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Last night at the Castle, I was working on some new techniques (well, new for me...) with another magician. He went to show me an alternate card handling, so I reached for my deck of cards... and realized I had put a gimmicked deck into my non-gimmicked card case. Luckily, we were just working on new moves, so no big deal, but man... once you've got 30 decks around the house, keeping them straight is a major pain!
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This issue of spending gimmicked coins (Scotch/Soda, folding half dollars or quarters) is interesting when you consider how hard we strive to keep secrets from the general public.

Funny, how at the time of spending them, we put it right in their hands!

<slap forehead>

Always looking forward to your posts,

Randy Stewart
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Sacramento, CA (Orangevale)
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Profile of Faroshuffle
A friend of mine runs a Coin Shop (for collecting). He was telling me that a couple of times per year, he'll have someone walk in with some gimmicked coin of whatever type and wnat to know what it's worth because of how strange it is. He always tells them to look up the local magic shop or put an add in the paper because some magician somewhere will give them more money for it than he would. My thinking is he should start his own little Gimmicked coin counter! Smile
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Hey, I got a folding 10 pence (British coin) in my change!! That's what started me off in magic; I was fooling people with this little gimmick I found so I thought I should take it further.

kasper Smile
Chris Berry
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On 2003-01-06 18:14, Justin Flom wrote:
That's pretty risky to take out a deck of cards after church. Smile Smile


I perform after church a lot....I am actually teaching one of the assistant pastors magic!

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Rethinking your initial thought I want to add I carry an ultra mental deck with some of my business cards, you never know when you may be in a resturant and could deduct your meal as a business expense! Now that is some creative magic ala IRS!

AmazingBoz Smile
Danny Diamond
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I can totally see myself eventually spending a gimmicked coin. Just last week, I ditched my Bite thru Quarter into my pants pocket and moved onto some other tricks and completely forgot about it. I found it later that night when I nearly spent it on a snack at the gas station! I pulled it out of my pocket and fortunately felt the gimmick before handing it to the cashier. Man, that was a close one!
You don't drown by falling in the water;

you drown by staying there.

- Edwin Louis Cole
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moscow, idaho
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I always use ungimmicked Scotch and Soda so no problem, and I leave my gimmicked cards at home unless I'm planning on using them, nothing worse than someone saying, "hey, what are those other cards in the box?" I have yet to give a straight answer. Smile
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and very early the next morning,
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On 2003-01-12 17:48, ChrisZampese wrote:
I am going to learn a few basic tricks with credit cards etc. People always have some sort of card, could be a drivers license, credit card, ATM card, security card, petrol card, loyalty card etc.
If you want to borrow a coin and noone has any, maybe you could borrow a credit card and 'make some change' from it using whatever method to 'extract' the coins from it.

I don't know if people will just hand over these things...

Magician: "Can I show you a trick?"
Spec: "OK."
Magician: "Do you have a credit card or driver's license I can borrow?"
Spec: "See ya later."
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I agree. Never leave home without coins in your pocket. Keep your money in one, and then keep a spare coin for tricks or emergencies.

Don't get caught out.
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Manhattan, KS
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Profile of Catbacker
This is why I work primarily with dollars and halves. I never spend them. Particularly my Walking Liberties and Morgans. I stay away from gaffed quarters.

"Of course, that's just my opinion... I could be wrong." Dennis Miller
Harry Murphy
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Then I wonder why you didn’t borrow something else and perform a strong trick. Say borrow a dollar bill (or any denomination of bill) and do a short sequence of bill tricks. Take out four credit cards and do your twisting credit card routine. How about vanishing a borrowed credit card and finding it in your wallet (no gimmick wallet needed, just your normal hip pocket bi-fold)? Or borrow a ringer ring and pen or pencil and do a quick ring on stick routine.

There are dozens of good, strong tricks that can be performed with borrowed objects that “normal” people carry.

A trick is to figure out what “normal” people carry in your area and develop a trick or two using them. Remember the four “P’s” – Proper Preparation Prevents a Pitiful Performance!
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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I agree about being careful when it comes to credit cards. I don't want people seeing my credit card numbers.
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On 2003-01-06 20:30, Timothy wrote:
Remember to use ungimmicked coins if you can. Ever spent a Scotch & Soda? A flipper?

I once lost my 3 in 1 coin and had to take apart 5 rolls of quarters hoping that it was in there. No such luck. I thought it was gone for good, and I was beating myself up for being so foolish. A few weeks later I performed in a flash and there it was all wrapped in flash paper.

What I find funny as well is when I shop at Tannen's Magic, everytime I get change back, whoever works the register takes a few seconds out to see if the quarters are gimmicked. He once told me that he's given away a few coins that way.
What good is a night, when you can't break it.
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New York Metro Area
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One day I received a call from a friend who had just run into a bit of trouble. apparently he had not paid some tickets, was pulled over and the police told him his license was suspended. He needed me to come and get him so I could drive him and his car home.

I had just gotten done practicing some coin magic at the time he called. So I called a cab and rushed out of the house. When we arrived at the destination I realized that I had left my money on my dresser and all I had were a dozen Ike Silver dollars.

Moral of the story: Very expensive cab ride.

Take Care,
Vincent Smile Smile Smile
Chris Boyd
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Mansfield, TX
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I paid for some gas using my gimmicked $5.00 that I used for Beswitched. All I really lost was a dollar, but it was one of those
"duh-duh" type moments.
Chris Boyd
"Jaws dropping is the sweetest sound..."
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Oxnard, CA
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I always have a coin purse...It's like my Visa...don't leave home without it.
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Dearborn, MI
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Profile of Highpockets
I love reading Bobo when he starts off by saying, "Borrow four half dollars from spectators"
age is a steep price to pay for maturity
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I always have a deck of cards somewhere on my person. Here is a cute (short) story, I was picking up some items at a 7/11 and got a 50 cent piece as part of the change. Turns out some poor magi spent their scotch and soda, thanks whomever you are... Smile
Vince MagicMan
(Nuff Said)
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On 2003-07-11 14:16, VinceMagicMan wrote:
I always have a deck of cards somewhere on my person. Here is a cute (short) story, I was picking up some items at a 7/11 and got a 50 cent piece as part of the change. Turns out some poor magi spent their scotch and soda, thanks whomever you are... Smile

That's great, well for you anyway! How lucky's that!

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