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Steve Lukather... "English eyes" or "Without your love" from live video

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I've always got chills from David Gilmor's solo on 'Money', and Claptons solo in 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Guitar solo's have never been about speed or chops for me, but always about the emotional impact. I've played with technical players before, and I do respect their agility, but I'd quickly get bored.

Eric Johnson and Jeff Beck play some tasty stuff, as does Stuart Smith who is now in the Eagles touring band.
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Tony Iommi's in "Heaven and Hell" would be along those (Taller8's) lines for me.
"Torture doesn't work" lol
Guess they forgot to tell Bill Buckley.

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Eruption, Van Halen

White Room, Eric Clapton

La Grange, Billy Gibbons

And pretty much anything by Tal Farlow.
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Any Yngwie Malmsteen fans here? He is absolutely incredible.
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Wow this is like asking whats the best food or drink, its all down to personal taste.

As I have an extremely eclectic taste in music, and an equally large collection of CD's this is extremely difficult for me to provide an answer.

Django Reinhardt plays some aweseom Jazz guitar, a mean feat considering he has a disabled fretting hand. Stevie Ray Vaughan plays some mean blues for a white man, I love all his work. Jimi Hendrix was extemely powerful for his time, and people like Malmsteen and Vai are fast, fluid but rarely get my heart pumping. But for me the icing on the cake has to be the legendary Pink Floyd. Watch them live and you will experience possibly the best band of all time.

Comfortably numb has a heart twisting solo that any dedicated guitarist wants to learn but should refuse to unless they can perfect it.
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Some of the finest noodleing you'll ever hear comes out of Frank Zappa.
With that said, I agree with most of the poster's choices above.

There are many great guitarists that have never made the "Big Time" just as there are plenty of mediocre players who have made it. Talent and Fame don't always go hand in hand.
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I like Yngwie. And Jeff Scott Soto and Joe Lynn Turner, who did some phenomenal vocals for him.
"Torture doesn't work" lol
Guess they forgot to tell Bill Buckley.

" we reason and love, we are able to hope. And hope enables us to resist those things that would enslave us."
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I've grown old after diggin' holes for
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Here's some more from memory lane (if you're old enough to remember)....
Alvin Lee from 10Yrs After>>>I'm Going Home on the Woodstock Album Vol I.
Jeff Beck>>> Beck's Bolero.
Robin Trower>>>Whisky Train, Shine On Brightly (Procul Harum) & the entire "Bridge Of Sighs" album.
Randy California>>>Mechanical World, Fresh Garbage and Uncle Jack (Spirit's 1st Album). Natures Way on their "12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus" album.
Duane Allman & Dicky Betts>>>In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Whipping Post, Statesboro Blues and Dreams on their 1st album.
Rory Gallagher of Taste>>> Blister on The Moon, The Devil Made Me Do It.
Mike Pinera>>>Ride Captain Ride.
Mark Farner GFR>>>Closer to Home....
To name afew...
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Samba Pa Ti - by Santana is one of my favorites Hand Crafted Magic
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Steve Vai's solo ("played" by Ralph Macchio) from the movie Crossroads is inspiring.

Ralph Macchio's solo is Ry Cooder. Steve Vai is the other guy.
Scruffy the Clown
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Django... Truly of of the greats.
Anything by Chet Atkins
Cream: White Room
Free: Anthing Paul Kossof played
Anything Mike Bloomfield Played
This is a hard one! I have favorite solos by about every guitarist. I guess Twenty-seven years as a musician can make this a hard topic to nail down!!
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Iron man, black sabbath
where are you, my lady peace
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On 2006-03-02 07:48, Jonathan Townsend wrote:
Any Neil Young fans here?

I credit Neil Young with the greatest "one-note" guitar solo of all time in Cinnamon Girl
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Derek and the Dominos' 'Layla' gets the nod because two of the all-time heavyweights both played MEMORABLE lead licks on the same song. Clapton played the signature lick while the the 'Layla' vocals were sung, and Duane Allman finished it off with one of the greatest slide passages ever....all on the same 7 minutes of recorded bliss. Funny thing - it is rumored that Clapton could never play the lead riffs and sing this song at the same time.

But, like it or hate it, Eddie's 'Eruption' changed everything.
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Hotel California is excellent! I understand that it was arranged by the sound engineer after a week, or so, of multiple takes performed by Felder and Walsh.

Comfortably Numb is superb; Gilmour's melodic style is hard to beat. Likewise, Shine on Crazy Diamond is on of my favorites to perform- the song runs just over eleven minutes- it's all about technique and finesse.

Just about everything Hendrix played had a touch of magic and experimentation to it. But, the intros to Hey Baby, Castles Made of Sand, and Little Wing are all killer.

Angus' (AC/DC) heavy blues solo on Night Prowler is amazing.

I could go on all day, for my list is long. What's really hard to believe is how much musical talent was unleashed from musicians during the 40's to our current time. Wow!
Mike T
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Don't think anybody's mentioned Frank Zappa, Johnny A or Jeff Healey yet
Any fans¿
It's times like this I wish I'd listened to what my Grandad used to say...
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The late Michael Hedges. Before he walked out on stage, I heard the lead guitar, the bass and the rhythm guitar and waited for the three of them to hit the stage. Then out came Michael by himself. "Because It's There" on his harp guitar is a show-stopper.

Also got to see Vernon Reid when Living Colour played at University of Maryland in the mid 80's, pretty much standing right below him - his hands were a blur and I almost felt like I was getting to see an inkling of what people saw when they watched Hendrix. Reid used to speak of the "WTF Factor" and that is exactly what I said when he started playing. It was unreal.

What was really neat is that these fellows weren't playing fast for the sake of playing fast, they were actually paintng with sound and everything they played came out crisp and clear and it was like the solos contained exactly what they should and never got extraneous.
Noel D
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Behold what may be the only decent band churned out during the MTV era.

The video is...

... Well, just don't watch it and you won't have to worry about it. The solo at the end is breathtaking though, and I have not heard one to match it yet.
Patrick Differ
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I forgot Rush.
Darn near everything Alex Lifeson put his hands on caught fire.
Out of them all, I'll go with La Villa Strangiato.
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