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Magic CPA
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I usually carry a mismade bill, rubberbands (e.g. CMHC, ring up rubberband, etc.) and prepared business cards. I'm considering learning a "$5 to $1 transpo" trick (e.g. beswitched) which I would carry in my wallet.
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On 2003-01-02 23:33, vinsmagic wrote:
I carry a pair of dice..........

Yea I love that routine in the Bruce Elliott book too LOL
Woke up.
Fell out of bed.
Dragged a comb across m' head.
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I usually do not carry much but my wallet always has Kollosal Killer and Fraud ready to go. These are 2 really powerful effects that are easy to carry and can be done as long as I have them set. Lately though I havent been leaving the house without my deck stacked using the BCS. I love using this stack.
"Life is only as good as the memories we make..." -K.Roe
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Baltimore, MD
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I don't always carry all this at once, usually I have about half of this stuff with me, depending on what I think I'll be in the mood to fool with when I'm leaving the house.
1 TT
1 straight deck
1 Gimmicked deck such as Invisible or Brainwave, as a security blanket
Half in bottle
Leipsig's Pride
4 half dollars or silver dollars
1 E. S. to match the above
1 big penny, dollar size OR big penny "clank" size. I don't usually carry both big coins at the same time
a little ball of fun tack stuck on a button somewhere about me
Lately I have taken to wearing IT loops
1 or 2 English Pennies
Woke up.
Fell out of bed.
Dragged a comb across m' head.
Tim Hannig
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Hundy 500
Cashier's Nightmare
view this at google video here
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Fizzban Magic
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I carry notepad, pencil, and my haunted key, it works great as a pendulum too!
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I always have a deck of cards, a marker, 4 sponges, coins, TT & silk and elastic bands. When I've my bag ,which I've with me most of the time it adds 2 decks of cards(one has custom looks), d'lites, raven and sts.

I always knew I carry too much stuff with me, but I can't even think going out without at least the TT, deck of cards and sponges.
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I always carry my 3cm and six 64 kennedy's and a TT ,that gives me a few routines at a moments notice....
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Great reading what you all carry heres my list for what to carry. I beef it up if I know iam going to be in a large group of pepole.

I always carry my magus capsule which also help to carry thumb tip and two razor edge dice.

somtimes I carry......

Flash paper in a small mint tin and a hanky and 3 ring circus.

in my bag is equal ropes and a ring for ring and rope.

a boxs of matchs.

Souce stuff at venue ......

2 grapes and old coffe mug = chop cup routine final load any thing big.

Travel cards and rail tickets are good for useing to cover coins in a coin matrixs also mark them up to use in a 3 card monti.

I just keep looking for stuf at venues.

if any set up or riging is neede go for a poo.

With above stuff I do a pile of tricks. in this situation keep it simple keep it short and let them ask fo more leave for a bit then do more your also find ther like a chat as well so slow down. The other week I went to a bar to see a friend that had been a wawy for a while his whole faimly rocked up I did a bit of table hoping for a hour then done a big prestion of notey not as a final trick then sucked up free drinks as payment..

Keep going pepole
Enjoy your magic,

and let others enjoy it as well!
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Columbus, Ohio
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I never leave home without at least one TT. Usually, I have more than one. A hard one and a soft one. Only time I can get caught without a TT is when I'm mowing the yard and I have to confess...I've thought of even carrying one then!

In addition to that, I always have various coins, (the new dollar coins, Kennedy half dollars, Gospel tracts in coin form, etc.), and I've always got some kind of paddle trick on me, (usually a Hot Rod of sorts). A mis-made bill is also in my wallet and my wallet is always on me. Those are the ALWAYS ON ME items. What I USUALLY have on me includes a Black's PK ring, D'Lites, a small, (but manly), coin purse and Jay Sankey's Holy Moly. ...All of these are on me even when I am not expecting or planning to perform.

Then I also add stuff to the mix when the situation, what I'm wearing or where I'm going allows...just in case. Stuff like a bill tube, the Change Cap, a devil's napkin, ITR or IT loops, Third Degree Burn...whatever I think to grab on the way out.

Of course, if I'm expecting to perform, I'll have a jacket with the pockets loaded or will have one of my cases with me. Long story short, (I know, too late for that): Can't beat a TT. Never leave home without one!!
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Sometimes I will carry more but the minimum will be a TT. Whenever asked to perform a trick, I will do Dollar Bill Switch or Vanishing a lighted match.
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Some half dollars, BCS Deck, Invisible Deck, a TT and a 12" silk
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Profile of Amade3us
A TT, deck of cards, deck of cards, Super Sharpie
Leland Stone
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Hiya, Magi:

Your contributions here are instructive and thought-provoking; Harry (the artist formerly known as Mumblepeas) and others make a strong case for anti-clank Magic -- the sort which doesn't require a clanking pocket load of gizmos.

Clank Magic is, however, that to which I gravitate, as I tend to be linear -- okay, hidebound -- in my thinking. Thus, knowing WHAT you carry has been helpful, and knowing what you DO with what you carry has been moreso, but knowing WHY you decided on what you carry would be most beneficial.

What is it that drives your choices? Some have mentioned published routines, and that's helpful because I can study the cited material and connect the dots between the published source and the Magician's answer/style of creative thinking. Beyond that, however, what is 'it' that yields an "A-HA!" moment, that allows or enables you to (sorry for the cliche') "think outside the box" and, for example, come up with 'VooDoo Ashes' using lipstick instead of ashes?

It may be that your talent is innate, and thus not transferable. But if the answer is simply training one's mind to be more creative, then your detailed analysis would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance,
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Dayton, OH
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I typically carry a deck of cards since that's most of my repitoire, but I'm cutting down for now unless I know I'll be doing magic (I like to keep a deck of cards in an inside breast pocket of a jacket or in a side pocket, but its too warm for that now and they warp in my pocket even in my guard).

Anyway, my typical carry items these days are...

In the pocket:
Blue Bic Med. round stic pen for Greg Wilsons Recap
Some spare change from my desk for random coin tricks
Sometimes a stealth pen

In my wallet:
Greed bill
Hopping Halves
Whatever my favorite packet trick of the moment is (currently Richard Sanders Super Duper Jumping Gemini
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Profile of hiwese1
Deck of Cards
Scotch and Soda
Bill transpos
Tony Webs
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I use to carry allsorts on me at first. Now I just have my wallet with a bit of change in , an ordinary pencil or pen with a bit of paper or card. My mobile phone, but what I have on it is some music that I play if performing the mizers dream routine for those that like I also have some music and sound effect on it that I use to accompany my own mini impromtu act together with a few photos of numbers or cards that I use as a revelation/ prediction.
My business cards are the only cards I carry unless traveling long distances and that's when I may practice with a deck.
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I ALWAYS have a deck of cards. I try to have atleast 2 bills and a few coins. Also, I bring whatever new gimmick I bought.
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PK Ring (I know they break easy, but I can't resist)
Coin Purse containing:
Shell & 3 half dollars
foam peas (I'll use whatever is around for walnut shells)
Half a spoon (if I'm going some place where eating will be involved.)
Deck of Cards

Funny how I'm often the only one wearing a jacket and collared shirt where ever I go these days!
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Hypno bill, lethal tender, wizard g2 pk ring,
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