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Faromania - The Big List by Mats G. Kjellstrom

It´s strange, but I have a strong addiction to do faros shuffles: in the hands, tabled and one handed. Below you can find my big list with faro things I have found in books, videos and on magic forums. If you find any errors, typos or "missing" effects or books, please, post your comments here.


Mats G. Kjellstrom

"A friend of mine picked up a deck of cards and said he was going to show me a faro trick. I took out a gun and shot him."
Charlie Miller - The Pallbearers Review, Volume 5 No.1, page 292


Faro Shuffle effects

Allan Slaight: Before and After,
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15, page 1508

Alex Elmsley: Aces Up, Cardiste
Alex Elmsley: Collinspell
Alex Elmsley: Color-Changing Faro Shuffle

Allan Ackerman: Impromptu Paul Fox

Bruce Cervon: My Mind Keeps Wandering,
Hard-Boiled Mysteries, page 125
Bruce Cervon: Realization,
Hard-Boiled Mysteries, page 140
Bruce Cervon: Trapped by the Bullets,
Hard-Boiled Mysteries, page 132
Bruce Cervon: Victory,
Hard-Boiled Mysteries

Daniel McCarty: Discard and Draws,
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15, page 1900

David Williamson: Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret

Darwin Ortiz: Combination Cull,
Scams & Fantasies with Cards, page 14
Darwin Ortiz: Deja Vu Poker,
Scams & Fantasies with Cards, page 11
Darwin Ortiz: Sting (tabled faro),
Card Shark
Darwin Ortiz: Si Stebben's Set Up Secret,
At the Card Table
Darwin Ortiz: The Cross,
Cardshark, page 180

Derek Dingle: Mental Triumph, page 143

Doc Dixon: Everything's Funnier with Monkeys: Unshuffled with no reset

Earl Nelson: Up Set,
The Collected Almanac by Richard Kaufman, page 77

Ed Marlo: Gambling Routine, Marlo in Spades
Ed Marlo: Black Jack, Marlos in Spades
Ed Marlo: The Sucker Hand, Marlos in Spades
Ed Marlo: Miracle Routine, Marlos in Spades
Ed Marlo: Faro Aces, Marlos in Spades
Ed Marlo: Original R or B Phantom
Ed Marlo: Spade Routine
Ed Marlo: Marlos Matching Routine (Stay Stack)
Ed Marlo: Cutting the four aces
Ed Marlo: Stay Stack Miracle, Cardiste
Ed Marlo: Shuffling the Aces,Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: An out Shuffle effect,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: Progressive Miracle,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: 76-76-67-67,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: Fingertip Miracle,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: Full Deck, Five Faro´s,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: The Wrong Hand,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: It´s Mathematical, 1-2,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: Two Disclosures,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: Automatic Placement,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: Faro Foolers, 1-12,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: Wrong to Right,
Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: Faro Fantastiques,
Marlo's Magazine 3
Ed Marlo: Full Deck Oil and Water,
Marlo´s Magazine 5, page 61
Ed Marlo: Think of Any Card,
Marlo´s Magazine 6, page 217
Ed Marlo: The Mindreading Faro,
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6, page 215
Ed Marlo: Miracle Ace Cutting,
Faro Controlled Miracles

Fred Braue: Braue Poker Deal,
Expert Card Technique, page 150
Fred Braue: The Royal Flush Deal,
Expert Card Technique, page 151

Fr. Cyprian: Faro Flush,
Super Subtle Card Miracles by Frank Garcia (1973), page 25

Gary Goldberg: Firp,
The Collected Almanac by Richard Kaufman, page 203

Gerald Kosky: Anyone for Bridge, Cardiste

Harry Lorayne: Interlaced Location,
My Favorite Card Tricks
Harry Lorayne: The 29th card Afterthoughts
Harry Lorayne: Combination Aces, Afterthoughts
Harry Lorayne: Tag Along Aces
Harry Lorayne: Both Manipulative Aces
Harry Lorayne: Fourtitude,
The New Phoenix (1958), issue 318
Harry Lorayne: Reverse Faro Ending

James Swain: Something for Nothing,
Swain's Miracles With Cards

Jon Racherbaumer: Late-nite Sandwich, Cardfixes
Jon Racherbaumer: Red Hot Mental Mamma

John Bannon: Dawn Patrol, Dear Mr Fantasy

Juan Tamariz: Tamariz Jumble, Sonata, page 221

Ken Krenzel: The Gun, The Card Classics
Ken Krenzel - Peter Kane: Magic Bullet (The Gun)

Larry Jennings & Bruce Cervon: Face-Up Count II, Hard-Boiled Mysteries, page 129

Paul LePaul's: Gymnastic Aces,
The Card Magic of Paul LePaul

Martin Nash: Ovation, Award Winning Magic, Vol 1
Martin Nash: The Eight-Card Poker Challenge, Sleight Unseen 3, page 408
Martin Nash: Faro Flam,
Sleight Unseen 3, page 404
Martin Nash: Free Cut Faro Sandwich,
Ever So Sleightly, page 99
Martin Nash: The Three to Seven Hand Poker Stack,
Ever So Sleightly, page 96
Martin Nash: Vernash's Aces,
Ever So Sleightly, page 70
Martin Nash: Mental Topper
Martin Nash: Colors on the March

Michael Close: Tut Tut,
Magical Masterpieces of Michael Close, Vol 5

Michael DeMarco: Poker Machine,
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15, page 2029
Michael DeMarco: Poker Machine II,
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15, page 2062
Michael DeMarco: Principle to an Extreme, Apocalypse Vol. 16-20, page 2264
Michael DeMarco: Roving Predaceous Mates II, Apocalypse Vol. 16-20, page 2673
Michael DeMarco: Ten Fingers, Ten Hands, Apocalypse Vol. 16-20, page 2470

Mike Skinner: A Monkey's Uncle

Paul Gertner: Unshuffled, Steel and Silver

Paul Swinford: Alpha and Omega,
Faro Fantasy, page 27
Paul Swinford: Faro Spell,
Faro Fantasy, page 59
Paul Swinford: Opus Thirteen,
Faro Fantasy, page 37

Peter Duffie: Triple Trauma, Duffie's Card Compulsions, page 81

Pit Hartling: Master of the Mess,
Card Fictions, page 18
Pit Hartling: Chaos, Little Green Lecture

Richard Goldshot: No Looking Goody Goody, Apocalypse Vol. 6-10, page 968
Richard Goldshot: RG Location,
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10, page 967

Richard Wollmer: The Distrustful Mechanic, Apocalypse Vol. 16-20, page 2850
Richard Wollmer & Christian Scherer:
Jacks Down Under, Apocalypse Vol.6-10, page 910
Richard Wollmer: The Lady Vanishes,
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10, page 1025
Richard Wollmer: Perpetual Calendar,
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15, page 1604
Richard Wollmer: Right-To-It Location, Apocalypse Vol. 16-20, page 2694
Richard Vollmer: Earthly Powers, Apocalypse

Robert Gardner: Twice Nice,
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15, page 1611

Roberto Giobbi: The Two Detectivesy,
Card College Vol 3
Roberto Giobbi: Numerology,
Card College Vol 3

Roy Walton: Sign of Four,
New York Magic Symposium, Collection 1 (1982), page 95

Rusduck: Faro Fantasies, Cardiste
Rusduck: Koldex Deluxe, Cardiste
Rusduck: Perpetual Separation, Cardiste

Sal Piacente: The Faro Stack,
Expert Card Magic Lecture Notes

Tom Craven: Drop-Count Revelation,
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10, page 858

Tyler Wilson: IUD (Invisible Ungimmicked Deck), ebook, videos

*Unknown: Twenty-One Cards,
A Double Prediction, Fine Art of Magic by Georg Kaplan, page 175

Books with Faro Shuffle

Allan Ackerman: Las Vegas Kardma (1994), page 175

Alex Elmsley: Collected works, vol I & II
Alex Elmsley: Pentagram,
articles about Ins and Outs

Bruce Cervon: Hard-boiled Mysteries

Charles T. Jordan: Thirty Card Mysteries, Penngrove; 1919
Charles T. Jordan: Ten New Prepared Card Tricks, Penngrove; 1920

David Williamson: Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret

Darwin Ortiz: At the Card Table:
Si Stebbins Setup
Darwin Ortiz: Scams & Fantasies with Cards
Darwin Ortiz: Card Shark

Derek Dingle: The Complete Works, Mental Triumph, page 143

Ed Marlo: Marlo in Spades (1947)
Ed Marlo: Revolutionary Card Technique
Ed Marlo: The Faro Shuffle, 36 p.
Ed Marlo: Faro Notes, 71 p
Ed Marlo: Faro Controlled miracles

Erhard Liebenow: Royal Flush (german)

Frank Garcia: Super Subtle Card Miracles; Fr. Cyprian: Faro Flush,

Great Scott it's Magic - The Trilogy

Harry Lorayne: Close up Card Magic
Harry Lorayne: My Favorite Card Tricks: Interlaced Location
Harry Lorayne: Afterthoughts

Harry Riser: Secrets of an Escamoteur

Hugard and Braue: Expert Card Technique:
The Faro Shuffle, The endless belts, Chart of seventeen, Perfect shuffle stock, The
eighteenth card, Braue Poker Deal, Royal Flush Deal, Dishonesty at its apogee, A bridge deal, At the top, Double less one

Irl C. Bivens: Secrets of the Faro from The College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 22, No. 2 (Mar., 1991), page 144-147

James Swain: Miracles with Cards
James Swain: 21st Century Card Magic

John Bannon: Dear Mr. Fantasy: Dawn Patrol

John Nevil Maskelyne: Sharps and Flats (1894)

Jon Racherbaumer: Card Finesse, page 146-152
Jon Racherbaumer: Cardfixes: Late-nite Sandwich

Juan Tamariz: Mnemonica
Juan Tamariz: Sonata: Bewitched Music Vol.I

Karl Fulves: Epilogue
Karl Fulves: Faro & Riffle Technique
Karl Fulves: Faro Possibilities

Ken Krenzel: The Card Classics: The Gun

Martin Nash: Ever So Sleightly:
The Table Faro Revisited, page 41

Michael Close: Closely Guarded Secrets,
Ebook (CD-ROM)

Murray Bonfield: Faro Concepts (1977), 56 pages

Meir Yedid: Magical Wishes: A fake faro shuffle

Paul Gertner: Steel and Silver: Unshuffled

Paul Swinford: Faro Fantasy
Paul Swinford: More Faro Fantasy

Peter Duffie: Principles & Deceptions, Stay Stack

Pit Hartling: Card Fictions

Richard Kaufman: The Collected Almanac:
Earl Nelson: Up Set

Roberto Giobbi: Card College:
The 2 detectives and Numerology
Roberto Giobbi: Card College 3:
Faro Shuffle

Rusduck: The Cardiste

S. Brent Morris: Magic Tricks, Card Shuffling and Dynamic Computer Memories
of the Mathematical Association of america

S. Brent Morris: On the Faro Shuffle, Part One, The Linking Ring, Vol 77 no. 11, Nov 1997, page 77

ANONYMOUS: The Whole Art and Myster of Modern Gaming (1726), roots of the Faro Game and shuffle

DVD & Videos plus ebooks

Allan Ackerman: Las Vegas Card Expert:
Impromptu Paul Fox
Allan Ackerman: Advanced Card Control, Vol 4:
On-Handed Faro Shuffle

Allan Ackerman: Advanced Card Control Series, Faro Shuffle, Vol.6:

Sleights and Moves:

In-The-Hands Faro Technique
Cutting At 26
Adjusting the Cut
In-Faros vs. Out-Faros
Fine Points of the Faro Shuffle
Re-Squaring the Packets
In Case of a Miss
Rock & Re-Weave
The Faro Shuffle as a
Real Shuffle
Further Fine Faro Points
The Fourth Finger Table
Key Cards
The Tabled Faro
The Faro Check
Stacking with the Faro Shuffle
Combining Faro & Riffle
The Ten-Card Poker Stack
The Stay Stack/Mirror Stack
Incomplete Faro Control
Incomplete Faro with a Jog
Automatic Placement Control
Si Stebbins
Any Card at Any Number
Faro Mental Displacement
Getting Packets the Same Size
The Faro Divider
The Reverse Faro
The Faro as a Cull
Eight Out Faros to Preserve Full Deck Order


Ed Marlo's Spade Routine
Acrobatic Aces
The Gun by Ken Krenzel
Ed Marlo's Matching Routine
Faro Mental Displacement


Alex Elmsley: The Tahoe Sessions, Vol 2: Collinspell
Alex Elmsley: The Tahoe Sessions, Vol 3:
Color-Changing Faro Shuffle

Brad Burt: Zarrow Shuffle....and more!:
Basic work on the Faro Shuffle

Brian Tudor: Three Finger Faro II from Showoff II by Brian Tudor

Ed Marlo: Legend:
Mock Faro, Tabled Faro Demonstration
Ed Marlo: It's All In The Cards:
8 perfect riffle tabled Faro Shuffles

Joe Rindfleisch: Extreme Card Magic

Darwin Ortiz: Cardshark, The Sting

Dai Vernon: Revelations, Vol 17:
Vernon Sees Faro Shuffle

David Eldridge: Gambling Act

George Joseph: Cheating At Gin: Faro Shuffle

Gerry Griffin: Complete Card Magic - The Definitive Set

Harry Lorayne: Best Ever Vol 4:
Estimation Aces: Straddle Faro, Veeser Concept
Voice Print: Reverse Faro Shuffle

Magicmakers: Show Off With Cards: One handed faro shuffle

Martin Nash: Infinity & Beyond:
Tabled Faro Shuffle
Martin Nash: Award Winning Magic, Vol 1: Ovation
Martin Nash: Award Winning Magic, Vol 4: Tabled Faro Shuffle

Michael Close: Learn the Faro Shuffle (ebook, cd)

Raphael Benatar: Elegant Card Magic, Vol 1: Faro Split Subtlety

R.Paul Wilson's Non-Faro (ebook)

Rich Ferguson: Shuffles & Cuts, Vol 1: Tabled Faro, In the Hands, One Handed Faro, Scissor Far and Rich's Faro

Richard Kaufman: Basic Card Technique

Richard Turner: The Cheat (tabled faro)
Richard Turner: Fans, Flourishes and False Shuffles: Cross Faro Fan

The Count's Inquisition of Shuffling and Dealing Number I (ebook)


One handed perf ect table faro
Joseph Schmidt: Epilogue by Karl Fulves


Butt Tabled Faro Shuffle
Ed Marlo: Revolutionary Card Technique


Mmenmonica Memorized Stack
Juan Tamariz, getting in and out of Tamariz Memorized Stack with a faro shuffle


The Chain Calculator
Ed Marlo: Revolutionary Card Technique, Faro Notes


Instant 26th Location
Ed Marlo: Faro Notes, Revolutionary Card Technique


Stay Stack or Mirror Stack
Rusduck: Cardiste


Casual Faro Divider
Ed Marlo: Card Finesse by Jon Rachermabumer


New Deck PM
Ed Marlo: Revolutionary Card Technique, Faro Notes


Side-Cut Faro Stack
Derek Dingle: The Complete Works of Derek Dingle (1982)


Phony Pharo
David Williamsson: Apocalypse Vol. 11-15, page 1794


Elimination - Faro Ordering
Pit Hartling: Card Fictions, page 22


Penelope Principle
Alex Elmsley: Collected Works volume 2, page 313


Anti Faro

Dani DaOrtiz and Christian Engblom DVD:
!Que Raro! that teaches the Anti-Faro.

In the Anti-Faro you spring the cards from hand to hand from a very short distance
and every other card jogs slightly. This allows you to strip out the jogged cards, and essentially reverses the action of a Faro Shuffle.


Gene Finnell's Free Cut Principle, Gene Finnell: Torrance; 1967


StackView, stacks
Paul H
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Hi Matt,

I have a powerful love/hate relationship with the Faro. You present a stunning list. The only thing I would add is Dead Reckoning by John Bannon although I prefer Dawn Patrol due to the ease of setup. Many thanks for your titanic effort.


Paul H
Dorian Rhodell
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Hi Mats,

Aren't you forgetting one...? Smile
Thanks for the helpful reference.


Dorian Rhodell
Doctor Whoston
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Wow! Great list.
Can you now give each a mark out of ten?
Andy the cardician
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you sure have it for faros. Great list. Thanks for posting.

Cards never lie
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Most of my books have Faro tricks within, but the following two books have Faro a-plenty magic:

1) Explorations (book on Free-Cut Principle, Automatic Placement etc) by Paul Gordon
2) Second 16th Card Book, by Tom Craven & Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon
Andrew Loh
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Wow, thanks for the effort and the lists. Smile

Oh yes, don't forget George McBride's trick in Scotland Up Close where combination of the Penelope Principle and Faro Shuffle. Really kills! Smile

Andrew Loh

Posted: Mar 2, 2007 10:37pm
Yes, I miss out one, my friend Shannon Clark (he is quite frequent in this forum) I read his effect few months ago and yes, using Faro Shuffle and the effect I thought was awesome and killer too. I am still performing his effect today.

Andrew Loh

Check out my new card magic eBooks "The Magnificent Queens" & "Triple Charms" at:

My Cardician Den Blog:
The Great Marok
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Hi, I also love the faro shuffle, because it's just so perfect. Thanks for compiling this list.
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Greater Magic, A Butt shuffle

Murray Bonfeld: A solution to Emsley's problem, Genii, May 1973

Micky MacDougall: Gamblers Don't Gamble, Interlacing riffle

Jeff Busby's Epoptica "magazines", May 1982,
Busby talks about the history of the faro

Downs-McGuire: The Linking Ring, April and May 1971,
letters with mention of Fred Black

Persi Diaconis: The Mathematics of Perfect Shuffles

Chris Power: The Directors Cut, Laid Back Too (1999), video
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Impressive!!! MORE!!!

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Paul Cummins' effect "Punken Droker" from 2003 makes use of the faro shuffle (it doesn't have to be perfect).
It was in Steven Youell's "Cogitations".
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You need to get out of the house! Smile
Ted L
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Is there a gun around here, by any chance?

Impressive list... but wow!

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On 2008-04-09 15:46, jasons_mind wrote:
Is there a gun around here, by any chance?

Impressive list... but wow!


Yes, there is...

Ken Krenzel: The Gun, The Card Classics
Steve James
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Alex Elmsley"s Custodial card.
Harry Lorayne
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Truly a great list. To help toward "completeness" - just current thoughts without really checking: The title is The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel, written by me.

I believe that Paul Gertner's Unshuffled first saw the light of day in my Best of Friends, Volume 1.

Teaching the Faro Shuffle in Close-Up Card Magic.

In Trend Setters: Would It Be A Miracle?, Without A Clue, and more.

In Quantum Leaps: The Non-Faro Faro.

And good luck finding a copy - of The Linking Ring Magazine - March, 1964 - my One-Man Parade - all 4-ace routines, all utilizing the Faro Shuffle. HL.

Posted: Mar 13, 2010 3:40pm
Oops. How could I not list my own What A M-E-S! out of Personal Collection. It's one of the best applications of a faro - for me. Then there are the "Unique Peek" effects and Absolutely Impossible Location in that same book. HL.
John Pilotzi
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How about...

Murray Bonfeld's Faro Concepts
The Keeper Card Book
The 16th Card Books
Paul Swinford's books

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Michael Close´s new - Devious DVD set includes several great faro effects.

The Way of the Duck – A fresh presentation for an amazing revelation of two freely selected cards.

The Matching Miracle – An Ed Marlo routine streamlined by Harry Riser.

Harry’s Faro Trick – Harry Riser had forgotten about this amazing card discovery. It was published in M-U-M, but has never appeared on video

Here it is.
Steve James
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Elmsley"s, Penelope Principle.
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Hi, I'm starting to practice the faro. Can someone tell of a good trick or use for the faro? I think if I knew its applicationT I would have more "motivation" and practice it more regularly.

Until now I only know "Fourtitude" by Mr. Harry Lorayne which is great. I fooled myself!

I have some books that are in this incredible list, I'll have a look.


Apr 11, 2010 11:24pm
Found the faro info on The Collected Works Of Elmsley vol II chapter 6.

Now I'll sit and read Smile

Still I would like recommendations.

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