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Manchester, NH
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I was wondering what Hot Rods peeople like to use and why? The first one I ever saw was the "Number 2 Pencil" which I though was great. I recently purchased "The Amazing Jumping Arrow" and I've gotten phenomenal reactions from people. I was torn between the Jumping Arrow and the new Meteor Paddle routine. I settled on the Jumping Arrow because I didn't want to have to take the covers off and be in a position where a spectator could grab them.
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Salazar Magic
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New Jersey
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There's this great routine where there's six colored jems and they all change to the same cosen color! Smile
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Melbourne, Australia
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The brass hot rod is really nice. Good weight and solid feel. It's a standard 6 gem hot rod, but made from good solid brass. Very nice to handle.

The paddle move can be used with a very large variety of items. The jumping peg bat is an inexpensive alternative and the colour changing knives is a very nice routine. Daryl has a great colour changing knives routine - however his props are a tad on the expensive side.

You can even use the paddle move with a pen or pencil if they're printed properly. It's a versatile little move that fools most laymen every time!

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Smile I make my own routine I call it
Fire gems lol
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Jon Gallagher
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Elmwood, Illinois
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I must be missing something. My hot rod has six gems all the same color, but then they change to all different colors!

Then again, I had trouble figuring out which license plate went on the front of my car and which one went on the rear....

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New Jersey
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I have the standard 6 diff, 6 same -

I'm going to make my own and keep several in a pocket so you can do repeats with a diff. color
Peter Marucci
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If you are planning to make your own, then make them with only five gems.
It makes the force MUCH more believable. That spelling O-N-E nonsense really turns the spectators off!
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Springfield IL
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Two things I do with hot rod, 1) I carry two. and 2)As I begin the trick I make mention of the different colors on both sides. Then I say "Do you have a favorite color on here?" If they pick the solid color, say green, I say "Let's see if we can do something with that. . ." and I turn the whole thing green. Much better than the original trick.

If they say another color, I say, "yeah, that's mine too" and continue with the original trick.

Troy Roark
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Boston, MA
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Keith walker makes an incredible brass locking Hot Rod. You can do the standard rotine 6 colors, then one, THEN change it to yet another color and hand it out for examination. It is easy to use though there are some knock offs on the market now.

THe meteor paddle and No2 pencil are among my favorites though. Meteor paddle is a little more flashy and the spots jumping everywhere totally leaves the laymen in the dust. But the No2 pencil has the looks like an everday object look to it which makes it that much more amazing when it slides anfd stretches. I am hard pressed to choose which i like better.

Ty Argo
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Columbus, Ohio
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I don't know if it is one of the 'knock-offs' or the original, but TRI-Rod put out by Mak Magic is great. As above, the six colors change to blue. Then do trick again with red and hand it out for examination. It really does have six red dots on both sides. Also, it is a nice brass prop.
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On 2003-01-29 22:09, Peter Marucci wrote:
If you are planning to make your own, then make them with only five gems.
It makes the force MUCH more believable. That spelling O-N-E nonsense really turns the spectators off!

I don't do Hot Rods, but I've always thought that rather than awkwardly forcing people to choose the two color changes on a brass hot rod, it might be more natural to just wipe the rod against a spec's similarly colored shirt or dress (with their permission, of course) and have the gems "pick up" that color each time.

Actually, though, I think the only paddle routine I'll ever perform is Chance Wolf's "Shattered," which I've just ordered. That one looks very promising.

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Holland MI
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I have the brass Hot Rod that does the second change and is examinable. I really love the trick and have always gotten a vry strong response from it. The only issue I have with it is the reset time. For working tables it just is not fast enough on the rebound. I do carry it and use it for special tables.
Reis O'Brien
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Seattle, WA
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I have said this a zillion times, but I have to say it again. I had no idea how powerful a Hotrod routine can be until I got a set called Gem Busters. You can do the standard hotrod, then squish it into a cube, then roll it into a ball, the smash it into a coin shape, and then if you're feeling froggy, turn it into an actual coin. What a killer!
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Rob Johnston
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End with a complete Disappearance.
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Where is gem busters and is there a demo?
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I just attended the IBM Convention in Cleveland and I purchased one of Precision Magics Hot Rods. I have to tell you it's the best I ever saw.
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Check out Chance Wolf's "Shattered." No force. New premise.
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Laurel, Maryland
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I agree that the "choice" aspect doesn't really strengthen the trick all that much. I don't use it. I use a Hot Rod set with one that's different colors/clear (or "white") and a duplicate that's all different on both sides.

I have a script about racism and diversity that plays well for the right audience. I mostly do it strolling at charity banquets where people are in a civic mood.

Hope this helps.
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I just noticed that your email and website contact info is I would hope that you would think that your version of the hotrod was the best.
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On 2004-07-11 09:34, trenchant wrote:
Check out Chance Wolf's "Shattered." No force. New premise.

I agree, this is one of the most sensible "Hot Rod" style effects available and can actually make a great opener!
Carlo DeBlasio
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