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Profile of RandyK
I usually carry cards, a sharpie, a notepad, pk ring, loops, vanish ink, thumb tip, and sponge balls.
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Profile of magicgerry06
I do the simplest plots you can do in Magic completely improvised and impromptu and hands off:
-heads or tails
-which hand
and then an Acaan with a borrowed and shuffled deck
Gerard ZITTA
"If Magic be the food of love, play on..."
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Profile of Taterini
I always carry these because everyone seems to like money tricks and it seems a bit more impromptu or as they tend to say these days "organic"
- Noblezada's Two Dollar Window
- Sometimes instead I'll do the Million Dollar Fantasy (great daydream patter) by Dick Barry
- Noblezada's 5 in 1 Transpo
- Thread Bill by Francis Menotti
- Cornered by Joshua Jay
- Mismade Bill (no TT version)
These 6 fit in my wallet and they take up no room since they all nest together if stacked/layered just right

Lately I've been carrying around Powerball 60 if I want to leave them speachless and a mini-wallet with added mini props which usually will get a good laugh
Jamie D
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Ontario, Canada
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Profile of Jamie D
As a mentalist, It depends on where I'm going but usually bring a business card with a magic square set up, a be*t coin, a NW, a set of small esp cards and my phone Smile Not everything is always in my wallet but usually the square, esp symbols and phone are a must.

I recently bought ignition so that will be on my key ring just for something different.
Twitter @darjames
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Profile of bobbyk
This has been a fun and interesting topic. Nice to see what others carry.
I've changed things up just bit lately. I normally have "inferno" on me & Chinese Coin puzzle (J. jay) both do very well for me.
Add a deck of cards & I carry a mini version of bank night that I made up as well as time Machine. That gives me plenty to choose from.

Add a sport jacket and then I'm also carrying John Kennedy's original mystery box, sharpie & probably a deck for cosmos duo.

I appreciate all who shared information. Good info...

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Paris, France
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Profile of vindar
I usually carry with me a deck of card in mnemonic order with an additional DB and my favorite 3 1/2 of clubs...
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Profile of gvinson
I always carry 5 to 1 transpo and 2 dollar window. Packs small and 2 dollar window is a great one to do anytime
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Profile of Kbuck54
I carry a Doctors bag full of goodies.
Terrible Wizard
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Profile of Terrible Wizard
I've recently been having a blast overcoming magic performance nerves by making sure my wallet was loaded with a lot of easy to do but solid tricks, revelations, cribs and bar betchas. In combination with a stacked deck of cards it's been working very well Smile. I'm now working on making a loaded notebook.

My wallet currently has ready to go:

Cards ready for card warp
Cards for three card monte: ungaffed; gaffed; and U3CM
A variety of ways of revealing different cards
Bingo cards (number prediction)
A revelation for equivoke style trick
A set of MOs for a mental magic style trick
A card that turns inside out (bar betcha)
A small stack of marked and stacked ESP cards
A set of cribs for mathematic tricks
A set of cribs for a host or bar bets

Soon I'll be adding to my carry round collection:

Elastic bands
An origami type trick
A small prepped pocket notepad for a variety of mental magic effects

And a deck of cards: prepped, marked, stacked, with gaffs hidden in plain sight and the box made useful
And another deck, with different set-up for switching

I'm working on ways to use my watch and phone ...

I like being able to have access to loads of tricks without carrying too much extra stuff. Although it sounds a lot, it's not a lot to carry: my everyday wallet, watch and phone + a notepad in my jacket pocket + one or two decks of cards.

And as I go there's room to add in some coin stuff, and maybe a TT or Sw**i. I reckon I can fit a little rope into a jacket pocket too Smile

And, of course, it's always good to know a couple of body magic tricks or stunts, some propless mathemagics, a couple of things that can be done with borrowed or nearby items, and a little some cold reading ability.
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Profile of Kbuck54
Just how BIG IS your wallet? LOL.
Terrible Wizard
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Profile of Terrible Wizard
It's a great wallet Smile. It's a normal hip wallet that fits easily into my jeans pocket, but it's like a TARDIS, when you open it out there's fold after fold and flaps, and pockets everywhere. I can put my everyday notes, coins, cards etc. in it and all that magic stuff and still have room for other stuff. Smile.
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leaning on
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Profile of Gill
Well, normally I don't carry any props or gimmicks, but if I know I'm going some boring place I might bring a deck of cards to amuse myself. Think train journeys and dull airports. Smile
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LosAngeles, Ca
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Profile of GlenD
Am "re-tooling", so to speak, what I typically carry on my person. I have personally revived "Lethal Tender" and began carrying it again, with a new to me presentation. I kind of do a 3 phase routine with it now, beginning with the card in the wallet as a prediction and go on from there.
Deck of cards (ungaffed).
Still carrying a loop around my wrist or in an envelope in a shirt or jacket pocket.
Inferno effect- Joshua Jay. Just got this fairly recently and really love it! All you got to carry is the matchbox!
Pen with cap (recapped).
A few quarters in my pocket and a half dollar. Gregory Wilsons 3/4 across (have been working on it for 12 years and still working on it but can actually perform it well most days if my fingers aren't too stiff).

That's it for now.

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
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Profile of Atte
Always with me:
-one deck of bikes (usually with one extra card from another deck)
-Some coins and t-shirt -origami made from 5€ bill in my wallet
Usually in my school bag or in my pockets:
-Sponges, frame and 2x squeaker
-Some packet effects or extra cards

If I really want to be prepared for everything I take little 12cm x 12cm x 7 cm plastic box with me which contains usually:
-set of ropes
-extra deck of cards, usually PRISM
-set of silks
-6 card repeat
Human being, magician, student and squash player. Order may vary depending on the situation, but usually first in the list is "human being".
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Frankfurt, Germany
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Profile of Alexxander
I have with me:

A few pre-folded billets in my wallet and a pen.
Sometimes I carry a deck of cards too, but that's it.
Mind reading is the strongest magical effect you can do.
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Profile of nwanstall
Just a deck of cards for me.
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Profile of KirbyKoolAid
At least one deck of cards (with at least one with a couple of prepaired tricks inside one and a regular other. In my wallet I have a couple of blue-backed cards (I only like to use reds, personal preference, but the odd colour change is amusing enough). I also have a few elastic bands, a couple of baloons, a few mini cards (from a cracker), and a couple of toothpicks. I don't have use for the toothpicks (I can sorta stab a card out of the air, but it really doesn't look good), but if I have a spare couple of minutes with nothing to do I try to find something to do with them.
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Profile of Ypnoze
A deck of cards, some business cards, a TT, some single cards and gaffed cards
Very soon Private eye, proximity and inside out from Promystic !
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Profile of RobDougherty
Every time I leave the house I have at least the Raven, four dollar coins, 5 half dollar coins (1 s**mmed) and a 50p folding coin. If I'm "going out" and will be socialising I'll have all of that, TKO 2, a couple of [ dollar + half, gold plated half, half-dollar sized chinese coin, old english penny and various materials for "rigging" things for the Raven. I don't have business cards for magic as I'n far from pro.
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United States Virgin Islands
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Profile of Thorn
Everytime I leave my house , I carry about 5 magic items with me and change them every week. I feel that this allows some tricks to not be retired to the big drawer.
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