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Christian Illusionist
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Ohio (currently located in Missouri)
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I think it would be a wonderful addition to magic, if a magician(s) would begin filming a video course of the Tarbell Course in Magic.

What a wonderful thing this would be, not only for historians but for the future magician to be able to watch every move being correctly performed.

It would be enough to give someone a nice little legacy.

Has anyone done this?

I had heard a rumor that it was available on the internet somewhere.
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John Long
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I am not aware of this being done for the Tarbell series, but it is in progress for the Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.

It is a lot of work, and requires someone to manage the site that will store all the videos.

Personally, I collect and catalog video demos of many tricks to help with performance issues, and espeically for sleight of hand. I learn a lot from them. Yet, in my opinion, since the Tarbell tricks are generally not based upon sleight of hand, they are easier to do than those in Bobo. Yet if someone was to make such videos available, I would be glad to view them Smile

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On 2006-04-12 14:31, Christian Illusionist wrote:
I think it would be a wonderful addition to magic, if a magician(s) would begin filming a video course of the Tarbell Course in Magic.

Very good !dea! This will be a great tribute to Dr. Harlan Tarbell.

Christian Illusionist, Good thinking as well!!

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Bill Nuvo
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The only problem is that the videos could not replace the books. They could be labelled as a companion to the books not as an "instead of". This is simply because a lot of info/tricks would be left out of the vidoes. As with the Mark Wilson course put on tape. A lot left out.

But definitely, for those who need visual tutorials, this would be invaluable. I'd pick them up for my kids who may find the wording in the Tarbell series a little hard to follow.
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That would take a tremendous effort, lots of money and time.
I don't see that happening.
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What's so hard about reading books these days. So much of the joy of learning magic for me came from reading the old books. Dvd's could never replace that feeling for me.
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It's much easier for me to learn from books than videos. (Yes, I'm an old man.) But I would love to see performance videos of the material in Tarbell. Imagine how great it would be to see some of the top magicians performing these effects, so you could see how they are SUPPOSED to be done.

Perhaps this could be a 'labor of love' for the Magic Castle? With most of the world's great magicians going through there at one time or another, it would be great if there was a small room permanently set up as a 'Tarbell Studio' where the staff there could just say, "It's your turn in the box!", shove them in the room and record them doing a half-dozen effects from Tarbell. Smile
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Nick Wait
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Tarbell is a marthon read, that would be difficult to trnslate to video. It could potentially result in people buying the DVD/Videos, and this obviousluy will obviously result inthem missing out on a wealth of imformation. Secondly few magicians know every trick in Tarbell. Another great thing about Tarbell is that due to its size, it means you can study it over a great number of years, DVD's would reduce this time into hours, somethin gi only see as negative.

Personally I'm not a fan of the idea, as I feel it encourages laziness among magicians, and also produces copy cat maagicians.
Josh the Superfluous
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I can't tell you how many cool "new" things I've learned from DVDs, only to later stumble accross them in Tarbell.
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We're putting out a new book right now all about taking old magic from Tarbell and Dusting It Off to make it new!

I LOVE this set of books and think it is overlooked by far too many. I can't see the video idea as being practical, and I personally also learn better from books- however, who knows- it might be an awesome companion, but, yeah I;d have a hard time seeing it as a replacement.
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It's a good idea but I agree with Jaz. Do you have any idea how much information are in the Tarbell books? Tons!!! It would take a great deal of time and money and most of the tricks will not even make it in the DVD's because there are to many. I only have books 1 and 6 and I can't wait to get all the rest. Plus with the books Tarbell has his own comentary on the tricks and gives insight to the history of magic and basically everything you need to get your confidence boosted up. Plus there is nothing wrong with reading books even though I learn better from DVD(s) because they are more visual I really enjoy reading the Tarbell books.
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For the past couple of months I've been using the Tarbell Study Guide to go through the course as it was originally mailed out. I am truly fascinated by the amount of quality material I keep encountering. The phrase "it's in Tarbell" is most assuredly true!
Larry Zaslow
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Crossville, Tennessee
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I would have serious doubts as to a Tarbell Course in Magic DVD, not only for the difficulties already put forward, but it is owned by D. Robbins and they would be slow to develop such a project.
Adam Milestone
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I love books and reading in general and the feeling I get when I'm curled up with one, but I can't tell you how many frustrating hours I've spent practicing a move and doing it the wrong way only to seek help from the magic shop and learning I was doing it completely wrong all together. After seeing it done properly once, I knew what to do. It's been said that DVDs make one lazy and I must say I disagree completely; using a gimmicked deck of cards or any self worker is lazy. DVDs and books are both work; it's most of the other stuff that isn't. It is well within the realm of possibility to learn how to do good magic from DVDs alone, but as had been said they should be used in conjunction with books. As had also been said a picture is worth a thousand words and as far as learning magic is concerned DVDs are great for people who just hate to read (how can one hate reading???) and can be invaluable to those who need to see something done at least once to fully comprehend the written text. The Tarbel Course on DVD would be a terrific companion to the 8 vol. set of books, especially if it included all of the lessons! Heck, they could include several performance only pieces so that there is at least a visual reference for each lesson. I've wondered about this project for a long time ever since DVDs took off like wildfire in the early nineties. To close, think about schools and colleges; both use books and movies to teach so why should magic be any different? Smile
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Good morning snushy.
On 2007-04-18 11:35, snushy wrote:
For the past couple of months I've been using the Tarbell Study Guide to go through the course as it was originally mailed out. I am truly fascinated by the amount of quality material I keep encountering. The phrase "it's in Tarbell" is most assuredly true!
Larry Zaslow

I was lucky enough to find the complete original Tarbell course on Ebay some time back. I've been reading through it and love it. It would be nice to see a companion dvd set to go with books, similar to what they did with R.R.T.C.M. It would be nice to see some updated handlings of some of the classics.
John Kardel
Joshua Barrett
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I think it would only be good if it was taugh as a course, and not a dvd of 1000 tricks.

david said it best at the liklyhood I think
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It would have to be put out like the books which were done installments. Otherwise it would take too long. Also, get several top pros to volunteer performing some of the tricks in there. It would be a monster task, but I think it would be a nice companion.
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Books are better than video...even more in this always want to copy the presentation with a video....your imagination is better when you read the will be more you...
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