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I just wonder if "mouth" coils would be legal if magic was more regulated to real world standards.

Let's face it, I do not know ANYTYHING about how these are manufactured nor how they are handled and the dyes used on the paper.

I never really put much thought in it until now but really there is no monitoring of them to really know if they are safe in the mouth as the saliva starts to flow.

Jeff McBride does not make them stick paper in their mouth but makes them put the torn paper in HIS mouth to keep the participation going.

Another magician I know has kids toss colors in a hat and she EATS them. Thus pulling out the color. In this manner she is not showing any connection to putting things IN the mouth to get the magic to come out.

There is a few hat tears that use a mouth coil as a production out of a torn and restored tissue paper effect. At the end, the paper is a top hat, then you pull the white "mouth" coil from the hat and then at the end it's a white tissue bunny. Hank Lee was selling them. Top Hat Surprise I think it is called.

Coils also can be used for productions from square circles. Family audiences seem to like them when you pull out 50 feet and walk into the audience.

This was a popular effect sold in shops around here a couple of years ago.
I think it is called THE GREAT BUBBLE GUM RACE. The routine is that, you hand out gum to your guests and you have a game to see who can make the funnist faces while chewing.
Then you have a contest to see who can stretch the gum out the longest.

Yours becomes 25 feet long!

But you will be amazed how long the kids can get it. Kids love the fun of PLAYING with the gum.

The method is simple enough and the clever part is that, it really looks like gum when you do it. You can reuse it but it is a bit bothersome.

Close up, the kids yell that your gum is not real. BUT on a stage it looks great.

Denny and Lee might sell it as well as Hank Lee or Tannens.

On 2002-12-23 04:02, BenSchwartz wrote:
hey... I think there is a great solution to this. They have just come out with... Gum mouth coils. You have a kid come up and give him a piece of gum.. You chew up yours. You see who can stretch it the longest. You see where this is going. I think it's kind of a cute effect. LOL
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I use mouthcoils in all my shows. I think it's a great product.

I was just thinking, What about Mr. Electric; he pulls lights out of his mouth on strings. The audience cheered, and gasped with disbelief.

I have never thought twice about using mouth coils. Smile
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Same here Eddie, I use them in all my shows and the audience can't believe that all that paper is coming out of my mouth. Lots of ooohs and aaahs. I will continue to use them as long as someone makes mouth coils.
Dusty the magic clown
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I always have a great response when I use mouthcoils the audience never knows how long the coils is
Dusty the magic clown
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How do you all load your mouth coils if you do it up close ? I try to look away for a minute while doing or prepping for or doing another effect
Eric Buss
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How can anyone be offended by pulling colored streamers out of your mouth? I think Peter needs to relax a little. The magician, in question, who uses the volunteer "do as I do" mouthcoil routine is Tom Burgoon. His "Timmy Toilet Paper" routine with the mouthcoil from MOUTH ending is a hit with EVERY audience I have seen him do it for... It is also the routine that has been ripped off from him, because other magicians see the success. He finally published it in the Genii article about him (I don't know the month) so he could at least get credit for it. Is the volunteer on stage embarassed? Maybe a little... in a fun, harmless way... Is the volunteer humiliated? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Tom handles them like a pro. He is not asking the volunteer to do anything that he is not doing himself. The day "mouthcoils from mouth" becomes extinct because of people getting offended is the day I get out of magic and showbusiness all together. There are plenty of other things to get offended by in this world... leave the mouths out of it!
Brent McLeod
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I think where people get offended with Mouth coils & even McBride used to do this but now uses a small pole to wrap it up- was taking it out of your mouth & giving it to someone to hold while you proceed to walk away etc-Yuk!!!

As long as audience members don't touch anything that's fine but as Peter mentions above there are many places to produce coils from of which I agree
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For the right audience an @ss coil would be hilarious.

and not as yucky as the mouth with all that spit on it, etc. Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
four elements
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LOL ... but I kinda have to agree.
Matthew W
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I do a "you do as I do" paper tear. I pull the coil from the child's paper. They love it.

I like to call them pull coils. And when I ask for them at the magic shops, they know exactly what I mean. Pull coils can be pulled from anywhere.
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Mouth coils taste like chicken


Eric Leclerc
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On 2002-12-22 07:27, Peter Marucci wrote:
Scott Ocheltree writes: "What do you think of the cards from mouth like Jeff McBride and Bill Malone do?"

Horrible, of course!

It hardly matters WHO does it; the key thing here is WHAT is being done.

And to take ANYTHING out of your mouth in front of an audience is revolting, disgusting, and just plain rude.

There is a tendency to assume that if a "big name" does it, it's okay.

Not true.

NEVER take anything out of your mouth (or put anything in, for that matter!).

It simply isn't good.


Freak Prodigy
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I swallow swords.

I put in a big metal stick and I pull it out. People love it.
I can do an hour show just swallowing different objects and pulling them out again. People love it.
I know a performer that swallows a glow necklace unlit...pulls it out lit, and then throws it into the crowd. People love it.

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In some cultures, it is an unforgivable insult to show people the bottom of your feet. Paul Pacific avoids those countries.

As long as you don't swallow your swords or glow necklace, or put things in and out of your mouth in areas frequented by certain members of this forum (whose names are probably in this thread), you'll be OK. I think Charlotte, NC is far enough away so most people don't care about such things. If you do it and people run away holding their hands over their mouths, you have probably encountered a "no mouth-coil zone." Beware.
Professor Spellbinder

Professor Emeritus at the Turkey Buzzard Academy of Magik, Witchcraft and Wizardry

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Tony James
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The funniest mouth coil effect I've seen was some years back in Germany. A girl did the usual and then bent over and extracted the coil from her nether regions.

Looked like it was coming straight out of her bottom but the volume was so large it was obviously coming from somewhere else - close by. The audience went wild.
Tony James

Still A Child At Heart
Eric Leclerc
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Mouth coils... D lites... Cigarettes.... exhaustible balls from mouth... jeff Mc Bride's string of lights from mouth..

all amazing effects with things coming out of a magician;s mouth.. Its almost expected.. Like pulling a coin out of a child's that wrong??

I have been pulling things out of my mouth for a long time and it always gets fantastic reactions with the right facial contortions... If it dosent work for you that's fine.. but its defenitaly nor WRONG AND IMMORAL!!!!!!

nah mean
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Oh, lordy, lordy!
Here’s the:
“but the kids love it”
“it always works for me”
“they do it so can I”
“but it’s funny”
binge, to justify a professional lapse in taste.

Forget the legal repercussions
of putting things in your mouth around
“monkey see, monkey do”
kids with litigious parents, for now.

I agree with Peter,
on this one.

Here is my immutable rule of thumb:

“If it generally belongs in a bathroom,
or it comes directly out of your mouth,
then undern no circumstances does it belong,
on any stage, or in any show.”

Many will not agree,
but it is a sure way to play it safe,
in both the taste and sanitation departments.

If any protégée of mine uses a mouth-coil,
or does balls over the head with toilet-paper,
I make sure be becomes a plumber,
and not an entertainer.

So rant on and fry me,
I’ve seen too many wretched examples,
to ever waver on this opinion.

My Three-Cents,
“Tales of Enchantment: The Art of Magic”
by Walt Anthony

"spinning tales and weaving enchantment"
Eric Leclerc
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“If it generally belongs in a bathroom,
or it comes directly out of your mouth,
then undern no circumstances does it belong,
on any stage, or in any show.”

did you just quote yourself?? What you said there was a very big statement to make.. ANY stage show OR ANY show?? come on.... that's pushing it
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I think it's disgusting to pull a coil out of your mouth! Personally, I eat a fruit salad in front of the audience, and then I pull the coils out of my butt. Some would consider this an assinine thing to do, butt I disagree.
We carry Murphy's Magic, Ellusionist products, Bizarre Magick, etc.
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Certainly making me rethink my own use of these. Kids seem to like they, although they often go ewww, before they realize what is comeing out...
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