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Nuff said.
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Grant Carden
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He also had Jump Cuts (Stopping the camera, changing something then starting it back up) TWICE in one show. I guess he has set the bar high for himself after the success of season 1 so he is resorting to "iffy" methods in order to maintain the heightened level of impossibility. By season 3 everything will be CGI Smile .

Nick Fox
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Yep, as I said in another thread; Larry, Curly, Moe, Curly-Joe, Shemp and Crazy Joe DeRita are all dead. But their spirit is alive on Criss Angel's Mindfreak cable show. Most magical moment was the little girl who just happened to be in the park that day with a CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK BLANKET! I mean, what are the odds???
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The illusions were very first sight. I liked the vanishings very much. I liked more the one he performed with a girl sitting down on the lawn chair than the one he preformed at the end. Still both very good. It will blow your mind away! Well, from a layman´s point of view anyway. For those of us who claim to have a little knowledge to the inner workings of illussions, although still very good, they become a little less "miracleous". Now I can´t say I can figure it out 100% but I have some good ideas. Now the use of s*****s is a given. Still I liked the shows very much. I´ll await the upcoming ones. It is refreshing. It seemed to be a little dull lately. Just my opinion.
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Norm Clarke ( columnist) announces Criss Angel tapings in Las Vegas a couple of days in advance, so I'm not surprised that someone showed up with a Criss Angel logo product. I'm not saying he doesn't use stooges...I don't know...but seeing the blanket doesn't mean the audience was stooged.

Magic Spank
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I live in Las Vegas and I've never heard of Criss Angel doing any stunts here.

It also never made the news if he did fly from one building to another.

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I thought the show was totally cool with the make up and the pyro and everyone else there seemed to be totally enjoying it too! I know I was blown away and really entertained and glued to the TV!

...and then I relized I was watching KISS on VH1's Rock Honors
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Ahhh those pyros. LOL. I did like the shows. But they still seemed too scripted. And that´s exactly the exact opposite of what you are supposed to think. I think that the "spectators camera" (is that what it is called?) is a little too much. Here in Mexico we have a saying that loosely translated would go "tell me what do you gloat about, and I´ll tell you what lack".
Scott Xavier
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I am saying that my niece was in a taping. She met him on the streets. She's 9 and is not a stooge. But I can tell you that they took MULTIPLE filmings to get the reaction right. ;-)
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And what is wrong with using a stoog in the first place? Is a stoog not another tool in our magic tool box? If the idea is to entertain through the use of magic, then I think Criss did a fantastic job of doing just that with this second series.

The spectators camera is a great idea in my mind. If anyone watching was thinking camera tricks, then this simple use of a spectator camera is a fun and realistic way of letting viewers at home realize that what they are seeing would be the same if they were actually there as well. It is much clever then just saying no camera tricks were used.

I felt this series is much better then the last and that the new network switch allowed criss to be able to get back more to the magic with less stunt related effects. I enjoyed it and I know a lot of lay audience friends simply were very impressed by the program.

Kyle Peron

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I'm pretty sure that I've said this before but... if any one of us was the first to think of the presentation style that Criss uses, wouldn't we?

Sure there were assistants used. Sure the major illusions are staged to "look" totally impromptu. Still it is entertaining to say the least. The only thing I would say I could use less of would be the comments from Criss' manager and other crew members -- just strikes me as being a bit overkill.

Regardless, I'll still watch again next week.

Bill Nuvo
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The vanishes were really well done. Except the one with his cat and the appearance of his mom. Actually I think those two were meant to be a little tounge and cheeky and was a little funny and ridiculous.

The little girl levitation was pretty cool. The floating lightbulb was nicely executed.

The one thing I really did notice that was an improvement from last season was that his family, friends and staff weren't all worried and whining about him doing the levitation.

All in all, it was well done, although I was a little dissappointed/taken back because of my own expectations from last season. Having got used to the style, he changed it. Still, it was a good thing because he was focusing on magic more.
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Agreed! I like the fact that he is focusing more on magic and illusions then stunts.

I loved the little girl levitation! and the reaction on the two little kids faces!
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I have a strong bias against magic on TV. Having seen better specials relating to the history of magic, I am never satisfied with how magicians come across on camera.
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The biggest problem with the SPOV Cam is the three times he used it, he also used the same 'Hi Mom' joke. How about a few less "consultants" and a few more writers on the show?

PS: Steve Shaw's make-over looked kind of cool, but he wasn't on screen long enough to really tell.
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Rich B.
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I enjoyed the shows very much. Everyone has to keep in mind that magicans are not his target audience. He has the best magical creative team working with him to make it appeal to a lay adding convincers (like the spectator camera)to make it look impromtu or no special set up. I'm sure most magicians don't buy this...but the lay audience does. I say this because of the reaction of some family members calling me during the show...asking if I know how some of the "demonstrations" are done. Of course I say No. In some cases I really don't know and I enjoy being fooled and entertained. My niece is 8 years old and was walking around her house shouting "Mind Freak". She couldn't wait to see the new shows last night...even with school the next day.

I believe I know why some magicians are ****ed is that a lot of the material that Blaine or Angel does won't be able to be repeated in the real world and are tired of fielding questions at their restaurant gig like "can you float" . It's TV! The idea of using stooges, editing, etc. to make the show more entertaining to a lay audience is OK by me.

I think we have to give these guys (Blaine, Angel)credit for exposing more people to the art that we love. I think we got to stop bashing these guys.

Speaking of exposing...where are all magi screaming "EXPOSURE" after last night's episode with the floating cup.

Rich B.
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Hey guys, many people say the Loyals made CA what he is today but nope - it's the Friendlies.
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Well Criss promised more magic and less stunts this season.
Lets see if he keeps his word. So far, it has been better than last season.
And yes, Mr. Shaw does look good with the goatee.
"We are what we pretend to be" Kurt Vonnegut, jr.

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Harry Mandel
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Stage illusions on the street...hmm.... I thought it was pretty kool although even my younger brother started to figure he was using actors and restricted settings to do his tricks, and he's only 12. The buliding to building was pretty awesome. But there was some stooge stuff that was not good. I won't lie I enjoyed it very much and would watch it again. Oh yeah one more thing, his cast did a terrible acting job during the motorcycle vanish.
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