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Yeah I know what tricks I want in a show, but how do you end it? You see if it were up to me I'd do every trick I've ever learned.

So do any of you recomend any tricks that will help my act go out with a bang?
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Maybe a quick costume change right at the end of the act?
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What is the one thing that you do that is so good, that if you knew that your audience could only remember one thing you did, and you could control that; what effect would you want them to remember?

Make that one your closer!

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so have a good opener.

And you only get one chance to leave a lasting impression. So let everything build and then blow them away.

Sonny Holiday tells his audience; I am going to show you you two good tricks, and one really great trick.

Do you think the audience remembers the good tricks? Maybe... But how about the really great trick? Absolutely!!! They walk away talking about it.

Sonny's closer happens to be Cups and Balls. And it is a killer. Gazzo's closer is Cups and Balls, and It is a killer. And ...

Hmmm; what about Cups and Balls for a closer?? If you dont already do them, get Gazzo's Cups an dBalls video, and it will terach you a lot more than a routine!

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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A trick which I've heard of (can't remember where though) is where a magician takes what is basically a simple two-pocketed change bag, with "good-bye" weaved through one of the sides, the magician drops a length of thread into one pocket, opens the change bag up through the other pocket, and it looks like the ribbon has magically weaved its self to the words good-bye, a simple trick, I know, but sounds good.
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I noticed someone selling a used copy of Ammar's cups and balls 1+2... do you think these would be a good investment for someone interested in starting a street show?
Ron Giesecke
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Bro. David's first statement about singling out a closer is absolutely correct!

As far as the Ammar tapes go, I have this personal bias that says that it would never be a complete street performance without the cups and balls.

But that's just me.
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No more cups and balls,
too long
Talk To The Screen. The best effect for professionals

The Invisble touches , spoon bending, PK combinations
8 loops from Yigal Mesika

Penguin Live lecture
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Lior, a Cups and Balls routine is as long, or as short as you want to make it.

Since there is not fixed routine for it, you can build yours as you choose.

And I think it is the perfect closer, and don't know what else would top it as a Hard Hit closer.

But if the only routine you have for Cups and Balls is too long, by all means don't use it. But in my opinion, there is no real demand on length, that relates to Impact. Certainly you can build, and build, and build, and then Close it Hard, but you can also go build a little, and then hit it Hard, and be done.

And as for Lithix question about the Ammar Cups and Balls tapes, I haven't seen them, but will first say That "anything you learn can be useful." But I would also say that if I had about $30, I would go straight to the Gazzo on Cups and Balls. As it requires only an adaptation to the style, and gives a lot more street tips. And while Ammar may do a nice stage cups and balls, (and the basic moves are the same wherever they are done) the performing environment is much different, and it will only prepare you for the cups, (which is not a bad thing, if the price is right...) but not for the street.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
John Cass
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The Ammar videos are excellent. There is a lot of great material on there. Anyone who has them will find a routine that suits their level of skill.
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Hey ron....i do a chop cup...seems to work ok

Michael Lee
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Hello All

As the 2nd only student the other being McBride of the great silent one Jeff Sheridan, I feel I am in a position, of writing on the" Dynamics of structuring a Act."

While your material is most important, What Any audiance wants is to see YOU.... If you have the goods then they will STAY & WATCH


if you bring NOTHING to the table they will WALK AWAY!

If any of you readers are serious on making a living as a "Busker' (Street performer) You CAN NOT tell where a routine is going after doing it 20 times, A routine MUST BE thought about , & done for months if not years to see & understand how it plays.

I as a rule I Close with the Cups and Balls , My routine is about 7 + minutes long it has served me well... & NO ONE EVER WALKS AWAY!!

My pal Gazzo also does a Great routine & is his Closer, Which again was developed over a period of YEARS!! (Both he & Gary Animal are producing some wonderful products)

I have also seen other performers use an Escape as a closer, There is more than enough material out there.
The Great "Butterflyy man" resites a beautiful poem While balancing a Red Rose on his nose & it NEVER fails to bring a tear to your eye! and BOY! does he make a hat!!!

Thru out history the Cups and balls have usually been done as a closer & If you think about ,what else can really follow it ...Nothing.....IF performed RIGHT!

But as you have read YES There are other things that can be done as a closer....JUST THINK about it.

NO video or Book can give you talent , These things are only tools to help you on your journey, God put sweat in a mans body & the only way to manafest that is to hit the streets & WORK.

You are never a failure as long as you keep forging ahead.

Keep passing the hat

Michael Lee
Danny Hustle
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Now THAT is a post.

Thanks Michael.



"MT is one of the reasons we started this board! I’m so sick of posts being deleted without any reason given, and by unknown people at that." - Steve Brooks Sep 7, 2001 8:38pm
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Pete Biro
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Nailed it, great post ML...
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Thanks, Michael, for sharing your insights and experience.

Oh, my friend we're older but no wiser, for in our hearts the dreams are still the same...
Michael Lee
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What are you guys doing???
Sitting & Reading at your computer???

Look what your missing, Women, $$$, Women, $$$, Fresh air??? Ha, Ha and did I mention $$$$$


Have a Great summer all.
"Keep passing the Hat."

Michael LEE
Creator of the Millennium Cups
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