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Simon Aronson had a Stack Memorization tool on his web site, would it make sense to ask why?
I learned the nmnemonics system from Harry Lorayne's Memory Book to learn the Nikola system. Yes it did take time and effort to get the system down. But once you have it you can use it over and over.
A year later I discovered the Aronson Stack. It was much more powerful. It took me less than 30 minutes to memorize the stack and just a few days to be very, very comfortable with it.
It wasn't until later that I discovered StackView. Why not use all your most powerful tools to do your work?
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Thank you, Dennis,

I now have Bound to Please, and it's an excellent book. I love it.

Some sound comments here about Stack view too.



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On 2006-05-19 02:17, spycrapper wrote:
now I'm looking to buy Try The Impossible. is the book contain memorized deck effect?

Yes it contains memorized deck effects like all the other Aronson´s Books.

...and I second that Stackview is great tool for memorized decks!
I´m going to try that supermemo Smile
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Check out Simon's new DVD's.
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I am using Aronson stacks too. It takes me a month to really perfecting it and being able to
- translate number position to card value and vice versa
- from a shuffled deck, then I re-arranged the deck in stack order.
- finding out what is the next and before card
- find the particular card in the deck without looking at the face

I agree with you guys who used the flash card method and using rote method, because it works for me too. The only thing that I realized is, no matter which stack you go for, whatever the method of memorization is, full concentration, hardwork and variety of self test with the deck, it really pays off.

Tamariz or Aronson, as long it is a memorized deck and non cyclical or mathematical deck, the effect is unlimited.
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I learned Aronson by rote also. I learned the names of the cards and locations but it realy started coming together when I picked a suite and wrote the card and number for each one once I felt I had that suit down I moved on to another one. Once had all the suits down I used the free stack quizer on Aronson's site. So I learned the Aronson stack for free just using the information on his web site. That was years ago and I still have it memorized, no wonder Aronson called it a stack to remember. It's funny anytime I see or hear a card I think of the card number and if I hear a number from 1-52 I think of the card. I think that these little mental games help me to keep the stack down cold.
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The complexity of the numeric-phonetic mnemonics, such as the one in the classic Nikola pamphlet or the system suggested by Aronson in A Stack to Remember, actually discouraged me from memorizing a stack. I thought there seemed to be too many intermediary steps for something that shouldn't be so hard. Then I had a talk with myself an reminded myself that in my day job (I am a physician) I have had to memorize (and in many cases forget through disuse) mountains of by-rote information in the process of education and training. My brain isn't as young and quick as in my twenties, but I don't seem to be dementing yet, and we really are talking about a relatively short list of associations. So I went the flash card route. I learned Aronson first, and indeed I love some of the stack-specific effects in Try the Impossible. But I picked up Mnemonica a little later and that is now freshest in my mind. I can't keep two separate stacks straight with confidence and personally I don't see any reason to since my favourite tricks are stack independent anyway. I followed much of Tamariz's advice, though not as rigourously, in working on consolidating memory through a few different modalities. I run through my flash cards still at times, or perhaps a stack quizzer (there are free ones online), but still the best way I keep my stack in memory is to set it up by hand as quickly as I can every time I get my hands on a deck. I don't do a perfect faro (yet), but I know how to set up Mnemonica several ways using antifaros, and that is a good deal of fun. Still, nothing consolidates my memory better than going through a shuffled deck or one in NDO an just picking out the cards in order. I also like to practice a lot of tricks using my stack, even if I don't do them for others much. It keeps it fresh. Nothing wrong with bashing through a memorized stack by rote. We end up forming our own associations and memory hooks anyway, and I think they work better than the phonetic-mnemonic systems since they are unique to the individual.
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On May 19, 2006, spycrapper wrote:
now I'm looking to buy Try The Impossible. is the book contain memorized deck effect?

The last third of the book is devoted to tricks that specifically rely on the Aronson stack but which DON'T require memorization (though I think memorizing the stack helps one navigate around the deck a lot better). Earlier in the book there are memorized deck effects that, like most of such of effects in earlier Aronson books, are stack independent. My favourite is Twice As Hard, a CAAN effect that locates two cards using any memorized stack and the diabolical UnDo Influence principle. Any Aronson book is well worth the money, even if one only finds three or four favourite tricks in each.

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I am working on Mnemonic system for Aronson stack. I will post my system when I complete. But it is best for you to do you own associations with this method.

I was able to name the first 26 cards and the number within about 10 minutes. I used Mnemonic mainly for the mentalism effects. So I had that part down already. 1= gun I p pictured a boy with a shovel and gun in his hand going to a cemetery to bury something, which is jack of spades 1st card 2= shoe a man with a crown with a with a golf club looking for his ball with out shoes in the water, 2nd card king of clubs. 3= tree etc. This system allows for humor for me to remember and I can actually explain a few cards and how I memorize the cards to the audience. Doing for real is surprisingly the most unbelievable thing to the spectator they think something else always. I have a lot of fun with this.

Should have basic system within a week or so, I want to work the bugs out, and make as simple as possible.

Mentally Speaking have a great day.

Mental Threads....

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Another useful (and free) tool is Anki (, a program that lets you make flashcards on your computer. You can test yourself in random order, and in both directions ("The 12th card is ...?" and "The 9 of Clubs is the ...?"). You can customize both the cards and the tests. Best of all, Anki remembers which cards you find easy and which you find difficult, and tests the former less frequently than the latter. It makes memorizing a stack much more manageable, and makes practicing a breeze (a few minutes a day - no more than ten). I use it not only for a "true" memorized stack (like Mnemonica), but also to increase my speed with Osterlind's Breakthrough Card System, where each card leads to the next one.

If you use Harry Lorayne's methods to connect cards and numbers, coupled with Anki to test you and keep you up to speed, you'll have all the tools you need. Tamariz's tips and tricks in Mnemonica are just the (admittedly rich) icing on the cake.

Hope you find it useful!
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