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Michael Paul
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On 2006-06-06 12:20, Gambits Flame wrote:

I gave him my autograph and walked into the road where I dissappeared behind a truck.

Does the "behind a truck" vanish require a gimmick, and if so, is it included with the dvd?


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The truck sequence is "performance only" .. Smile ...
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
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Sean really does a great job explaining everything in a very consisive manner, esspecially about the pseudo sawing motion of thread.The breakdown on saw is very well described in the saw explanation-part of the (DVD), this should answer all your questions friend.


Erick Castle
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Actually I did find one of the props that does not work very good. It was in a kit that was about 69 cents. I switched to something else and I am now cutting into my flesh. Great effect!
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I just finished viewing the Dvd yeh this one I will use ! practiced a few times looks sick ! I aslo like the effect swallowing the thread & pulling it from the neck .
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How long will this take to master?

is it a right out of the boz thing (or one watch on the dvd)
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It takes minutes. You gotta go to walmart or someplace similar to buy something that costs maybe three bucks (but many will have it laying around).

Watch it once, look in your drawer or run to any department store.

This is does look like you have sawed into your neck. Very, very easy to do and once you see the instructions on DVD (a few minutes will give it to you) you can just do it.

Sick and beautiful. Performs 100% as promised.
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I just got this very nice. However anyone have any ideas about using blood to make it more realistc. I a mean not that it does not look real but to add the blood any thoughts?
For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice.
Joseph Dunninger
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This is my first post here, I grew up having an appreciation and passion for magic, and I'm just now starting to get back into it. I just got the SAW dvd and this effect fits my personality style perfectly. awesome effect. Just one question, perhaps Sean can address. At one point on the DVD it was stated that the original intention was to have the thread pass through from front to back (not included on dvd). I personally think this effect would have a huge impact... I can see myself trying to work it out on my own, but am wondering if anyone else has thought about it and could give some pointers?

Thinking out some possibilities for this illusion. When I got engaged before I just put the ring on her finger and the whole thing went to ****. Next time I might pull the ring out of my throat and see where that gets me…


On 2006-06-17 02:31, hypnoman1 wrote:
I just got this very nice. However anyone have any ideas about using blood to make it more realistc. I a mean not that it does not look real but to add the blood any thoughts?

LOL hypnoman1, I was thinking the same thing. It would be cool blood came out. The nature of the trick ends clean, but think about if it didn't. Say you give your self a (shaving cut) kinda up high on you're neck where no one can see (shaving cuts hurt but for the most part they're harmless). The cut will show up after the effect, the only thing I'm thinking about is how you could introduce the blood into it?

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I like this one but the effects are not for the squemish.
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For anyone wh hasn't seen this trick not being a teaser her is a link to a video clip

please sign in as

he also does the ring one
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Hi chichi711,i too have the same problem.After I set up,im lucky if it holds for 5 seconds let alone ten.How did you solve the problem.Maybe it would be better if you pm me so as not to give anything away.
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I just saw the SAW DVD last night and I am very impressed with the effect and the application of the methodology. The effect itself is extremely visual. My favorite is the effect called CHOKE where you swallow of a lifesavor then you saw the thread into your neck and when you pull out the thread, the lifesavor is hanging on the hread with the thread running through the hole of the lifesaver. Very clever and very visual.

Sean thoroughly explains the preparation and performance to do several effects included in the DVD. The explanations are clear and detailed. The production is professional.

SAW is an excellent DVD. Sean has created a simple to do yet stunningly visual magic effect taht will certainly grab the attention of the audience. The price of the DVD is very reasonable. Highly recommended.

Best regards,

“Belief matters more than truth. Every moment, belief in imaginary things alters lives while truth sits unnoticed and waits.”
—Hakim, Loreweaver
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I should receive my SAW DVD anyday now!!! I think I'll present this effect in front of a group of nurses Smile
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I recieved my Saw dvd, and I must say that at first I was skeptical if this trick was going to be at least decent. Boy were my expectations met. Some geek magic can look "fake." Saw is not the case. It looks as though you were really sawing a piece of thread thru your neck.

Instead of writing a full review, I thought that I would address a few intial concerns to those thinking of spending a mere 20 dollars for such a great effect. The gimmick itself is in no way shape or form hard to come by. I had several "gimmicks" inside my house.

Sean goes over every bit of detail to ensure your safety.

Does this work? Of course it does. Many have seen Sean's previous products and to this day I have not been let down, seeing as though I own 5 of Seans releases. I accomplished exactely what the dvd expains on the first try.

The setup took about 30 seconds to get the "gimmick" ready and prepped.

don't kid yourself, this is a workable effect. A lot of times I find myself with good effects, but can only be performed under certain conditions, which is why I usually stay with my trusted rountines. I must say that Sean's "Saw" has met many of my criteria to be one of those routines I perform often.

I personally see myself using this after Dragon Thread.
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For those interested in performing Sean's version of "Glow In The Dark" Saw, but without the location/lighting restrictions, check out my post in the Banquet Room>Secret Sessions subforum.

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OK. Another one sold. Thanks for all the great information!
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The demo really doesn't do this effect justice. When you are sawing your neck in the mirror, it just looks sick. I love it.

I wonder if you had some fake blood in your hand, if you could make it run down the string? Maybe that would be too much.

Sean, I love ya man!
Still with the Chinese circus Smile
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Depends Xiqual. I think the penetration without harming your neck is what saw is designed for. I mean, anyone can choke themselves half to death. Only a magician can choke himself and find a lifesaver.
Larry Beckwith
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I performed SAW as a stage effec(300-400 people)t. Wow, did it get a big reaction.

I set up a friend as a stooge, brought her up on stage, hypnotized her and begin to perform SAW on her neck. The audiences went wild!! I glanced at the audience and noticed one lady covering up her childs eyes, I can see everyones face go completley white. This effect is forever in my show.

Great job, Sean.
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