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Parson Smith
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Well, here was my thinking.
One, I was not so concerned about competition, but I did ask him.
He said that he just wanted to display it in his home.
Whether I am right or not, I give people the impression that my zibit is "real." I use word games, but my customers do not think that they are seeing something fake.
I have had people say that it is a chup. I have had people say that it was an alien. I tell people what these people have said.
BUT, if something were to happen to the Zibit after it left my possesion (breakage or melting or ****ysis) then my image would be tarnished and my work place would be compromised.
Further, I give the impression that it is extremly valuable.
I would have an ethical problem with selling something for far more than it is worth.
When I was in the army, I bought what I thought was a very expensive watch. It was not. But the person that I bought it from led me to believe that it was. I have always said that I would rather be cheated than be the cheater.
I have no trouble charging a buck to see the strange thing, because the folk are getting their money's worth. They are being entertained.
But I would have trouble selling it for more than it is worth.
I will very probably buy more of Doug's work.
I am certainly not saying that someone else is wrong for doing it differently.
I just have a code that I try not to do to anyone else what I would not want done to me.
Y'all have a good holiday season. Ya hear?
Here kitty, kitty,kitty. Smile
+++a posse ad esse+++
Doug Higley
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Here and There
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It is the same code I have always used myself...I have had the same oportunities...to sell something to an 'outsider' for an outrageous price...and never have...never will...fun to talk about...and jest about theory of what another should or shouldn't do...Parson is right on the money...same price for everybody...also a couple of those 'outsiders' were brought into the fold so to speak and learned the way of the midway samurai...haha. I do know of one or two of my pieces that WERE sold for far more than they were worth (to me anyway) but I had nothing to do with that and cringed when I heard it. Last year one of my pieces was sold on ebay by someone else and it didn't look right to me so I got ahold of the buyer and re-did it completly for him at no charge.

As to competition...not something I'd be concerned with. If they know the 'way' and are insiders with my plan and stuff then both know how to play off the other and win. If they are mearly a copy cat wannabee, not a challange. They have no clue WHY the words work or the psychology and chemistry at play and will soon wither or just go away. It's why those doing my idea need to really know it inside and out...then you do not take ON the competition...you take them OUT.

I wish Ken Dean could tell you the money figure for just one afternoon at a big fair because he understood the plan to a T. He can not tell you and I will not but it was staggering! Astounding really. And his competition could only watch it happen jaws agape and blood boiling...they might try next year to do the same thing but they wont know the WHYS and they will mess it up. Competition? Phooey.

I can tell you this..NO ONE I have ever sold to or taught the system will be a cut throat to any one else in the system. Just not that type of people so far. If it ever does happen...I have secrets...like any good wushu sifu that can dillute and difuse aggresion...Smile

Parson: Glad to see you out there doing the deed! As Abraham Lincoln once said: "Rock on Dude!"
Higley's Giant Flea Pocket Zibit
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December 27, 2006 - Bar Harbor, Maine

The package was on the dining room table when I got home. My wife asked, "What did you get?"

I could hear the silent now at the end of the question.

I said, "It's the new attraction. It's legitimate."

"So what we have been doing up to now is illegitimate?"

"No," I said, "I mean that this is real."

I cut open the box, removed the inner box, cut that open and unwrapped it. As I removed the paper that it was wrapped in, I took care that I got the first glimpse. My mouth dropped open. I dropped the paper and held it aloft. "Phororhacos, the Terror Bird of Patagonia. Miocene."

"Oh my God," my wife, an artist, said. "That's beautiful!"

I told her the cost. She said, "You'll make that in two hours!"

She would know. She was the one taking most of the cash as I talked people into my Feejee Mermaid show earlier this month. It was great when we got home and she emptied out her pockets onto the table. Wads and wads of ones, with plenty of fives, and a few tens and twenties mixed in.

I showed her some sketches for the banners. She picked out the best one. We talked about the feather coloration, wrong in the first reconstructions in my opinion, because it looks like an eagle, a scavenger. This is a predator, and the modern birds that are related have dappled brown plumage for camouflage.

My wife can see that this is going to work just great. She is often skeptical of my undertakings, but this one is a clear winner.

Thank you Doug!


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Sweden, Sundsvall
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Paul, I just realised that you and I are blessed with the same "type" of wife. Wonderful story by the way.

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