, as said and thank him for the email - and just politely tell him the show was geared towards entertainment.

I personally would take it as a compliment that he thinks that it involved stooges, and that he wants to learn mentalism - shows that you are doing it right.

Simon, 32, UK
Tom Jorgenson
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I'd do something like this:

"Your observations were all astute, but incorrect. There are many ways to achieve any reality. It boils down to this: If it can be done, there's a way to do it. If we know how to do it, it is science...if we don't, it's magic. It has nothing to do with what I call it or what you call it. In my case, it is all entertainment.

If you truly wish to learn to do what I do, you must put in the time and effort I have. I will neither teach you nor guide you. You are on you own,and the extent of your desires will be the determining factor in how much you accomplish. I am willing to check your progress, however. First step: your library."

You are to be commended in holding yourself back...better than I could/would have done...People become idiots when they become self-righteous.
We dance an invisible dance to music they cannot hear.
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Ignore him.
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I think what Tom said is really good. Put it into your own words and just be polite about it. If he responds negativly, which there is a good chance he will, ignore him at that point.
Jon Stetson
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Nothing personal, but, I don't think you should be offering the $10.000, unless you can afford to lose it (perhaps you can).

Just ignore this person, it sounds like he has other issues.
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I know the right thing do do is ignore him, but I bet you are annoyed that he THINKS he knows how you achieved your results, when you know he does not.

I would be tempted to suggest that he tracks down the "stooge" girl and she can confirm that she wasn't in on it. He probably won't do this but at least it should make him think twice. I would also give a broad brush reply along the lines of "I am sure everyone thinks they know how I do what I do and they will all be correct, at least in their own mind just as you are certain you do too. Clearly the reason you want me to teach you only confirms what we both know. You think you know but you know you don't! It is this that really annoys you and id your sole reason for asking for my help.

Now P*%s off.

Dusty Smile


aka Max Gordon.
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Steve Dela
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Hey Adrian,

I feel for you buddy! Reading his letter made me angry.

I get that kinda thing a lot myself. I once was accused of stooging my entire show... they believe everyone but them and the few people there were with were in on it! oh well there are people that think like this.

Just ignore him,... or if he keeps bothering you, tell him to get a life and stop bothering you.

Some people are very persistant. I no longer give out my phone number because I was once bothered by someone saying I shouldn't be reading people's minds. I Told them I can't and it is all an illusion, but they said I was using that as an excuse.

You can't win them all.

Just try and sweep it under the rug

Best wishes

Steve Dela
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I would generally agree with the advice that Adrian should "ignore him." However this might not be so easy on a college campus. The odd duck who is bothering him is not so easy to avoid on the college campus. This guy might even have stalker potential.

So Adrian, my advice would be to make one last attempt at sending him on his way nicely. Tell him that if he is interested in studying mentalism he can start with the library, as someone else suggested. And that you regret being too busy with your studies etc to continue a dialogue with him. After that, if he persists, let him know firmly that you do not intend to have further communication with him. And if that doesn't work it is time to notify campus security. But it will likely not go that far. He will probably get the message soon enough and move on to another obsession.

Good luck and please keep us updated.

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