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Douglas Lippert
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E Pluribus Unum
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On 2010-08-06 11:09, Alex Rapattoni wrote:
My favorite impromptu vanish uses a handful of change and a sucker.

The fake take works well for a lot of effects. I used to carry magic on me. I don't do that anymore. I try to borrow things or do some mentalism. I usually don't care what people think but having a magic prop on me at a bar isn't very cool...haha.
Douglas Lippert
Former I.B.M. Ring #8 Secretary
Ken Northridge
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Atlantic City, NJ
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I've been a magician for over 30 years and very rarely have I carried magic with me. That changed when I got my iphone. Its perfect because I don't have to try to remember it. Its a habit. Its always there and people really seem to get kick out of it.
"Love is the real magic." -Doug Henning
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Maryville, Tennessee
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I always carry:
-A normal deck of cards with one gimmicked card that is truly invisible but incredibly useful.
-3 half dollars
-blank business cards for mentalism and most importantly
-KOLOSSAL KILLER. Always in my wallet. Works every time. Super easy. Gets better reactions than just about anything. Best decision I ever made.
Alex Rapattoni
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Seattle, Wa
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It struck me today that j left the house with four sponge ladybugs and a Svengali deck. No that that is a bathing, but Iaughed aboun how my style has changed, even very recently. I always felt that magic has to be natural, that everything should be examinable and borrowed. I think I realized that If I perform well I shouldn't have to worry about that. If I want to borrow I can.

I just wanted to share this revelation, even though it's no a complete thought yet.

Weird is part of the job.
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New user
austin tx
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I never leave the house without a regular deck of cards, cigarettes in a gimmick box, 5 half dollars and two prowling eyes, looking for the perfect moment to blow someone away.

I used to load myself up with a bunch of utility items but as my style has progressed I now tend to stick to pure slight of hand. the only gimmick I regularly take out with me is my "special" cigarette pack for penetrations of small items and real living insects. I prefer to not force the spectator into a moment, rather let the magic unfold organically and spur of the moment...its much more powerful this way.
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Senseless gibberish that amounts to
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In my wallet I carry:

Bill Goldman's mental yarn
Powerball 60
Test conditions by mentalvoyage
Kioku by Outlaw effects
My business cards for my version of Max Maven's positive/negative.

On the go Mental magic at it's best
Look Ma, no hands.

"I've always been mental, I'm sure of it" Boris Pocus Smile

"Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny". . .Bruce Springsteen
Jamie D. Grant
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as seen in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Twice!
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It changes every week, lol, but here's my latest "inside my wallet":
TRICK OF THE YEAR: Industrial Revelation, BOOK OF THE YEAR: The Approach, The AIP Bottle, and my new book Scenic 52, can all be found over here:
Kindness takes practice. My TEDx talk
Sammy J.
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Castle Rock, Colorado
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Just watched your video and I love your magic room.

As far as the wallet goes, I saw what you carry, but am surprised that you can't fit a change of clothes as well!

One thing I would consider adding is Shawn Farquhar's "Torn 2 Pieces". Great effect, razor thin.

Love my "Anything is Possible" bottle!

Sammy J. Teague
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This is a great thread. I always carry:
Extreme burn
Holy Moly
Powerball 60 (my new favorite)
2 Rubberbands
Wonderland dollar
A couple IET loops
and a TT/silk
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The Beautiful State Of Maine
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On 2010-03-17 23:22, idomagic wrote:
Usually nothing, if I can't do something with something impromptu, then I don't force it. If I am headed to a party or somewhere I know I'll get put on the spot, I toss a thumbtip, (and)a white my pocket.

Wow, that sounds like me today! The only difference, is I carry a red silk! Usually, I can find something to perform with. Usually, pocket change, or borrowed quarters work well enough. I might carry my Ike Dollar coins and an Expanded, or just a Quarter Expanded, if I KNOW I'm going to be asked to do something.

I think the most important part of the statement, was, "...if I can't do something impromptu, then I don't force it..."

Mark Jarvis
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Roger Klause's Ultimate Slow Motion Bill Transportation. This visual magic of a five dollar bill turning into a one without any fancy moves is a killer and is unexplainable. The gaff is invisible. I have performed this hundreds of times and have never been called on it. As close to REAL MAGIC in a moments notice that I have in my pocket at all times!!
Mark Jarvis
The Magic Of Magic
Solon, Ohio
The Magic Is In Your Hands
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New user
Southern California
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For me, I have a little magic pouch that I use to carry my thumb tip, some gum, a penny shell, a miniature penny, some bottle caps, a PK ring, and a deck of cards. great ideas on this thread, I'll need to make some additions! Smile
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I just realised *duh* that besides some rubber bands, I always have my iPhone with me and there's a couple of good magic apps loaded on there.
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Profile of Jacques
I try to keep it simple but versatile, but these objects are more for me to play with and practice sleight of hand than to show a trick. I always have an old brass chinese coin (36mm), an old silver counterfeit 5 francs (37mm), a brass ring (43mm)and a string (1.5m green paracord). Sometimes, the ring is included in a coin routine. I may replace the silver coin for a Copper/silver and matching coin in the future.
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Dock o' the Bay, California
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Profile of toph
Ive been carrying around my matches and a sharpie for SMOKE by Alan Rorrison, as well as Quantum Bender 2.0 by John T. Sheets. Thinking about adding Proximity by ProMystic to the mix for added fun.
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IPhone, Bicycles, some half dollars and my head (for the more mentalist effects)

Lost in Thought
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I've been trimming the fat somewhat lately - currently my pockets hold:

A stack of blank business cards
A marked, stacked deck

That's enough for at least an hour of material, which is obviously more than necessary! Obviously that's mostly card and billet work, although some rely on common borrowed objects. For the more prepared moments, the Sharpie is a Super Sharpie, I'll have a gimmicked wallet (mainly for confabulation-style strategies in billet work) and a padlock on my keyring.

I'm still trying to get rid of the cards, but the last two or three effects are too strong to give up on.
Alan Munro
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Kentwood, Michigan, USA
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I normally just carry a dollar size coin, for a simple one-handed vanish and reproduction. I can always do stuff with borrowed objects. I have a small multi-chambered change purse that I may store a few things in - ring and string, mental yarn and Acer's Spare Change. Powerball 60 sounds great, too.
Denis Bastible
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Buffalo, New York
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Hopping Halves
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A deck of Bikes and a very good memory.

I am trying to learn as much as possible from Harry Lorayne, who can do magic at a moment's notice with those two ingredients alone.
"Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?"
"To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time."
"The dog did nothing in the night-time."
"That was the curious incident," remarked Sherlock Holmes.
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