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It's kind of tough to wade through all of Bill's cups. Where exactly are the photos of the Ammar cups?
Richard Evans
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They're in the traditional cup section of the 'Regular Cups'.
There's also a fairly good picture here.

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Well my meager collection is as follows more or less as acquired

Morrisey Chopped Combo set (Aluminum) Gave away
Magic City Jumbo Monte (Aluminum) Still own
Tayade Indian Style (Wood) Still own
Curious Set acquired in England, Unknown Maker (Aluminum) Still own
Vintage Flower Pot Style, Unknown Maker(Stainless Steel) Still own
TFrank Mint Phoenix (Copper) Still own
Magic Inc BertramMiller (Copper)
Harries Bosco (Copper) Still own
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Wow, I'm impressed by all these different collections. I have built an extensive collection over the years...much of it comes from my good friend J.P. Jackson--whom I have known for several years. Nevertheless, I must pay homage to my friend, Bill Palmer, who has a tremendous collection. Bill's attempts to historically document the cups and balls is truely a great accomplishment.

Here are the highlights/favorites in my collection:
-Paul Fox Model 1 in nickel/chrome-- from Ron Allesi magic
-Paul Fox Model 2 (DD)in copper--these belonged to the late Mike Rogers
-Paul Fox Chick cups (DD)--these came from Bob Walder...who got them from Gazzo, who got them from Johnny Thompson, who got them from Charlie Miller, who got them from Paul Fox....feeew!
-JESmagic Sqatty Cups--of course, their mine... I love them...each run differently. The most recent RNT 2 run is conceivably my favorite--particularly the polished copper and nickel chrome!
-Ross Bertram Cups--again, these belonged to Mike Rogers
-Rings and Things Bells of St. Mary's--another set from the Mike Rogers estate
-RNT 2 Monti Cup in church bronze
-Sisti Working Cups in brass--one of his first runs from several years ago
-Paul Fox model 2 copper (Busby)--yes, they look nice too
-Paul Fox model 2 nickel chrome (DD)
-Paul Fox model 2 polished brass (DD)
-RNT 2 PF in stainless (corrected version)--stunning stainless spinning job

and finally... the Johnson Cups in copper (a rarity).

Of course, I've got about 20 more different sets in my display, but I cannot remember all of them. These are my favorites though!

It was neat to hear what everyone has. I've heard the Sherwood cups are nice, but have never held a set...
Jonathan Schweid, M.D.
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First cups were the small cups in a the Magic Kit I got for Christmas.

Then a chromed plastic set from a local novelty store.

Then Rings and Things Aluminum which were great for holding hamsters.

Then Paul Fox/Danny Dew Coppers from Magic Emporium in the 70's

The Rings and Things Monti cups with the Mendoza routine

The crappy Indian wood cups

Then Nice wood cups from Paul Green

A set of JES copper cups, mistakening sold to me as Paul Fox

The the Bells of Saint Mary's at the Castle Swap meet

Johnny Paul style cups from Paul Green

Brass cups and video off Ebay for cheap, just for fun

Then a fraudulently represented "Paul Fox Style" cup in copper on Ebay.

Penguin Cups in copper, before I knew better

Finally Engraved Sherwood Silver cups as a gift from my wife.

I have all but a few.


John Bowlin
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I just made the mistake of looking at the Sherwood engraved, oh my....
Ron Giesecke
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Redding, Ca.
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Glad to see you've checked in. I'm still loving my squatties. They even grace the artsy web page (although the rest of the site is undelveloped garbage) at I took that shot.

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These are in no particular order:
Charlie Miller Cups ---Sold
Ross Bertram Cups ---Sold
Paul Fox Cups ----Sold
R-N-T Chrome Steel 2 sets ---One sold and One Kept
R -n- T Brass Set made by Chris Reeseman
Sisti Steel prop cups ...heavy
2 sets of Johnson Brass
Sherwood Brass
Sherwood Copper
Pheonix cups ...# 9
Ickle pickle Alluminum
R-n-T alluminum ---sold
Small Brass cups in R-n-t Style ..Ickle pickle?
R-n-T Silver Anniversary Set # 7 of 50 (might sell soon)

Getting Riser Jumbos ...can't wait

I think that covers the majority of them in my collection. I know there are a bunch more that have gone through my hands in the last 31 years but there is only so much time.
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Set one 1989-1990
Morrisy Aluminum Lost to time.

Set two 1990 - 1993
Morrisy Copper Set it down while at a table at a restaurant/bar gig, never saw it again.

Set three 1993-2002
Morrisy Copper Stolen Left it back stage while performing at a new years gig, never saw it again.

Set four 1995-present
Jumbo copper/brass (Indian manufacture) Still have it

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1.First set of cups and balls. Plastic set from Adam's Magic Set. Long gone
2.Morrisy combo set Dito to above.
3. Copper Paul Fox set. Danny Dew issued
4.Cheap coffee cups I still use at times.
5. Smooth Brass Sherwoods. Never getting rid of those!
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I don't have very many cups at all, however I'm gradually increasing my collection.

1. Probably too many little plastic cups to count (relatives still give me little toy kits to date, but hey, they're still fun)
2. Aluminum cups and balls
3. Wooden flower pots, painted to look fancy and exphensive (hey, they can hardly tell the difference)
4. Penguin Cups- I don't see why so many people don't like these, they're relatively good cups, if you get the right set.
5. Soon to be proud owner of the Phoenix Cups, (birthday prestent) can't wait!

Check back in about two years, I'll have quite a few more nice sets by then, mabey even more than Bill, haha, Yea Right
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Profile of ftlum
- Sisti Working cups in chrome
- Van Dokkum standard cups
- Sherwood Engraved Silver cups

Keep posting those long lists, folks. Maybe it'll convince my wife that I need another set Smile.

- Frank
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Well here goes;
Ravell Super Cups - Aluminum
Mikamee Cups - Wood All Chopped
Morrissey Copper Combo Set
RnTII Foxy Ones - Aluminum
RnTII Foxy Two - Brass Combo
RnTII Mini Paul Fox - Copper
RnTII Mini Paul Fox - Stainless
RnTII Black Beauty
RnTII Black Beauty Combo
RntII White Beauty
RnTII Paul Fox Stainless (Pre Fix ie: the smaller ones)
RnTII Monte Cups - Brass
RnTII Monte Combo Cups - Copper
RnTII Bells of St. Mary
Blackman of Italy Goblets in Brass
Johnson - Brass
Johnson - Copper
Johnny Paul - Brass from Pete Biro
Galli Galli - Nickel Plate from Pete Biro
Hindu Cups - Pete Biro
El Duco Cups - Brass
Riser Mini Cups
Riser Standard Cups
Riser Jumbo Cups
Riser Traditional Cups
Riser Street and Stage Cups
JES Squatty in Copper
Gazzo Street Cups from GA in Copper (2nd run with larger saddle)
Laurie Ireland Commemorative Copper Cups
Large Silver Engraved Cups from Mark Burger
Sherwood Smooth Copper
Sherwood Smooth Brass
Sherwood Smooth Silver 3 x 10
Sherwood Smooth Silver with Gold Interior 2 x 10
Sherwood Smooth Silver All Gold Plated 7 x 10
Sherwood Silver Engraved 100 x 1000
Sherwood Silver Engraved with Gold Highlights 39 x 250
Sherwood Silver Engraved all Gold Plated 22 x 150

This is a partial list and does not include Cups on order that I have not taken delivery of yet.
All of the above are in my possession. This list does not include my Chop Cups.
I am a Black Hole when it comes to cups, they fall in and never leave.
To view the most complete collection on the planet visit:

Bill Sutter
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My sentimental favorite is a set of Silver Plated Paul Fox cups that I bought from Danny Dew, back when the earth was still warm, for $25.

Of the modern cups, I've developed a preference for stainless steel and the output from RNT2 in the metal is superb, in my opinion.

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I've read a lot about people buying used cups. Where could one look for a decent set of used cups? I’ve heard too many horror stories to trust eBay cups.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love a new set of Foxy II.V Cups or even Riser Mini cups, and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I break down and spring for one of these sets…but in the meantime, it’s hard to justify the price when I’m still just learning.

(I did order some Bazar de Magia cups after reading a bunch of these threads. I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival. Maybe they will hold me for a while.)
Mitch Schneiter
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Okay, it's official. I'm out of control with the Cups. I won two different sets of cups on E-bay last night and bought two sets of cups from RNTII today. I need help.
This is the list of the cups I now have, in order of purchase, counting the four sets I bought in the last 24 hours:

Adams Cups and Balls set
Morrissey Regular Copper Cups
Ickle Pickle Aluminum Mini Cups
Paul Fox style Cups made from Koa Wood (bought from Curtis Kam in early 90)
Johnson Brass Cups
RNTII Brass Foxy One Cups
Jim Riser Mini Copper Cups
Jim Riser Regular Copper Cups
RNTII Mini PF Style Stainless Steel Cups
RNTII Mini PF Style Copper Cups
RNTII Mini PF Brass Limited Edition Cups
Brett Sherwood Engraved Silver Cups
Pete Biro Indian Cups
RNT II Paul Fox Stainless Steel Cups
Johnson Copper Limited Edition Cups
RNTII Paul Fox Stainless Steel Chick Cups
Ickle Pickle Brass Mini Cups
Ickle Pickle Copper Mini Cups
RNTII Paul Fox Antique Bronze Cups
RNTII Paul Fox Copper Chick Cups

It's a good thing this list doesn't include chop cups. The funny thing is I go into antique stores and look at the stuff and wonder, "who collects cereal boxes?", or, "who collects salt and pepper shakers?" At least I can use my cups.
Doug Peters
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Glad I found this thread -- I was just beating myself up over all the $$ I spend on my hobby. But compared to you guys...! Smile

Here's my list:
Johnsons x2 (one set sold)
Galli-Galli (swapped for...)
Foxy II.V (these are the bomb -- precisely correct for my original routine and special loads)
Foxy I (in the mail according to to Mad Jake, right Jake? Smile

"if you have any answers, it's time to ask harder questions!"
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Since I started this thread, I've sold everything and am now down to
1 or 2 sets of cellini cups
mini paul fox cups (stainless) from RNTII
and I have a paul fox (stainless) from RNTII on its way.

I also have one set of large ren faire leather cups with a rivet bead that I will be
donating to the C&B Museum.

I still prefer Cellini cups for my working cups for many reasons. Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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1 or 2 sets Smile You don't know?
*going crazy with Jeff Mcbrides Art Of Card Manipulation dvds*
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I don't know. I think it's just one but I'm hoping it's two.
I like to have a backup. Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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