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Bradley Morgan
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Hello everyone,

Here is what I say if they want to see something or ask me to do something I say,
"Thank you for asking, but no."

"Well of course not, but thank you for asking."

These I find to shut them up quickly and kindly, and it also is confusing to them.

"I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones." - Einstein
Vinnie Anderson
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Grab them by the &*^^% and say, "How do you like it when I grab your props?"

Smile Smile
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Good lord! With 20 minutes a bit of skill and some effort you could pull in a small tip, run a show and pass the hat.

Or cram for that biology exam.
*Wonders what his college's policy on busking is.*
When I get my skill up to par, I should probably go straight to the president of the school. Smile
"One man's miracle is another man's warm-up"
Andrew E. Miller
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LOL Vinnie! This is tough Daniel! I first of all would go for the effects that leave you completely clean! So if they grab your hands...YOU'RE GOOD! Their are so many Astonishing effects that leave you clean, so they won't give you scuff about it! Have fun!
If you get bored go to and watch some magic.

R Allen
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Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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I had to struggle through the exact same thing when I was performing for friends and relatives. I noticed that strangers RARELY ever try to mess things up (except when they are drunk).

The reason for this is that the people you are performing for are people who "know" you. There is an old saying, "familiarity breeds contempt." When people "know" you, they feel more comfortable heckling and grabbing because after all they know you and you are the guy that they know.

When they are fooled, they immediately go into this "who do you think you are?" attitude. They won't accept being fooled by you. When a stranger fools them, then they immediately go into this "that guy is awesome!" attitude because they don't mind being fooled by "someone who is awesome."

Don't stop performing. You will find out that when you perform for strangers, there will be stronger reactions and less ****. Smile
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Check out Brad Burts site, he offers magic one lesson, he taught how to control such things from is to control the space between you and the crowd and to move the people around in pretense that you are making it possible for everyone to see but in truth moving the trouble makers away at a tough position or far enough for you to react in time. You can use any excuse to move people around...I also do tricks for colleagues. I stop doing magic for those who are out to find the secrets rather than enjoy the tricks...when they see me do tricks for others they can only watch from a distance and comment from afar since they are not invited ...hope it helps
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Forest Grove, Oregon
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Sometimes you're just going to run into people who are bound and determined to cross that line between 'enjoying the show' and 'being an obnoxious jerk demonstrating how cool they are.

In my case, I have a 'special' trick lined up in my act for such people. A variation on the so-old-it-has-hair-on-it jacket rope escape, and for some reason once the Clever Kid is wearing the Coat of Loki (especially since I build it up as being something for someone devious, tricky, deceitful, etc) and has 30' of rope tied around 'em, pinning their elbows to their sides... well, one of two things *can* happen, and so far the good one has - they go with it. They're getting the attention they so desperately desire *and* wind up as the good-natured butt of more than a few 'if this doesn't work... I think we'll need a cleanup on aisle six' style jokes.

Hang in there
Matthew Legare aka Tobias the Adequate! - - you know you want to.
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Durban, South Africa
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There's an old saying that has some relevance to the friends vs strangers scenario: "a prophet is never recognised in his home town"
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I don't like to be mean to people but if they truly are just standing there to try to mess me up then I will openly tell the rest of the audience that I will not continue till the person either leaves or promises to shut up and play nice. I don't even ask the person, I just tell the rest of the crowd. By doing this I get an enormous amount of peer pressure focused on the person to cooperate.

With that said I no longer perform in schools very often, it just isn't worth it.
Rich Fredeking
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Jacksonville, Florida
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As stated before, I would just do tricks with a single normal pack of cards that require no set-up, angle proof, and end clean.

If you search around you will find tricks like this and always keep them with you.

I Love Eddie Fechter's "Thats It" It is one of my strongest effects because of the presentation I use.
Rich Fredeking
Paul Chosse
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1955 - 2010
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Try everything here first and if you are still having problems you can resort to a card trick by the late great Frank Shields:

Make sure there is a big crowd - then ask the pest to name any card in the deck - tell him that by riffling the cards you can cause the card he named to leave the deck and appear in - the 2nd urinal from the end in the boys lavatory!

He'll doubt it, but you refuse to go with him for fear that he'll accuse you of switching cards - insist that he retrieve the card himself.

When he goes in to get the card you have previously planted FACE DOWN, tell everyone that you put one card (the wrong one) in the urinal face down and then used the urinal!

When he comes out with the card held triumphantly overhead, proclaiming that you failed, the rest of the crew will have a good laugh at his expense - and he should leave you alone...

Or maybe not...

Best, PSC
"You can't steal a gift..." Dizzy Gillespie
Pete Biro
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Daniel... you said you had the Raven for a couple of days then used it?

Unless you are a raving genius I cannot see how you could be anywhere near competant with it in that short a time.

Maybe in a couple of months?

Maybe your work reeks of "let me see" and they grab... if you learn audience management you will find that you will not have that trouble.

If you are entertaining and fun to watch you should have very little of that kind of a problem.

Just my 2 centavos worth... Smile

Chosse... hahaha Frank also had a great bit when a customer wanted to do a card trick.

He would answer with, "OK, but wait a second, the cards are dirty, let me clean them for you." He would then dunk the deck into the soapy water behind the bar and wipe 'em off a little with a dirty towel and then hand the deck to the jerk. Smile
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The problem is people are too familiar with you. It's a common theme when performing for friends and family. If some people are being jerks stop the show until they leave. If the rest of your audience likes the show there will be pressure for them to leave or shut up!

The Mark Wilson advice also sounds great!

Once when I did a card trick for a guy I lifted a third of the deck and told him to put his card on top of the remainder of the deck. He tried to poke it ionto the middle and I quickly said, "No, I'd like this to work." I conceded that he 'got' me but I also got a good laugh! After he finished laughing he obeyed my instructions and enjoyed the trick!
Alan Wheeler
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I will now try to use all my magical powers to summon Steve Brooks himself from cyberspace. I know he has excellent advice about crowd control and audience management.

...calling Steve Brooks...

...calling Steve Brooks...
...calling Steve Brooks...

alleycat Smile
The views and comments expressed on this post may be mere speculation and are not necessarily the opinions, values, or beliefs of Alan Wheeler.
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Steve Brooks
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I felt this incredible urge to come to this forum. Smile

Chosse, you're too funny. Smile

Daniel Hunley said; "In fact, I hadn't had any new tricks in almost to weeks till Saturday when I received my Raven. I practiced all Saturday and Sunday and was ready by Monday. I performed, then the guy reached out and grabbed my hand"

I have to agree with Pete here, what were you thinking? You practiced an effect for two days and then went into a hostile environment to boot? You're kidding, right?

Working large crowds successfully requires not only good audience management (You haven't been around long enough for that), but good magical skills as well (You haven't practiced long enough). Further, there are other areas in your presentation you need to comprehend, before even trying to understand your spectators.

My advice would be to stop performing in a place where someone with your skill level doesn't stand a chance.

Learn the effect, then learn your own limitations and weaknesses. Armed with that knowledege can give you the ability to be several steps ahead of the crowd.

Having said all that, start studying people in general. Go to social events (Fairs, picnics, the movies, etc) and observe how people react in different situations.
You will notice after a while that sometimes the smallest things can change how a crowd will respond, good or bad.

Then again, if you're a really fast runner (or hold a Black Belt in Karate) you can always try what Mr. Chosse suggested. Smile

Wishing you the best...
"Always be you because nobody else can" - Steve Brooks
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Middle of No Where KY
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On 2003-04-08 18:37, Pete Biro wrote:
Daniel... you said you had the Raven for a couple of days then used it?

Unless you are a raving genius I cannot see how you could be anywhere near competant with it in that short a time.

I know, I know.... I was an idiot... Just stop the ridicule Smile Smile I posted this on December 3rd. LONG time ago.... I know understand that it is practice... I NEVER do that anymore... I now understand Smile (Finally). Trust me if you see ANY posts by me, look at the date.. If it is BEFORE Febuary, please forgive my ignorance Smile

Thanks for the advice anyway Smile
Jack Of Hearts!
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Hi Daniel,

This kind of thing is going to happen -- get used to it. I don't recomend the "guilt approach" that was recommended earlier in the thread. There are two skills you need to learn:

1) Turn off your hearing aid.

3) Command.

"Turning off your hearing aid" is a metaphor that comes from Darwin Ortiz. The idea is that when somebody starts ordering you around, telling you to "roll up your sleeves" you just don't listen. Keep talking. Eventually they will realize that you are talking right over them and they will shut up. Its not as simple as it sounds, its an acquired skill. By acknowleging them AT ALL you are feeding into it. Remember, you do not take orders from your audience. You are in control. They are in YOUR HOUSE.

THese guys don't see that what they are doing is wrong. They are just reacting to being fooled. Its up to you to set them on the straight and narrow.

COMMAND. When somebody grabs at your props, say "don't touch" and MEAN IT. Don't be angry or defensive...that will just encourage them. Use the same tone that a cop does when he says, "Would you please step outside of the vehicle, sir". Polite, level, but with the ABSOLUTE EXCPECTATION that you will be OBEYED.

Again, this is an acquired skill that comes with practice and experience. Its an absolute requirement for working on the street.

One thing that I find helps a lot is to carry a BIG STICK. seriously. This is a tip that I got from Whit Hayden. I have a magic wand that I made from a 1 1/4 inch dowell. There's some kind of primal reaction that a guy with a stick is supposed to be Jerry Springer with his microphone. I don't use it threateningly, but if somebody is out of line, I can point it at him and tell him to shut up. It helps.

Daniel, I APPLAUD you for continuing to take on this difficult venue. What you're learning now will be useful to you for a lifetime.
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What you can do is perform for one person at a time. That way, if you screw up, you only mess up for one person and at the same time, get some feedback from the reaction. When it looks good for one person, show to two, then work your way from there.
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Manchester, NH
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What I do is I have a couple of friends of mine that have very keen eyes, and they are VERY good at figuring out magic tricks. The deal I have with them is that they don't reveal my tricks to anyone, and I don't perform a trick in public until I can do the trick and even if they know how it is done, they can't see me do it.

Example: My sponge bunnies routine. I would practice my sleights, and when my friend came over, and I did the routine to him, he would literally go, "I saw the fake pass" or "Your hand looks really awkward there" etc. etc. And I didn't perform the effect in a real show, till I could do the whole routine without him being able to see anything. The last time I did it to him, I did a steal from a hidden pocket that he wasn't expecting, and when I opened my hand, and he was expecting it to be empty, and there was suddenly a whole bunch of rabbits in my hand, he looked at me and said, "You're ready to perform this, because I have no idea how in the hell you did that?"

It's always good to have one person that you can trust to not spoil the tricks for you, and at the same time can give you real feedback as to how well you are performing them.

There are many different ways to cut an apple.
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moscow, idaho
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I go to a small private school too, and I have found for those that think they know my magic, to not do it any where near them, if I see them coming, I move on. Plus angles is a big thing, and I do no tricks that require them, maybe you Good luck.
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