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Kathryn Novak
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Well, I was going to say that the first thing I'd do after making the Statue of Liberty disappear would be to make it reappear. That'd be one heck of a lawsuit! Smile But I can see where vanishing the moon would make sense- it'd provide an escape route from the cops, in the darkness. Then all he'd have to do would be to cause a blackout of all of New York and Manhattan, and bingo! Escape route guaranteed and magic trick finished.
If anyone sees my sanity, please return it to

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Then all he'd have to do would be to cause a blackout of all of New York and Manhattan,

Nah, that would be a copycat trick. I pulled this one off a little while back -- in fact, I took it even further: I blacked out the entire northeastern U.S. and Ontario. Perhaps you saw it on TV -- it got a fair bit of coverage. I'm quite proud of myself.

But now I've got Copperfield's problem ... what next? My cups and balls routine is going to pale in comparison.
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I still get upset when blaine is called an illusionist or magician by these news casters...He does do close-up magic but that's it, otherwise he doesn't do much magic at all he just does these stunts that are really in my opinion, stupid. He can't be compared to Copperfield because DC is more well known than Blaine will ever be...Blaine did one thing good to the magic world, and that's make magic popular again, and maybe a few specific effects as well...That is what I think...Just my opinion..Thanks!
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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I have to say David Blaine was one of my inspirations. I think, in a short time, he has made himself just as well known as Copperfield. His TV specials have all been great. I appreciate his performance stunts just as much as his magic.

I think Copperfield is great though too. Amusingly, some magicians are the only people I've met who, for whatever reason, dislike the both of them. Everyone else loves them both!
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Detroit, MI
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Interesting post - I guess everyone has their favorites.
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I agree with you Anthony
Believe In Magic....I do!
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Blaine is the magician for the twenty something and younger crowd. As far as audience appeal I think that Copperfield is nowhere near as appealing to a younger audience as Blaine. In my mind he reeks of 80's overkill. Copperfield is no doubt an excellent performer but his presentations are a lot of patter compared to Blaine who presents this mystical type aura. It actually makes people not in the know wonder.
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Eternal Order
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I like 'em both for their different approach, but I think Copperfield looked downright silly on the street doing that laser thing. He looked like some kind of weird alien creature out there, and he made the kids cry!

Blaine, on the other hand, never made children cry, and believe me, with some of the weird stuff he does, it's amazing that he hasn't.
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
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On tv, only good magic is featured. Bad stuff is edited and cut.
Roberto Gee
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I'm with AnthonyMagic.
When DB can make Claudia Schiffer disappear, I'll give him some street cred.
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I'll go with the separate appeal perspective.

DC was always a theatrical act, even from his start doing trade shows. He has technical polish with a well-done soundtrack.

Blaine is closer to a 'Kung Fu' wanderer.

Well said.

And I'd much rather prefer DC, cuz almost all the time his performances can even reach a cinematic level.........and they certainly entertain me a lot more than DB does.
I would, however contest that there is in REALITY very little pportunity to perform what could actually be termed "close-up" magic.
- Guy Hollingworth
Chris H
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Melbourne, Australia
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In my opinion, Blaine doesn't have the right to be called a magician anymore anyway.

I've followed his career fairly closely, and from what I can see, he seems to have used magic to gain popularity, and is now only focused on his publicity stunts. If you watch his specials in order, you'll notice that there is less "magic" as the episodes progress. I dunno. I like what he was doing at the start of his career, but I'm not really interested in seeing him jump out of helicopters or sit in boxes. Any thoughts?

-- Topher

Oh, and PS. I love Copperfields stuff. I'm heading to the USA in 2005 just so I can finally get to see all the magicians I admire and respect live. Saw Copperfield once in Australia (1999). It's been far too long between drinks mate. If you don't come to me...I'm comin to you.
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The Magic Apple
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DB is junk compared to DAVID Copperfield. How can they even been compared..Blaine buys his tricks Copperfield INVENTS them (most of them)

thats all I have to say about that....
The Magic Apple
Joseph Martin
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On 2004-04-10 19:49, TheMagicApple wrote:
DB is junk compared to DAVID Copperfield. How can they even been compared..Blaine buys his tricks Copperfield INVENTS them (most of them)

DC has some magicians designing illusions for his show. Also, DC buys tricks from other magicians.
IMHO, DC is an excellent performer. In their own styles, both are good.
Ron Giesecke
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Redding, Ca.
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This one's easy for me. Give me david Copperfiled and David Blaine side by side--itspells itself out.

I'd pick Lance Burton.
David Todd
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Yeah, give me a break.........
if someone laid it out for me to pick :
Copperfield or Blaine ?

I pick Ricky Jay .

or of the departed Slydini or Fred Kaps
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NSW, Australia
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In australia, the David Blaine special`s only just came on, and just finished not long ago...
everyone who bothered to watch them are like WOW! HAVE YOU SEEN DAVID BLAINE!

but, still the majority of people I know if I were to ask them:
"Who`s better, David Copperfield or David Blaine?" I reckong most of them would answer something like this: "who`s David Blaine?"

personally I hate David Blaine ("This are real people, there are no actor`s, no camera tricks, blah blah blah").
David Copperfield is way better

At work the girl next to me was talking about John Edwards being so fabulous, and I said ya know he`s fake right...and we got into a whole discussion about it, when I finally said hes just using probibility and all this stuff to trick you into thinking hes reading mind`s, and yeah from there we started talking about other things and I said, have you got cable, she said no, and I said oh well you probs havent heard of David Blaine. Right away she answers YES! I HAVE! HE WAS THAT LOSER I SAW IN ENGLAND HANGING IN A BOX FOR 40 DAY`s
she told me that he went up alittle chubby, stood in for 40 days and came down
now it appears even david blaine can screw up his illusions cause he went up chubby, and apparently came down 40 days later just as chubby. now 40 days in a box without food, come on, your gonna lose a bit of wieght!!!
Lifes a hole.. Dig it
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