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Profile of Illusions4Life
Does anyone out there use the topit? I saw it used for the first time the other day at a magic seminar put on by the local IBM ring. It was very interesting. I have the pattern and am considering having it put in my jacket.

Is it hard to master? Any comments would be welcomed.


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In 1999 a young performer named Virgil gave a demonstration and lecture on Topits at the FCM convention. I bought the lecture notes and made one so it would attach and come off easily. I had difficulty with it for two reasons.

1. My tuxedo jacket is too tight. I think a looser fitting jacket is what's needed.

2. I did not practice enough with it. I just used it last week for the first time in over a year just for one vanish of a Compact Disk in the air and the appearance of silver flakes falling from where the CD was caught.

It took considerable practice just to get enough confidence with that one CD vanish.

When used by an accomplished "Topiter" it is an amazing tool. There are several Videos out on Topits although I have viewed none.

I am sure there are many Café members who can give much better advice than me, other than stay loose and practice, practice, practice.

Regards, Doug.
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Profile of BroDavid
Carl Clautier has a great Topit Video, and I have his topit and Michael Ammar's Topit and Pat Page also has a vid (I belive) and I have modified my Topit to be far more an integral part of my jacket, as per Street Performer Jim Cellini's jacket as appeared on his, The Art of Street Performing Vol 1.

As stated by Doug, the jacket should not be tight fitting. I normally wear a 42R, but for performing with a topit, use a 44S which gives me extra girth without looking over sized and clownish.

To Begin using a topit, try first safety pinning it in place and work with it and then move it or modifiy it as needed for comfortable performing. Have it sewn in place afterwards if you decide to make it permanent.

Mumblepeas (Harry Murphy) perviously shared about using a hair net pinned in place as a makeshift topit. That also might give you an idea if a topit works for you.

Clautier's video covers use of the topit and discusses constuction elements as well. His sleeving video is a natural mate to the topit video (in my opinion)

But as Doug also said, in the right hands (or right jacket) the topit can be a powerful aid to vanishing and production!

In addition, Friend Doug was also right on, when he said; stay loose and Practice, practice, practice.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
Joey Evans
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The Topit is a magician's most lethal weapon. It can be used in card routine, coin routines, anything. I use mine in close-up, parlor, and stage. I was taught by Ammar how to use mine, I still believe he is one of the best with this device, he is to the Topit what Rocco is to sleeving, I believe.

I did notice that too few magicians use this device. At FCM Int'l this year I saw several performers, fail to end clean or use an outdated switch, when all of this could have been avoided with a topit.

Michael Ammar's flashball is excellent with a topit, also use it to end clean with a coin routine to topit the coin. Use it for a deck switch, bottle appearance, turning a jumbo coin into silver confetti. This device definitely elevates your magic to the next level, and takes you down the rabbit hole.

Joey Brummett
Fort Myers Magic
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Profile of BroDavid
I also just picked up Cellini's Topit pattern (from his lecture) and will finally get it done up permanently in my coat.

I have been pinning in a variation of Ammar's topit, but just wasn't entirely happy with it.

When I saw Cellini's topit in the Art of Street Performing Volume I, I knew I had to get one, and finally did.

Now I can't wait to have full use of the topit on both sides, and cut through to the outside pocket.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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Profile of Magictrickster
Jay Scott Berry's Topit is one I just bought a couple of weeks ago - it looked like a really nice design, and I'm looking forward to trying it in my jacket.

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Profile of JamesinLA

Is Cellini's topit pattern only available at his lectures? Thanks.

I have both Carl C's tapes on topitting and sleeving. He's a master. Only thing for me, and this is a personal thing, when he toppits, I think he "washes" his hands a little too much.

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I would recommend Michael Ammar's topit. It is very practical and easy to use. I have vanished all kinds of small items using it. It is fun when you are performing close-up and someone says make this disappear and you can. It can also be used as an out. If I mess up a trick, sometimes I just vanish it and go on to the next trick.
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Profile of Air56

I would recommend Jay Scott Berry's topit. He has incorporated some nice ideas into his design. If you get a chance to see him at a lecture or workshop, you may also get the topit professionally installed. You will also get a chance to see him use it and ask questions.

Smile Smile Smile Smile
DJM " Not all who wander are lost"
Fast Eddie P.
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I just used my topit for the first time in public a few days ago to vanish a jumbo coin. Great reactions! It's a wonderful device that I will try to use more often. The Ammar tapes are very good for learning how to use it and also has excellent routines.
Docc Spurlock
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The topit is a great device... I had the Pat Page one and now I use the Ammar type. I prefer it over the Page type


If you are always looking back you can't see what's in front of you so when you bump your head again you have no one to blame but yourself!
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Profile of schmitty65
What is the best topit video or source?
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Profile of MiNiM
I don't know about the best topit video, but I have a lot of reservations about Cloutiers one. You'll need an ill-fitting, over-sized jacket, (can you look cool dressed as a scarecrow?) everything on the tape depends on sleeving as well, which you may or may not care for, and the producers don't seem to realise that video machines can rewind these days, so every move is repeated over and over and over again till you want to scream!

Jay Scott Berry's design is good, with a feature to prevent embarassing overthrows. I've seen him lecture, but I don't know if he's done a video on it. He's got a page on it in his lecture notes, 'Illusioneering 2001'.

Are Cellini's lecture notes available anywhere (apart from at lectures) and do they include topit plans, as intimated elsewhere on this forum?


He asked me if I liked card tricks. I said "No." He did three. (W. Somerset Maugham)
Mark Martinez
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For me I learned the topit from Michael Ammar's videos, since then I have reworked my topit to include some of Cellini's ideas (magnets).

I also have added some of the moves that Jay Scott Berry had on his Topits and Pockets DVD. I highly recommend Jay Scott Berrys DVD. Smile

The biggest tip I can give you is practice, practice, practice... It also helps to practice over a bed, less bending and chasing. And don't get discouraged, it will take some time to find your mark, but once you do...

Also one more thing for any topit users, check out John Cornelius's book, he has some interesting ideas for using the topit in ways most people wouldn't have thought of...

Good Luck!

Success comes before work only in the dictionary. - Anonymous
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Profile of Viper42
I too have Cloutier's video. I found it very informative. He gives a lot of ideas like for doing switches with a sleeved item.
Now that I think about it he does wash his hands a lot, but to a lay audience I doubt you will be continuously topiting items one after the other.
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hemel hempstead, uk
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Profile of unklepaul
The Michael Ammar 2000 lecture notes are a great source of information on the topit.
Cloutiers video was the first time I ever saw one being used, and was blown away! What a powerful device it is.

Someone mentioned Ammar videos have some topit info .. which tapes are these?
Would love to see them as I do love Ammar's teaching style.

Any help would be appreciated.

om mani padme hum
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Profile of MagicalPirate
To Get Michael Ammar's Topit Video use this Link:

To get it on the just released DVD use this link:
Martin Blakley, CSH, DASH, CMSA
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Dennis Michael
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Profile of Dennis Michael
Do not ignore looking at Dan Sylvester's Suspended Dimensions Jacketless Topit. It has powerful potential if you work without a jacket.
Dennis Michael
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Profile of GaryW
I have Cloutier's Topiting Video and his "Third Hand Magic" video is on the way but haven't invested in a pattern yet... I'm going to his the coat store and pick up a new jacket (with a little more room) and try to design my own and see what happens.
Gary Ailes
Hot Shot Magic
Jim Snack
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Profile of Jim Snack
The BEST source for a custom Toppit sewn into your existing coat is Lynetta Welch in Las Vegas.

Send her your coat and she will not only install the Toppit, but she adds the feature so you can retrieve an object throough the ouotside pocket.

Lynetta also makes the best Egg Bags and has some other unique items. You can reach her through
Jim Snack

"Helping Magicians Succeed with Downloadable Resources"
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