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Gamblers Wildest Dream..(McClintock)..
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
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Martian Chronicle, A (Karl Fulves in DECEPTIVE PRACTICES(1992), p.75)
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Exchange Euchre (Nick Trost)
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Exit Left (Karl Fulves in IMPROMPTU HOLDOUTS (1977), p.36)
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Eternal Order
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Two Card Transpo..(Ben Earl)..
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
Tom Christensen
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Open Travelers Transpo Redux (Mike Powers) from Power Plays, pg 17
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X's Are Aces (Karl Fulves in CROOKED TALES(1994)p.24)
Tom Christensen
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La Crescenta, California
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Profile of Tom Christensen
Signed, Sealed and Delivered (Mike Powers) from Power Plays, pg 80

I'm not familiar with the trick posted earlier with the same name credited to Karl Fulves, but I don't think it's related to this one.
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Double Christ (Tomas Blomberg and Tom Stone)
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Eternal Order
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Telekinesis Deck..(?)..
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
John Heggie
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Koran Prediction (John Mendoza)

*****Current list on Page 96*****
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Latest update...

(N)Eye(N) Popper, The (Harry Lorayne)
1002nd Aces (Alex Elmsley)
2 Card Monte
2 Card Transposition (Freeman)
2 With 6 (Martin Gardner)
2000 Pips Deck (Peter Wood)
2002 Aces (Larry Jennings)
203rd Force (Theo Annneman)
20th Century Sorcery (Charles T. Jordan)
242 Deal (Richard Vollmer)
5-Card Trick (Fitch Cheney)
6 Plus Five (Richard Vollmer)
8 Simple Rules (Maxwell)
A Lucky Card (Richard Vollmer)
Ace Bandage (Jeff Stone)
Ace Finder (Bruce Cervon)
Aces Awry (Simon Aronson)
Ackerman Varies Kelly (Allan Ackerman)
Acrobatic Cards (Jacques Ozanam, Professor Kunard, August Roterberg, Joe Fenichel, Ed Marlo)
After Five (Tomo Maeda)
Air Tight (Jay Sankey)
Ala Kiga (Derek Dingle)
Alias The Aces (R. Paul Wilson)
Alice in Wonderland (Jean Hugard)
Alignment of Colors At Montauk Point (Larry Barnowsky)
All Backs and Additions (Bob Read)
All in One (Bill Goodwin)
Ambitious Card (Gustav Alberti??)
Ambitious Clip (Tomo Maeda)
Ambush (Roy Walton)
Animated Card Box (Jim Tyler)
Anniversary Waltz (Doc Eason)
Any Card Any Page in Flash (Hiro Sakai)
Anywhere Cards (Michael Maxwell)
Apache (Aldo Colombini)
Aperitif (Roy Walton)
Are You Sure? (Paul Morris)
Automatic Speller, The (Glenn Gravatt)
Backflip (Sam Schwartz)
Backstabber (Ton Onosaka)
Bad Mystery, A (Tomo Maeda)
Band-O-Rama (J.C. Wagner)
Beam Shot (Bob Ostin)
Biddle Move (Elmer Biddle)
Big Switch (Martin Lewis)
Blackjack Turnover (Steve Forte)
Blackjacked (Peter Duffie)
Bonus Trick (Larry Jennings)
Cannibal Cards (Guy Hollingworth)
Cards to Pocket (Charles Bertram)
Cascade (Roy Walton)
Chameleon Backs (Dai Vernon)
Cheek to Cheek (U.F. Grant)
Clear Impossibility (Jay Sankey)
Codecto (Harry Lorayne)
Collectors (Simon Lovell and Derek Dingle)
Colorzone (Vinny "The Godfather" Marini)
Crazy Cut (Daryl)
Cutting the Aces (Dai Vernon)
Daley Jennings,The (Larry Jennings)
Daley Thing, The (Tony Econ)
Damasuda Deck (Katsuya Masuda)
D'Amico Location, The (Carmen D'Amico)
D'Amico Multiple Shift (Carmen D'Amico)
D'Amico Spread (Carmen D'Amico)
Dancin' With Dancy (Luke Dancy)
Daredevil's Match, The (Mark Sicher)
Dark Card (Jean Boucher)
Dark Shellshock (Scott Guinn)
Dark Side of the Moon (Raj Madhok)
Darwin's Poker Deal (Darwin Ortiz)
Dating Game, The (Karl Fulves)
Dave's Move-a-Card (David Regal)
Daytripper (Jerry Sadowitz)
Dazed (Peter Duffie)
De Kolta Card Fountain (Buatier De Kolta)
Dead Easy Location, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Dead Man's Hand (Henry Christ)
Dead of Night (Andy Nyman)
Dead Reckoning (John Bannon)
Dead Reckoning (Peter Duffie)
Dead Zone (Hiro Sakai & Kazuyuki Hase)
Deadlier than the Male (Geoff Latta)
Deal Jog Speller (Harry Lorayne)
Deal Switch (Edward Marlo)
Deal-A-Die (Karl Fulves)
Dealer Wins! (Doug Edwards & Harry Lorayne)
Dealer's Choice (Nick Trost)
Dealing A Good Hand! (Bill Malone [based on Marlo-Gardner Poker Deal])
Dealing Cards Face Up, The Stud Method (Roberto Giobbi)
Dealing Dovetail Location (Charles T. Jordan)
Dealing Too Many (S.W. Erdnase)
Dearly Departed (Peter Duffie)
Deception Deck
Deceptive Perception (Paul LePaul)
Decipher (Simon Aronson)
Deck Flip (T.G. Murphy)
Deck Switch (Many credits, including Al Baker, Ed Marlo, Larry Jennings, Darwin Ortiz, etcc)
Deck that Shuffles Itself (Dominique Duvivier)
Deck To Pocket (Larry Jennings)
Deconstruction Derby (Dominique Duvivier)
Deep Astonishment (Paul Harris)
Deep Guilt Aces (David Regal)
Deep Thought (Ray Kosby)
Deface (Chastain Criswell)
Dehydrated Deck (Paul Harris)
Deja Vu Deck (David Regal)
Deja Vue Poker (Darwin Ortiz)
Delayed Center Deal (Martin Nash)
Delayed Strip-Out Shuffle (Edward Marlo)
Delayed Transposition (Edward Marlo)
Delirium (Oz Pearlman)
Delusional (Thomas Baxter)
Deluxe Open Travellers (Glenn Bishop/Al Bach)
Demon Divination (Charles T. Jordan)
Deo-Ace Trick (Edward Victor)
Departure Time (Jay Sankey)
Depth Detector (Hideo Kato)
Depth Thrust 1 & 2 (Larry Jennings)
Design for Laughter (unknown, from RRTCM)
Destined To Be (Ken Krenzel)
Detailed Slow Motion Aces (Edward Marlo)
Deuces Wild (Karl Fulves)
Deviant Behavior (Jay Sankey)
Devilish Miracle Redux (Edward Marlo)
Devilishly Direct (Shigeo Takagi)
Devilishly Invisible (Rafael Benatar)
Devil's Elevator (Dai Vernon and Bruce Cervon)
Devil's Prayer Book, The (Ken de Courcy)
Devils to Witches (Edward Marlo)
Devious Open Prediction (Larry Jennings)
Dextral Draw (Karl Fulves)
Diabolical Reversed Card (Charles T. Jordan)
Diagonal Palm Shift (Arthur Finley)
Dial (George Kaplan)
Diamond Bar (Daryl)
Diamond Jack (Eugene Burger)
Diamond Snatch (Gary Middleton)
Dice-Section (Al Smith)
Difference & The Sum, The (Harry Lorayne)
Digital Clock (Edward Marlo)
Diminishing Card Trick, The (Edward Victor)
Diminishing Poker Deal (Bruce Cervon)
Diminishing Returns (Phil Goldstein)
Diplopia (Paul Vigil)
Dippy Duck (Jack Hughes)
Direct Dunbury Delusion (Edward Marlo)
Direct Flight Card To Case (Larry Jennings)
Direct from the Factory (Bill Malone)
Direct Spell (Edward Marlo)
Dirty Deal (Bruce Cervon)
Disarming Hide-Out (Martin Nash)
Discard Trick (Charles T. Jordan)
Discrepancy City Prediction (John Bannon)
Distortion (Wayne Houchin)
Distributraction (Larry Jennings)
Divide And Conquer (Chad Long)
Divided Shuffle (Luis Otero)
Divided We Stand (Roy Walton)
Divination Supreme (Bill Turner)
Divine Miraskill (Wesley James)
Diving Board Double (Lee Asher)
Divino (Charles T. Jordan)
Division (Luke Dancy)
Divisory Capacity (Peter Duffie)
Do As Al Baker Did (Andrew Galloway)
Do as I Do (Traditional… Many versions…)
Do As I Do A La Gergonne (Hideo Kato)
Do it and Fail (Jean Hugard & Fred Braue )
Do You See Red? (Arthur Buckley)
Dodeckadeal (John Archer)
Don't Cry For The Star (Masuda)
Don't Forget (Hideo Kato)
Don't Think Out Loud (Allen Ackerman)
Doorstop Aces (Paul Gordon)
Dorsal Cull, The (Ken Krenzel)
Dots Incredible (Al Cohen)
Double Ambitious (Juan Tamariz)
Double Ambitious Oil & Water (Daryl)
Double Back (Jon Allen)
Double Barrel (Bob Solari)
Double Brainwave Updated (Edward Marlo & Allan Ackerman)
Double Christ (Tomas Blomberg and Tom Stone)
Double Coincidence (Simon Lovell)
Double Color-Changing Aces (Derek Dingle)
Double Cover (Herb Zarrow)
Double Crossed (Daryl)
Double Cut Double Cross (Steve Dusheck)
Double Deal Turnover, The ( R. Paul Wilson)
Double Deal Vanish (Bro. John Hamman)
Double Decker Ripper (Andi Gladwin)
Double Detection (Richard Himber)
Double Discard (Darwin Ortiz)
Double Discovery (Nick Trost)
Double Divino (Charles T. Jordan)
Double Double (Larry Jennings)
Double Duke (Duke Stern?)
Double Faced Cards
Double Fan (Chuck Smith?)
Double Impossibility (Al Baker)
Double Jeopardy (Peter Duffie)
Double Lazy (Simon Aronson)
Double Lift (Richard Neve, August Roterberg)
Double Marksmanship (Dustin Marks)
Double Monte (John Guastaferro)
Double Pancake Revelation (Harry Lorayne)
Double Pivot Out
Double Prediction (Charles T. Jordan)
Double Revelation (Larry Jennings)
Double Reverse (Paul Rosini)
Double S'Entendre (Ken Krenzel)
Double Shakeout (Larry Jennings)
Double Shock (Yuichi Katakura)
Double Spell (Richard Vollmer)
Double Speller, The (Jean Hugard)
Double Stop (Martin Nash)
Double Swap Sandwich (George McBride)
Double Think (Larry Jennings)
Double Thought, The (Shigeo Takagi)
Double Turnover
Double Undercut
Double Wallop (Dan Tong)
Double Whammo, The (Daryl)
Double-Cut Exchange (Harry Lorayne)
Double-Jointed Card (Jeff Pierce)
Doublestop Simplified (Simon Aronson)
Down the Garden Path (Martin Nash)
Down Under Assembly (David Regal)
Down Under Deal (Colm Mulcahy)
Downers & Uppers (Allan Ackerman)
Downs Hinge Shift, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Dream Card (Darwin Ortiz)
Dream Wonder (Jean Pierre Vallarino)
Dream, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Dribble Control Break (Edward Marlo)
Dribblocation (Joshua Jay)
Drop and Catch (Hideo Kato)
Drop Sleight Technique (Edward Marlo)
Drop-Count Revelation (Tom Craven)
Drunken Deal (Ch.T.Jordan)
Drunken Shuffle (Gerry Griffin)
Dual Affinity (Bruce Cervon)
Dual Cyclone (Paul Knight)
Duck Change, The (Hiro Sakai)
Duel Of The West (Rene Lavand)
Duffer's Two Cards To Pocket (Larry Jennings)
Dunbury Delusion (Many credits, including Martin Nash, Charlie Miller, Edward Marlo, Jean Hugard, etc...)
Duo Colours (Roy Walton)
Duo-Spell (Paul Swinford)
Duo-Tech II (Bob Strickland)
Duplex Comedy Speller (Jean Hugard)
E.J. Sandwich (Rob James)
E.S.P. Plus (Arthur F. MacTier)
E.S.Paranormal (Mark Weston)
E.V. Invisible Double Lift, The (Edward Victor)
E.Y.E. Count
E.Z. Second Deal (Edward Marlo)
Each of Four (Eric T. Dockery)
Ear Full of Cider (Martin Nash)
Earthly Powers (Richard Vollmer)
Easier Aces (Harry Lorayne)
Easily Influenced (Daryl)
Easy Ace Cutting (John F. Mendoza)
Easy Ace Estimation (Paul Gordon)
Easy Aces (David Williamson)
Easy Ackerman (Joshua Jay)
Easy Applications with the BW Memorized Deck (Boris Wild)
Easy Card Divination (Jean Hugard)
Easy Card in Wallet (Jean Hugard)
Easy Card Location
Easy Collectors (Luke Jermay)
Easy Deck Vanish (Matthew J. Dowden)
Easy Does It (Al Leech)
Easy False Shuffle (Aldo Colombini)
Easy Fan Steal (David Regal)
Easy Followers (Andi Gladwin)
Easy Indicator (Harry Lorayne)
Easy Location (Aldo Colombini)
Easy Multiple Convincing Controls (Edward Marlo)
Easy Number (Paul Hallas)
Easy Off Pips (Allan Ackerman)
Easy On The Curry (Steve Beam)
Easy on the Tears (Ed Marlo)
Easy Palm Transfer (Edward Marlo)
Easy Pick
Easy Riser (Ton Onosaka)
Easy Slip Cut (Edward Marlo)
Easy Speller (Jean Hugard)
Easy Tabled Shift (Edward Marlo)
Easy Triumph (Peter Duffie)
Easy Twist (Mathieu Bich)
Easy-Off Pips (Allan Ackerman)
Echo (Wayne Dobson)
Eclectic Collectors (J.K. Hartman)
Eclipse Production, The (Ken Krenzel)
Eclipse Vanish (Jean Huggard)
Economical Double Lift (Jose Carroll)
Economy Class Departure (Alex Elmsley)
Economy Flight (David Solomon)
Ectoplastic (Stewart James)
Eddie Still Shuffles Once (Edward Marlo)
Edge (Kevin Parker)
Edge Mark Cull, The (Edward Marlo)
Edge Mark Stack, The (Edward Marlo)
Educated Cards, The (Jean Hugard)
Educated Die, The (Karl Fulves)
Educated Fingers (Wilfrid Jonson)
Edwards' Dioramic Pack (Ellis Stanyon)
Eenie Meenie, Mienie, Mo (Walt Maddison)
Eerie Cards (Kent Arthur)
Eerie Control (Harry Lorayne)
Eerie Revelation (Yuji Wada)
Eerie Row (Karl Fulves)
Eerie Spin-Out, The (Ken Krenzel)
Effect (Edward Marlo)
Efficient 5 Hand Stack (Ed Marlo)
Efficient Full House Cull and Stack (Edward Marlo)
Effortless Card Control (Peter Duffie)
Effortless Countdown (Peter Duffie)
E-Fold Principle (Jeff Busby)
Egg A La Card (John Scarne)
Ego Slip (Daniel Garcia)
Egyptian Pocket (A. Herrmann)
Egyptian Royale (Scott Guinn)
Eidetic Aces (Edward Marlo)
Eidetic Slide (Edward Marlo)
Eidetical Change (Trini Montes)
Eight Ball (David Regal)
Eight Ball (Larry West)
Eight Ball Queens (Bro. John Hamman)
Eight Card Brain Wave (Nick Trost)
Eight Card Oil and Water (David Soloman)
Eight Cards and Ribbon (Harlan Tarbell)
Eight in a Row (Theodore Annemann)
Eight Kings (Jerry Mentzer)
Eight of Two Kinds (Dave Forrest)
Eight Spot Put in the Centre Passes to the Top (Karl Fulves)
Eight Threatening Kings (David Blaine?)
Eight To Twelve (Eddie Fechter)
Eighteen-Cards Spelling Trick (George Kaplan)
Eight-Two Locator (Edward Marlo)
Einstein's Favorite Trick (Richard Vollmer)
Either/Or (Kirk Charles)
Ejection (Jonty)
Eko (Dan & Dave Buck)
El Blanco (David Bornstein)
El Cochecito (Juan Tamariz)
El Leaper (Jason Dean)
El Warpo (Paul Harris)
Elastic Illusion (Derek Dingle)
Elastic Infiltration (Jay Sankey)
Elastic Touch (Dai Vernon)
Elasticity (Charles T. Jordan)
Elbow Catch, The (Jean Hugard)
Electric Cards
Electric Deck
Elec-Trick (Carl Cloutier)
Electrified Strippers, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Elegant Cut (Lennart Green)
Elevator (Kreis magic)
Elevator Aces (Dick Cook)
Elevator Card (Shigeo Futagawa)
Elevator Cards (Edward Marlo)
Elevator Illusion (Hideki Tani)
Elevator One (Derek Dingle)
Elevator Sandwich (Frank Simon)
Eleven Card Stud (Lonnie Chevrie)
Eleven Card Trick (Edward Victor)
Eleven Plus (Peter Duffie)
Eleventeen-Story Leaper (Stewart James)
Elevon (Aldo Colombini)
EliminAces (Karl Fulves)
Eliminating the Process (Paul Gordon)
Elimination (Nick Trost)
Elimination Extraordinary (Jean Hugard)
Elimination Faro Ordering (Pit Hartling)
Elimination Prediction (Randy Tanner)
Eliminator (Adrian Sullivan)
Elimiracle (Edward Marlo)
Elizabeth III (Tommy Wonder)
Elliot's Error (The Jinx)
Ellis Fan Flourish Control (Ed Ellis)
ELM Card Change, The (E. Leslie May)
Elmback Count (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Elmsley Count (Alex Elmsley)
Elmsley Cut Elmsley (Simon Lovell)
Elmsley Flushtration Count (Alex Elmsley?? Allan Ackerman??)
Elmsley's Dazzle Cards (Alex Elmsley)
Elongated Lady (Peter Kane)
Elusive Riser (Toni Cachadin)
Emerald Isle Aces (Dai Vernon & Faucett Ross & Hubert Lambert)
Emerge Triumphant (Oz Pearlman )
Emergency Card (Danny Archer)
Emergency Card Stabbing (Jean Hugard & Fred Braue)
Emergency Deam Card (Paul Gordon)
Emotional Bonding (David Acer)
Emotional Reaction (Dai Vernon)
Emotions (Carlos Vaquera)
Empathy (Jack Avis and Lewis Jones)
Empathy (Rudy Hunter)
Emperor's New Clothes (*uncredited sold by Hank Lee)
Empire State Aces (Stephen Tucker)
Empowering Poker A Bit (Paul Tuohy)
Empty Hand (Edward Marlo)
En Voyage (Alex Elmsley )
EncACEd (Joshua Jay)
Encased (David Forrest)
Enchanted Cards and Envelope (Harlan Tarbell)
Encore Card Spinning (Tom Osborne)
Encore Card Trick (Sal Piacente)
End Grip (Unknown)
End of Story (Bill Malone)
End Stab, The (Daryl)
End Strippers
End Tap Pass, The (Edward Marlo)
End To It, An (Karl Fulves)
Endfield False Count (Cy Endfield)
Endless Belts, The (Fred Black)
Enemy Has Come, The (Nobuaki Nambu)
Energizer Cut
Enfield Aces (Michael Skinner)
English Chunnel, The (Don England)
English Equivalent, The (Karl Fulves)
Enlarger (Mike Bornstein)
Enlarging & Diminishing Cards (Jean Hugard)
Ennoid (Oscar Weigle)
Entertainment Tacks (J.C. Wagner)
Entourage (Gordon Bean)
EnTranced (J.K. Hartman)
Entrapment Gold 2 (Nardi / Mozique / Bromley)
Entropy (Karl Fulves)
Entropy I and II (Larry Barnowsky)
Envelope Addition (Juan Tamariz)
Envelope Prediction (Guy Bavli & Haim Goldenberg)
Enveloped (Peter Duffie)
Epitaph For A Card Cheat (Peter Duffie)
Epitome Location (Harry Lorayne)
Epitome Location, Junior (Harry Lorayne)
Equalizer, The (Harry Lorayne)
Equivalent Odd Pack (Alex Elmsley)
Equivocally Triumphant (James Swain)
Equivocate (*Did you mean equivoque?)
Erasers, The (Aldo Colombini)
Erazed (Mathieu Bich)
Erazer (Adrian Gower)
Erdnaces (Allan Slaight)
Erdnase Aces (Jay Sankey)
Erdnase Bottom Palm (S. W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Break (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Color Change (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Double Tansformation (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase False Shuffle (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Go Round (Dan & Dave Buck)
Erdnase One-Handed Cut (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Outdone (Jim Wheeler)
Erdnase Overhand Run-Up (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Shift (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Shuffle (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Style Greek Deal (Jeff Wessmiller)
Erdnase System of Cull Shuffling, The (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase System of Stock Shuffling (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Top Palm (S.W. Erdnase)
Erdnase Variant (Ernesto Melero)
Erdnase With Less Milk (Paul Gordon)
Erdnase's Envelope (Karl Fulves)
Erratic Poker Deal, The (Edward Marlo)
Error Corrected (Karl Fulves)
Escalator (Gaetan Bloom)
Escapade (Jim Rainho?)
Escape King (Takayuki Kumazawa)
Escape Of The Deck (Rene Lavand)
Escape of the Musketeers (Cy Endfield)
Escape, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Escapist (Karl Fulves)
Escorial Three Card Monte (Gaetan Bloom)
Escorial-76 (Juan Tamariz)
ESJoker (Doug Conn)
ESP Card Routine (Michihiro Matsuda)
ESP Cards
ESP Demonstration (Hiroshi Kondo)
ESP In My Pocket (Mark Strivings)
ESP Numbers (Aldo Colombini)
ESP Prediction (Hiro Sakai)
ESP Prediction II (Hiroshi Kondo)
ESPecially Wild (Paul Hallas)
ESPerfect (Peter Nardi)
Esprit (Jean-Pierre Vallarino)
Esprit de Variation (Kevin Kelley)
Esrever (Karrel Fox)
Esscee Cards and Cords, The (Stanley Collins)
ESSCEE Double Lift, The (Stanley Collins)
ESSCEE Nap Hand Deal (Stanley Collins)
Estimate Behind Back (Joe Berg)
Estimated Ace Opener (Hideo Kato)
Estimated Toss (Larry Jennings)
Esti-Mate-Ion (Joe Dignam)
Estimation (J. C. Wagner)
Estimation Aces (Edward Marlo)
Estimation Palm (Ed Marlo)
Estimation Proof (Doug Edwards)
Estimation Routine (Darwin Ortiz)
ETAD-OT-PU (Charles T. Jordan)
Eternal Chain (Lennart Green)
Eternal Count (Lennart Green)
Ethereal Blackjack (Harry Lorayne and Richard Kaufman)
Ethereal Pack (John Carney)
Ethereal Poker (Richard Kaufman)
Ethnic Card Trick (David Bendix)
Etude, The (Tom Stone)
Euph-Oracle (Simon Aronson)
Eureka Deck (Edward O. Drane ["Enardo"])
Eureka! (Paul Gordon)
European Aces (Frank Garcia & George Schindler)
Evans' Rising Card (Henry Evans)
Evapor-Ace-Tion (Allan Ackerman)
Evaporating Aces (Stanley Collins)
Even Deeper (Steve Beam)
Even Further (Karl Fulves)
Even Further II (Paul Swinford)
Even Higher Math (Larry Jennings)
Even Money (Larry Jennings)
Even More Deceitful (Harry Lorayne)
Even More Four on the Floor (J. C. Wagner)
Even More Odd (Sam Schwartz)
Even Odder II (Richard Kaufman)
Even Odds at 3 to 1 (Scott Guinn)
Even You Can't Find It (Edward Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer)
Evening Up The Odds (Doug Conn)
Ever Ready (Edward Marlo)
Ever Ready Black Routine with Mexican Joe (Edward Marlo)
Everchange Count (Alex Elmsley)
Ever-Ready Force (Karl Fulves)
Ever-Ready Rising Cards (Irv Weiner)
Every Which Way (J.K. Hartman)
Everybody Think (Stewart James)
Everybody's Card (Ellis Stanyon)
Everybody's Card, III (David Ben)
Everybody's Lazy (Simon Aronson)
Every-No And Where-Where (Paul Gordon)
Everywhere & Nowhere (Hofzinser)
Everywhere (David Regal)
Everywhere, Nowhere and On Your Face (John Carney)
Evolution (Michael Powers)
Ewephindit (Jean Hugard)
Exactly the Same! (Juan Tamariz)
Excalibur (Darren McQuade)
Excalibur Deck (Devin Knight)
Ex-Cello Card Discovery (Charles T. Jordan)
Excelsior Card Rise (Karl Fulves)
Excelsior Change (Adrian Plate)
Exception Selection (J.K. Hartman)
Exchange Euchre (Nick Trost)
Exchange of Fire (Paul Curry)
Exchanging Two Of Four (Edward Marlo)
Exclusive Coterie (S.W. Erdnase)
Excursion (Karl Fulves)
Exdislycally Shunuffled (Francis Menotti)
Exercise (Peter Warlock)
Exhibit "A" (David Regal)
Exhibitionism (Edward Marlo)
Exit (Aldo Colombini)
Exit 51 (Ben Harris)
Exit Left (Karl Fulves)
Exittwist (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Exodus (Peter Duffie )
Expanding and Diminishing Cards (Jean Hugard)
Expansionism (Karl Fulves)
Expediting a Stack (Edward Marlo)
Experience (Stephen Tucker)
Experiment in Mentalism (Arthur F. MaxTier)
Experiment Number Two (Gene Maze)
Expert at Figures, An (Jean Hugard & Fred Braue)
Expert at the Bridge Table, The (Andrew Wimhurst)
Expert Card to Wallet (Randy Wakeman)
Expert Cards to Pocket (Mike Powers)
Expert Deck (Haim Goldenberg)
Expert Full-Deck Overhand (Harry Lorayne)
Expert Glimpse (Walter B. Gibson)
Expert One-Eyed! (Paul Gordon)
Expert Poker Deals (David Solomon)
Explosion (Del Ray)
Explosion (Zenneth Kok)
Explosion, The (James Swain)
Express Aces (Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson)
Expressway (Yugi Wada)
Ex-Specter (J. K. Hartman)
Extended Fingers Cover, The (Edward Marlo)
Extended Transposition, The (Edward Marlo)
Extendedexitwist (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Extension Tri-Cut (Jerry Sadowitz)
Extra Collectors (Edward Marlo)
Extra Joker Prediction (John J. Crimmins, Jr.)
Extra Sensory Poker (Diamond Jim Tyler)
Extra Spice (Frank Garcia)
Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (Doc Dixon)
Extraordinary Card (Dominque Duvivier)
Extraordinary Clairvoyance (Charles T. Jordan)
Extraordinary Spelling Trick, The (Daniel Marmion)
Extreme Mental Effort (Derren Brown)
Extremes Meet (Stanley Collins)
Exxon Mix Up (Jason Alford)
Eye Cop (Gerald Deutsch)
Eye Exam (Danny Archer)
Eye of Stonehenge, The (Lennart Green)
Eye Popper, The (Ralph W. Hull)
Eye Witness (Karl Fulves)
Eye2Eye (Jay Sankey)
Eye-Opener (Martin Lewis)
Eye-Popper Aces (Peter Warlock)
Eyes All Around (Al Baker)
Eyes Are The Window to the Soul (Gerry Griffin)
Eyes At The Back Of Your Head (Arthur F. MacTier)
Eyes Have It, The (Hideo Kato)
Eyes of the Gods (Michael Maxwell)
Eyesight Trick (Al Baker)
Eye-Spy (Harry Stanely)
EZ Change Aces (Joel Givens)
EZ color change (Joel Givens)
E-Z Three-way False Cut (Paul Rosini)
EZ Torn and Restored Card (Kenton Knepper)
E-Z Tunnel (Hiro Sakai)
Fabulous Four Aces (Henry Christ)
Falling Pips (Tommy Wonder)
Family Reunion (Aldo Colombini)
Faro Shuffle
Fartoon (Dan Harlan)
Fastest Card in the West (Martin Nash)
Finger on the Card (Gary Ouellet)
Flushing Out the Queen (Michael Powers)
Flying Single and Double Spinner (Larry Barnowsky)
Follow Me (Jean Hugard)
Follow the Leader (John Scarne)
Forty-Nine (Charles T. Jordan)
Four Jokers to Royal Flush (Larry Jennings)
Four-Instants (Mike Bornstein)
Fourtitude (Harry Lorayne)
Further than That (Stewart James)
Fusion (Dave Campbell)
Gag Sandwich (Daryl)
Galaxy (Paul Harris)
Gambit in a Box (David Regal)
Gamble Amble (Lou Tannen)
Gambler Holds Out the Aces, A (Larry Jennings)
Gambler VS. Mentalist VS. Magician (Paul Harris)
Gambler's Bottom Deal (Larry Jennings)
Gambler's Deal, The (Bridget & Marty Grams)
Gambler's Gift (Shin-Ichi Arai)
Gambler's Triumph (Larry Jennings)
Gamblers Wildest Dream (Reed McClintock)
Gamblin Man (Doc Wayne)
Gazebo, The (Stewart James)
Geiger Counter Card (Don England)
Gemini Count (Bro. John Hamman)
General Card, The (Larry Jennings)
Getting Across (Larry Jennings)
Ghost Count (Alex Elmsley)
Ghost Flight (Peter Duffie)
Ghost Kings (Dominique Duvivier)
Ghost Right (J.K. Hartman)
Gilligan's Prediction (Rodrigo Romano / Bazar De Magia)
Gingsburg Poke (Dai Vernon)
Give Us This Day Our Daily Aces (Randy Wakeman)
Given the Slip (Dai Vernon)
Glass Wall, The (Jose Carroll)
Gnikool (James McKnight)
Go to Jail (Karl Fulves)
God of Gamblers (Darwin Ortiz)
Good News, Bad News (Karl Fulves)
Good Old Alex (Paul Gordon)
Good Trick, Bad Trick (Bill Malone)
Gordon Diary Trick, The (Paul Gordon)
Gorilla In The Middle (James Swain)
Gourmet Mouse (Emerson and West)
Grand Slam (Darwin Ortiz)
Grapple Cut
Gray Code (Charles T. Jordan)
Gray Matters (Denis Behr)
Great Divide, The (Harry Lorayne)
Great Thirstin, The (Marty Kane)
Greek Cross, The (Ellis Stanyon)
Greek Deal (Martin Nash)
Greek Poker (Darwin Ortiz)
Greek Shuffle (John Scarne & Dai Vernon)
Green Backs (Sean Taylor)
Gr-Eight (Scott Guinn)
Grouped Snap Deal, The (Lennart Green)
Growing Deck, The (Peter Kane)
Gun, The (Ken Krenzel) or...(Allan Ackerman)
Gypsy Curse (Peter Kane)
Hal Meyer's Laser Splice (Hal Meyer)
Half & Half (Daryl)
Half Deal (Davis Regal)
Half Gone (Paul Curry)
Half Pass
Half Right (Ray Kosby)
Half Wild (Nick Trost)
Half-Passed Turnover (J. K. Hartman
Hallucination (Eddie Clever)
HaLo Aces (Harry Lorayne)
Ham And Cheese (Richard Kaufman)
Hamman Count (Bro. John Hamman)
Hamman Eggs (Emerson and West)
Hammanesque (John Carney)
Hand is Quicker Than the Eye, The (Keith Walker)
Hand Picked Aces (Le Paul)
Hands-Off Memory Test! (Bill Malone & Simon Aronson)
Harreverse (Harry Lorayne)
Harry In Your Pocket (Darwin Ortiz)
Harry's Opener (Harry Lorayne)
Hasselhofzinser (Tyler Wilson)
Haunted Deck (Al Baker)
Haunted Name, The (Karl Fulves)
Haunto (Hiro Sakai)
Hawker, The (Hiroshi Kondo)
He Who Spelt It, Dealt It (David Williamson)
Head Over Heels (Simon Aronson)
Heart-Beat (Mark Mason)
Heavyweight Boxing (Gregory Wilson))
Hefty Oil & Water" - Larry Jennings
Helicopter Card (John Kennedy)
Hellis Change (Robert Hellis)
Hellraiser (Peter Duffie)
Hell's card
Henry Gavin's False Cut (Henry Gavin, aka Arthur Finley)
Here Comes Kelly! (Matt Schulien)
Here, There & Everywhere (Gerry Griffin… [also versions credited to Larry Becker and Aaron Fisher])
Here, There, and Chicago (Paul Green)
Hiccup (Paul Harris)
Hide-Out Count (Edward Marlo)
Higher Math (Jack Birnman)
Hikuri Kaeru (Hiro Sakai)
Hindu Control (Martin Gardner)
Hindu Shuffle
Hip Pocket Bombshell (Anthony Miller)
His Favorite Trick (Paul Hallas)
Hitchcock Aces (Darwin Ortiz)
Hofzinser Ace Problem Solution (Larry Jennings)
Hofzinser Meets Ascanio (Thomas Baxter)
Hofzinser Sans Wallet (Larry Jennings)
Hold ’Em (Jason Alford / Paul Cummins)
Hold Her Down And Poker (Jerry Sadowitz)
Hold It, Buster (Dan Harlan)
Holding Back Two Cards (Paul LePaul)
Holding Clout (Dominique Duvivier)
Holding On (David Regal)
Hole Sensation (Iain Moran)
Hollow (Menny Lindenfeld)
Hollow 2 (Menny Lindenfeld)
Homing Aces (Stanley Collins)
Homing Card (Larry Jennings)
Honest John's Cards Across (Paul Harris)
Hoodwink (Ben Harris)
Hoofing Hofzinser (Paul Gordon)
Horsin' Around (Nick Trost)
Hot Canary (Don Alan)
Hot Transposition (Rafael Benatar)
Houdini Card Escapes Again (Larry Jennings)
Houdini Change (S.W. Erdnase)
Houdini's Escape (Al Baker)
Hourglass Card Trick, The (Karl Fulves)
How Cheaters Cheat (Bill Malone)
How In the World Did You Know? (Harry Lorayne)
How to Play Piano (Michael Ammar) **Is this actually Sawa's Piano Trick?
Hugard Rising Cards, The (Jean Hugard)
Hummer-Odd Back (Tom Craven)
Hummer's Whirling Card (Robert Hummer)
Husband And Wife Aces (Martin Nash)
Hype, The (David Regal)
Hypnosthesia (Newton Hall)
Hypnotic Aces (Bill Turner)
Hypnotic Power of the Jokers, The (Juan Tamariz)
I Do As You Do (Hideo Kato)
I Dream of Mindreading (John Lovick)
Impossible Penetration (Henry Evans)
Invisible Deck (Eddie Fields & Don Alan)
Isolated Corner, The (Tomo Maeda)
It's Done With Mirrors (MAK Magic)
K 2 (Karl Fulves)
K.E.N.T. (John Mahood)
K.J.V. Oil & Water (Larry Jennings)
K.M. Move (Kardyo & Edward Marlo)
Kabbala Aces (Peter Kane)
Kabbala Elevators (Allan Ackerman)
KaBoom (Jon Allen)
Kaleidoscope (Karl Fulves)
Kaleidoscope Cards (Ken Krenzel?)
Kaluwaert's Kannibal Kings (John Caluwaert)
Kangaroo Card (Jean Hugard / Frederick Braue)
Kangaroo People (Rafael Benatar)
Kannibal Kards (Karl Fulves)
KAOS (Sean Beard)
Kaplan Rising Cards (George Kaplan)
Karate (Rafael Benatar)
Karate Card (Jay Sankey)
Karate Move (Walter E. Cummings)
Kard Kopy trick (Sean Taylor)
Kard-Klip (Daryl)
Kardkut (Hen Fetsch)
KARDTU (Stewart James)
Kartenkunste (Darwin Ortiz)
Kato Count (Hideo Kato)
Kato-nine-tails (Ernest Earick)
Kato's Card Happening (Hideo Kato)
Kato's CATO (Hideo Kato)
Kato's Field Poker Demonstration (Hideo Kato)
K-Counts (Karl Fulves)
Keen Sense of Touch (Henry Evans)
Kelly Bottom Placement (Joseph Ovette invented the Ovette Master Move, later reinvented as the "Kelly Bottom Placement")
Kelly Dead Deck Steal
Ken Brooke's Card Vanish (Ken Brooke)
Ken's Kolor Finesse (Ken Krenzel)
Kenton's Split Decision (Kenton Knepper)
Kentucky Set-Up
Key Card (Peter Eggink)
Key Card Placement (Dai Vernon)
Key Card Plus Estimation (Edward Marlo)
Key Card Subtlety (Edward Marlo)
Key Move Extension (Edward Marlo)
Key Move, Red and Black Packet Switch (Edward Marlo)
Keystone Card Discovery (Bill Larson and T. Page Wright)
KF+BC+EM2=Another Universal (Johnny Thompson)
Khameleon Deck (Kenton Knepper)
Khyber Pass (Karl Fulves)
Kick Count (Allan Ackerman)
Kick Cut
Kick Double Lift, The (Harry Lorayne)
Kick in the head, A (Paul Gordon)
Kick It (Frank Garcia & George Schindler)
Kickback (Ryan Swigert)
Kicked (Simon Lovell)
Kicked in the Face (Andrew Wimhurst)
Kicking Ace (William Eston)
Kick-Start Aces (Peter Duffie)
Kid Koin (Karl Fulves)
Kids Kards (Richard Pinner)
Killer & Blink (Menny Lindenfield)
Killer Clone Zone (Peter Duffie & Paul Hallas)
Killer Kase (Tim Zager)
Killer King (Juan Caceres)
Killer Kombustion (Marc Paul, Andy Stone, Anthony Owen)
Killer Triumph FMO (Bob Hirsch)
Killocation (Steve Beam)
Kindergarten Poker (Tom Ransom)
King Arthur's Pub (Doc Eason)
King Explosion (Hatsumi Kobayashi)
King Face Aces (Adam Ryan)
King Monte (David Powell)
King of Night Clubs (Audley Walsh)
King Thing (Richard Sanders)
King Tips His Crown, The (Gaff Card, inventor unknown)
King Tut (Bruce Cervon)
Kingdom of the Red (Larry Barnowsky)
King-Ko's (Aldo Colombini)
Kings and Aces (Edward Marlo)
Kings And Queens (Larry Jennings)
Kings at Large (Roy Walton)
Kings Cross (Karrell Fox)
King's Cross Transpo (Chris Burton )
Kings Go Forth (Roy Walton)
King's Holiday, The (James Swain)
Kings Incognito ( Martin Nash )
Kings Produce (Bill Marlo)
King's Robbery (unknown)
Kings Royale (Nick Trost)
Kings to Aces (Edward Marlo)
King's Triumph ( Larry Jennings )
Kings-to-Aces (Edward Marlo)
Kinky (Jay Sankey)
Kinky Queens (Scotty York)
Kirigami Revelation (Harold Cataquet)
Kismet (Norm Haughton)
Kiss Me (El Duco)
Kiss Pass (Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin)
Kiss The Magician (Monty Witt)
Kissed (Bob Borgia)
Kissed and Divined (IMPROVED) (Nick Trost, based on an effect described by Jon Racherbaumer, based on an effect by Richard Himber)
Kitson Miracle (Patrick Page)
KixBack (Karl Fulves)
KK's HHH (Ken Krenzel)
Klause Breakout Display (Roger Klause)
Klause Overhand False Shuffle (Roger Klause)
Kling Cards (Andrew Kling??)
Klip Joint (Nick Trost)
Klip Trix (Joe Stuthard)
Klok (Roy Johnson)
Knaves Gone Wild (David Solomon)
Knee Hold Out (Arthur Buckley)
Kniphofia (Pabular, Vol.3 No.2 Oct 1976)
Knock Em Dead (Peter Nardi)
Knock Out (Peter Eggink)
Knock Out Counting Trick (Crimmins, John)
Knocking the Pack out of Hand (Ellis Stanyon)
Knock-Out (Ken Brooke)
Know Fu-Ling (Emerson and West)
Knowker (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Knowledge in Reverse (Stewart James)
Knoxville Knockout (Edward Marlo)
Knuckle Jog (J.C. Wagner)
Knuckle Sandwich Aces (Joshua Jay)
Kolossal Killer (Kenton Knepper)
Kon-King (Aldo Colombini)
Koornwinder Card (Dick Koornwinder)
Koorwinder Kar (Dick Koorwinder)
Koplooy! (Looy Simonoff)
Kopy Kat (Nick Trost)
Korador (Stewart James)
Koran Prediction (John Mendoza)
Kortial Triumph (Milt Kort)
Kort's Center Steal (Milt Kort)
Kosky Face Up Ace Cut (Gerald Kosky)
Kosky Switch, The (Gerald Kosky)
Kosky's Deli (Scott Guinn)
Kosy Cut (Kosy Phibulphanuvat)
Kowloon Oil & Water (Aldo Colombini)
Krazy Kard (Kenton Knepper)
Krazy Kount (Hippie Torrales)
Krenzel Mechanical Reverse (Ken Krenzel)
Krenzel on the Cavorting Aces (Ken Krenzel)
Kruskal Principle (Martin D. Kruskal)
Kryptonite (Dan & Dave Buck)
K-System (Kenji)
Kundalini Rising (Jeff McBride)
Kystic (T.A. Waters)
L. J. Swing Cut Multiple Shift (Larry Jennings)
L. W. Stop Mystery (Bill Larson and T. Page Wright)
L.J. Angle Steal Multiple Shift (Larry Jennings)
L.J. Triple Play (Scott Guinn)
L.S.D. Aces (Wesley James)
La Carambola (René Lavand)
La Carte Generale (Edward Marlo & Allen Ackerman)
La La's Lu Lu (Paul Harris)
Ladies and Bullets (John Luka)
Ladies and the Deuces, The (Arthur Buckley)
Ladies' Man (Bro John Hamman)
Lady is Shy, The (Anthony Norman)
Ladykiller (Ron Ferris)
Lady's Own Trick, The (Edwin Sachs)
Laguna Shuttle (Aldo Colombini)
Lake Tahoe Wild Cards (Louis Falanga)
Lapel of a Trick (Randy Wakeman)
Lapped Cards From Inside Pocket (Jaun Tamariz)
Lapping Switch (Gene Maze)
Larger Block, The (Karl Fulves)
Larreverse (Larry Jennings)
Larrollover Aces (Larry Jennings)
LarRoy Reverse (Larry Jennings)
Las Vegas Aces (Cody Fisher)
Las Vegas Leaper (Paul Harris)
Las Vegas Leaper (Paul Harris)
Laser Aces (Joel Givens)
Laser Deal, The (Lennart Green)
Last Card Vanish, The (Takeshi Nemoto)
Last Good Trick, The (James Swain)
Last Minute Visitor (Larry Jennings)
Last Resort, The (Edward Marlo)
Last Stop (J. G. Thompson Jr.)
Lateral Center Steal (Lennart Green)
Lateral Palm
Lateral Steal Color Separation (Lennart Green)
Latest Haunted Ace, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Lazy Gambler, The (Sam Schwartz)
Lazy Magician, The (John Fedko)
Lazy Man's Card Trick (Al Koran)
Lazy Man's Setup (Maxwell)
Lazy Memory (Simon Aronson)
Lazybones (Jean Hugard)
Leap Of Faith (Bill Malone)
Leaper (Edward Marlo)
Learning To Count (Karl Fulves)
Leeds Miracle, The (Barry Stevenson)
Left Behind (Aldo Colombini)
Left Corner Shuffle (Lennart Green)
Leitmotiv Sandwich (Bebel)
Lemon Trick, The (Hiroshi Sawa)
Lemonstration (Max Maven)
LePaul Automatic Jog-Control (Paul LePaul)
LePaul Bluff Pass (Paul LePaul)
LePaul Spread (Paul LePaul)
Les Cartes Diaconis (Persi Diaconis)
Lessinout Shuffle, The (Edward Marlo & Roberto Giobbi)
Lesson in Larceny (Roy Walton)
Lesson in Magic, A (Al Baker)
Lessons Are Extra (John Bannon)
Lethal Fours (Gregory Wilson)
Let's Twist (Derek Dingle)
Liar, Liar (Billy Campolo)
Liars' Club (Alex Elmsley)
Liars Convention (Karl Fulves & Don Nielson)
Lickety Flip (David Acer)
Lickety-Split Color Change (Richard Doty)
Lie Detector, The (Al Baker, Larry Jennings, etc… etc…)
Lie Detector, The (Kuniyasu Fujiwara)
Lie Speller (Martin Gardner)
Life on Mars (Paul Gordon)
Lifesaver, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Lift Off (Mark Mason)
Lightning Card (Jean Hugard / Frederick Braue )
Lightning Fast Triumph! (Bill Malone's version of Edward Marlo's Simple Triumph)
Limited Ambition (Martin Nash)
Limited Edition (Jennings/Bean)
Limo service (Paul Harris)
Line Of Sight (Alain Nu)
Lineup (David Regal)
Line-up (Jim Vetter)
Linker (Alan Rorrison)
Linking Card Finale (Haruhito Hirata)
Liquid Card Thru Window (Taylor Lewis)
Little Card that Wasn't There, The (Harry lorayne)
Little Fella Big Fella (Harry Lorayne)
Little Martian (Rene Lavand)
Little Miracle (Derek Dingle)
Little More On Gambling, A (René Lavand)
Little-Finger Break
Livestrong Revelation, The (Steve Dela and Liam Montier)
Location Play (Darwin Ortiz)
Locator Service (Gary Plants)
Logical Assembly (David Regal)
Loki (Michael Paul)
Lone stranger (Paul Harris)
Long Distance Mindreading (Charles T. Jordan)
Long Distance Sandwich (Larry Jennings)
Longitudinal Steal (Meir Yedid)
Look - An Illusion (Larry Jennings)
Loraces (Harry Lorayne)
Lorayne Force Sandwich (Harry Lorayne)
Lorayne Poker Deal (Harry Lorayne)
Lorayne Spread Control (Harry Lorayne)
Lord of the Twist (Oz Pearlman)
Los Angeles Hop, The (Larry Jennings)
Lose It - Find It (Meir Yedid)
Lose or Win Proposition (Edward Marlo)
Lost Aces of Louie the Loser, The (Ken Krenzel)
Lost and found (John Guastaferro)
Lost in Limbo (Larry Barnowsky)
Lucky 13 (George Sands)
Lucky Coin, The (Roberto Giobbi)
Lucky Sevens (Gerry Griffin)
Lumberjack Stew (Scott Guinn)
Luminous Readers ( ? )
Lustig for Life (Ernest Earick)
MacDonald's Aces (J.N. Hofzinser?)
Machine Gun Aces (Paul Harris)
Madonna (Dan & Dave Buck)
Maestro's Poker Deal (Larry Jennings)
Magic Phone Number (Edward Marlo & Roberto Giobbi)
Magical Reversal (Michael Ammar)
Magnetized Card (Gary Plants)
Malone Shift (Bill Malone)
Marlo's Curry's Curve (Edward Marlo)
Marlo's Repeater Card to Pocket (Edward Marlo)
Martian Chronicle, A (Karl Fulves)
Masquerade (John Bannon)
Master Stop Trick (Charles T. Jordan)
Matching The Cards (Edward Marlo)
Mates Prediction (William Eston)
Matrix Poker (Jim Steinmeyer and Alan Wakeling)
Maximum Blue (Karl Fulves)
Maxi-Twist (Roger Smith)
Mecka (Dan & Dave Buck)
Mental Card Transposition - Toshio Akanuma
Mephisto's Prediction (Charles T. Jordan)
Metamorphosis (Roberto Giobbi)
Mexican Revolution (Fenik & Gordon Bean)
Millennium Collectors (Paul Gordon)
Mind-Reading Magician! (Bill Malone)
Mind's Attack (Tomoyuki Takahashi)
Mini All Backs (Simon Lovell)
Miracle Card in Wallet (Tom Mullica)
Miumph (Reinhard Mueller)
Monarch Card And Pocket Mystery (Charles T. Jordan)
Monte Plus Plus (Trevor Lewis / Ken Krenzel / Harry Lorayne)
Morons (Peter Duffie)
Motel Mystery, The (Persi Diaconis)
Move a Card (David Regal)
Multiple Down Under (Hideo Kato)
Museum Piece (Darwin Ortiz)
Mutanz (Bob Farmer & Roy Walton)
Mystery Card (Larry Jennings)
Mystery Of Elliott's Last Legacy (Jack Avis)
Mystic Count Down, The (Mark Wilson??)
Mystic Poker (David Regal)
Mythical Transpiration (Frank "Ricardo" Pemper)
Nacho MamaLs Triumph (Daniel Garcia)
Nail Jail (Steve Dusheck)
Nailed (Jay Sankey)
Nailed! - David Regal (David Regal)
Naked Angels on Bikes (Paul Harris)
Name 1 from the 52 (Alex Hui)
Name a Card (Dai Vernon)
Name Any Number and You Can Do It Too (Bill Malone)
Name Cards (Richard Himber)
Name Clip (Tomo Maeda)
Named card / Name a card Triumph (Jerry Sadowitz)
Named Card from Pocket (Ramblar)
Name-O-Card (R.W.Hull)
Naming Cards in the Dark (Jean Hugard)
Naming the Aces (Karl Fulves)
Nap Hand Deal (Al Koran)
Narrow Card
Nash Multiple Shift Routine (Martin Nash)
Nash’s Ace Cutting Routine (Martin Nash)
National Reverse (Harry Lorayne)
Natural Ace Assembly (Ken Krenzel)
Natural Deck Switch (Edward Marlo)
Natural Grip Radical Change (Richard Kaufman)
Natural Jog (Hunter)
Natural Poker Power (Mike Powers)
Natural Reverse Double Undercut (Larry Jennings)
Natural Selection (John Carney)
Natural Selection (Larry Barnowsky)
Natural, The (Andrew Wimhurst)
Natzler Queens, The (Joyce Natzler)
Ne Plus Ultra, New Version (John Northern Hilliard)
Neal Elias Flourish Cut (Neal Elias)
Near Royalty (Karl Fulves)
Nearly A Triumph (Jerry Mentzer)
Necessity Is The Mother (Billy McComb)
Necktie Second Deal
Needle In A Haystack (Paul Gordon)
Needle Through Deck (Henry Evans)
Neither & Also (Rafael Benatar)
Neither Blind Nor Stupid (Juan Tamariz)
Nelson's Punched Cards (Bob Nelson)
Nemesis (Sam Webster)
Nemo Rising Card (Jim Hooper)
Neo Ace Assembly (Edward Marlo)
Neo Aces (Edward Victor)
Neo Change (Daryl Sato)
Neo Deck (Yves Doumergue)
Neo-Piquant Glimpse (Jon Racherbaumer)
Nervous Ace (Aldo Colombini)
Nervous Breakdown (Dominique Duvivier)
Net for Catching the Card, A (Edward Marlo)
Netherworld (Gary Ouellet)
Never (Jean Pierre Valerino)
Never Failing Card, The (Gerald Kosky)
Never Mind (Jon Maronge)
Never on Thunday (Jon Racherbaumer)
Never Say Die (Aldo Colombini)
Never The Twain (Kirk Charles)
Never The Twain Shall Mix (Ray Kosby)
Never Underestimate (Robert Hess)
Neverchange Count (Alex Elmsley)
Never-Mind Shuffle (Lennart Green)
New Ace Vanishes (Edward Marlo)
New Appraoch Ace Assembly (Edward Marlo)
New Back Off, The (Darwin Ortiz)
New Cap, A (Edward Marlo)
New Card Discovery (Jean Hugard)
New Card Reading (Charles T. Jordan)
New Card Reverse (Wayne Minge)
New Color Change of a Giant Card Fan (Del Monte)
New Era Card Through Hankerchief (unknown, from Tarbell #3)
New Era Moving Pips (Tomo Maeda)
New Game, A (Debbie & Allan Ackerman)
New Hue (Brother John Hamman)
New Idea Transposition (Edward Marlo)
New Jack City (John Bannon)
New Limited Edition (Larry Jennings & Gordon Bean)
New Outstanding Triumph (Larry Jennings)
New Pinky Rise (Bob Friedhoffer)
New Quick Three-Way (Edward Marlo)
New Shuffles Harry (Bro. John Hamman)
New Spell, The (Jean Hugard)
New Tens Routine (Darwin Ortiz)
New Theory Dribble Pass (Thomas Baxter)
New Theory Second Deal (Dai Vernon)
New Top Card Production (M. Jules Dhotel)
New Torn-And-Restored Card (Ralph W. Hull)
New Twisted Collectors (J. C. Wagner & Allan Ackerman)
New Wave Oil and Water (Val Le-Val)
New Wave Prediction (Bob King)
New Way Pop (Joel Givens)
New World, A (Dean Dill & Michael Webber)
New Year's Resolution (Bill Goodwin)
New York Opener (Frank Garcia)
New-Fangled Color Change (Harry Lorayne)
Newly Cleaned Open Travelers (Lee Asher)
New-Pack Detection, The (Charles T. Jordan)
New-Wave All Backs (Dominique Duvivier)
Next Card, The (Jay Sankey)
Next Stop, Havana (Allan Ackerman)
Next To Impossible Card To Wallet (Edward Marlo & Danny Korem)
Next to Yours! (Arthur Buckley)
Next! (Paul Curry)
Nexto (Karl Fulves)
(N)Eye(N) Popper, The (Harry Lorayne)
Neyhart Houlette (A.P. "Art" Neyhart)
NFW! (Gary Freed)
Nice Touches (Tony Noice)
Nickel Color Change (Allan Ackerman)
Nick's Expanding Cards (Nick Trost)
Nick's Push-Thru (Nick Trost)
Nifty Deck (Theodore DeLand)
Nifty Key, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Night Club Routine (Edward Marlo)
Nightmare (Robert Moreland)
Nightmare Deck (Simon Lovell)
Nikola Card System (Nikola)
Nine All Mine (Harry Lorayne)
Nine Angry Men (Jack Carpenter)
Nine Card Location (Darwin Ortiz )
Nine Times Location (Matin Nash)
Nine-in-Ten Detection, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Ninety-Three Sixty-Two Year Olds (Paul Gordon)
Ninth Method, The (Edward Marlo)
No Break Marlo-Curry Change (Edward Marlo)
No Camera Tricks (Mark Lee)
No Clue (Gerald Kosky)
No Duplicates (Edward Marlo)
No Entry (Mark Mason)
No Faro, Trapped! (Larry Jennings)
No Fault (Karl Fulves)
No Fuss Switch (Jack Parker)
No Get Ready Double Lift from 4 Cards (Harry Lorayne)
No Hands Smyth's Myth (Peter Plotkin)
No Hassle Hof (Dave Forrest)
No Hiding Place (Roy Walton)
No Holes Barred (David Acer)
No Jogs False Cut (Edward Marlo)
No Jokers Allowed (John Guastaferro)
No Looking (Dai Vernon)
No looking (Lorayne, Elmsley)
No Money, No Honey (Zenneth Kok)
No Palm (Almost) Card To Pocket (Meir Yedid)
No Palm Climax (Edward Marlo)
No Palm Corner in the Glass (Michael Powers)
No Pockets Ultimate Transposition (Paul Gordan & Joseph Ferranti)
No Pre-Set (Karl Fulves)
No Questions Asked (Karl Fulves)
No Throw Monte (Allan Ackerman / Roger Klaus)
No Touch Theory Second Deal (Edward Marlo)
No Use Aces (David Jade / Damien Vapereau)
No Way Out (Darwin Ortiz)
Noah's Mix Up (Gene Castillon)
Noble Triumph (Peter Duffie and Robin Robertson)
No-Break Curry Turnover (Edward Marlo)
No-Clue Discovery (Karl Fulves)
Nomad Aces (Charlie Miller)
Nomen Omen (David Acer)
Nomenclature (John Scarne)
Non Poker Voice (Jean Hugard)
Non-Adjustable 10 (Karl Fulves)
Non-Cut Corner In The Glass (Michael Powers)
Non-Earthly Powers (Harry Lorayne)
Non-Faro Faro (Harry Lorayne)
Nonpareil (Stanley Collins)
Non-Prediction (Keikan Miyanaka)
No-Palm Travelers (Allan Ackerman)
No-Reverse Reverse Count (Doug Edwards)
Nosferatu (Jay Sankey)
Nostradamus (Ori Ashkenazy)
Not Marked! (Walt Maddison)
Not Quite Dead (David Regal)
Not Quite Perfect Torn & Restored Card (Harry Lorayne)
Not So Obvious (Edward Marlo)
Not This Card (Jay Sankey)
Not What It Seems (Randy Wakeman)
Not Your Card (David Blaine?)
Notable Feate Of Casting A Card Into The Packe To Find Anie Mans Card Lost Therein, Thus Causing Your Enemies To Shake, Stampe, Crie, And Danse Naked With Envie, A (Larry Jennings)
Note One (Edward Marlo)
Nothing Changes ( Rick Anderson )
Nothing Happens By Chance (René Lavand)
Nothing To Do (Paul Morris)
Nothing Yet Aces (Larry Jennings)
Notis Cascade (Dai Vernon [based on Howard De Courcey's one-handed shuffle])
Not-so-Lazy-Man's Card Trick (Edward Marlo)
Nouveau 21-Card-Trick (Edward Marlo)
Nova Royale (Jack Carpenter)
Novel Card Discovery (Charles T. Jordan)
Novel Force, A (Charles T. Jordan)
Novelist's Prediction, The (Masao Atsukawa)
Novrec Turnover (Bruce Cervon)
Now It's My Problem! (Daniel McCarthy)
Now you see it! (Jean Hugard)
Nowhere And Everywhere (Larry Jennings)
Nu Way Out of this World (U.F. Grant)
Nudest Nudist Deck, The (Peter Kane)
Nudist Deck (R.W. Hull)
Nufind (Al Baker)
Nulda's Revenge (Darwin Ortiz)
Nullified True Cuts (Edward Marlo)
Nullified! (Tom Stone)
Nullifying Cuts (George Joseph)
Number Force Plus (Paul Hallas)
Number Nine Blue (Richard Kaufman)
Number Transposition (Larry Jennings)
Numberground (Mickael Chatelain)
Numb-skulls' Numbers Game (Jon Racherbaumer)
Numerical Aces (Larry Jennings)
Numerical Affinity (Frank Simon)
Numerical Analysis (Mike Powers)
Numerical Discovery (Warren Wiersbe)
Numero Uno (Harry Lorayne)
Numerology (Richard Vollmer / Martin Gardner / Henry Christ)
Obedient Cards (Juan Tamariz)
Oboe trick
Observation Test (Larry Jennings? Edward Marlo?)
Obstinate Pasteboards (Henry Christ)
Obvious Suggestion (Edward Marlo)
Odd Card Mystery (Yuichi Katakura)
Odd Even experiment (Charles T. Jordan)
Odd Number Theory (Karl Fulves)
Odds Against (Karl Fulves)
Off With His Head (David Regal)
Ohajiki Card Happening (Mahka Tendo)
Oil & Queens (Roy Walton)
Oil and Kings (Stephen Tucker)
Oil and Water (Walter Gibson?)
Oil On Troubled Waters (John Carney)
Oily Triumph (Ken Krenzel)
Old Man River (Rene Lavand)
Olram Subtlety (Edward Marlo)
Olram's Order (Edward Marlo)
Olympic Challenge (Gary Ouellet)
Olympic Champion (Scott Guinn)
On the Reband (Maya Issey)
One and Only (Paul Harris)
One Car Garage (Jay Sankey)
One Card Blackjack Muck (George Joseph)
One Chance in Eight (Francis Haxton)
One For The Money (Bill Goldman)
One Hand Discovery (Matt Schulien)
One Handed Zigzag (Joe Rindfleisch)
One Shot Hofzinser (Robert Bengel)
One too many (George McBride)
One-Eyed Jack Sandwich (Harry Lorayne)
One-way Secrets (Charles T. Jordan)
Only Had Two A brilliant idea (Larry Jennings)
Open Card Change (Larry Jennings)
Open Out (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Open Prediction (Paul Curry)
Open Travelers Transpo Redux (Mike Powers)
Open Travellers (Larry Jennings)
Open Travellers Plus (Don England)
Open Triumph (Ben Earl)
Opposite Pockets (Bro. John Hamman)
Optical Alignment Move (Guy Hollingworth)
Optical Revolve (Tenkai)
Option Play (Karl Fulves)
Ose Cut (Jay Ose)
Ose's Addition (Jay Ose)
Osmosis (Sylvain Mirouf)
Our Friends, The Aces (Charles T. Jordan)
Ouroboros (Jack Parker)
Out Of My Control (Harry Lorayne)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Dai Vernon)
Out of This Borough (David Regal)
Out of This Universe (Harry Lorayne)
Out of This World (Paul Curry)
Out of Touch (John Bannon)
Out of Your Mind (R. Paul Wilson)
Out Out, D amned Spot! (Hiroshi Kondo)
Outer Limits (Larry Barnowsky)
Overhand Shuffle
Overkill (Paul Harris)
Overlap (Joshua Jay)
Owed to Poker Dan (Ron Bauer)
Pack-In-The Box (Tomo Maeda)
Pair Card Mystery (Hiro Sakai)
Palindrome Cards, The (Noel Stanton & Roberto Giobbi)
Palmist's Prophecy (Roy Walton)
Paper Doll Revelation (Chidori Shyokyokusai)
Para-Psychology (Para, Lindan, Lorayne)
Pass At Red (Roy Walton)
Pasteboard Massacre (David Regal)
Peeked Card Reverse (Larry Jennings)
Perfect Card Trick, The (John Northern Hilliard)
Perfect Order (Tenkai Matsuura)
Personality Test (Bob Hummer)
Piano Sans Keyboard (Hideo Kato)
Piano Trick (Jean Hugard)
Pick-Up On South Street (Darwin Ortiz)
Pinch me, I think I'm falling (Aaron Fisher)
Pineapple Surprise '70 (Larry Jennings )
Pineapple Twist (Larry Jennings)
Pinky Count (Darwin Ortiz)
Pinky Shift
Pips-A-Poppin (Tony L. Lewis)
Playback (Sam Schwartz)
Please Don't Feed the Cards (Jay Sankey)
Plunged (Robin Robertson)
Point of Departure (Fernando Keops)
Point the Way (Meir Yedid)
Pointer (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Poker Expert Outdone (Sam Schwartz)
Poker Opener (Martin Nash)
Poker Player's Picnic (Rudy Hunter)
Poker Shark #1 & #2 (Charles T. Jordan)
Pole Apart (Ken Krenzel)
Pop Jump Aces (Gene Maze)
Power Case, The (Mike Powers)
Premonition Outdone (Eddie Joseph)
Presto Printo (Daryl)
Princess Card Trick (Larry Jennings)
Pringle Four Ace Routine (John Snyder, Jr.)
Printing (Dominique Duvivier)
Prior Commitment (Simon Aronson)
Professional, The (Darwin Ortiz)
Prophecy Pack (David Regal)
Psycho (Thom Peterson)
Psycholia (Charles T. Jordan)
Psychotronic Card, The (Darwin Ortiz)
Punken Droker (Paul Cummins)
Push (Victor Farelli)
Pygmalion (Rene Lavand)
R.W. 4 Card Stunner (Randy Wakeman)
Radar Deck (Richard Osterlind)
Radical Aces (Bill Malone)
Rain Man (Lenart Green)
Rainbow Cascade (Roy Walton & Terri Rogers)
Rainbow Deck, The (Neil Lester)
Rainbow Miracle (Nick Trost)
Rainbow Twist (Nick Trost)
Raise Rise (Ray Kosby)
Raising Kane (Paul Gordon)
Rakanakis Cut (John Rakanakis & Dai Vernon)
Rambling Ace (Mike Rogers)
Random Tandem (Simon Aronson)
Randymar Aces (Randy Wakeman)
Ransomed Back (John Ransom / Scott F. Guinn)
Rapid Transit (Karl Fulves)
Rasputin's Secret (Docc Hilford)
Ravelli’s Waterfall Shuffle (Ron Wohl)
Raw Deal (Darwin Ortiz)
Raw Shock (Dan Tong)
Readers (Bruce Cervon)
Reading In Triplicate (Edward Marlo)
Ready Reckoner, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Real Floating Card (Eric James)
Real Gone Aces (Edward Marlo)
Real Magic Spell, A (Bob Longe)
Real Psychic Card Test (Annemann)
Real Secrets (John Bannon)
Real Wild Cards (Harry Lorayne)
Real, Honest-To-God Bluff Cut, The (Edward Marlo)
Really Quick Trick (Oz Pearlman)
Really Wild Deuces (Jed B. Smith)
Reaping The Aces (Larry Jennings)
Recalcitrant (Tommy Wonder)
Recalled (Karl Fulves)
Red Ace - Black Ace (Herb Zarrow)
Red and Black Effect, The (Eddie Clever)
Red and Black Transposition (Harlan Tarbell)
Red Black Cull (Herb Zarrow)
Red Black Location (Lew Brooks)
Red- Black Transposition (Al Baker)
Red Handed (David Regal)
Red Hot Mama (Al Leech)
Red Hot Mamacita (Oz Pearlman)
Red Hot Sevens (Gerry Griffin)
Red Or Black (E. L. Whitford)
Red Rover (Mike Powers)
Red Rover Aces (Larry Jennings)
Red Sea Passover
Red Shift (Mike Powers)
Red Sky @ Night (Looch)
Red/Black Flyer (Larry Jennings)
Red/Black Memory (Harry Lorayne)
Red/Black Shuffle (Harry Lorayne)
Reddish-Blue Triumph (Shigeo Takagi)
Reds & Blacks
Reflipped (Yannick Chretien)
Reformation (Guy Hollingsworth)
Relativity and Cards (Theo Annemann & Jean Hugard)
Relativity Change, The (Arthur Trace)
Release the Chocolate Hostage (Tyler Wilson)
Re-Mark of the Reader (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Rembrandt Aces (Douglas A. Wicks)
Remember and Forget (J.N. Hofzinser & Christoph Borer [*also a version by Edward Marlo])
Remembrance of Card Past (Phil Goldstein)
Remix (Jack Parker)
Remote Chance (Ken Krenzel)
Remote Control (Darwin Ortiz )
Rendezvous Aces (Larry Barnowsky)
Renovated Sphinx Card Trick, The (Eddie Clever)
Reparation (John Lovick)
Repeat Card to Mouth (Matthew J. Dowden )
Repeat Code 345 (Edward Marlo)
Repeating Biddle (Ryan Swigert)
Repelling & Attracting (Peter Duffie)
Repulsion (George McBride)
Repulsive Aces (Alex Elmsley)
Reset (Paul Harris)
Reset Blanks (Guy Hollingworth)
Reset with a Hook (Gregory Wilson)
Resetting Reset (Bill Malone)
Restless Dozen, The (Tom Bowyer)
Restored Card To Wallet (Michael Ammar)
Resurrection of the Cards (T. Nelson Downs)
Resurrexion (Nigel Harrison)
Retention of Vision Cut
Retrospective Lie Detector (Larry Jennings & Bruce Cervon)
Return of the Black Widow (Allan Ackerman)
Return of the Magnificent Seven (John Bannon)
Return of the Ultimate Cardshark, The (Andrew Wimhurst)
Re-turned Touch Turn (Larry Jennings)
Re-Universal Card (Geoff Latta)
Revealed By Fire (John Northern Hilliard)
Revealment (Larry Jennings & Bruce Cervon)
Revenge on the Pink Panthers (Bro. John Hamman)
Reversal Of Fortune (George McBride)
Reverse Assembly (Phil Goldstein)
Reverse Colors (Karl Fulves)
Reverse Faro Coincidence (Mike Powers)
Reverse Faro Ending (Harry Lorayne)
Reverse Location (Bill Larsen)
Reverse Push Off Count (Tenkai Ishida)
Reverse Revelation (Aldo Colombini)
Reverse Switch Shift (Martin Nash)
Reverse Transfer (Dr. Jacob Daley)
Reverse Two (René Lavand)
Reversed Cards (Charles T. Jordan)
Reversed Collectors (Edward Marlo)
Reviewing A Revue (Stanley Collins)
Revisiting Card Case Collectors, The (Allan Ackerman)
Revolution Erdnase (Dan & Dave Buck)
Revolutionary Card (Jack Parker)
Revolving Aces (Harry Lorayne)
Rewind (Mark Mason)
Rewind (Syd Segal)
Rhythm Twins (Rafael Benatar)
Ribbon Spread
Ricochet (R. Paul Wilson)
Riffle & Roll (Jack Carpenter)
Riffle Force
Riffle Force Variant (Ernesto Melero)
Riffle Pass
Riffle Shuffle
Riffle Shuffle Stack (Allan Ackerman)
Rip-Off Reverse (Paul Harris)
Ripped and Repaired (Dave Forrest)
Ripped and Restored (Yves Doumergue)
Ripped Up (Richard Sanders)
Ripper, The (Steve Beam)
Rising Card Trick, The (C. Lang Neil)
Rising Mistake (Michael Powers)
Rising Triumph (Shigeo Takagi)
Roadrunner Cull (Kostya Kimlat)
Robin Hood (Pit Hartling)
Rock And Roll Aces (Peter Marshall)
Roll Over Aces (Derek Dingle)
Rolling off a Log Detection (Charles Jordan)
Rolling the Deck (Darwin Ortiz)
Rolling-Off-A-Log Detection, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Roman Shuffle Bottom Cull (Edward Marlo)
Romeo & Juliet (David Regal)
Rooms for Maneuver (Peter Duffie)
Rope Ladder (Maximilliano Londono)
Roshaman Principle
Rosini Surprise Stab (Paul Rosini)
Round and Round (Jean Hugard)
Route 1 (Dave Forrest)
Routine Maintenance (Simon Aronson)
Rove No More (Paul Hallas)
Royal Aces (Ron Ferris)
Royal Assembly (George Kaplan)
Royal Crown (Doug Brewer)
Royal Delight (Collector's Workshop)
Royal Detectives (J.C. Wagner)
Royal Fantasy (Lubor Fiedler)
Royal Location (Juan Tamariz)
Royal Marriages, The (Dai Vernon)
Royal Oil (Dan Harlan)
Royal Pairs (Sam Schwartz)
Royal Rendevous (Nick Trost)
Royal Reverse (Larry Jennings)
Royal Rhumba (Jean Pierre Vallarino)
Royal Treatment (David Regal)
Royale with Cheese (Luke Dancy)
Royally Wild (J. C. Wagner)
RSF Royal Flush Routine (Lennart Green)
Rub It In Their Nose (Joe Rindfleisch)
Rub-A-Dub-Dub (Hugard / Braue: Expert Card Technique)
Rubber Revelation (Doug Conn)
Rubber Room Change (Doug Conn)
Ruffle Return (Expert Card Technique)
Run Up Problem (Karl Fulves)
Runic Nines (Bro. John Hamman)
Running Control, The (David Acer)
Running the Scale (Dai Vernon)
Run-Ups (Martin Nash)
Rush Hour (Toruu Suzuki)
Sail, The (Edward Marlo)
Salad Dressing (David Elridge)
Saliva Sorcery (Paul Rosini)
Salt-less (Harry Lorayne)
Sam the Bellhop (Frank Everhart)
Sambitious Card (Simon Lovell)
Sam's Son (Stewart James)
Sam-ultaneous (Sam Schwartz)
Sanctum (David Forrest)
Sandwich #2 (Edward Marlo)
Sandwich Outdone (Jason Dean & John Born)
Sandwich Trilogy (Allan Ackerman / Roger Klause / Edward Marlo)
Sandwichange (Harry Lorayne)
Sandwiched Aces (creator unknown; source: Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic)
San's Telephone (Edward Marlo)
Sanverted (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)
SAS (Mark Mason)
Satan Behind You (Dai Vernon)
Satan's Prophecy (Charles T. Jordan)
Satan's Trance (Charles T. Jordan)
Satellite (David Harkey)
Saved By the Belles (Peter Duffie)
SAWAP Monte (Dr. Hiroshi Sawa)
Sawing a Lady (Mike Powers)
Say When! (Al Baker)
Scalbert's Mystery of the Fifth Card (Geoffrey Scalbert)
Scatter (Joshua Jay)
Schrodinger's Dream (Michael Powers)
Schroedingers Cat (R. Paul Wilson)
Schwarzman's Long Toss (Howard Schwarzman)
Schwing! (Chris Kenner)
Scoop Up Replacement (Larry Jennings)
Scoop-Up Addition (Edward Marlo)
Scramble Gamble (Karl Fulves)
Scrambled Straights (John Russel Duck - "Rusduck")
Scrape False Cut (Darwin Ortiz )
Scratch Deal (Edward Marlo)
Scratched Deck as a Reader (Edward Marlo)
Sealed Card Mystery (Harlan Tarbell)
Search and Stop (Larry Jennings)
Searchers,The (Larry Jennings)
Seat Hold-Out (Bruce Cervon)
Second Birthday (Lennart Green)
Second Birthday (Steve Beam)
Second Chance (Wayne Dobson)
Second Deal
Second Effect (Edward Marlo)
Second Palm (Walter B. Gibson)
Second Print (Justin Miller)
Second Sight (Ron Wilson)
Second-Card Palm (Harry Lorayne)
Secret Addition of Cards to the Pack (Jean Hugard)
Secret To A Perfect Royal Flush (Michael Ammar)
Security Express (Milt Kort)
Seeing is Believing (Joshua Jay)
See-Through Aces (Shigeo Futagawa)
Segregation Shuffle (Martin Nash)
Selected Card Found (Al Baker)
Selected Cards from Spectator's Pocket (Harlan Tarbell)
Selected Suit Divination (Tom Craven)
Selective Touch (Jean Hugard)
Self-Centered (Simon Aronson)
Self-Contained Card Vanish (Harlan Tarbell)
Self-Control Lie Speller (Michael Maxwell)
Self-evident (David Regal)
Semi-automatic Gambler (Harry Riser)
Sending It Through (David Regal)
Sense of Touch Discovery (Unknown, published by Harlan Tarbell)
Sensitive Fingertips (Bob Hummer & John Scarne)
Sensitive Touch (Harry Lorayne)
Sequel, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Serendipity (Alex Elmsley)
Set-Reset Plus (Paul Harris & Bernard Bilis)
Seven Card Miracle (Peter Duffie)
Seven Card Monte (Dai Vernon)
Seven Jokers (James Swain)
Seven O'Clock Trick (Bro. John Hamman)
Seven Seconds (Gerry Griffin)
Seven-Card Assembly (Dominique Duvivier)
Sevens Switched at Berth (Gerry Griffin)
Seventh Child (Paul Gordon)
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Roberto Giobbi)
Seventy Six Trick (Allan Ackerman)
Seven-Up Mystery, The (Karl Fulves)
Shadow Card, The (Harry Anderson)
Shake Well Before Using (John Bannon)
Shank Shuffle (Jon Racherbaumer)
Shapeshifter Change (Marc DeSouza)
Shark Attack (Darwin Ortiz)
Shell-A-Roon (Harry Lorayne)
Shenanigan (Aldo Colombini)
Shinkansen (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Ship Deck (Mark Mason)
Ships that pass in the night (Dr. Raymond Beebe)
Shock Treatment (John Bannon)
Shoe't (Mark Southworth & Mark Mason)
Short Jump (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Show and Steal (Gene Maze)
Showdown, The (Darwin Ortiz)
Show-Off Aces (Frank Garcia & George Schindler)
Shrinkage (Matthew J. Dowden)
Shrinker (Bob King)
Shrunken Revelation (Joshua Jay)
Shuffle Non-Bored (Hideo Kato)
Shuffle Time (Paul Harris)
Shuffle, Cut, and Fold (Larry Barnowsky)
Shuffled Thoughts (Scotty York)
Shuffling and Cutting to the Aces (Edward Marlo)
Shuffling Off the Spots (Bill Malone)
Shut Up And Deal (Larry Jennings)
Shy Sense (Hubert Elliott)
Si Stebbins Secret
Sick Aces (aka: "Poker Player’s Picnic" by Rudy Hunter)
Side Center Transfer (Karl Fulves)
Side Jog
Side Slip and Turnover (Jerry Sadowitz & Dr. Jacob Daley)
Side Steal
Side Swiped (Simon Aronson)
Side Winder (Paul Harris)
Sidejogged Hop (Joel Givens)
Sidewalk Shuffle (Martin Lewis)
Sidewalker (Kevin Kelly)
Sidewinder (Paul Harris)
Sign and Mark (Hideo Kato)
Signature Effect (Darwin Ortiz)
Signed, Sealed and Delivered (Karl Fulves)
Signed, Sealed and Delivered (Mike Powers)
Silent Treatment (Jon Allen)
Simon's Aces (Paul Gordon)
Simple Arithmetic (Dai Vernon)
Simple Card Discovery, A (C. O. Williams)
Simple Coincidence (Roy Walton)
Simple Stencel (Larry Jennings)
Simple Switch (Paul Harris)
Simplex L.J. Switch (Larry Jennings)
Simplex Lie Detector (Marty Kane?)
Simplex Torn Card in Balloon (Lu Brent)
Simplex Wild Card (John Fedko)
Simplicity Aces..(Lorayne)..
Simplified Simple Shift (Hiro Sakai)
Simply Divine (David Harkey)
Simply Three (Thom Peterson)
Simply Triumphant (Brent Braun)
Simulacrum Mirabundum (Ken Krenzel)
Simulated Double Undercut (Allan Ackerman)
Single-Handed Shift (S.W. Erdnase)
Singles Club (Shigeo Futagawa)
Sinister Glimpse (Darwin Ortiz)
Siva Count (Jack Arthur Avis)
Six / Four Count Card Across, The (Larry Jennings)
Six Card Repeat (Sam Berland? Dai Vernon?)
Six Card Royal (Doug Edwards)
Six Card Trick (Edward Marlo)
Six Mix (Emerson and West)
Six or Nine (Michael Lam)
Sixty Nine (Rafael Benetar)
Skinned (Dave Forrest)
Skinner Monte Handling (Caj Brejtfus)
Slap Aces (Larry Jennings)
Sleight of Eyes (Hideo Kato)
Sleight of Foot (Jean Hugard)
Slice! (Kuniyasu Fujiwara)
Slick Aces (Darwin Ortiz)
Slide Three-Way (Phil Goldstein)
Slip Cut
Slip Cut Half Pass (Jerry Sadowitz)
Slip Cut Production
Slip Shift (Joshua Jay)
Slipping The Cut (Al Baker)
Slither (Mark Mason)
Slop Shuffle
Sloshed or Sober (Paul Gordon)
Slow Motion Card Vanish (Dai Vernon)
Slow Motion Joker and Aces (Toshio Akanuma)
Slow-Motion 4 Aces (Dai Vernon)
Slow-Motion Aces (Larry Jennings)
Slow-Motion Larry (Larry Jennings)
Slydini Fan Steal (Tony Slydini)
Small Packet All-Backs (Allan Ackerman)
Small Talk (Richard Vollmer)
Small Triumph (Nobuyuki Nojima)
Small World, A (Aldo Colombini)
Smile Away (Jerry Sadowitz)
Smile Count (Larry West)
Smoke (Derren Brown)
Smuggler Aces (Jay Sankey)
Snake crimp (S. W. Erdnase?? Steve Draun??)
Snakes (Wayne Dobson)
Snap Change (Edward Marlo)
Snap Double Lift (Larry Jennings)
Snap-Turn Count (Phil Goldstein)
Snow (Phil Goldstein)
Snowstorm (Jay Sankey)
Sober Slop Shuffle Deal (Edward Marlo)
SOC Thru (Simon Aronson)
Soda Surprise (Will Swanson)
Soft Havana Deal (Edward Marlo)
Soft Shuffle (Martin Nash)
Soft Spots (Kuniyasu Fujiwara)
Sole Selection (Matthew J. Dowden)
Solmar Reversed Assembly (Edward Marlo)
Solo (Jay Sankey)
Solstice Death Grip (Tim David)
Some People Think (Simon Aronson)
Somersaulting One Two Three (Edward Marlo)
Something for Nothing (James Swain)
Something New (Bob Hummer)
Somethings up! (Jerry Sadowitz)
Sorted Affair (Sean Bogunia)
Soul-Mate-Survivor (Peter Duffie / Robin Robertson)
Spanish Inquisition, The (Jay Sankey)
Spares (Al Smith)
Speaking of Pink Elephants (Charles T. Jordan)
Specs EFX (Chris Hart / Joe Monti)
Spectator Cuts Double (Allan Ackerman)
Spectator cuts the aces (Bob Veeser / Larry Jennings)
Spectator Cuts Your Card (Jerry Mentzer)
Spectator Does It All, The (John Northern Hilliard)
Spectator Locates an Ace (Harry Lorayne)
Spectator Outdeals Magician.. Almost (Bro. John Hamman)
Spectator Peek Palm (Gene Maze)
Spectator's Triumph (Larry Jennings)
Spectrum (R. Paul Wilson)
Spell All (Richard Vollmer)
Spell or Deal, It's Up To You (Peter Duffie)
Spelling Card Trick (U.F. Grant)
Spelling Collins Aces (Martin Lewis)
Spell-Mell (Harry Lorayne)
Spello (Karl Fulves)
Spending Spree (Ben Harris)
Sphinx Card Trick (Theodore Annemann)
Spider, The (Stanley Collins)
Spirit Duplicator (Jim Rainho)
Spirit Mathematician, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Spirit Mathematician, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Splash Move (Darwin Ortiz)
Split Aces (Dave Forrest)
Split Decision (Joshua Jay)
Split Ends (Jay Sankey)
Split Fan Card Production
Splitting The Twos (Eric DeCamps)
Sponge Aces (Joel Givens)
Spook Card (Charles T. Jordan)
Spots Erased (Rezvani)
Spots New?! (Harry Lorayne)
Spread Cull Control (J. N. Hofzinser)
Spread Em (Steve Dusheck)
Spread Pass Delay (Harry Lorayne)
Spreadwave (Mathieu Bich)
Spring Fever (Karl Norman)
Spring Set Double (Dominique Duvivier)
Square Up...And Away (A. Berkeley Davis)
Squeeze Change (Frank Garcia)
Squeeze Palm ( Dustin D. Marks )
Stabbed (Howard Flint)
Stabbed In the Pack (Matthew Johnson)
Staggered (Eddie Joseph)
Staircase Change, The (Juan Tamariz)
Standing Ovation Invisible Deck (Bill Malone)
Standout (J.K. Hartman)
Stanley Collins Meets Corinda (Ken Kuroki)
Stapled (Paul Harris & Looy Simonoff)
Star is Born, A (Aaron Fisher)
Starlite (Karl Fulves)
Starry Eyed Surprise (Oz Pearlman)
Startling (Wayne Dobson)
Status Quo Shuffle (Harry Lorayne)
Stealing Pips (Oz Pearlman)
Stealing Second (R. Paul Wilson)
Steinmeyer's Nine Card Problem with Seven Cards (David Solomon)
Stencel Aces (Bob Stencel)
Step-Peek (Dai Vernon )
Stevenz (Karl Fulves)
Stickman Sam (Mark Mason)
Stickmen 4 (Richard Sanders)
Sticky Location/Revelation (Harry Lorayne)
Still Pointing (Joe Rindfleisch)
Sting, The (Walt Maddison & Harry Lorayne)
Stolen Cards (Lennart Green)
Stone Cold Color Change (Jeff Stone)
Stooge Fright (Jack Parker)
Stop (Harry Lorayne)
Stop Aces (Allan Ackerman)
Stop Card Mystery (Martin Sunshine)
Stop Now (David Blaine?)
Stop Sandwich (Gene Maze)
Stop Trick (Al Baker)
Stover Fake Cut (Mel Stover)
Straggler (John Carney)
Straight and Narrow (Warren Stephens & Harry Lorayne)
Straight Up With A Twist (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Strange Change (Jay Noblezada)
Strange Co-Incidence (Takeshi Nemoto)
Strange Exchange (Paul Harris)
Strange Harmony (Harry Lorayne)
Strange Travellers (David Blaine)
Stranger (Richard James)
Strangers' Gallery (John Bannon)
Streamlined Assembly (David Regal)
Stress Test, The (John Guastaferro)
Stretch (Paul Harris)
Strike Center Deal (Allan Ackerman)
Strike Second #1 (Sepp Holzer and Andy Edmüller )
Striking Matches (J.K. Hartman)
Strip Stack (Karl Fulves)
Strip-out Addition (Dai Vernon)
Stripout Insertion/Addition, The (Bruce Cervon)
Stripper Deck (Burling Hull? Theodore DeLand?)
Stuart Gordon Double Turnover (Stuart Gordon)
Stud (Paul Gordon)
Stud Bottom Deal (Larry Jennings)
Stud Second Deal (Larry Jennings)
Study for the Mexican Turnover (Juan Tamariz)
Stund (Peter Duffie)
Stunning Ten To Twenty Revelation (Paul Gordon)
Subdivision (Luke Jermay)
Subliminal Aces (Larry Jennings)
Subtle Fan Add-On (Eddie Fields)
Subtle Slop Shuffle Aces (Shigeo Takagi)
Success Story (Edward Marlo)
Sucker Punch (Larry Jennings)
Sudden Death Gypsy Curse (Ron Bauer)
Sudden Deck (David Regal)
Sudden Deck 2 (David Regal)
Suit Appearance (Jose Carroll)
Suits You (Steve Bates)
Sun Valley Serenade (Scott Guinn)
Sunlight Sorts (David Malek)
Sunshine Card (Martin Sunshine)
Super Card Prediction (Jean Hugard)
Super Closer (J.C. Wagner)
Super Duper Cut (Daryl)
Super Duplex Countdown (Peter Duffie)
Super Express (Hiro Sakai)
Super Express (Kazuyuki Hase)
Super Poker (Juan Tamariz)
Super Power Memory Routine (Andrew Wimhurst)
Super Prediction (Haruhito Hirata)
Super Stoned Poker Deal (Simon Aronson)
Super Swindle (Paul Harris)
Supermind (Henry Evans)
Sure Locator (U.F. Grant)
Sure Thing (Paul Curry)
Surprise Color Change (Tenkai Ishida)
Surprise Sevens (Gerry Griffin)
Survivor (Robert E. Neal)
Sveep (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Svengali Deck (Burling Hull?)
Svengali Shuffle (Jean Hugard)
Sweetest Sound (Scott Cram)
Swell Spell (Doug Edwards)
Swindle Four King Triumph (Larry Jennings)
Swindle Transpo (David Regal)
Swing Cut
Swing With A Sonnet (Rene Lavand)
Swinger (Mike Powers)
Swinging Pips
Swiss Made (Dan & Dave Buck)
Switch One/Four (Gene Maze)
Switchblade (Karl Fulves)
Switcher (Richard James)
Switching Hands (René Lavand)
Swivel Cut (Nate Leipzig)
Swivel Palm (Walter B. Gibson)
Symbologic (Hen Fetsch)
Sympathetic Aces (John Scarne)
Sympathetic Cards (Magic Ronnay of Vienna)
Sympathetic Decks (Harry Lorayne)
Symphony Of The Colors (Rene Lavand)
SynchroMatic (Peter Duffie)
Synchronicity (Larry Jennings)
Synchronicity Coincidence (Hiro Sakai)
Syncopated Aces (John Bannon)
Synthetic Sympathy (Theodore Annemann)
System 88 (Docc Hilford & Dr. Lisa Chin)
T.C.T.C.S.A (Dan & Dave Buck)
T.N.T. Top Change (Larry Jennings)
Table Edge Holdout (Edward Marlo)
Table Pass (Charlie Miller)
Tabled Add On (Edward Marlo)
Tabled Ambition (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Tabled Block Slip Cut (Edward Marlo)
Tabled Faro Shuffle (Charlie Miller??)
Tag Along Aces (Richard Vollmer)
Take-A-Peek Card Trick (Charles T. Jordan)
Takedown (Karl Fulves)
Taking It Dice And Easy (Doug Conn)
Talisman (Ken Kuroki)
Tallahassee Tent (Paul Harris)
Tally-Ho (Henry Christ)
Tally-Ho Spell (Larry Jennings)
Tandem In One (Ernest Earick)
Tap Dancing Aces (Paul Harris)
Tap-A-Lack (Paul Cummins)
Target Practice (Jay Sankey)
T-Bone (Jay Sankey)
Teacher, The (Shigeo Futagawa)
Tear For Two (Ken de Courcy)
Tear-able (Doc Eason)
Tears Without Tears 2 (Edward Marlo)
TeBe Change (Ross Bertram)
Technicolor Cards (Karl Fulves)
Technicolor Cheek (R. Paul Wilson)
Technicolor Oil and Water (Edward Marlo)
Technicolor Progressive (Allan Ackerman & Jon Racherbaumer)
Teeter Totter Aces (John Guastaferro)
Telegram Surprise (Roy Johnson)
Telekinesis Deck
Telepathic Deck of Cards (Henry Hardin & Burling Hull & Harlan Tarbell)
Telepathy For Two (Al Baker)
Television Card Frame (Jack Hughes)
Tell Tale Aces (Larry Jennings)
Tell-All Gemini (Allan Ackerman)
Temptation (Gordon Bean)
Ten (Richard Sanders)
Ten Card Trick (Edward Marlo)
Ten Cards and Envelope Trick (Al Baker)
Ten Exact Cuts (Henry Evans)
Ten for Ten (Yves Doumergue)
Ten Gives Three (Dai Vernon)
Ten No Koe (Haruhito Hirata)
Ten To One (Martin A. Nash)
Tenacious Climber (David Regal)
Ten-Card Poker Deal (Nick Trost )
Ten-in-a-Row Double Coincidence (Nick Trost)
Tenkai Change (Tenkai)
Tenkai palm (Tenkai)
Tenkai's Reverse Cards Mystery (Tenkai)
Ten-Second Poker (David Regal)
Tensegrity (Patrick Snowden)
Tent Vanish (Arthur Finley)
Ten-Yogi (Hiro Sakai)
Terpsichorean Card (August Roterberg)
Test Conditions (Larry Becker)
That Dam Card Trick (Marty "Martini" Grams)
That Other Dam Card Trick (Marty "Martini" Grams)
Thatcher Out! (Bruce Cervon)
That's It! (Eddie Fechter)
That's The Truth! (Peter Duffie)
Thelma (Karl Fulves)
There's more! (Doug Edwards)
They Don't Remember (Edward Marlo)
They Vanish! (Larry Jennings)
Think as I Think (Edward Marlo)
Think of a Card (Dai Vernon, Paul Harris, [many others...])
Think of an Ace (Dai Vernon)
Think of Any Card (Rufus Steele)
Think Stop (Jean Hugard [also, versions credited to Karl Fulves and R. Paul Wilson])
Think, Touch, Turn (Edward Marlo)
Thinker's Whim (J.K. Hartman)
Thinking Cap (R. Paul Wilson)
Third Degree Burn (Jason Palter)
Thirty-Two (Norman Houghton)
This, That and the Other (Brent Braun)
Those Scary Cannibal Cards! (Bill Malone)
Thot Echo (Sam Schwartz)
Thought Card To Pocket (Larry Jennings)
Thought Foretold (Charles T. Jordan)
Thought Spelling (Jean Hugard)
Thoughts Anticipated (Jean Hugard)
Three Aces (S.W. Erdnase)
Three As Four Count (Larry Jennings)
Three Before ( Jeb B. Smith )
Three Card Catch (Reinhard Mueller)
Three Cards Across (Louis Zingone)
Three Cards Found (R. Paul Wilson)
Three Cards Through the Handkerchief (Harlan Tarbell)
Three Cards Under a Box (Guy Hollingworth)
Three Down - One to Go (Peter Duffie)
Three Guesses (Bro. John Hamman)
Three in a Million (Frank Garcia)
Three in Hiding (Alex Elmsley)
Three Indicators (David Soloman)
Three Jacks Deal, The (Lin Searles & Karl Fulves)
Three Kings (Aaron Fisher)
Three Lesson Monte (Larry Barnowsky)
Three Musketeers and D'Artagnan, The (Jean Hugard)
Three Packet Display (Larry Jennings)
Three Quarter Card (Masao Atsukawa)
Three Second Wonder (Gary Ouellet)
Three Sided Card (Allan Ackerman)
Three Transfers (Ken Krenzel)
Three Way Display (Paul Harris)
Three-Card Monte
Three-In-One (Jack Carpenter)
Three-Way Eliminator, The (Bruce Cervon)
Three-way Excursion (Irv Weiner & Roberto Giobbi)
Through and Through (Roberto Giobbi)
Throw Down Change
Throw Through Change (Daryl)
Thrown Up Sandwich (Joe Rindfleisch)
Thumb Break
Thumb Fan
Tijuana Story, The (René Lavand)
Tilt (Edward Marlo)
Tilted and Turned (Daryl)
Tilted Triumph (Dr. Hiroshi Sawa)
Time & Again (Darwin Ortiz )
Time Machine, The (Paul Harris)
Time Piece (Darwin Ortiz)
Time Will Tell (John Guastaferro)
Time Will Tell (Nick Trost)
Timely Departure (John Bannon)
Tip-Over Change (Jack Merlin )
TiVo Transpo (Dan & Dave Buck)
To Catch an Ace #5 (Harry Lorayne)
To change Four Cards, drawn haphazard, and placed on the Table, into Cards of the same Value as a Single Card subsequently chosen by one of the Spectators (Angelo John Lewis a.k.a. Professor Hoffmann)
To Count Less Cards as More (Edward Marlo)
To Pay The Price (Bruce Cervon)
To The Cut (Shigeo Takagi)
To The Point (Harry Lorayne)
Toaster, The (Shigeo Futagawa)
Tobacco Exchange, The (Tommy Wonder)
Tom-Foolery Transformation (Tom Mullica)
Tong's Aces (Danny Tong)
Tongue in Cheek (James Swain)
Too Many Cards (Derek Dingle)
Too Tired (Garcia & Schindler)
Toony Angel (Michael Maxwell)
Top Change
Top of the Heap (Gary Ouellet)
Top Shot (Lennart Green)
Top Stock Controls (Martin Nash)
Topper (Frank Garcia & Bill Spooner)
Topsy Transpo (Karl Fulves)
Topsy-Turvy (Hugard / Braue: RRTCM)
Torched & Restored (Brent Braun)
Torn (Daniel Garcia)
Torn 'N Restored (J.C. Wagner)
Torn Up (Sam Schwartz)
Tornado Production (Ashford Kneitel)
Total Coincidence (Juan Tamariz)
Total Triumph (Shigeo Takagi)
Toulagi (Dominique Duvivier)
Tra-Fix (Emerson and West)
Trampoline (Harry Lorayne)
Transcendental Transpo (Ken Krenzel)
Trans-Essence (John Carney)
Transfer Collectors (Bill Goodwin)
Transfer of Power (Karl Fulves)
Transfero (Charles T. Jordan)
Transformations, Second Method (S. W. Erdnase)
Transitrap (Karl Fulves)
Transmutation (Larry Jennings)
Transplant (John Carney)
Transposition Breakthrough (Harry Lorayne)
Transposition Extraordinary (T. Nelson Downs)
Trans-Print (Emerson and West)
Trap-Ease (David Forrest)
Trapped (Rodger Lovins)
Trapped By the Bullets (Bruce Cervon)
Trapper Keeper (Karl Fulves)
Traveling Worm, The (Karrell Fox)
Travellers (Dai Vernon)
Travelling Expert, The (Larry Jennings)
Travelling without moving (Jack Parker)
Tres Pass (Lee Asher)
Triangle Trick, The (David Devant)
Trick Deck (Don England)
Trick That Cannot Be Explained (Dai Vernon)
Tricky Mentalist (Gerald Kosky)
Trident (Aldo Colombini)
Trik Kards
Trinity (Norman Houghton)
Trio, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Tri-Optical Illusion (Scott Guinn)
Triple Coincidence (John Scarne? Gene Maze? Al Leach?)
Triple Escape, The (Charles T. Jordan)
Triple Flight of Cards, The (Stanley Collins)
Triple Header (Ron Frost)
Triple Impact (Matt Ellison)
Triple Mystery, The (John Northern Hilliard)
Triple Play Cut (Gene Matsuura)
Triple Shock (Jonny Hirose)
Triple Turnover
Trite But All Right (Edward Marlo)
Triumph (Dai Vernon)
Triumph Tools (Doug Conn)
Tri-Version (Randy Wakeman)
Trost-Worthy (Peter Duffy)
True Blue (David Regal)
True Hue (Phil "Max Maven" Goldstein)
Turn Around Cards (Tony Spina)
Turn of the Century (Paul Curry)
Turn Over Pop (Gerry Griffin)
Turnabout (Karl Fulves)
Turning Braue Around (Larry Jennings & Bruce Cervon)
Turnover Draw (Karl Fulves)
Turnover Pass
Turnover Replacement, The (Jaun Tamariz, Gordon Bruce, Fred Braue)
TV Magic Cards (Marshall Brodien)
TV Snap (Shoot Ogawa)
Twentieth-Century Puzzle, The (Karl Fulves)
Twentieth-Century Telepathy (Karl Fulves)
Twenty Six Thousand Dollars (Lennart Green)
Twenty-First Century Cards Across (James Swain)
Twenty-Five Year Old Brain Wave (Allan Ackerman)
Twenty-One Card Trick
Twice as Hard (Simon Aronson)
Twin Souls (Jean Hugard)
Twin Thoughts (Buddy Ackner)
Twins (Bro. John Hamman)
Twinsplit Remix (Dan & Dave Buck)
Twist and Shout (Meir Yedid)
Twisted Collectors (J.C. Wagner)
Twisted Flush (Bill Malone)
Twisted In The Middle (Larry Jennings)
Twisted Sister (John Bannon)
Twisting Hofzinser (J.J. Sanvert)
Twisting Revisited (Bro. John Hamman)
Twisting the Aces (Dai Vernon)
Twisting the Faces (Sam Schwartz)
Two Card for Two Card Switch (Juan Tamariz)
Two Card Impossible Location (Edward Marlo)
Two Card Muck (George Joseph )
Two Card Mystery (Masuda)
Two Card Penetration (Stanley Collins)
Two Card Push-Off
Two Card Stab (Daryl)
Two Card Transpo (Ben Earl)
Two Card Trick (Bro. John Hamman)
Two Deck Canasta (Simon Aronson)
Two for Free (Scott Guinn)
Two Gamblers and A Magician (Harry Lorayne)
Two Hearts That Beat as One (Michael Ammar?)
Two Little Mistakes (Steve Shufton)
Two Minds and a Mate (Simon Aronson)
Two Shuffles Harry (Brother John Hamman)
Two Thousand Dollar Transpo (Michael Ammar)
Two Umff (Karl Fulves)
Twofer Shuffle, The (Darwin Ortiz)
Tyler Insults Tilt's Totally Inexplicable Elegance and Simplicity (Tyler Wilson)
Ultimate Ambition (Daryl)
Ultimate Ambition Improved (Daryl)
Ultimate Backflip (Jeremy Pei)
Ultimate Fusion (Darwin Ortiz)
Ultimate Monte (Daryl)
Ulti-Monte (Harold Cataquet)
Underground Transposition II (J. C. Wagner)
Unexpected Development (Mike Powers)
Unhappy Student (David Solomon)
Uni-Flection (Larry Jennings)
Unknown Card (Nick Trost)
Up the ladder... (and down your shorts) (Paul Harris)
Visitor, The (Larry Jennings)
Warped (Bruce Cervon)
Wedding, The (Bruno Copin)
Weighing Cards (S.W. Erdnase)
Weighted Aces (Gregory Wilson)
Where Has it Gone? (Hideo Kato)
Whirlpool (Paul Harris)
Whiskers Split (Jack Parker)
Whispering Wagner (J.C. Wagner)
White Bikes (Paul Richards)
White or Wheat (Daniel Garica)
Wild (Aldo Colombini)
Wild Card (Peter Kane & Frank Garcia)
Wild Deuce (Nick Trost)
Wild In The Straights (John Bannon)
Wild Wild West (Larry West)
Wind Tunnel (J. G. O'Genski)
Winter Change (John Cornelius)
Wizard's Whist (Stanley Collins)
Womens' Cannibal Liberation (David Solomon)
X (Jay Sankey)
X Equals Five (Herb Runge)
X Marks The Spot (Justin Miller)
X on Val Dees, The (Scott Guinn)
X-Change (Gerald Kosky)
XCM (Brian Tudor)
X-Deck (David Forrest)
Xerox Effect, The (Stephen Tucker)
X-Marked (sounds like a variation of "X" by Jay Sankey)
X-Oteric Forces (Basil Smith)
Xpert Vampire Hunter (Neil Tobin)
X-Posed (Wayne Dobson)
X-Ray (Williams)
X-Ray Deck
X-Ray Eyes (Jean Hugard)
X-Ray Location, The (George Kaplan)
X's Are Aces (Karl Fulves)
X-tacy (J.K. Hartman)
XTC Deck
Y Cards (Royal Magic)
Y2K Deck (Aldo Colombini)
YACTIL (Joe Pecore)
Yakity-Yaks (Joe Berg)
Yankee Doodle (Ray Mertz)
Year Game, The (Itamar Hernandez)
Year, Month, Day (David Hudspath)
Years Go By (Rene Lavand)
Yeast Card (Michael Ammar)
Yeast Pack (Tony Lopilato)
Yedid Alignment Variant (Meir Yedid)
Yellow Kid's Monte (Andrew Wimhurst)
Yellow-Back Fever (Stewart James)
Yenrac Packet Switch,The (John Carney)
Yes & No (Jay Sankey)
Yes Men (Lewis Jones)
Yes or No? (Marty Kane)
Yesterday's Dream (Harry Robson)
Yet Another Card To Wallet (Tony Miller)
Yet Another Reset (Robert Moreland)
Yet to be Named (Brian Tudor)
Yggdrasil (Theodore Annemann)
Yikes! (Aldo Colombini)
Yin-Yang (Martin Gardner)
Yo! (Lee Asher)
Yo, Adrian (Karl Fulves)
Yogi Force (Charles T. Jordan)
Yogi Spelling Test (George Kaplan)
Yogi Tells (R.M.Jamison)
Yogi Wonder (Theodore DeLand)
Yogi You-Do-As-I-Do (Eddie Fields / George Kaplan)
Yogi's Secret, The (George Kaplan)
Yore Finder (Gerald Kosky)
York's Stab Surprise (Scotty York)
Yornot Law (Stewart James)
You Ain't Going to Believe This (Gerry Griffin)
You Always Win!! (Daryl)
You Bet (Lewis Jones)
You Bet Your Asher (Lee Asher)
You Blue It (Ed Ellis)
You Buy the Drink (Tony Kardyro)
You Call It (Larry Jennings)
You Can Always Count On Your Wallet (Larry Jennings)
You Can Always Do Better (Edward Marlo)
You Can't Cheat An Honest Man (Roy Walton)
You Can't Do as I Do (From Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic)
You Can't Go Wrong (Harry Lorayne)
You Can't Win (Bill Okal)
You Collector, You brought Her (John Lovick)
You Count 'Em (Theo Annemann)
You Did It (T.S.Ransom)
You Did It Again! (Edward Marlo)
You Do As Heller Does (A. Heller)
You Do As I Do (Paul Cummins)
You Do as I Do with My Dough (Larry Barnowsky)
You Do as I Do with One Pack (Al Baker)
You Do As I Don't (James A. Hume [aka: The Great Aldini])
You Do As She Thinks (Peter Harrison)
You Don't Know Jack (Carl Andrews)
You Drew As I Drew (Stewart James)
You Find One (David Bornstein)
You Find Your Card (René Lavand)
You Get It (Gerald Kosky)
You Got Nothin' Poker Deal, The (Milt Kort)
You Hue (Mike Close)
You Lied! (Dai Vernon)
You Must be Joking (Terry Seabrooke)
You Must Be Wrong (Henry Hay)
You Must Remember This (Karl Fulves)
You Name It - I'll Change It (Roy Walton)
You name It (John Russel Duck - "Rusduck")
You Only Collect Twice (Jerry Sadowitz)
You Read My Mind (Alan Alan)
You Really Can Change Your Mind! (David Regal)
You See? (Harold Lloyd)
You Selected The ___ (Jean Hugard)
You Shuffle as I Shuffle (Frank Simon)
You Spell It Yourself Feat, The (Theo Annemann)
You Wanted It (René Lavand)
You, Babe (Karl Fulves)
You'd Swear There Were Duplicates (David Regal)
You'd Swear There Were Duplicates (David Regal)
You'll Fool All (Doug Edwards)
Your Aces Are Marked (Terry LaGerould)
Your Best Suit (Larry Jennings)
Your Card (John Zander)
Your Card Appears In Steve's Mouth (Steve Ehlers)
Your Card Is Here (Frank Garcia/George Schindler)
Your Card Of Destiny (Dr. Raymond Beebe)
Your Card Trick (Peter Eggink)
Your Card! (Orville Wayne Meyer)
Your Card, Sir? (Jean Hugard)
Your Card, Your Number (Jean Hugard)
Your Card/My Card (Tom Craven)
Your Choice (Harry Lorayne)
Your Choice (Ken DeCourcy)
Your Cut My Cut (John Bahu)
Your Deal (Frank Garcia & George Schindler)
Your Favorite Ace (Arthur Buckley)
Your Favorite Card (Harry Lorayne)
Your Favorite Method (John Graham)
Your Fortune, Miss (Audley Walsh)
Your Lucky Day (Aldo Colombini)
Your Name Here (Adam Rubin )
Your Name, Your Card (Ben Salinas)
Your Number (Greer Maréchal, Jr.)
Your Number, Your Fortune (Steve Dusheck)
Your Number's Up (David Regal)
Your Number's Up (Simon Lovell)
Your Number-Your Card (Paul Rosini)
Your Pick (Marshall Brodien)
Your Pulse Tells (Al Baker)
Your Secret Number (Steve Beam)
Your Signature in My Wallet (Rene Lavand)
Your Signed Card (Brother John Hamman)
Your Signed Kung Pao Chicken (Kostya Kimlat)
Your Very Own (Roy Walton)
You're Sitting on It (Frank Garcia & George Schindler)
Yours, Mine & Ours (Jim Swain)
Yours, Mine, Yours (Ernest Earick)
You've Been Real Good To Me (Eddie Fechter)
You've Changed (David Regal)
You've Got Mail (Larry Anderson)
Yummy Yuk (Ian Adair)
Yumpin' Yaks (Karl Fulves)
Zarrow Shuffle (Herb Zarrow)
Zens a la Curry (Paul Curry & Bob Haines)

Carrying on with:
Numerology in Color (Nick Trost)
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Thanks again, Magiguy, for your list, in meantime there are 2429 items! and soon we will come to the jubilee page 100!!!!

Carrying on with:

Redblackjack (Karl Fulves in KALEIDOSCOPE (1989)p.32)
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Profile of Magiguy
On 2008-03-16 13:03, MueCard wrote:
soon we will come to the jubilee page 100!!!!

Yep. I was hoping that I had timed it correctly, and that the list would be at the top of the 100th page. Oh well...
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Key to the Kingdom..(?)..
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
John Heggie
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On 2008-03-16 14:24, Magiguy wrote:
On 2008-03-16 13:03, MueCard wrote:
soon we will come to the jubilee page 100!!!!

Yep. I was hoping that I had timed it correctly, and that the list would be at the top of the 100th page. Oh well...

I think each page holds 30 posts.

Main Thrust, The (Paul Gordon)

On 2008-03-16 18:58, joseph wrote:
Key to the Kingdom..(?)..

Is this the trick by Rev. Robert H. Hill?

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On 2008-03-16 21:26, John Heggie wrote:
I think each page holds 30 posts.

Thanks John! I'll try to remember to keep that in mind for page 200. Smile
Tom Christensen
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Total Freedom (Mike Powers) from Power Plays, pg 128

And the next post should start page 100!!!
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Median (Karl Fulves in DECEPTIVE PRACTICES (1992) p. 19)
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On 2008-03-16 21:31, John Heggie wrote:
On 2008-03-16 18:58, joseph wrote:
Key to the Kingdom..(?)..

Is this the trick by Rev. Robert H. Hill?

Probably, John, since it it gospel related.....(see it HERE ) 100...We made it!! Smile ..
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
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