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Gede Nibo
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Inner circle
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What in the world goes on here?
I see sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many Bizarre named lurkers in here all the time--YET NO ONE CONTRIBUTES HARDLY AT ALL....

its crazy that only a FEW members add to the forum over and over and over...we would LOVE TO SEE SOME NEW IDEAS, NEW FACES, NEW THOUGHTS from you all...this is how WE ALL MET--and it seems like this doesn't happen anymore--

this is an open invitation (that shall go unheeded, I predict) to become more active amongst our kind!!!! don't let our "Inner Circle" status deter you from reaching out Smile Smile Smile nor our GRAND AND GOLDEN LODGE OF ILLUMINED MAGUS members such as

Tony Iacoviello

Initimidate you Smile

so...who are you and from whence you came??

fraternally :.

Baba Gede Nibo

(NOT angry, just trying to open the gates)
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Profile of StrangeMagick
I am StrangeMagick. I am, and hopefully again

I am also:, although the text is over 4 years old.

I am also a computer programmer as my day job.

I will be performing MANY shows in downtown Salem Massachusetts during the weekends of October starting the 6th.

Please forgive me for adding a lot of web addresses, but I am really busy this time of year and should really be working, but am taking a break.

I AM glad to once again say hello to all.

Dave Birtwell
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New user
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Profile of Thamiel

I am a registered member as of last week, although I have been lurking here for much longer (stands up and meekly says, "Hi, my name is Frater, and I have been a lurker for 6 months"). Because I merely had a hotmail account I was unable to formally become a member. But I have perused the majority of posts and I feel I know many of you to a small extent, so excuse me if I ever sound forward.

I am a visual artist and gallery administrator by profession and serious student of the esoteric and occult, although I have always loved the art of magic. I have always been a bizzarist and storyteller, and have been discovering over the past 18 months that I can intensify the experience for those around me by incorporating magic into my presentations.

I meet many people in my profession who love to paint (and take it very seriously), but do not have the time, inclination or aptitude to pursue it as an occupation. It is the same with me and my magic. I read about it and study it obsessively, but I am not a professional, so please indulge me. I perform gratis for friends, strangers, and the occasional fundraising events.


Frater Tham
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I am soo not a lurker....

Although a lurker sounds like the sort of creature I would assosciate myself with.
"I brought the ear of the lurker close to my lips, there to drip those forbidden syllables that would send it off to do it's vile work. One whisper, and it was off, it's terrible sclorbing yet nearly silent noises making me second guess my hasty decision."

Pleased to meet you newly surfaced ones!
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The City of Ithobaal I son of Hiram I
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Come out of the closet!!! or is it step into the closet and watch your steps....?
Double posters should be shot!

No really!!
Bill Ligon
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A sure sign of a misspent youth:
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Thamiel, welcome to wherever we are! We are happy to have you here. Please feel free to express yourself.

StrangeMagick, I don't think you need to introduce yourself. I think we've all read your posts.

And shy and retiring (NOT!) Gwyd, no, you're not a lurker.

And of course, nobody has heard of PKG! Smile
Author of THE HOLY ART: Bizarre Magick From Naljorpa's Cave. NOW IN HARDCOVER! VIEW: <BR> ORDER:
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Wow, Strange, that is a nice gig (or set of them) !
I've only been to Salem once, in July of 2000 I think.. in this life, anyway. Smile I definitely want to go back, especially this time of year. It won't happen this year though.

Thamiel, no need to feel any lesser for being an amateur, or part timer, etc.. I've said many times here that I'm just a Halloween freak who loves and studies bizarre magick, and these losers (*Cough*) ..err. great guys have taken me in like an old lost brother... like Uncle Fester in Addams Family Values, to be exact.. (that was on last night, btw)

oh, and gwyd, you're not a lurker - you don't count, I think da Baba just forgot to put you on the list. Smile
Just hanging out with the rest of my fellow dregs.
http:// www . phrets . com
Corona Smith
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Airstrip One
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Just tap once for yes and twice for no...
Black Hart
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Scottish Highlands
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Lurker, sounds like a great character for a bizarre magic act!

Keith Hart
Black Artefacts, manufacturer and dealer of weird, bizarre and psychic magic:
Mark Rough
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Ivy, Virginia
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Hell, I'm the least threatening/intimidating being on the list. At least I'm human. . . well, sort of. . .

What would Wavy do?
Gede Nibo
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Inner circle
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On 2006-10-02 17:34, Mystician wrote:

oh, and gwyd, you're not a lurker - you don't count, I think da Baba just forgot to put you on the list. Smile

OH yes! Frater Gywd and MANY OTHERS--but this is ROLE CALL BRETHREN! make yourself KNOWN! gigs lately, can you tell Smile in 2 weeks ill be back in thos juvie halls, scarin' 'em straight....

looking thru the pages, I DO admit I see others who contribute, but would LOVE to meet them all...

anyone remeber DOCTOR X??? he is a mystic mage for sure--he disappeared....maybe he'll come back....
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Loyal user
Kissimmee, FL
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Profile of shots
You've all seen my posts here I'm sure. My name is Scott, and I work online and manage many websites professionally. I've been into magic since I was 12, but recently my "bent" is bizarre magic. I like to push the envelope. I perform mostly for friends, but am also putting together a small bizarrist parlor act as well as a small stage magic show, both around 20 minutes.

I really appreciate all the tips and ideas I get from you folks--there is so much knowledge here! Thanks folks!!
Magic in the Shadows
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salt lake city
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I think that lurking is justified at times.
lets take myself for example. I consider myself a novice entertainer and I don't think that my views are as credible as some of our more 'salty' members. at least I know that I would rather hear from someone more experienced then myself.

though I did learn something interesting this weekend! high-brow bizarre effects don't seem to go too well at halloween haunted houses.
after a quick ghost story and a psychic effect, the spectators stared at me with expectation until I jumped in his/her face and said BOO. then they seemed satisfied.

after a few hours of this I ended up juggling most of the time.

so now it's back to the drawing board for some effects involving loud noises and plasic spiders before next Saturday.
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Hello, my name is Regormortis.
Mister Mystery
Doug Higley
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Here and There
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Baba does it again!!! Leaves me out of the Inner Circle!! Humiliation does not sit well with me...I will seek revenge...
Higley's Giant Flea Pocket Zibit
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Pittsburgh, PA
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Profile of handa
I'm still here, but Scrye will begin checking my messages beginning October 6 and continuing through my return on November 1. He's not much of a poster, though. (He prefers to consider himself to be more of a one-of-a-kind, but I digress.)

Scaress, email me! I'm four days out but can still send some thoughts your way. Let me know what worked and what didn't. I'll see where I can shake some ideas and reactions loose. And yes, lengthy scripts and stories about Cthulu-esque gods don't go over well in haunted house queues...but they can be adapted!

Gede Nibo
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DOUG HIGLEY IS THE SENIOR WARDEN, NO DOUBT! !!!! HEY MASTER, I gave you a "shout out" (ah, that's ebonics for saying "hey") in my book....

forgot others there too....maybe my brain cells aint so good afterall Smile

good to meet everyone else!!!

SCARESS, youre right lurking is justified..until I find them and make their head my latest altarpiece Smile
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Loyal user
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
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I may lurk dailey for a few moments, and I apologise... but it is our Season.
There truly is no rest for the wicked.

Imagination is more important than Knowledge.

Albert Einstein
Gede Nibo
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Inner circle
2447 Posts

Profile of Gede Nibo
OF COURSE--no need to apologize dear bizarre Mage--this is just a way to meet some of your bros that I have walked by in cyberspace, seeing the skulls, the white face, the blood, but never yet met Smile

yes, the season of death, decay, and rotted corpses...


Bill Fienning
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I am not a true lurker because I do post when I can truly add to a thread. I find little reason to post just to agree with someone. The exception to this regards warnings of danger that someone posts. Then I may reply to reinforce the seriousness of the situation.

I sometimes respond directly to a person, especially where I do not wish to expose a concept to the general viewers. Access to this forum, unlike the Psychic Entertainers Association Forum or the Shadow Network, is not tightly controlled.
Bill Fienning

"It's More than Tricks"
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