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You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smooth criminal.

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Bill Nuvo
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I feel sorry for the volunteer in the second part. Do you think this magician will ever get a volunteer again?

So will this trick go down in history similar like the bullet catch?

"...12 magicians and 1 volunteer have been spiked/stabbed performing this trick..."
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Wow that was unbelievable. I was cringing with anticipation. I'm glad that the volunteer in the second was Ok.
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This is part of the "When Magic Tricks Go Wrong" special which you can also find online. If you haven't seen it you should seek it out.

ouchy ouchy ouchy

This trick should be banned, IMO - what a bad idea.
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There seems like there has been quite a few accidents involving this trick. I wouldn't think someone would want to risk the chance of harming a spectator and face the impending lawsuits. I don't think I would even want to use my own hand let along someone elses. Anyone who does this trick have any input? Is it that easy to get things mixed up or is this a rarity?
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I'm not so sure about the TRICK being banned... just people who use it foolishly!

Funny thing is, I did this thing about 25 years ago I am not saying I originated it, however it was not a marketed effect then. That said, the end of my spike was bent. I never SLAMED my hand down on any of the cups. I had very carefully scripted the routine so there was little risk of the spectator screwing it up for me, AND I always had an assistant in the audience ready to have a caughing fit to alert me if the spectator DID do something sneaky. Oh, and the cups all had metal inserts in the bottoms.

So, perhaps it should just be banned by those who do it without any safety precautions. I also wouldn't do this in mixed (adult/children) audiences either.
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I remember chris korn getting nailed while he was practicing on mondo magic
Mostly Harmless ^_^
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Wow. Doing this with some risk of failure with your own hand is one thing...but to put a spectator in danger? Man...we magicians ought to be licensed if we're going to have performers who are inane enough to do that.

Just to be clear -- using a spectator for a dangerous routine may create tension and excitement...but it is NEVER ok to do so without a 100%, fail-proof method. No matter how great the effect is.
"I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream." ~Vincent Van Gogh
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All I can say is ouch. like everyone has said already, the second one was so much worse. If this happened, how is one supposed to react afterwards? what do you tell your audience? How do you end the show at that point?

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These videos (esp the second) do so much to hurt magic. Who would want to help a magician after seeing a clip like this on the internet?
Sam Pearce
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Yes, as bsears said, this does really hurt magic... would you want to help a magician after watching this? I think not!

Don't endanger yourself by taking stupid chances like this, I have herd many cases of this going wrong. If your thinking about doing this trick... stick to sponge balls. Smile

Sam Pearce
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Call me squeamish - but I've read the comments - I'll avoid watching the clip.
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I know I would never volunteer for anything like that. And more importantly I would never put a spectator in harms way. Just not right.
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I agree with most of the comments, I cant believe he did that with HER hand, even if you were perfoming that the only person your really endangering is THAT spectator. I would think the audience would want to see the magician in danger. At least that would make me more nervous.

Either way, Im amazed at that video, thanks for the original post.

Makes me think twice about performing it.
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Bob Clayton
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Hate it when I do that.
Christopher Williams
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I honestly can't believe so many people have got this wrong. I have used Smash and Stab for years, and even sold a couple of sets to others with my routine for the effect, and they all have agreed with me, that once you know the secret, it really is almost impossible to get it wrong, and I even use a blindfold and don't get it wrong. I don't even think a lapse in concentration could make this a mistake. Simple fact in my opinion, if you know the secret, you shouldn't mess this up. As for getting a spectator to do it for you, NEVER do this. You make them feel uncomfortable and it takes some of the routine away.
I have been working on a Gypsy thread routine done completely in the spectators hand, and then was reminded from my Mentor this was the worst thing I could do. There needs to be a line between you and your spectator. Though a lot of people believe it is best to do all magic you can in the spectators hands, remember who the magician is, and I think that applies here. The magician is the person who should be risking their hands with the effect

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I wonder who the 2nd magician was that injured the ladies hand?
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