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Dr Spektor
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Eternal Order
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Sounds interesting. But any use for the single performer - or all effects need a confederate?

Sounds much more compact than my Invisible Key from Ceseral magic - although it has some extra uses besides 2 person cueing (and off ebay I got mine for $200)... however, a small page sounds nice.

Well, I look forward to the reviews as well...!
"They are lean and athirst!!!!"
Scott Xavier
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So does it use new technology or is it a rehash of something else?
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I'm putting in my order next week.
Hail Tesla! Hail Biss!
James Biss, when will you put out those fabulous airships that Tesla invented?
You know,the ships that used huge towers of electrical current and floated really high in the air.
Still with the Chinese circus Smile
Tony Iacoviello
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I'm waiting on the death beam. Smile
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If this idea is Biss's brianchild - good for him. I hope it sells well.

Tony Iacoviello
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I've been corresponding with Xiqual for many years, and feel I can say this, he calls things as he sees them.

Not wanting to bring up ancient history, James did do wrong with his book, and did correct it. (I have both the first edition and the second and know that he removed the material.) He even came out, admitted it and apologized for it. Even though the items that should not have been in the book were removed, he received very poor reviews both on his very good book, and his personal ethics.

When he put out the board, I bought one, and I also own the Buma, but I did not see a rip off. But because of the issues he had with the book, he was convicted here. As was pointed out in those threads there were other products released and advertised here that were direct rip-offs of existing products, but the people going after James Biss ignored them and kept focus on him. That is possibly where the "hand picked" comment came from. It appeared that way to me.

Honestly, I was curious as to when this type of argument would start up when James Biss announced the new product.

Can we all agree to judge this solely on its own merit and leave the personal issues aside? This is not just directed at you, but your last comment, "If this idea is Biss's brianchild - good for him." implies doubt on your part.

Dr Spektor
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Eternal Order
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Free James Biss!!!!

Sounds like a cool item and a great moniker. I like all things Tesla.

Good luck with it. I'd get one except I don't usually do 2 person cueing (as yet)....

See ya at the Browsers? The big book sale is Nigh!
"They are lean and athirst!!!!"
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Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
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James,how reliable is the product ?. Is there a chance it may `fail' to function during a performance .I use Cesaral's Amazing Marker for a cue on stage , but Tesla offers many types of intensities/sensation(is this the wrong word to use...hmm) . I am indeed very interested with this particular product of yours . I have your book and board , and am happy with both .

An entrepreneur by day , a magician by night . Satiate my mind & you've won my heart .
Paul Gross
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TeslaVision is in stock now. We just received our shipment today. This is a very well made product and has many possibilities.

Best Regards
Paul Gross
Hocus Pocus
Best Regards,

Paul Gross

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Biss is one clever thinker and I'm going to order his Tesla vision right now-I know it will be great
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I don't own a Teslavision but Paul is a reliable dealer. I am sure that it will perform the same functions, but mass marketed. I have been pleased with my purchases from James Biss (The book).

Allan Kardek
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I haven't posted in a long time, but I thought I should share something that I saw last night.

I saw James Biss perform last night at a local club here in Toronto. Apparently he and other performers put on a show every Friday night at this club. I had a great time and I don't get to see live magic or mentalism that often.

Anyways, James did this routine where he asked a volunteer to distribute 4 or 5 envelopes throughout the audience while James' back was turned and told them to hide the envelope under their butts once they received one. Once completed James turned around and started to roam around the audience trying to pick up something from each spectator. It looked a lot like m***le reading but without the other person in hand.

James nailed it, finding all the envelopes in about 5min. It was quite impressive. After the show I went up to James to thank him for a great show and overheard him talking to another performer and I heard him say something about Tesla-vision was used in his show.

Now I'm not 100% sure, but after reading this thread last night when I got home (I was curious about this Tesla-vision and did a search) I believe that the routine I described had something to do with it.
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So does anyone have one of these things yet?
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So many envelopes! I think James has become addicted to the buzz.

- entity
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Hi Guys,

Entity: In fact it was only 3. ;>) But yes Tesla's buzzz is pleasant - not really addicting though. (I was amused above when someone assumed "TV" was Dr. Ho's Tens thing... It would be most unpleasant to get zapped like that.)

Tincture: Yes.

Tardoid7: Actually I was using psychic ability. Don't pay any attention to this thread. Also I sense that your girlfriend is hot.

Sean: Thanks for your vote of confidence. I think you'd enjoy the routines that come with TeslaVision as they're along the lines of the ideas in MESSING WITH MINDS. Drop me a line and perhaps I can give you some ideas to use with your trusty old 7th Sense.

Mariagi: Thank you too for your kind words. I look forward to hearing what you thnk of your shiny new TeslaVision!

David Lai: Regarding reliability...obviously I'm biased, but I've been really happy with the electronic components used in the TV. My only issues have only ever been with my assistant making c****ng booboos. Obviously with electronics there's always tech concerns but I honestly haven't come across any... yet. I do offer a unconditional warranty on the components for your protection...but I appreciate that's not very meaningful while you're on stage!

Paul Gross: Thanks Paul for your endorsement and your initial stocking order! (Paul's pricing by the way guys is extremely aggressive and I know he'll take good care of you - even if you don't "ask him nicely" ;>)

Warm regards to all,

James Biss
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Maybe I missed it, but has anybody bought this yet and reviewed it?? I apologize in advance if I missed it.
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Information form a numbers of sources tells me telsa vision is almost exactly the same as 7th sense.

Paul Gross has seen both units perhaps he would like to comment regarding the similarity of these two products. He sold a reasonable number of mine.

Lets examine the similarities

same pager housing
twin head vibration units
same range
same key fob activation 4 buttons variable speeds
same set up method tucking into waistband

Been marketed in same way to do similar things.

James has not answered the question posed by another member what is different from his product to mine?
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how much does the "original" cost and where can I get it?
The Gaff Book Collection - the right tool for your booktest.
Music for mentalism and psychic entertainment.
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Many know I entered the Café' originaly becouse some low life stole and marketed something of mine.

Shrink if this is all true you have my support 100%.

However I would really like to here from Mr.Gross and since he is on line as I write this I look foward to the reply.

“I can make Satan’s devils dance like fine gentlemen across the stage of reality”.
The Doctor
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On 2007-01-31 21:26, JamesBiss wrote:

Yes, the cueing from the transmitter is quiet- if held correctly - with no clicking.

Didn't you have this problem on your's Shrink? But you then sorted it so the clicking was eliminated. It seems like my initial suspicions could be well founded.
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