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Let's see how many we can accumulate that
relate to rope tricks.
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This is my trained rope... I've raised it since it was a string...
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Not original, but here are a couple I use:

To us this is a piece of rope, but to the Jolly Green Giant, it is just dental floss.

It's my mom's clothesline. Don't tell her I took it for today's show.
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This is old but to some new:

"...and if I cut off this end, and that end,
...there...a rope with no ends!"
I am Sebastian, a sixteenth century pirate.
Jon Gallagher
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I bring two people on stage for the Kellar Rope Tie. I hand each of them one end of the rope. I ask one if he knows what that is he has in his hand. The automatic response will be, "The end of the rope." I say, "Not from where you're standing. It's the beginning." Same is repeated with the other spectator and about 90% of the time, he will also say, "The end."

When I make a loose knot in the rope, I ask them if they know what that is, and they say, "A knot." I tell them it's sort of a "Doe-knot." I stick my hand through the knot and ask them to pull, but "Doe-knot jerk the rope." There are other doe-knots that can be added depending on whether this is going over or not.

For adult audiences, when they're tying my hands behind my back, I tell them what a good job they're doing and ask where they got their experience. One guy said, "The boy scouts," to which I just raised an eyebrow. With kids, I tell them, "Don't take my wallet," even if I don't have one.

"Come on, are you just stringing me along here?"

"My rope has a name. Mark. Mark Twine."

Hey! I'm finally a Dot Com!
Peter Marucci
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Holding up a whiterope:
"This is a rope.
"If it were green, it could be a viper.
"If it were black, it could be a vindshield viper!"
Whit Haydn
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From the Mongolian Pop-Knot routine: "You can examine this. It is just a piece of rope like you'd find in any bedroom."
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During a knot routine:

Are you any good at tying knots, sir?

Watch and learn - these are better than a boy scout when you're desperate!!! (For the loo, that is!)
Dennis Michael
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Here're a few from my database.

  • (After rope's examined) Now, I'll take the rope back. After all, it's my rope.
  • (As rope untangles) Here's the famous dancing rope!
  • (Produce rope from belt) They're supposed to cut that when you're born.
  • (Put two pieces Of rope in empty box of Tide) Now the ropes are Tide (tied) in-Tide.'(inside)
  • Here's a rope with two ends, one at each. And a middle somewhere near the center.
  • I would like for you to see the famous Indian Rope Trick...but I don't do it.
  • I'd go to any lengths? I'm sorry, I plead temporary insanity.
  • This is a trick with string for those of you who are into light bondage.
  • This is the American Indian Rope Trick.
  • When doing the uneven rope trick and your spec has just cut it, laugh and say, 'Good thing you're not a Rabbi.' Grab the small piece of rope and fling it into the audience joking, 'Here's keep the TIP.'
  • Ask your audience, 'Would You like to see a rope trick?' They respond with, 'Yes!' Present your rope. And say, 'Alright then!' Take the rope and throw it on the ground. You command the rope to 'sit,' 'stay.' Proudly clap your hands like it was the best rope trick in the whole world, then say 'Okay rope, play dead.' Clap your hands again. Next say, 'Okay watch this one... rope roll over.' (Physically bend down, pick up the rope and flip it over. Now they begin to get it.) Clap again. Then say, 'Okay WATCH this one.' (Bend down and tuck the rope into your shoe so it stays in place, take a few steps forward with the rope attached) and say, 'Rope, come!'
  • Rope Across Stage into wings. Pull yourself across stage into wings. Have someone shake rope as you run around to the other side and pull yourself back on stage.
Dennis Michael
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-During cut and restored rope -

Everyone watching the knot. You do know that everyone watching the knot is not (knot) watching.

Ok, usually gets groans as opposed to laughs!
The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are
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If you get 2 guys to help hold the ends of the rope you can say,

Get your end up - and get your end up...
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Please "knot" in front of the children.
Made that one up myself and feel free to use it. Just hope I'm not taking credit for something that's been said before so I apologize beforehand. Smile
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Classic one liner, don't think I saw it above, but I say, when doing Williamson's ring and rope routine, after the rope's been examined and going into my pocket to get the ring:

"Ropes are kinda boring, so.....well she has a big smile on her face, what have you been doing with ropes" and have a provocative look in your eyes. This is not one for the children Smile

Another great one liner that has nothing to do with ropes but is fabulous is when they laugh, say:
"You may laugh now but when you see me on National TV you'll turn to your friend and be like, I knew that guy before he killed those two people" Smile
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This is more of a sight gag, but worked great. One time I was doing a show and the MC was a very popular, and known as a very tough sentencing, superior court judge. He was gonna help with a rope trick. I asked him to pull the rope out of the bag by the end. When it came out it was tied in the form of a noose. This got many laughs including from him.
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The noose rope would be great if you get someone up for an "audience participation trick."
(Now everyone will remember you as hung)
"The quilt of life is woven with many different threads"
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"Now take the scisssors and cut the rope...Remember, pink is fingers!"


aka Steve Taylor

"Every move a move!"

"If you've enjoyed my performance half as much as I've enjoyed performing for you, then you've enjoyed it twice as much as me!"
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"Here is a piece of rope... actually it is a giant shoelace... It was once owned by Ed Sullivan... He had a really big shoe!"
Dan The Magic Man
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"Okay, now I need you to cut the rope, NO!!! NOT THERE!!!

And for my next trick. I-tie-the-rope-back-together. (while apparently glaring at the
Rob "Riff, the Magical Clown" Eubank aka RiffClown
<BR>Magic is not the method, but the presentation.
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"I'd like to show you a rope trick. The reason I call it a rope trick is because . . . it uses a piece of rope".

"I'd like to show you something with a piece of white rope . . . you can tell that by it's color". Smile
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I make knots in the rope as I say, "This is such a knotty trick!"
It's not the size of the wand,
but the magic in it !
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