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I love these types of tricks.
My favorite is one I learned I think from a Bill Malone video:

Two cards are selected and lost in the pack. One card is immediately removed from the right hand pocket, and the second selection is then immediately pulled from the left hands pocket. As the second card is revealed, you show that you have these two cards because the deck has vanished!
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I like Jennings' 'Deck to Pocket' from his Thoughts on Cards DVD.
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Kelvin W Sherlock
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It's a different kind of deck vanish, but Simon Lovell has a trick, "Packet Wallet" (it's on the LVMI 2003 DVD, the Madness Behind the Methods DVD, maybe one of his books). For the first phase, a card appears in a wallet. In the second phase, the entire deck (minus the card) appears in a wallet.
Nathan Kranzo
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Check out my Outside The Box DVD for a deck vanish that uses no pockets, topits, or sleeves.

All the best,

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Carney's "Final Trace" and "Ethereal Pack" from Carneycopia.
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I believe its called an Omni deck, where the whole deck gets replaced with a solid piece of plastic, except for the spectators card which is below the solid block of plastic.

Edit: Omni Deck Video can be found here
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I have 3 that I can mention to you, which all use Vernon's "Travellers" as their initial start-off point.

First off is Jackie McClement's "Shock Treatment" from the manuscript of the same name. Jackie is a very clever and creative card man from Glasgow who has also had items published in "The Crimp". His effect starts with the aces being produced from your pockets then, as you repeat it, the whole deck vanishes. I believe it is also his International Magic DVD.

Then there is Alfonso's "The Vanishing Traveller", which can be found in Volume 2, Issue 1 of the "Magical Arts Journal", a periodical brought out in the '80s by Michael Ammar and Adam J Fleischer (these can be difficult magazines to find, but are worth the effort as the material within them is fantastic). Alfonso's routine was closer to the Vernon routine in that each ace is signed and lost in the deck. Three of the aces then vanish from the deck and re-appear in different pockets, but there is some difficulty with the final ace. It is then seen that the deck itself has vanished, only leaving that last ace in your hands. Sadly, I don't know if/where you can get these magazines any more.

Finally, and if I may be so bold, I have my own "The Traveller Vanishes" from my e-book "A Force Much Greater Than Luck" which is based upon all the sources named above - Vernon, McClements and Alfonso. I have the aces signed and lost into the deck, only for them to vanish from the deck and reappear in 4 separate pockets. When I offer to repeat the effect, the deck is found to have vanished, leaving just 4 signed aces. You can get mine by going to my wee magical part of the web.

So, there you are. I hope you find something of interest in the above examples.

Best wishes

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Reis O'Brien
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The Amazing Vanishing Deck Trick.

It's a classic.
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Cameron Francis
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I worked out a method for myself. Of course I'm sure this is nothing new, I just wanted a deck vanish routine so I came up with a solution.

Two cards signed and lost in the deck. They both visually appear on top of the deck one at a time. Then the cards transpose under imposible conditions. Both cards are lost in the deck and I ask the spectators if they want to see them disappear. They say yes.

"By the way, when I said I would make them disappear, I didn't mean your cards..."

I slap my hands together.

"... I meant the whole deck."

I reveal the two signed cards are the only cards in my hand. Hand them back to the spectator and thank them for their time.

Easy to do and killer reactions.
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Raymond Singson
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This is a really old topic, but I thought I could pitch in my own two cents. I've been playing around with different deck vanishes A LOT lately, and I've been getting a ton of mileage out of them. My favorite deck vanish is all based on misdirection, and I've fooled large audiences with it. For a guy who works close-up venues, 50 people is somewhat of a more intimidating audience, but this particular vanish hit everyone between the eyes despite having my hands burned the entire time.

During my ACR, I perform the James/Ellis Loading Move to make the signed selection jump to my mouth. This is one of the more startling phases of the routine, so people respond really well to it. I use this offbeat to my advantage. As my right hand reaches up to my mouth to retrieve the card, my left hand simply ditches the deck in my left jacket pocket. I immediately bring my hands together to hold the selection as if it's the entire deck. I get a few people to put their hands around mine and "squeeze." 51 cards slowly vanish in everyone's hands.

I've also used the Card-to-Mouth as misdirection to switch in an Omni Deck. The reactions are pretty amazing for such a simple technique.

Take care,
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Ed Oschmann
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Please check out Steve Ehler's Arizona Card Shark DVD for the effect 'Traveler's Under Pressure. This will fool you badly.
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Pack-In-The Box by Tomo Maeda. The climax happens when the deck disappears... and reappears in a card box.

Magical Dimensions
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I loved Scott Wilson's deck vanish. You place the deck back into the box after you are done using them. They you tear up the card box! The cards are gone.
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Omni Deck Rules, Can't ask for a better reaction

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I use richard saunders.,"card to ear"..or gregory wilson card to pocket routine..
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Harry Lorayne
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Somewhere, on one or two of my videos/DVDs I end the session by "vanishing" the deck. Perhaps someone will find it and mention it for you here. HARRY LORAYNE.
John Heggie
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Harry Lorayne Best Ever DVD Vol 8
Vanishing Deck
Wow! What a way to end your card session, just make the deck disappear.
No gimmicks.

Pete Biro
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Keep an eye out for the Genii issue featuring my material for the easiest way to do this with, "What happened to the other 50 Cards?"
Andrew Loh
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There was one routine in one of Jerry Andrus' DVD, the deck is shuffled with the card case, and the whole deck vanished leaving only their selection and the card case. It was a very funny routine, check it out! Smile

Andrew Loh

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My Cardician Den Blog:
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Take a regular poker sized bicycle backed card from your wallet. Place it face down on the table, and ask a spectator to name a card. Turn over the card to show a 52 on 1. Get teh usual laugh.

Transform the card into a full deck.
Do your routine.
Change the deck back into the 52 on 1.
Put it back in your wallet and you're done.

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