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Ok I have a good story, first of all I was performing on the second floor of my high school for a crowd of about 5 people, so I was doing my normal routine of my acr so I decided to try somthing new, I controled it to the botom and performed a card top mouth, at the time I was performing for a person who we could say was a "tough cookie" he was burning my hands the whhole time but when I pulled out the card he went OHHHH MYYY GODDD and ran down the hall screaming and down the stairs, I then thought this would be perfect because they were all like it was in your mouth the whole time, and I went " well you caught me as I plasced the deck box into my pocket, I had it in my mouth," and I then went on to say but the hard part was finding it with all these other cards" while I reached into my mouth and pulled out a deck of cards (i.e. the way McBride does it like a waterfall) and well they all were shocked
it was probably one of the best reactions out of a audience I ever had
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Profile of DanielSteep
Well I was doing the Magic sword swallowing just for fun and an older guy.. at least 80 said.. watch it's gonna come out of his *ss!

And then I had one kid once I did the arm chopper he took out his hand and looked and was amazed that it was still attached!

AND THE I was doing Meta and right after the switch a kid came up and hit the tr** and it clearly made it look like the whole box was solid!
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Profile of mc_magi
It's not really a cool audience reaction but this cracked me up for few hours.
A 5 year old kid after the closer of my birthday party show to her mom.

"mommiee mommieee, did you knoww that he's NOT MARRIED?"

I'm 17 btw and that was last year.....
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Profile of Xargos
I was on the subway playing aroung with some loops, floating stuff around, there was almost no one in the wagon and I was just focusing on the loops (subway lighting seems to be perfect for this), when I looked up I saw this kid STARRING at the floating note, mouth wide open... made me break my loop Smile
Fabian L
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These are all excellent and very inspiring stories!
Shane Wiker
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When doing a card effect.

"I know how you do that. You have a condom on your finger."

When floating a card with IT:

"I know how you do that. You have some special lotion on your hands"


"You must have some sort of gravity in your hands."

When doing card to mouth:

"AHHHHHH!" (At this point a group of 5 people ran away from me screaming, and didn't come back)

Shane Wiker
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Profile of Hagerman
At one theme park I worked, they have what is called a code Rainbow. If anyone heard "code Rainbow at the Scrambler" over the park radio, they knew where to bring a bucket and mop. Basically it means someone went "mama bird" with their food. Or they tossed their cookies in other words.

I am fortunate to be the only entertainer in their history to have a code rainbow called in. Yes I made one lucky spectator puke during my stay for the Halloween season.

The park wanted me to shock and I delivered. I came up with a mouse eating routine. It had a lot of crunching and blood. One time, while regurgitating what remained of the mouse, I heard gagging in the audience. The focus drifted from me to one particular, weak stomach, girl. What could I say? "Finally! A warm meal."

Here's a photo of what remains of that mouse after my regurgitation. Just a tail and backbone.

My favorite part of the trick was when all was said and done, I flossed my teeth with the tail. "Cleanliness is next to godliness!"
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Profile of actorscotty
This may be a tad off subject, I do magic, mentalism, and on occasion tarot and palm readings, was performing the latter recently at uncw here in wilmington, during a fundraiser , an older couple asked me to read them as a couple, one card turned was the three of cups, I said in a joking way that is usually indicates a celebration in the area of emotions, such as the birth of a child or a pregnancy, the man said," we have one daughter in college , but she's not married,and we certainly aren't going to have a baby," I (again supposed to be light and joking) said, well congratulations you are gonna be a grandpa, the woman freaked and said "I haven't told him yet" seems her daughter was pregnanty and hadn't told dad yet, just waiting for the proper time,
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Profile of Cinnamon
Your experiences are fun. I've read all. lol

Mine are these:

My classmate in Zoology (he's not one of 'us', he's an irregular student) is a strong believer that any types of magic is a sin, and is punishable in their religion (INC). He accused me of being a witch when I did a small mentalism trick. He almost reported me to the SAO (Student's Affairs Office). I was laughing so hard, he was offended. My classmates stopped him from going to the office and explained to him that what I did was what we all learn in Psychology. His course was Advertising.

My mom freaked out when I did to her a magnet tick. Oh~ that magnet trick is so much fun! I would not arrive to making that if it weren't for my mentor's kind heart. lol Mom thought I'm into spiritism, and since she's a JW, she freaked out, really hard.

On vanishing tampons- the girls cuss me.
Brian Caswell
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I've got a story of spectator reaction I have always remembered vividly from way back around 1982. I was performing cabaret for UK military personel in West Germany. I was doing a bank night type of routine - three envelopes, two have blank bits of paper, one has a borrowed banknote in it, you have to 'psychically' determine the one with the note.

I always played it for big laughs. Except on this night, when I asked for a high denomination banknote, a member of the audiece handed me a THOUSAND Deutchemark note! Today that would be like being given a note worth two thousand dollars!

When I started burning the envelopes you could have heard a pin drop. Instead of a nice humorous interlude, suddenly it was high drama. Two envelopes and their contents are clearly destroyed. The gag was you reach into the final unburnt envelope and remove - a blank piece of paper which, after the laughter has subsided, turns out to be an IOU. Cue another round of laughter.

On this particular night the routine played to a doom-laden, stony silence. As the blank paper came out of the final envelope, all I could hear was the sound of knives being sharpened in the audience and a few folks muttering something about "if this motherxxxxxx do'nt find that note soon......

Brian Caswell (www.unearthlymagic.com)
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Profile of unorthadux
I Was performing some basic mentalism on the last day of school last year, for some of my classmates. Well this fairly soft spoken girl practically begged me to read her mind. I Proceded to have her write the name of a loved one on paper, ect... well the name was Gertrude or something, so I knew it had to be an elderly lady, I didn't even reveal the name all I said is "Why does your grandmother mean so much to you?" Well, she absolutely flipped out, she was making quite the scene, so I followed her over to the windows so she could get some air. I then proceeded to tell her "it's not what you think it is". She then explained to me how her grandmother had taken care of her when she was younger, and was always like a mother to her. After about 5 minutes I took her back over to the group and performed some acr then left class to find other specs.. but I will never forget that girl, because she had the power to believe something that was so unbelievable to the others in the group, and I really think I touched her soul.

On a lighter side, something quite funny happened to me about 5 months ago. I was doing some walk-around at a friends houseparty. Well my audience wasn't, how shall I say it, all there? I Had one girl tell me that she would umm..., exchange pleasure, for the secrets, I thought this was the funniest thing that could ever happen to anyone
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Profile of swingjunkie
I was on a field trip and saw a bunch of people at a nearby picnic table playing cards. I took their cards and performed a Biddle Routine. One of the guys flipped and said "This dude's Jesus's Nephew!" I thought that was the funniest thing ever.
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Profile of videokideo
I assisted in a new show opening up in a amusment park. I consulted in the illusions. During the first performance of the season, the magician performed Impailed for the first crowd. A lady fainted as he dropped on the sword.

Found out later she tried to sue the park... the park won the suit siting that she was way overweight, walking in 100 degree heat, and had eaten 4 hotdogs and 2 slushes. It was found to be a medical condition called dehydration!

But what a great reaction from an audience member. I was told that Copperfield had the same thing happen a couple times. Ended up being a money scam... get rich sueing people.
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Profile of Rodentia
I'm a fire-eater, and the strangest reaction I have gotten was during a charity show I was doing. One of the other acts was a gospel group and they thought that since I wore all black and worked with fire I must be evil. They avoided me for a long time until finally they sat at a picnic table I was at and we started talking. They never got comfortable but they at least knew I was ok.
Fire is a demanding Mistress...

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Profile of bluejay17!
I live in a country where witchcraft is still believed in, and I can't even count the accusations anymore. I have to stick to monte and other "con games".
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Profile of ryanshaw9572
My audience spontaneously chanted my name!
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Profile of danfreed
At my close-up gig for a big kids event yesterday, I was doing sponge bunnies for a 5 year old girl. She screamed "ahhhhhh!" really loud (like the kid from Home Alone) and then screamed "Jesus Christ!" And other crazy reactions also. Never had a little kid yell that before. Wish I had that on video, it was so funny.
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