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I am very interested in getting this for walk-around to do immediately after Richard Osterlind's stopping a watch routine.

I would like to ask about the practicalities of this. Is the force 100% , or near enough? Is it angle proof? Is there anything that means I can't table-hop with this routine?

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PK Time is very practical and you should not have any problems doing this when table-hopping. The only thing that you should be aware of is the different kinds of watches that are out there and how easily or difficult it can be to use them for this effect.

The force for the effect is not 100%, but it sure is close. Make sure that you read through the book carefully and you really should not have any problems when it comes to the force.

As far as angles are concerned, it is virtually angle proof. I have yet to even have to worry about angles when performing this as the method is so smooth.

I think that this is a very powerful effect if put into the right hands. I have had so much fun with this one and my subjects are always floored by this one. I cannot recommend this one enough!

Just as a side note, please stay away from ebay if you are planning on buying it from there. There are a lot of fakes being sold and that is not fair to you, nor is it fair to the creator of the effect. Order it from a dealer, or better yet, get it from Magic Inspirations and Banachek will even autograph it for you!
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In fact, I believe that I get stronger reactions when I do not hit head on. I build this effect up a lot, and getting "close enough" is a lot stronger then being right all the time.
Al Straker
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Hey Snail, You should definitely get it, it is a 'classic' in the field of impromptu mentalism. You will not have any angle problems and if you don't like missing on the force sometimes then just perform the same effect without getting them to select a number of minutes. The strength of the effect is in the time changing.

Al Straker
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Discjockey brings up a very good point about not being 100% spot on. This is one of the differences between Mentalism and magic. Missing in magic usually just makes for an embarrassing moment whereas missing in Mentalism adds to the realism of what you are doing. Just make your "mistakes" at the beginning of your act and save the spot-on material for the end.

As Bob Cassidy says: "To err is human, it makes you seem real, but err in your closer and you're a Schlemiel."
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I second the notion to GET IT!
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Its a must....highly recommended
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It's very good, don't't worry about the force it has a really good out if it fails.
"Dreams are born of imagination, fed upon illusions, and put to death by reality."

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Jerome Finley
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I've not ever had a real "problem" with the force, even if way off there are multiple things we can do to vanquish any difficulties. The effect is a must if you practice mentalism and/or PK effects. One of the best there will EVER be.
I wish it was not released.
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Scott Xavier
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I would recommend doing this first, and then following up with Osterlinds.
Michael J. Douglas
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That's what I was thinking, Scott!

This is a great effect, and it's perfect to practice forcing numbers. The outs take away the risk.
Michael J.
�Believe then, if you please, that I can do strange things.� --from Shakespeare�s �As You Like It�
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I have also found that in terms of predictions that a near miss is often better than a direct hit.
Jay Are
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I dunno, I think osterlind's routine is BETTER the pk time... just my two sense...
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Buy PK time, I think the force is good and, as already mentioned, there are 2 different outs if it's wrong. It is a brilliant routine, so smooth and cool, angle proof and everything proof.

The force is so good that once I performed a flat out prediction effect with it:

I said "I'm making a prediction with my watch... Okay, name a number between x and y (by the way I was forcing 30 minutes)" thay named 29 minutes "Okay, That would mean that the time on my watch should be blah-de-blah" I turned the watch around and ta-da! One great impromptu magic trick that will brandish you a psychic/awesome mentalist.

Hope I helped
A Smile, mind reading, funny escape artist wanna-be
Guillaume Vallée
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On 2006-03-22 10:47, icy_rabbit wrote:
I dunno, I think osterlind's routine is BETTER the pk time... just my two sense...

Though I love Richard osterlind's routine, I find PK Time more direct, harder to figure out and closer to real magic.
People often see this experience as a natural demonstration of psychic power.
They often feel the watch moving in their hand.. it's just a delight to perform.
Anyway it's a shame to compare such great routines.
Steve Suss
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PK time is extremely strong and lends itself well to walk around. The only weakness is it should not be repeated to the same audience. This can become problematic since it is so strong that it will be one of the most requested routines you do.

I recall a couple of years ago doing an affair which took place in seperate rooms. After finishing performing in the first room I then entered the second room. My only problem was that the people in the second room had already heard about this great watch trick and that was all they wanted to see. Once people know what is going to happen they will look for the suspicious moment and it is too risky to repeat.

I now keep this effect for special tables and circustances. I don't try to perform it at every occasion. When the time is right(no pun intended) and I've really connected with my audience and need the mother of all blockbusters PK Time can not be beat.
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I, too, am loathe to do this more than once at any event. But something I have added which you may care to consider: I get he person to extend their arm and hold their hand straight out in front of them, just below shoulder level. I tell them: “Imagine a heat, travelling from your shoulder, all the way down your arm, into your hand.... Now, visualise that heat as a ball of light on the back of your hand... See it spinning...” and I point, making my finger move in tight circles.

I then rub my hands together. “Keep your eye on that revolving ball of light... You may feel something strange, but don’t worry about it.” I cup my hands, one above and one below the participant’s hands. I moisten my lips, and gently (and quietly) blow into the palm of the upper hand as I bring my face up, and excitedly ask them: “Did you feel that?”

9 times out of ten, they’ll squeal that it feels really cold.

“Excellent. Now, in your mind, just think ‘Move!’ and again ‘Move’.

The fact that they actually “felt” something during the process adds a great deal of weight to the effect.

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