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In this issue
1. The KIDabra Friday Evening Library Session hosted by Steve Taylor
2. KIDabra Conference Lectures
3. Optional Marketing Sessions August 14 & 15
4. KIDabra Conference Preferred Seating still Available, but hurry!
5. Breaking News around the KIDshow World
6. The Live KIDabra Birthday Party Ideas Session 2 DVD Set
7. KIDabra International Member News
8. The Magic Show Conference May 3-5, 2007
9. The Music Road Hotel Complex hosts KIDabra Conference 2007

March Greetings,

Finally it seems we're turning the corner away from a dreary winter and I'm delighted. As we prepare to welcome Spring here in the US there is much to report in the KIDshow world so please read away.

By the way, if you missed the February issue of this e newsletter, it's my fault. Much travel and many obligations kept me from our regular visit, however that just means more news in this issue.

I hope you have received your February/March issue of the KIDabra Journal with the marvelous Terry Herbert on the cover. (If you haven't it's on the way!) Kudos to the entire Journal team for one of the best issues yet and to SPS Publications for the best looking issue to date. Sammy and his team have installed a digital press and the benefit to us is sharp pictures and graphics throughout. The next issue is currently in active preparation and fantastic stuff is coming. Don't let friends miss another issue, they can join KIDabra International at

Planning for KIDabra conference is in full swing and it is nothing short of amazing! You'll read of some of the incredible new events in this newsletter. The 2007 Schedule is in active preparation and will be posted as readied at

Dennis Michael our terrific webmaster at has been extremely sick and in and out of the hospital with the flu over the last 2 weeks. Get well notes to

The whole family accompanied me to Circus Magic in late February. Tami looked after the first ever KIDabra International booth in the vendors room while I lectured. Our boys Robert and Stephen spent much time with Sammy and Laurel Smith's sons Wesley and Austin. We saw tons of friends old and new including many KIDabra folks. One new friend, with whom we're talking about coming to KIDabra, is Angel Contreras. Angel is the graphic artist who did the beautiful cover on the new book Top Hat Treasury: A Treasury of Magical Family Entertainers. As so many of us are always looking for a really good graphic artist, I wanted you to know about him. He's very popular in the clown world. Check out his website and tell him KIDabra sent you.

We'd love to have you join us in August at conference. Please take a moment register for KIDabra Conference 2007, make your hotel reservations, travel plans and we'll see you in August at KIDabra Conference!
Mark and Tami Daniel


KIDabra Conference 2007 News
KIDabra 2007 Conference
The 16th Year
Pigeon Forge, TN
Music Road Hotel Complex
August 15 - 18, 2007

Terry Herbert, Magic Al, Steve Taylor, Jozo Bozo
Julian Franklin, Jim Kleefeld, Kelly Duro

Senior Staff:
Barry Mitchell, David Kaye, Sammy Smith,
Trixie Bond, Ken Scott, Dave Risley,
Mike Bent, Bruce Amato, Joe Lefler

Executive Staff:
Bruce Bray, Tate Elliott, Tim Sonefelt,
Ralph the Great, Scott Francis, Dennis Michael, Tess Andrews

And the list continues to grow!

1. The KIDabra Friday Evening Library Session hosted by Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor travels from Washington State to host our Friday Evening Library Session. He is one of the top experts on Summer Reading and Library shows in the US. He'll preside over a fascinating evening of great routines, tips and more from folks like Ken Scott, Mike Bent, Barry Mitchell, Trixie Bond, Jim Kleefeld, Nathan J. Roberts, Julian Franklin, Tim Sonefelt and more to come! If you're looking for ideas for Library Shows, Summer Reading, School reading shows, even just to add a routine to your daycare or birthday party this is the place to be. (Many years ago I started placing an appropriate pro reading routine in my birthday parties to raves from parents. You can still be fun, funny and have a positive agenda and that's kinda cool!) Following in the wake of the Birthday Party, Halloween and Holiday Sessions this is a Don't Miss KIDabra Special Highlight Event!

2. KIDabra Conference Lecture Spotlights

Barry Mitchell's STAGE UP-ers
The rules of the stage that will help you rule the stage.

This workshop may be the most important hour you spend toward the success of your entertainment
career. Barry is recognized as a professional of stage presence, appeal, and personality, however, he didn’t get that way by chance. His skill is a result of training and experience. Now you can learn the techniques that work for Barry and all professional stage performers. You will learn exactly what it takes to improve your stage presence on every stage from birthday party to corporate speaking. You’ll also discover that changes you can make are simpler than you may think. You can apply the information the instant you learn it. If you stand on any stage; soapbox, pulpit, or arena floor you need this information and Barry shares in it his inimitable and entertaining way. Time well spent! When Barry speaks it's always a KIDabra Special Event!

Tim Sonefelt with How Tricks Become Entertaining:
The Anatomy of a Routine

Anyone can DO a magic trick but it sometimes seems few can make it entertaining. It's the entertainment value that sets you apart from Uncle Bob who can 'do a few tricks.' Sure, the magic is important, but that's just the skeleton. In this lecture we'll get to the HEART of what makes magic entertaining. Explore the 'muscles,' 'brain,' 'fingers & toes,' and the 'funny bone' that complete the anatomy of our routines. Enjoy Tim's wonderfully kid-tested original routines in this KIDabra Feature Event!

Pull Up a Chair and Enjoy A Little "Chicken Soup"
The Magical Experiences of Ron Conley

It's been several years since our friend Ron Conley (owner of Conley's House of Magic in Myrtle Beach, SC) has been with us and we're delighted to welcome him back this year. He is a journeyman performer and has had some incredible adventures along the way. In this "little visit" he shares some of the neat things that happened to him as he traveled around doing his One Man Bird and Bunny Show. Some of his amazing anecdotes will teach, some of them will be just for fun, but all of them will bring a smile to your heart.

Any time spent with Ron is like going out for dinner with friends after the show where you hang on every word. Hear the stories about shows, kids, tricks and the stuff of the road that make for unforgettable memories. This "little visit" has inspired a "little book" which will premiere at KIDabra! Find out there how you can particpate in his future "little books" (Over the years I've cherished sitting with Ron over a meal and listening to these stories, for the first time ever you'll get to join in and let me assure you it's a treat better than apple pie ala mode!) A KIDabra Feature Event!

More Lectures Coming to KIDabra Conference
In our next newsletter you'll learn about lectures from- David Kaye with Secrets Revealed: The Steps to Creating Great Routines! and Kelly Duro (of Virtual Soundman fame) with Affective Music, Steve Taylor presenting Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue! and still more to come:>)

3. Optional Marketing Sessions August 14 & 15
Ken Scott with "How to Make a Six Figure Income doing Kid Shows!"
In this detailed and exciting lecture Ken will show you what it takes to succeed in the kid show market. Ken will share with you PROVEN techniques that will help guide you toward your SIX figure income.
Topics to discussed:
* What's in the name?? Making a name for yourself is key factor in your success. Don't let your clients forget you.
*Proven techniques that will make you more money in the birthday party business.
* How to make kids your best agent.
* What's your venue- birthdays, libraries, schools, companies, daycares, scouts? How to succeed in these markets, but be careful you may knock yourself out doing all those shows.

No fluff in this lecture. Nothing held back. Here is your DEPOSIT slip for Success!

Along with Ken Scott's How to Make a Six Figure Income doing Kid Shows! add in
Steve Taylor- A Baker's Dozen To Raise More Dough:13 Tiny Tips To Transform Your Take-Home From Tepid To Terrific!
Julian Franklin on Customized Marketing,
Bruce Amato on The Daycare Dilema and more to come!

Marketing Sessions start Tuesday evening and continuing throughout the day on Wednesday. Since the Conference Center has many lunch choices available this year, we're lowering the price and giving you the choices to choose your own lunch at a reasonable cost. Marketing sessions are only $92.00

4. KIDabra Conference Preferred Seating still Available, but Hurry!
Only a handfull of reserve seats up front at KIDabra Conference remain and there is one with your name on it if you register today at


5. Breaking News around the KIDshow World :
Congratulations to Sammy Smith on being named Editor of The Linking Ring Magazine, Magic's largest
magazine and organ of IBM. While he has huge shoes to fill after the 14 year tenure of Phil Wilmarth, he is ready and excited to get to work! He has put into place a great team and system to help him continue to publish our Journal as well as The Funny Paper. He'll continue SPS Magic, SPS Publications and his lecture appearances as well.

Kudos to Tim Sonefelt as he becomes the new monthly KIDshow columnist for MUM magazine with Kidshows Matter. Another very busy guy with and a full time performing career, plus!

Terry Evanswood's very own theater opens this season in Pigeon Forge- Magic Beyond Belief Theater starring Terry Evanswood. A partnering with theater impresario David Fee makes this wonderful happening possible. Terry will be moving just down the street from where he was at The Country Tonite Theater to the old Elmwood Smooch Theater. The building is undergoing extensive renovations for a late March opening. Read all about the theater and how the opportunity came about in the next issue of the Journal in an article by Barry Mitchell.

Duane and Mary Laflin have theater news as well. Their long time dream becomes a reality this summer with the opening of their theater in Libby, Montana. Duane has written a wonderful story about the adventure (including Elvis) thus far and you'll also read about it in the April/May Journal.


6. The Live KIDabra Birthday Party Ideas Session 2 DVD Set
The Hottest New KIDshow DVD on the Market!

Looking for some great Birthday Party Show Ideas?
Then join 20 of today's Top KIDshow Performer's for tons of ideas, tricks and routines. This 3rd official KIDabra release in the live session series taped at KIDabra 2006 is filled with a wealth of styles and ideas to get you thinking and working on your show.

Hosted by one of the Top Birthday Party Performers in the US- Bruce Bray and directed by David Kaye (Silly Billy)

Just some of the highlights:
Trevor Lewis performing and teaching a wonderful gypsy thread routine to use with the birthday child.

See Ken Scott perform his sensational Fantasy Magician routine.

Learn tips from Bruce Bray (Tip after practical tip), Greg McMahan (his Goody Bag idea), Eddy Wade (Mommy Pack) which are in themselves worth many times the cost of the DVD set.

Barry Mitchell's The Rules and The Ruler, is a new instant classic you can make yourself with a folding ruler and mouth coil.

Michael Mode of Napkin Rose fame shares a terrific idea for involving a sibling and mom at the party with a touching moment.

Special Bonus Section: For the first time, enjoy the wild and crazy Outakes and Bloopers from the session. Rated PG

And so much more. This is a must have collection for your working KIDshow library right along side the KIDabra Live Sessions for Halloween and Holiday Magic. This 2 DVD set collection features separate performances, explanations, and the Bloopers section.

Performers Featured on the DVD-
Bruce Bray, David Kaye, Trevor Lewis, Sammy Smith, Dave Risley, Trixie Bond, Mike Bent, Duane Laflin
Barry Mitchell, Jozo Bozo, Ken Scott, Ralph the Great, Greg McMahan, Michael Mode, Steve Kissell, Eddy Wade, Bruce Amato, Dennis Michael, Dave Hill, Joe Lefler and Carol Collins

Special Bonus: Michael Mode has supplied us with sample Napkin Rose packs, included with your set!
From KI postage is paid in the USA and Canada for only $45.00 at (Other countries postage additional) Order today at click on Products. Also available from your favorite participating performer.

7. Important KIDabra International Member News
KI Member Logo
As a KIDabra International member in good standing you may use the special Member logo (created by Ralph the Great) on your website and promotional materials. find it at, click on the Association button on the left and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Chapters may use the KIDabra logo for chapter business with their Chapter identification immediately under the logo. The original KI logo is reserved for Headquarters' usage. Discussion Forum - KI Members Benefit
Posting on the informative KIDabra discussion forum is an important KI member benefit. All of the incredible content on the forum is available to KI members! If you have friends who would like to learn all about KIDabra they may view select sections of the forum as guests, however posting is exclusively for our members. Please join in the sharing! See you there!

Chapter News
Please keep us informed if you're working on a Chapter in your area. We'll help promote it. Please direct Chapter questions to Chapter Development Coordinator Dennis Michael. He is eager and ready to help at or 856-753-4794.

Chapters - please send your meeting reports for the Journal to Tate Elliott, Story Editor as a word document the address is Please place in the subject line Chapter # and Meeting Date, for Issue #. Pictures should 300 dpi and converted to B&W and sent to Tami at

KI Journal Reminders
If you have kidshow products, books, DVD's etc.. that you'd want the KIDshow world to know about, have them reviewed in the KIDabra Journal. Please send them to Bruce Bray c/o Party Pizazz, Inc., 1209 River Ave. Unit #1215, Lakewood, NJ 08701. Contact him at

To advertise in the KIDabra Journal contact Tami 336-492-7870 or Great rates and the perfect way to get the news out to the KIDshow world about your products and services.

8. The Magic Show Conference May 3-5, 2007
The Fourth Annual Magic Show Conference coming to Branson, Missouri.

Laflin Magic and Dazzling Magic present the fourth annual Magic Show Conference in Branson, Missouri, May 3-5, 2007.

Featuring: Ali Bongo, Dan Tong, Doug Anderson, Joe Fairchild, Greg Brit, Fukai and Kimika, Bill and Ruth Pitts, Duane Laflin and Marty Hahne.

The conference includes 10 lectures, the Saturday night staff show, plus two Branson shows. You will attend Darren Romeo, The Voice of Magic, and Justin Flom's Imaginary Theater and Magic Parlor. Plus, critique session, dealers, ice cream party and more! There is a bonus gospel day featuring Duane Laflin on May 2.
For more information, and to register, go to


9. The Music Road Hotel Complex hosts KIDabra Conference 2007
For 2007 Conference e return to Pigeon Forge and the Music Road Hotel. Great rooms, on property water parks- pools, indoor and outdoor, water slides, lazy river and more, coupled with an excellent free continental breakfast each morning make for a great whole family treat. We'll be housed in both the Music Road Hotel and the Inn with the conference center between. The Inn is only a few steps further from the free standing conference center, the Hotel is best if you have special needs, also half of the rooms at the Hotel overlook the river. If the whole family is coming pick the inn for the most water activities, although no matter which building you're in you have full access. The complex is located at Traffic light 1 in Pigeon Forge in a quiet cul de sac just off the main drag, turn at the Ruby Tuesday's Restaurant. Surrounding it for a mile in every direction are restaurants to please every taste and that huge Wal-Mart in Sevierville is only 4 or 5 minutes drive, not to mention every outlet store known to man.

Rooms in the KIDabra block are only $89.00 per night for 2 queen beds. (This special conference rate off regular rate of up to $119.00) (Suites available at a higher rate.) Call Music Road Toll Free at 866-615-6353 and tell them you're with KIDabra. Every room night counts toward our reserved block and makes the conference possible. Also you can make reservations on-line at Click on Reservations, then click on Group Blocks, then enter our unique KIDabra code 6440-7628 (for the hotel) or 6440-7629 (for the inn) Our group is served by Donna in Group Reservations. Her direct number is 865-286-1780, Monday thru Friday. Take a moment and make your reservation today!

Join KIDabra International Today at click on Join
Membership Card, The KIDabra Journal, Free Member Websites, the Amazing KIDabra Discussion Forum, KI member discounts and more. $55.00 which includes an initiation fee and thereafter $40.00 on renewal
Associate/Spouse (who assist or are married to a Primary Member) $30.00 Includes a one time 15.00 initiation fee and thereafter $15.00 on renewal. Junior Member (10-18 years old who are the child of a Primary Member) $30.00 Includes a one time 15.00 initiation fee and thereafter $15.00 on renewal. International Member $90.00 Includes a one time 15.00 initiation fee and KIDabra: The Journal, thereafter $75.00 on renewal.

And Register Today For The 2007 KIDabra International Conference!
Member Performer $174.95 (US and Canada)
Spouse $90.00
Child under 16 with full paying adult $75.00
New-Member Performer $229.95 (US and Canada)
International Performer/New-Member $264.95
Optional Marketing Sessions Tuesday Evening August 14th and Wednesday the 15th $92.00

You can register by phone or fax with Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express
phone (336) 492-7870
fax (336) 492-2199
Online at
or by check and moneyorder to
MSD Productions
KIDabra 2007 Conference
P.O. Box 1296
Mocksville, NC 27028

What if there was a place and a group of people that existed to meet the special needs of folks who perform for kids and families? What if there was a place to motivate you, educate you and point you in the right direction? What if there was a place that helped person after person build successful performance careers? What if all of this really existed? A place so good that your competitors won't tell you they're a member because they want to keep all the resources for themselves.

It does, it is KIDabra International!

KIDabra International
PO Box 1296
Mocksville, NC 27028
Phone 336-492-7870
Fax 336-492-2199
e mail
discussion forum
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