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Does anybody know what he is up to next?
William Holcomb
Ron Giesecke
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While I am not a Blaine fan at all, I must commend his brilliant appropriation of professional angst. being an object of scorn is just as valuable in entertainment as one of veneration.

I have a feeling that even if (and I have no way of knowing) his flame were to dwindle in the arena of the viewing public, that his embers will managed and sufficiently oxygenated by those who don't like him.

I don't like him, but I have said all I will as to why. In a way, I'm enjoying seeing his name in perpetuity--there is a phenomenal aspect to his time, and while I do not attribute this to some incendiary skill with his hands, I do think he is fully aware of which (and whose) buttons to push.

And therein he has tapped the essential Houdini vibe. For this, I commend him.
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Probably going to be unpopular here but......... I was impressed the first time I saw DB on tv. However i was not impressed once i studied his show and realised that the show was cleverly edited. Why be a magician at all when you rely on tv editing for effect ? I could ask 52 people to think of a card and then guess which card they are thinking of. By law of averages i will guess right at least once. Use that once on my TV special and whey hey I am the best magician in the world........NOT. Give me Jerry Sadowitz any day. Not eveyones choice but what you see is what you get and thats the winner for me.

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On 2002-12-19 19:49, rainman wrote:
I could ask 52 people to think of a card and then guess which card they are thinking of. By law of averages i will guess right at least once.

I hate to get into statistics here, but there is no "law" of average about mutually exclusive events. The odds of a 52 spectators choosing the very same card are exactly the same as if they pick different cards. One spectator has nothing to do with the other.

I'll say it again - Blaine does agreat job marketing his personna. Ask 10 people who David Blaine is and many will probably know. Ask them who Bill Holcomb is and they will likely say "Who gives a crap!"

Editing or not - he is still on the minds of alot of people!
William Holcomb
Pakar Ilusi
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I like him.

If you don't, you don't [whoever you may be].

But I like him.

And this is subjective choice. And I don't even think I need to justify why I like him.

I just do.

I'm finished now. Thank you. Smile
"Dreams aren't a matter of Chance but a matter of Choice." -DC-
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I have to hand it to Blaine. He does know how to promote himself. Don't think so... Well you are all talking about him.

Blaine is great. Look at what he has done to street magic. It's booming. The thing is he is doing magic with everyday things. I think that is why he is useful. Because people can relate to them.

I see were everyone that dislikes him is coming from. On his TV special I bet you he spent less than $150.00 on props. Which is mostly considered "beginner" effects. And it kills lay people. And you are thinking that’s so simple I can do that and so forth..

Magic is all about presentation. And I have to say that Blaine’s tricks may be simple but they get the ratings of millions of viewers.

So he is a living example that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to be a successful magician.

Blaine ventured into an area of magic that really did not exist to lay people. He is doing his own thing in his own world. And hey every has to be different. This is what has worked for him. So don't except him to stop now.

I really just think the Blaine hatter out there are only Ego hurt.

I have mixed feelings about him. But, what he is doing has worked so far.

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I know why a lot of magicians hate him. Because Blaine got popular by doing the simple things. A lot of others can do the same thing, but better. Most magicians are jealous.

But I'll give him the credit. I like him myself. He didn't cheat. He got popular in a fair way.

After I saw him on the Oprah Show I noticed he should touch up his personality. Oprah had to ask him questions to speak. She was doing most of the talking herself. If he was better in communications he would be a lot higher than where he is now.


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I like to watch his TV specials, and it would be cool to meet him someday. I'm still waiting for DB to start making his own tricks and start fooling magicians though. I say this because after doing amateur magic for about 1 month, I could do 90% of his tricks but knew how all of them worked. He is a talented and very successful man though. He TV specials are very well made, and only a few parts are really edited and have camera tricks. For example, his levitation is obvious (everybody knows that), and the ones where he "reads someone’s mind" and gets the right number or card. That has to be him just going up to sooo many people, that he eventually will guess the right numbers and cards. Also I think there is a book or something on the most commonly picked cards and numbers under certain circumstances. DB has also got very popular by doing his annual crazy stunt thing. I also agree that it is cool how whenever he is on TV, the next day everyone is talking about it. This is great for me in school, because people that put me down will come up to me and start talking trash about me...and how cool DB is. I agree with them that he is a very cool guy, but then they will talk about how a trick like the invisible deck fooled them so much. I usually will have one on me so I pull it out and say"did it look anything like this..." This is always fun. Well anyway, I will say it again...

He is talented

An ummm good magician

I think he also like to be on TV, and the wealth, and all that good stuff.
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I don't think he's a great sleight-of-hand artist or innovator, but he knows how to astonish and get the full effect out of what he does do - that's something very few magicians accomplish. I like his low-key persona; the way he doesn't seem like he's trying to fool you so much or expects you to break into thunderous applause after an effect. And he's not afraid of the silence that follows the moment of astonishment. He lets it linger. In his own way, he's a great showman. And that's really all I have to say.
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I enjoyed reading all of the responses to this topic. All were intelligent,honest,and thought provoking.Im sure,like me, most of you have heard some pretty childish perspectives regarding Mr. Blaine and his impact on magic. His style,personality, and skill level are easy targets to attack,as well as his decisions on editing/enhancing his television specials.
The bottom line is that his intentions,like any magician,is to entertain people. To be more specific,laypeople.Im sure that Mr.Blaine is intelligent enough to know that he wouldnt get booked at a magic convention performing most of the effects he has done on television. Hes also smart enough to know that 99 percent of the general public has never seen what most amateur magicians are adept at performing.His real genius is his common sense.That being his ability to take classic, fairly easy to master stuff and blow people away with it.
Is he quirky? Yes. Who isnt in this art we all are so hopelessly addicted to? Can we, as magicians, talk endlessly of his impact on magic? can answer that one easily enough by surfing magic websites for less than five minutes! This may be hard for some to swallow, but our insights and critical analysis of him are meaningless, especially if we want magic to continue to flourish in the PUBLICS EYE.
I have yet to hear one person outside the magicians inner circle to criticize David Blaine's magic. They may have regarded his feats of endurance from a somewhat critical perspective, but as far as his portrayal of a magician, hes taken the publics interest in magic to another level.
Perhaps when the public starts commenting on the "simpilcity" of his magic, his "average" performing ability, and "bland" personality, those magicians who feel the same can continue to marvel their IBM buddies once a month with their double lifts and Elmsley counts, waiting to criticize the next person with the guts and common sense to do something different. However, by the looks of things ,that may take a while. Like him or not, Mr. Blaine is doing his thing and the public likes it that way.
Jon Gallagher
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I remember back in the 70's, this hippy named Doug Hennig doing magic and freaking out some of the old timers. He had long hair and didn't dress in a tux. He wore bright colors that looked like they ought to be coming out of a production box as silks... not clothes. Now Doug wasn't all that great with sleights or patter, or even memorizing his lines (much less delivering them). I saw him live once and he screwed up the invisible deck. You name it and there was someone there to complain about it.

Was he a great magician. Sure he was.

Was he a great showman? You betcha.

Were there other magicians who were jealous of his success? Without question.

See, sometimes we forget that magic is all about being entertained. If a magician leaves his audience entertained, who cares if he screwed up? We all screw up an effect from time to time and it doesn't make us any less of a magician.

But let someone start entertaining us in a "new" way like Henning did in the 70's or Blaine is doing today, and there'll be a line of people waiting to heap criticism on him for who knows what reason.

Should Blaine give a rat's behind if other magicians approve of him or not? Well, last time I checked, it was the lay people who we do magic for. And as long as the lay people are happy, Blaine ought to just ignore those who are jealous of his success.

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david Blaine has some great sleight of hand. His marketing skills are great. I don't like some of the effects that he performs but who cares. He seems to be a very nice person. Remember, he isn't just some guy who bought and invisible deck and a folding quarter, the guy's mentor is Paul Harris. Nobody should be saying anything bad about any other magicians. It just makes yourself look unintelligent. Why would he be a Foe? He's just doing the job like the rest of us?
"The experience of astonishment is the experience of a clear, primal state of mind that they associate with a child's state of mind." ---- Paul Harris
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