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Sugar Rush, scotch and soda, deck of cards, TT and rubber bands
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5 half dollars and shimmed shell, sharpie that I modified with a mag***, holdout, and if I am wearing a jacket a deck of cards and my F1 wallet.
Commonly known as Mariano Blanco.
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Loop of IT on wrist. Perform at the beach.
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My flying monkeys are perched on
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I can't remember if I have already posted here and I'm too lazy to go back and look but I've recently altered my everyday loadout anyway. I always wear a sportscoat so pocket management is easier. My baggage is currently:

Infinity Wallet with Kolossal Killer, Sanctum 2, Lunaria and a stack of business cards.
Multi Dimensional
Deck in a Breakthrough stack
My animal cards

Other stuff may vary from week to week based on my mood. When I'm at the beach I just carry the incredible shrinking wand but it's rarely used since I spend most of my time trying to get people to stop rolling me back into the water.
Joe Leo

All entertainers can benefit from some help from an experienced stage director. How about you?
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Stripper deck and the Stand Up Monte cards.
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I don't cary around anything at all. If I am at a party and someone wants me to do something - I have the host supply the cards and any other things I may want to use for a impromtu show.

I don't cary any magic unless I am going out to do a gig someone is going to pay me for.
Glenn Bishop Cardician

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LosAngeles, Ca
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I've really scaled down over my magician journey and all I carry now is simply 3 chainsaws. Fire 'em up anyplace anytime, juggle, FREAK OUT, and done!

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
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Double backer in wallet
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The Stand Up Monte - Garret Thomas and more recently \'Three\' by Steve Valentine.
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Color Changing Knife

I figure if someone wants to see more than that they can pay me.

I'm also always wearing my PK ring but I don't know how to do anything impromptu with it so it doesn't really count.
Satanas vobiscum et cum spiritu tuo
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Cards and loops
Guy Normas
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Balloons & Rose napkins plus Imagine any card (in my head)
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Powerball 60
Royal Scam (John Bannon)
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Diamond Bar L.A
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Telethought wallet with my business cards. Always ready to read some minds.
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Deck of cards and my Erdnase's Bible !!!
Do your best and forget the rest
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Loops, deck of cards, invisible deck, coins, and TT. Takes up very little space, and has so many impromptu applications.
Theodore Lawton
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On 2003-04-17 14:31, Harry Murphy wrote:
What do I carry when I am just heading out? Nothing! That is, NO magic props or tricks. However, I am ready to perform a short set when asked for a trick (and I want to do a trick, but that is a different discussion!) I don’t do a “trick” I perform a routine (or a set) with a beginning, middle, and an end.

I have said it before elsewhere, but I believe that the way to think about impromptu is not what you can “load yourself” up with, or what you can do with the “non-magical” items that you normally carry with you but rather, what can you do with the items that the average person carries on them!

If you are going to do impromptu magic (magic that you want to do and are not
“foisting” on an unwanted audience) then think about doing solid routines with borrowed items from the spectators! There is little that is more powerful.

Think. Do you have a routine for borrowed bills? Borrowed coins? What can you do with a ring, or a pencil, or an ink pen? How about a clean handkerchief, a lipstick (yes lipstick, why use ashes?) All items that many folks carry so why not be ready and practiced (yes practiced) to use them?

You could always be prepared to use the paper napkins from a bar top or waiters station (or just one from your place setting). In the restaurant, how about a saltshaker or glass. What can you do with those common items?

Honestly, just using those items you could entertain (emphasis on entertain) a small gathering for 15 plus minutes. And that is using NOTHING out of your own pockets.

IF you are asked to perform on the spot and you WANT to perform, then there is no excuse for you to NOT be ready to perform a strong effect with items borrowed from the spectator asking for the performance.

A little thought and a bit of practice time with common objects and you are never caught unprepared. Leave the TT’s, the deck of cards, the sponge balls, and hot rods at home, but leave home prepared to work wonders!

I was just reading this last night and was thinking, "Yeah, I can see Harry's point, but I don't really see the need to be too dogmatic about it either." I mean... we could do both right?

Then I was thinking about Harry's view again today. I was thinking about how I don't really care for coin work, for example. I like to watch other people do coin work who are good at it, but I don't like working with coins that much so I don't feel the need to add them into my repertoire.

That's when it dawned on me that that isn't how a professional would look at things. If I'm going to be a professional; which is my current goal, even if I'm never on TV or never invent the next best effect I should at least have enough respect for the art to have a couple of coin tricks in my arsenal because as a magician that is what people will expect. Maybe I don't have a long coin routine, but as a performer I could have enough to do something with a coin or two- strictly for the entertainment of others. And that's why I'm doing magic right? then the joy and wonder I give them blesses me in return and maybe I even enjoy the coin trick that much more. Both aspects feed each other.

So Harry's comments really got my thought going in a great direction, and thank you for that Harry. For that matter; I'd like to thank everybody here for all their great tips and advice. There are literally hundreds of years of magic experience available here at the Café and I'm very appreciative of how you all are helping me to grow and become a better performer.

With all these thoughts in mind we went to some friends' house for lunch today and as I was sitting there with their young children I remembered Harry's post and looked at the table wondering what I could use to entertain them for a few moments. Using a plastic water bottle cap I did several vanishes for the children, pulling the missing cap from their ear, etc. Then I decided I'd do a trick that I really thought might be stupid- sorry, but I tend to over-think things sometimes or get critical of things that maybe seem simple.... I guess that's one way to put it. Maybe I look at it as a magician and think, "Nobody's gonna fall for this." But anyway, I decided to do torn and restored paper towel and the little girl was amazed. Her dad even said, "How you do this?" (They are from Ethiopia) So the trick with humble supplies, that I looked down upon, actually "killed" to coin a phrase.

How awesome is that? Thanks Harry! I'll never look at magic the same way again Smile Even if I do carry the odd TT or packet trick, I'll be alert for that occasional napkin as well because I'm a magician and an entertainer and bringing joy to the people is what it's really about.

I guess I could have saved a lot of time on this post and just said- listen to Harry and don't overlook the small stuff. TnR napkin kills when you perform it well Smile

God bless!
Jon Blakeney
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Ignition is on me 100% of the time now
as Carl Maldon says "don't leave home without it".
'What the eye's see the heart must believe"
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I usually just pack my bed of nails, a couple of cinderblocks, and a sledgehammer.
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Biz cards for mentalism, a thumb writer (Vernet), a thumbtip for bill switch, and of course cards.
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