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Howard Coberly
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On 2006-05-28 17:30, Bill Abbott wrote:

Do you own the Octopus Deck?
I stand behind this effect, product and the advertising of this product 100%.
If you are unhappy with this product PM me and I will try to rectify the situation, either by refund or other means.

In your latest post are you referring to a product that I sell?

Bill Abbott

Hi, Bill

No. I do not own the deck. Since my argument is based on how the deck is advertised, not on how good the trick is, I am completely justified in forming an opinion without owning/performing the effect.

My Argument has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the trick. It could be the best trick in the world but that does not mean that potential buyers should just ignore false statements in the advertisements or that sellers have the right to use these false statements to push their products.

To a working magician/mentalist, the number of questions that must be asked could be the deciding factor in whether he or she buys the trick, even it's a matter of 2 questions or 3. Obviously, the more questions asked, the greater chance of someone figuring out the method.

It amazes me how magicians on this forum will viciously attack those who re-sell items and call us immoral but those same people will completely ignore the actual immorality of lying in the ads for tricks.

I also cannot believe that those who defend these sellers would allow the same deception in other areas of their lives. If this is the case...I have some ocean front property in Ohio to sell them.

Be one hundred percent truthful in your advertisements!! If you really are selling a quality product and a good trick it will be touted as such on these forums. If you choose to lie (insert your metaphor of choice for lying here)there will be people like me who will call you on your lies.

I'm sorry, but I will not go along with the old adage in magic that I have seen stated on this forum so many times: "oh, well, you got screwed because you went directly by the descriptions...that's the way it goes". Well, that may be the way it goes for people who don't care about being lied to but not eveyone is that way.

In the end, if one has a truly good product to sell, one will not need to lie to sell it.


"You begin by fanning the deck before two spectators and ask each of them to think of any card. After two questions you instantly name the two freely thought of cards."
"Our town used to be more fortunate...not a single winter passed without the visit of some star.
There used to be famous actors and singers, while today, God only knows! Nobody visits except magicians and organ-grinders. No esthetic satisfaction."
Howard Coberly
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Irvine, California
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(QUOTE)What's even more frustrating than false advertising is people giving bad reviews on tricks they don't even own. How on earth a person can go about trying to tarnish someone's reputation without even owning the trick is absolutely beyond comprehension to me.

How about we hear from people that have it and have used it. Both Cody Fisher and Guillom, if I'm not mistaken, seem quite happy with it.

Jamie D. Grant

Hi Jamie,

If you are referring to my posts on this trick you should go back and read them again.

I am not offering a review of the trick. Bob Farmer initially pointed out the deceptive advertising after which I checked the ads myself and found him to be correct.

My "review" if you not on the effectiveness of the trick as this is not germane to the fact that there is a misleading statement made in the advertisement/effect description.

What you are doing here is trying to draw attention away from the fact that someone whom you obviously admire did something that, in my opinion, he should not have done.

I assert that holding sellers to honest descriptions will not at all hurt the sales of truly good items while eliminating the junk that is pushed off on buyers under the absurd rationalization that, "that's the way it goes with magic".

How do I know this? Because I have recently sold a lot of items on this forum and have been completely truthful to those who have asked me questions about the tricks. Contrary to popular belief, one can, in fact, describe an effect honestly without compromising the method or risking sales.

If you were getting ready to spend 30,000 dollars on a new car, would you want the salesman to be honest with you (yeah...right!).

The greatest illusion that I've seen in magic is the one where the sellers convince us that we don't have to be as aware when buying magic as we do when buying anything else in our lives.


Now, about that ocean front property in Ohio...yeah, sure, it's only steps from the beach...ABOUT 50 MILLION VERY LARGE STEPS!! BUT IF I TOLD YOU THAT IN THE BROCHURE, YOU MIGHT NOT BUY IT.
"Our town used to be more fortunate...not a single winter passed without the visit of some star.
There used to be famous actors and singers, while today, God only knows! Nobody visits except magicians and organ-grinders. No esthetic satisfaction."
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Ive seen written reviews, written ads, photos of bill next to "Octopus Deck" and photos of a rubber banded deck, all associated with Bill abbot's Famous Octopus Deck. The only thing I havent seen is a video. Does anyone know of a website with a demo of this trick or can anyone email a demo of the trick? I have never seen It before and wold like to before I make any purchases.

Bill Abbott
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Your posts are an interesting read, and I commend you on your quest to expose the
deceptive sellers of tricks that don't live up to the ad copy.
If you perform a search on this forum you will find that the effects I have put on the market DO in fact live up to whatever advertising copy accompany them.

Mr. Brett,

I have no intention of putting up a video demo of this effect.
Hopefully you will get a chance to see me perform this live at a lecture.
Please email me with any questions you have.


Bill Abbott

Everyone else...

This will be my last post on the Magic Café.
Please contact me directly with any concerns/questions at
Dr Spektor
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Bill - don't go - why for you go? The best thing about the Café is having the creators be on here - all I can say is when attacked, it usually means you are a success - I've learned that many a time Smile.... if you are only praised, you haven't yet made it big... c'mon.... keep the Canadian contigent going Smile
"They are lean and athirst!!!!"
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Hi guys! Smile

I understand that there are limited sets released but no demo video? Please forgive me if I'm mistaken about it Smile If I am, can someone please direct me to the link for a demo vid? The Octopus Deck sounds really good, and I like The Thing, also by Mr. Abbott... it's a really interesting reinvention of a classic.

Thank you very much everyone!
Ning Smile

Posted: Aug 20, 2006 8:42am
Edit: What I mean is, for a purchaser/ user of Mr. Abbott's Octopus Deck, since he doesn't intend to release a demo vid for it Smile Thank you!
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Any other Reviews?
Lord Of The Horses
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Octopus deck is a good pumping deck and more. Period. Better or worse than any other? That's something to judge on your own.

On a related example, I own many TOD variations (including my own version, which I used for a while, many years back) and while I appreciate Maven's for some visual pointers, Scott Xavier's Outlaw Deck for some great idea with ****, and Regal's In-Flight for being something different in method, I still prefer Cody Fisher's TOD. That's the one I ACTUALLY use.

So, if you have seen the ad and you know something about Bill Abbott as a performer AND as a creator, it's up to you to decide. Having said that, I would like to see many reviews for the Octopus deck flowing here because I'm sure that Bill's work is something that has value.
Then you'll rise right before my eyes, on wings that fill the sky, like a phoenix rising!
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On 2006-06-06 15:29, truthteller wrote:
The Aronson Approach IS the name of Simon's book. Red book. GREAT material. It is the last trick in the book, I recall. The trick is good, but it is the thinking that goes into it that has the real value.

Thanks for that
Richie Dagger
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I think the Octopus Deck is great. I've had it for a while, and it plays very well. I really like how it is able to play to both a small(and close-up) crowd as well as a larger one.

Ben Train
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Talk about dragging up old threads, but I just discovered this one and wanted to respond.

Last year I had a "throwback party", similar to what I had when I was 8. We had about 100 people over for a sleepover (and movies), a bonfire, live music, etc. The highlight was the magician though- Mr. Bill Abbott.

One of the effects he did for the group was the octopus deck. Not only did it KILL all my guests (and, Bill, if you DO ever decide to put up a video, feel free to use that!) but it got me as well.

I've seen the deck, seen the tool at work, and can attest to its impact.

Ben Train
If you're reading this you're my favourite magician.

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I have to chime in here and say that this trick rocks
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This is a very well made deck that, as others have pointed out, would take a lot of manual labor and skill to make yourself. You can perform this strolling at tables or parties, or for a larger crowd. It requires a little spectator/volunteer control, but not that much, really. You can use it for other tricks as a utility deck. I'm happy with mine.
Now appearing nightly in my basement.
Justin Lewis
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I just received mine today. Amazing stuff. I truly love this deck. I am a big fan of max maven and I see some influence here. I also use psi-deck, I feel the octopus is a bit more useful if you are performing close up. Very versatile deck,I love it.
“The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.”- Anonymous
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I just bought this from a Café member (#43 of 500), but it was missing pages 5 and 6 of the instructions. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
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Looks like this is on sale now at Bill's site
Creator of The SvenPad Supreme(R) line of premium, made in the USA utility props.
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