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Silvio Solaris
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I like the: "developing 'four' methods for every illusion." Smile
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Silvio Solaris

'Is all that we see and seem but a dream within a dream?' E.A.Poe
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Just curious... That's the first time I've ever heard David say he has 4 methods for each illusion. Do you really think that statement is true?

It's a great statement, but I question the validity of it. I think he is just trying to show he can't be caught. David, no matter how many illusions are revealed, as long as you don't use the Blaine/Angel video tricks method, you'll always be the man!!!!
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I think he's pushing things here. If I use a sub trunk with a top t***, and then switch to one with a back t***, is this two methods? Then if I use a different girl in each one, is that 4 methods? How many ways can you fly? Just one that I can think of. But what if I use a motorized version vs. a manually operated one? Is that 2 methods?

If what I hear about DC's show is true, he needs to stick with one method for each illusion and have 4 times the number of illusions to pick from for each show.

Kevin Ridgeway
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I think it's valid enough if it has you questioning. How much even more so to the lay people?

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Alan Munro
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All Copperfield is doing is keeping his image alive. Most interviews with entertainers are just composed of fluff, meant to build or perpetuate an image.
Oliver - Twist
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I agree with you, Alan. He's saving his image and, of course, the image of magic and all other magicians.
May all your days be magical

Oliver Twist
Chris Stolz
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Hey, if it keeps them guessing, say 10 if you need to.

Do magicians change methods for the same effect? Sure we do. When creating a new illusion, I look at as many different methods as I can in order to find the best possible solution. Looking at 4 different methods for the same effect is not uncommon before arriving at the most desirable solution for the client's situation.

Now, do I necessarily think he's got 4 unique ways to fly? Probably not. But if he DOES, then good for him for covering his tail. I think his statement is 1/2 truth and 1/2 protection....which I have no problem with. We're performers, after all. We need to do and say whatever it takes to keep them guessing.
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David Copperfield, I think it is a combination. Some effects have many different ways of doing it, and others only one way of doing it, but many ways to hide it.
Christopher Starr
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Ryan: Thanks for the link.

I thought that DC handled the question of exposure on YouTube very well. As far as allowing clips of previous specials to remain on YouTube, I would guess that the DC camp must feel that this is the equivalent of positive word of mouth advertising. It is keeping the public interest in Copperfield's work alive. Also, the content is only accessible to most people through a browser.

As far as exposures of his work, that is a tough one. It is doubtful that YouTube would assist him (or any other magician) in the removal of every form of exposure on YouTube. There must be 1000s of videos in varying degrees of quality available on YouTube, and in the end, complaining and arguing for their removal probably only encourages others to duplicate and resubmit the material.

As for the 4 methods for every illusion - sounded like public relations double talk to me. But it sounded good!

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I look forward to seeing the remainder of the interview, which I hope will pop up on YouTube as well. Michael Eisner is a cool person to interview DC, even though he seems a little less than eloquent in this particular excerpt. Smile

--Jack Smile
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To the lay person, does having 4 different methods mean anything to them, most likely not?

I don't think David has any idea just how in depth some of those exposure videos can be.

I like David's interviews though, I think he does a pretty good job of trying to throw people off track. Definitely a different class from Penn and Teller.
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Bill Hallahan
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I don't think that David Copperfield necessarily means four completely different methods, but rather four different proving steps, or four different modifications to a basic method. Of course, in some cases he probably does create multiple different methods.

Take "Flying" for example. There are several "proving" steps in that act. I don't doubt that he looked at many other "proving" methods and he could switch to using those.

Of course, only David Copperfield and his staff know for sure. That's a good thing!
Humans make life so interesting. Do you know that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to create boredom. Quite astonishing.
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John Heggie
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Thanks for the link.
Hideo Kato
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Ed Marlo would say 4 methods for an effect is too few.

Hideo Kato
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I believe he DOES have more than one way to perform an illusion, but I don't think he uses them all.

I mean, there are many ways to do a double lift or a pass, but we tend to stick to one, unless necessary.

Take care,

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Matt Kap
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I wonder how long ago this interview was. Currently, all the Copperfield clips on youtube that were performed with his past TOF special have been locked to comments. I personally think the comments should be locked on all magic clips (unless someone wants to say something really really really nice).
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." -Albert Einstein
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That might be a sensible compromise, Matt. Interesting suggestion. I liked that clip - he maintained his dignity and image, and was polite but frank about the potential threat. And magic comes out on top - the message being, we can still keep the wonder alive for our audiences, despite the exposure knocking around these days.

Thanks Ryan for linking.
Silvio Solaris
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I think it boils down to really 2 methods. One for the tv special and on for the stage which is 'the workable method'. For example the participants or magicians knowing the method of '13' know what I mean when DC tells them the "2" methods he is using. In this case he uses the same one in his special which is the 'only' one. Even he convinced me for a moment that he has a 'surrounded' version which is of course not 'quite true'. I think his statement of the '4 methods' is not intended for the public....(What do they know about methods?) but rather to confuse us magicians a bit. He is the most successful magician out there and wants to protect his secrets as good as he can. And righteful so! How many Copperfield imitators are already out there trying to be successful with his Illusions and his 'methods'. That's why magicians cannot participate in '13' for example. The DC team knows that it is quite easy for an experienced magi to figure out the 'method' of 13 from beginning to end.
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Silvio Solaris

'Is all that we see and seem but a dream within a dream?' E.A.Poe
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Um, except that any magician with the slightest bit of stage knowledge will know that it is complete bull ****e. There ARE infact many different methods to create the illusion, or effect of levitation, but only ONE method for DC's Flying.
It's amazing, people will criticize you for "biting the hand that feeds you," while they're busy praising the hand that beats them.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

I won't forget you Robert.
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