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Wow...I didn't even see that...who is JB?

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I lucked out and got a good deck, no miscut cards. The E at the bottom of the box doesn't bother me at all.

A suggestion would be to also have the inside of the box "aged" as well.

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If you live in Europe, check this shop out, they have these cards:


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JB, as signed on the Ace of Spades, is Jason Brumbalow, the main designer of the 1800 deck, as well as E's Red Gaff deck. He often goes by JBone online, and you can see his "JBone" signature on the box for the 1800's as well.

Kevin Reylek
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My first reaction was "wow they had barcodes in 1800s?"

Then I realised that it must have been a mistake on E's part Smile hopefully they will change this in the 2nd batch?
Think outside the box, cos people are all thinking inside now!! - ClouDsss
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I am going to wait a while before orderign these from E so they can sell out their "old" and defective batche and wait for the new ones to arrive.

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I just got mine. I must say, they are very nice! They look real urban and gritty - even close up. I have not had any printing problems in the two decks I have opened.
Helmut Raether
Charlie Justice
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I'm now using these Vintage cards with Kollosal Killer and a re-tooled presentation to match the look of the cards.

I can't say that the reactions are any better (can you really improve KK -lol-) but the whole package (cards & routine) sure looks and feels better.

peace, charlie
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Charlie, since I currently do Heirloom. I love KK and wanted these cards mainly for that reason alone. What wallet do you use? Anyway I didn't get a chance to order the first batch. Now I have to wait. But I also wish they would take the masters Blue and red into consideration for there re-release of these for the simple fact of Collor Changes or other issues like Tricycle, or other little things that would need to change in order for me to make massive orders to make these the only cards I use. Any word on re-release or anything like that?
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Im still waiting, solt out.

The off-center thing looks terrible, I had problems with a Tally-Hos but kept for fun (in fact I have a exagerated one way back).

These cards suit me a lot. I need 100 packs.
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Haunted Deck, where the cards spookily moves forward must be a perfect trick to do with the new Vintage 1800 Deck. Yo can tell them that you found this deck in a old haunted house... Put some Zink Powder (fanning powder) on the cards before performance, and blow, it will look like its an very old deck! -"what a dust there is!"
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I have a massive collections of card decks (over 2500) and these attracted me when I saw them at Ellusionist... I ordered a case of 12 and they arrived a week ago... These are very, very nice... look great, feel great, handle very nicely... When I showed them to my friends Shoot Ogawa and David Minkin at the Castle last Friday they instantly loved them and will be ordering their own cases...

As for the bar code and "E" logo on the bottom of the case... I fixed that in 2 minutes flat... take a thin knife (I used and Exacto) and pry the bottom flap apart... simply glue the flaps together in reverse with the one that has the bar code on the inside... the new top flap is going to be mostly white (it has a slight edged border but the area where it was under the original top flap will be white)... this is easily remedied by painting it with some brown and burnt sienna markers, watercolors, crayons or oil pastels... I used some watercolor and oil pastels and mixed a color that matched the aged look on a small piece of paper... then using my finger I put a bit on the end, smeared it a little and then applied it to the flap by rubbing it in... I played with the coloration till it matched the rest of the aged box... once the paint was dry I used some black crayon to add a little more aging and voila, it looked perfect!...

As for the inside of the box... take a little water color paint in brown and burnt sienna... water it down well... then with a thick but fairly plyable brush simply paint the inside of the box... then take some Q-Tips and rub in areas where you want it to look a bit worn... on the card flap add a little extra paint, maybe a few streaks of black and then let the card box dry... as long as you don't get the box too wet it won't warp on you... later take some fine grit sandpaper and sand the top flap to make it look a bit more worn...

My modifications, both outside and inside took me all of 10 minutes to do and it improves the look so much...

Also, don't be too worried that 808's weren't available 100 years ago... most people don't know the provenance of cards and will never notice... also, I look at these cards not as 100 years old but that they might be a well used deck that's 30-40-50 years old (well within the 808 life range)... I use a story that it's one of the first deck of cards I ever got and because they are my "lucky" cards I've never thrown them away...

Hope this helps...


Tony Blake
The Thoughtreader
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On 2007-01-07 14:51, PaleoMagi wrote:
I used the two advertising cards to solve the modern printing problems with this deck[bar code,zipcode,flap printing etc.]
I carefully cut the ad cards to fit the dimentions of the sides,bottom and flap.I eliminated all borders on the cut outs,and used a glue stick to attach them,thus covering up all modern printing.

Now the card box looks like something from the 19th Century with the red Bicycle pattern all around and NO modern printing.It actually turned out better than I expected. Smile
I also used slightly diluted tea extract to color tint the GLARING whiteness of the box interior.I also brushed some on the card edges so they don't look so fresh.



Nice thinking Tony!

I stated earlier in this thread[above]as to how I 'antiqued' my card box.All the members who PM'd me with their e-mail have reacted positively to my photo's,that I will gladly send to anyone who request's them.
It's just another way to accomplish the same goal,but I must say my cardbox really looks like something from the 19th century. Smile
You may want to give this a go for comparison purposes.

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Just got this from http://www.ellusionist.com. Sorry to say, the Bicycle Vintage 1800 Series is now out of stock but will be back by April.

the ChinaMan
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With a lot of improvements apparently.

Hopefully to the box as well.
-Lloyd Wright
"Take what you take, give what you give, just be what you want just as long as it's real.."
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Vintage cards are cool but my customers say that they smell bad and I agree. I have about 18 decks left. PM me if interested. They going fast
Magically yours,
Brent Smith - Owner
The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop
Alberta's Brick and Mortar
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Go here to see a real vintage Bicycle deck
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Eternal Order
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This is an interesting concept...because I was always taught that your props (cards and coins, ropes and whatever) reflect you as a magician. Thus if your props are old and dirty and worn, it reflects unfavorably on you as a performer.

HOWEVER, this seems to be the exception to the rule!

It has really set my mind to thinking.
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
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Looking forward to the new revised version
The Amazing Noobini
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Yes, I'm hoping that the new ones (that are out now) will be less yellow. The rumors have said that they would be, but the Ellusionist page for the decks doesn't say anything about that specifically (which I find a bit odd if the tint was indeed changed since they do like to list everything they possibly can as new and completely wonderful.)

In any case they are now even more "worn" and are also available in blue. Which is nice. (I'll buy red anyway).

And most importantly: They now come on "thick casino stock", whatever that actually is exactly. I do not like thin flimsy cards.

Anyway, I'm sure everybody who are into cards like these already know all of this.

I would love to hear some first impressions from someone who have gotten their new decks.
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