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Telling the crowd you’re going to stop because of some heckler in the crowd is like a boy with a ball saying he’s taking it home because no one will let him play. It seems childish to me. I always find it more challenging and rewarding to use their behavior in the act. The first trick I learned that does this was Victor Edward’s “11 card trick.” The trick requires 11 cards, and every time the spectator gives you 11 cards you end up getting only 10 cards. Of course, the fact that the spectator can’t give you 11 cards is the trick itself. Gene Gordon took this principle and used dollar bills instead in a trick called “Dizzy Dollars.” The message of these effects is that the audience needs to participate or there is no magic, only a trick. I think Gene Gordon said it best when he said, “Finally, remember that the presentation of your trick or illusion must include audience reaction. You must work with the audience, not just for the audience. ... This is the magic that becomes real for us on both sides of the footlights.”

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Take a step away and look at your work from a different angle. Maybe you need to try these tricks on strangers first to get the bugs out then only do it for your friends when you can blow them away.
Many people are smarter then we think...magnets are in everyones life more now then in the past.
The Great Wandini
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I only use this if the person is a real know it all, and I think they can take a joke and laugh at themselves, but I use the "Pea Can" on them. Everyone else gets a real kick out of the fact that the know it all is now the victim, and should now know how it feels to be busted. Smile
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A drop of coffee in the water, can give it the one, two punch. Be careful with the Pea can unless your self defense skills are above average. Last October I saw a small fight provoked with one. (not me)
...think not that all wisdom is in your school. You may have studied other paths,but, it is important to remember that no matter who you are or where you come from, there is always more to learn.
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Zack's post above was excellent. Not only would his suggestions work as a performer but also dealing with people in everyday situations. I particularly liked these suggestions:

COMMAND. When somebody grabs at your props, say "don't touch" and MEAN IT. Don't be angry or defensive...that will just encourage them. Use the same tone that a cop does when he says, "Would you please step outside of the vehicle, sir". Polite, level, but with the ABSOLUTE EXCPECTATION that you will be OBEYED.

One thing that I find helps a lot is to carry a BIG STICK. This is a tip that I got from Whit Hayden. I have a magic wand that I made from a 1 1/4 inch dowell. There's some kind of primal reaction that a guy with a stick is supposed to be obeyed...I don't use it threateningly, but if somebody is out of line, I can point it at him and tell him to shut up.

Good stuff Zack - Thanks!
Jesse Dains
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Here is what I do in the situation you described (spectators requesting you do certain things).

Step 1……. first agree with them say “sure I will be glad to do that” that ends the argument because you agree…..

Step 2……you say…normally when I do this my way I do not charge for the entertainment…….most people who request a private show expect to and do pay me well for their request……would you like the$50 show or the $100. show?...........No?.......OK…….I’ll just go on then……..Oh, if you change your mind again ...Just wave the money in the air…….and you can stop winking at me.

This is just an example to get you started thinking……Good luck.
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I just try to ignore them. My audience comes to my defense to on ocassion. Another thing you can do is like people have said before, do tricks in which you don't need gimmicks.

The Darwin Ortiz advice was excellent. Another thing you can do is if you know a really good sucker effect, do it on that person. Sometimes if I'm using an ungimmicked prop and I'm certain the person has no idea how something is done, I'll say "cool you know how its done? Okay here you go (hand them your props) I'd love for you to show everyone here your awesome magical skill".

I'm telling you, they'll make themselves look foolish trying to figure it out, and you get good comedic relief to boot. But really, always try to ignore them first. Smile Smile
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
Frank Tougas
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I am not so confident that making a fool of any audience member is a good idea. Making a fool of oneself should be a solo activity.
Frank Tougas The Twin Cities Most "Kid Experienced" Children's Performer :"Creating Positive Memories...One Smile at a Time"
Lee Darrow
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For the grabbers, be quicker than they are. No joke, but a discreet body turn that takes the prop out of reach is an excellent method of avoiding grabby hands.

Simply turn to someone else and ask something like "Did you see the card?"

A wand grabber is fun - all sorts of lines possible - some good, some gross: "Do I grab YOUR wand when you're working with it?" "STOP!! The Safety's OFF!! You almost turned Sally, here, into a newt - and that takes some getting over, believe me!" Or, "Don't touch that! You don't know WHERE it's been!"

For the guy who keeps saying "I know how you do that," try these: "Care to demonstrate? I thought not, us magicians have to keep OUR secrets, right?" Or, "Don't tell them - SELL it to them..." if they persist, "later," if they keep going, "when I'm gone," if they keep going, "you'll make more money that way, trust me!"

Never duel with the spectators. It's not worth it. But bantering and playing with them in a spirit of fun (without POKING FUN) is a great way to make new friends.

Just a few lines from a guy who's still pretty new at this - only been at it for about 30 years as a pro after all. I still have a long way to go...

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
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OK first of all I do not agree with what you said about the raven. I had it but a few hours and already I was showing my hands empty before and after and loading it with one hand unnoticed. Not only doing vanishes but switches etc.

I think it is just a matter of how quick you pick things up and I think you insluted the guy before he had even started by saying, just my 2 cents.

Now back to the question, if you ask me I'd do a trick that messes with them like color monte or , Be honest what is it? There are plenty of tricks that leave you clean and use standard decks/props, learn them and confuse them.
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i try to change up the trick or go to another trick immediately like well have you seen this and then go to nxt trick or just go to someone else casually
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Thanxe guys, This is really great advice, and a good thing for any begginer to learn. Im happy that this thread is going so long, and that it is reaching so many people. TY!
Jack Of Hearts!
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try a 3 card monte routine, that way you could start off with the kids thinking that they are better then you and then you can turn it around. alson i think that the kids will like the monte trick because of the fact that it is a con game.
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