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Profile of ShizNick
A deck of Red Cards, Hundy 500, and Kaps Fire wallet.
Big Jeff
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I am going to start carrying rubber bands and 2 pencils, 1 for unleaded by Sankey, and 1 for Just passing thru, and a dollar bill I can cut to do Wonderland Dollar. I just got this and it is very good.

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Rhode Island, USA
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Profile of Jared
I like coins for everyday impromptu stuff. I don't care much for JB magic, but his stretching coin is great. I just grab a quarter when reaching for some change and palm the gaff with my other hand as both hands go into the pockets and s-t-r-e-t-c h ....it looks great- just too bad the gimmick costs so much because I wish I could give them away.

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Profile of AragorntheMagician
My wife made me a "Magical Hip Pouch" and the following are in it and on me at all times:
Mini Egg Bag
Color Vision
Appearing Candle w/silk
Color Changing Hankie
D'Lites (is four too many???)
Ring Flight
Finger Chopper (old type that still cuts cig)
Various Thumb Tips w/loads (is 5 too many??)
Wiregrams (Great routine seeing the wire
bend into the shape of the chosen
Disappearing Deck
Locked Deck
Raising Card (Several types)
Scotch & Soda
Coin Box
Mini Die Box
Mini Vampire Tube
In a Flash by Jay Sankey (Absolute Jaw Dropper!!)
with Flash Paper
Ring & String (several sizes)
Thimbles (First thing I ever learned)
Ball to Cube & Egg (Yes the egg did come first)
Small Ball to Two Big Balls (keep it clean, gang)
Several ITR's (Large, Medium & Backup)
Mini Balloon Pump w/Balloon's
Various Sponge Balls
Toilet Paper & Mouth Coils (Take out of top of
kids head)
Mini Brief Case
$1,000,000 Bill
Ball to Big Red Hand
Appearing Wand
Fanning Deck
Two (2) Regular Ungimmicked Deck's
Mini Coke Bottle w/Ring
Coins Across (Half Dollars)
Business Cards held by Hidden Hold Down
Oh my BOG, I am a Magic Junkie!!
ps: BOG = Personal Deity of "Cheech Wizard" and "Aragorn the Magician"...lol Smile
aka: I used to be BOB (It's Cellini's fault)
"All Right, Who's Volunteering to be Turned into a Frog???"
Kelvin Ng
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Vancouver BC
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With Joshua Jay's pro-carrier case, I can fit a deck of cards, some half with expanded shell on it, a packet trick, extra gaff cards, and my business cards. This small pouch can go through my belt loop which makes more room for my other pockets. I Have a card to wallet on me always and a jumbo coin in back pocket.

I have a phantom deck on me at times because it really is a great haunted pack that can use any deck with virtually no setup and you end clean.

I used to carry a TT with a bill switch because it carry's light but the Bill switch done properly is so strong that I only do it during my shows.


and If necessary I carry a set of color changing knives as well.
"We tend to think that magic is all about us, what we do, and how we execute the tricks, when in actuality, it's really about what the spectator witnesses, imagines, and remembers in their minds."

- Wayne Houchin
Lee Darrow
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Chicago, IL USA
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It depends whether I am "packing heavy" or "packing light."

"Packing heavy" usually happens when I am going into a target rich environment for potential clients - parties, corporate meetings, etc. "Packing light" is what I carry from day to day.

My "Packing Light" gear consists of a TT, 6 half dollars, 1 English Penny, a giant Chinese coin, a bunch of rubber bands on my wrist and a coin purse with a Mismade bill and another TT in it. I always carry business cards and my Palm Pilot has a prediction in it for the Queen of Hearts. In my wallet is a Magician's Credit Card.

"Packing Heavy," add to the above a deck of cards, a pencil, a swami gimmick, 4 sponge balls, 1 walnut (as a finish to the sponge routine), a set of color changing knives w/smash climax, Pen Thru Anything and, if wearing a suitcoat, a Balducci Wallet. If I'm feeling really cocky, a mouth coil or two as well, just for fun.

Isn't it interesting how, back in the '40's everybody was carrying a Squash gimmick on them? No one does that these days.

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
Bill Citino
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Doylestown, PA
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Well I saw this post and had to reply...I carry a mismade bill, a Canadian bill, 4 barber halves, 4 English pennies and a Chinese or East African coin with a hole in it. That's about it.

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Profile of mrmetropolis
Looks like many of you just read past Mr. Murphys wonderful post. The best thing about his post is it was full of wise rich material whom many of you would have paid to see lectured. As of now, I carry a Deck of cards w/ 2 double facers, shattered, a dupe, and a extra odd backed card. rubber bands, stargazer, 5 halves, and rarely a TT. The interesting thing about Harry's post was the emphasis on practice. How about doing card warp without PLAYING CARDS. Here is a routine I came up with just now using Harry’s concept. Borrow someone’s business card and use your own. Do card warp making your card reverse. Next... Do a torn and restored with the pieces. finish by switching the creased card for a flat one and thank them for exchanging cards. Card warp with bar Napkins? hum look at all we have if we only get out of the mindset of CARDS and COINS, SPONGEBALLS etc. just do what you have been doing with normal items. Smile
"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary, for those who do not, none will suffice".-Joseph Dunninger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4wL5fX3xGQ
Brad Burt
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This is a great topic. I like as little on me as possible. But, I do carry the following as it allows a very powerful short 'act': The Bill for Wonderland Dollar and the Two Ones to a Two set. Also, two pennies for Tenkai Pennies and Two Pennies on the Knee from Bobo's. If I'm really going out and think I might get to do something, I add: A TT and small silk and four half dollars and an English Penny and my favorite Thimble for thimble stuff.

If I can't borrow a deck of cards I pretty much have to pass as a deck of cards it larger than I like to carry on a casual basis. Borrowing the cards in an impromptu situation has always 'seemed' stronger than having cards with me. When you pull out a deck in a non paying situation I still get folks that want to make sure I'm not using a Svengali deck, etc.

Brad Burt
Brad Burt
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Yorktown, Virginia (Previously Germany)
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Profile of RiffClown
On 2003-08-06 00:16, AragorntheMagician wrote:
My wife made me a "Magical Hip Pouch" and the following are in it and on me at all times:

That's a lot of stuff to carry around. It seems to me it kind of takes the spontaneity out of impromptu. I'll have to give it to you though, you are prepared to be put on the spot. Smile
Rob "Riff, the Magical Clown" Eubank aka RiffClown
<BR>Magic is not the method, but the presentation.
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Profile of AragorntheMagician
Thanks Rob, I've found that while doing something someone else will come up and I never have to repeat...lol....Also, I will just reach in and grab something so it's potluck. On my Magician's Oath, "I Promise that there is NO Loss of Spontaneity or Wonder in my Victims Eyes"...lol. I do between 10 - 20 Random Acts of Magic a day on the unsuspecting and it has paid off professionally...and I'm having a blast. Used to be an engineer (it was boring!)

Oh Yeah, Rob, it's especially appriciated by women with unruly children in "Check Out Lines" for their distraction.....LOL

aka: Bob Smile
aka: I used to be BOB (It's Cellini's fault)
"All Right, Who's Volunteering to be Turned into a Frog???"
Don Wilson
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I usually carry a bill fake for the torn & restored dollar bill (Seeing is Believing) and a paper clip; also a couple of Kleenex (clean!); one balled up, and one to tear up and restore with the balled one. Usually also carry the Kitson Miracle (three card monte). Don Wilson
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Profile of eeesp
I ask for 2 quarters to do my Right Handed Coin routine, borrow cards, ropes, etc. I do pack when I have a new routine that's ready for the test.

Whether you pack or borrow, what matters is at the end, the audience is reevaluating the meaning of reality.

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
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Profile of iMagic
I only carry a regular deck and some coins, and maybe on occasion a tt that's all though I like to have things inspectable.
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Profile of PyroDevil
Always a deck of cards.
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Profile of chriscox
As little as possible to answer the main question!

2 packs of cards
1 pack of picture cards
A pad of paper
Business Cards
The Hidden
and Diceman....Well that's a bit too much actually but perfect for mentalism at a moments notice... Doing without all of that a few marked business cards is all I'd need to knock an audience dead....in theory!
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McKinney, Texas
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Profile of ritty360
I used to carry my square circle and zig zag lady in my pocket. Along with that, I would carry five decks of cards and five silks...

Seriously, as I have gotten older and wiser in my use of the art, I have found that if I am going into a situation and someone may ask me to do some stuff, I have this in my pocket:
  1. A crumpled up $20 and $1 bill (one for the David Regal trick using 20s and TIHOP effect and the one for Serial Killer from the Ammar tapes!)

  2. A crumpled up napkin for T&R napkin
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Queens, NY
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Profile of mattpuglisi
On 2003-08-06 00:16, AragorntheMagician wrote:
Oh my BOG, I am a Magic Junkie!!
ps: BOG = Personal Deity of "Cheech Wizard" and "Aragorn the Magician"...lol Smile

This is off topic, so please forgive the infraction:

"BOG" is Nadsat for "God", that is, it is how Alex and his droogs refer to God is Burgess' A Clockwork Orange. Smile

Back on topic...

Before I leave the house I always make sure that I am carrying, at the very least:
  • One deck of 56 cards [a full pack (plus jokers), with two extras—a dupe and a dupe with different back—for no particular reason] Smile
  • Four coins (Kennedys, Barbers, or Morgans—it depends on my mood) Smile
  • Rubber bands (in case I need to handcuff a crazyman) Smile
  • Two diaper-sized safety pins (to keep it from falling off of me) Smile
  • One set of Color Changing Knives (because I live in NYC) Smile
Lack of invention is the mother of necessity - Robert Nozick

Instagram: @matthewthomas00
mystic shriner
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Midwest, USA
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Profile of mystic shriner
What a great thread! I carry my "rigged cards", an English penny and a half dollar walking liberty (those who know Bobo know what I can do with these simple but oh-so fun coins!).

I do a great Malini card location and a few other weird moves with the cards. I make all my own gaffs as well, I feel like I trust them more, and if the get worn, I don't have to go to a dealer, just the kitchen table with my supplies!

I also carry a TT and various supplies for that at times. I'm in the public eye all day long, and since the majority know I'm a magician, I've learned to be prepared for the phrase, "Hey, did you know Chris is a magician?"...and suddenly, you're on! Smile
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Hollywood, CA
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Profile of Leeman
Pen thru dollar and also for recap, wallet and business cards for singed business card to wallet and a few quarters for mr clean coins across.
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