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North Hollywood, CA
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Slappy, what do you mean... "right off the street?". That sounds like a huge error on his part.

He was dressed like a chinese communist in black pajama type, loose fitting, street juggler attire.
"Help, I've got a silver ball stuck on my thumb"
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G'day, Wow I learned a lot from this thread. So many great tips and ideas. Thank you all for sharing. I am writing lots of notes on all threads I read. I want to learn as much as I can before I start. As to be as professional as possible when the time arrives for me to start.

Hugs N Giggls
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On 2007-06-15 11:06, Slappy wrote:
. . . a . . . communist . . . street juggler . . . .

From each according to his abilities . . . .
Eric Leclerc
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"killing" at the magic castle and intterupting a crowd of Hollywood party goers to show them tricks are 2 completely different situations...
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Hollywood? If California I'd pull out a wood cig and when everyone is grouping to form a lynch mob you can vanish it or do some cig magic and you have their attention and they are grouped together. If Hollywood Florida toss a possum at 'em.
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Rich B. definitely is a "Worker" in this type of environment. Lots of great advice from a worker. I have seen some very accomplished Magicians fail in an envoronment that they are not experienced in despite being a great Magician. I also intruduce myself as part of the entertainment when the moment permits. You may have to smile and "hover" until you can introduce yourself. Once I introduce my self, I ask who they are.

I act interested in meeting them. This is definitley the way to get on their good side. As I meet and shake hands with the group, I will stop at the last person and say something like "I'm sorry, I did not recognize you. I did not see your name tag or I will say that there are no name tags and that I understand that they are the Gambler of the group. I then point to the first person that I met in the group and say (guests name) called me and told me that you love to gamble. (Pause for response) If they say they do then I say so you do drive on the streets of (insert city here). If they say no, then I say so you don't drive on the streets of (insert city here).

I then remove a pack of cards and ask if they like to play poker, go fish, battle. After the spectator responds I then say great, you have any moeny? I then say don't worry we are not going to play for money, we are going to play for fun. I then perform something quick, strong and visual with the cards. If they respond well which 99% of the time they do, then I will do more. If they do not respond well, I thank them for letting me interrupting them and move on.

Try it out. It really works!

Jamie Salinas
Jamie Salinas
Rich B.
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Hey Jamie, thanks for the compliment. It seems like great minds think a like. Smile

Lots of good advice on this thread.

Rich B.
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Thanks for the advice Rich, always good to hear from someone with experience Smile

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While the approach can be difficult, it's something you need to get over very quickly, as the last thing you want is your booker to watch you hovering in a room full of people that they have paid you to entertain.

The first skill required is to be able to spot the people that are likely to be receptive, they will most likely not be in deep conversation, or have just met an old friend they haven't met in 2 years. Usually in a room full of people there will be some that don't know many people and are a little uncomfortable, they will be glad to have you come over and make them look like they are part of things. Once you have spotted ( and quickly ) your intended target then you approach and I alway's begin by asking if everything is ok, and they usually assume that you are management. This has to be done confidently and with a smile and is an intro into a bit of small talk and gives you the chance to then introduce yourself. I never ask if they want to see some magic or be entertained as this is an invite to get a no. It becomes very much harder to approach after a no especially if others see this as it can be contageous. I'll ask them if they have ever seen magic as close up as this? this creates a bit more conversation and then I'll say something like, I'd like to try and experiment or can I ask you before I do any magic I like to know how observant you are so I know what I can get away with "smile" would you say you are really observant or rubbish? note I've just told them I'm going to do some magic and before they respond they have another question to deal with that's more innocent and slightly humerous, by answering this question they have implicitly accepted the premise that you are going to perform. However they answer I explain that I'd like to do an observation test just to check and go on to perform an appropiate effect that fits with this theme.
This may not be your style but whatever your style you need to be confident and approach quickly with a smile and you will HAVE TO INTERRUPT, so do not fear it, just try and choose the right time and people to interupt so as to get the least possible no's.
Ted Danger
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Wow, Great topic.

I realize now why I got into magic. It was after watching a special of about six magi's at the castle. You can totally do your own thing. I must be one of the few people on posting this topic, that doesn't do anything like what I'm reading. I would never announce myself as a magician, or the fact that I'm being paid to entertain. That would spoil everything. My clients expect their guests to be utterly amazed. I think my clients get more kicks hearing for days after the party about that well dressed freak at their party with the miracles.
The situation reminds me of when I went to see Copperfield and early in his show he announced that if nobody took pictures at the end of the show, he would fly. After I heard that, I thought he sucked. I didn't know he was going to fly until then, and it ruined the show for me.
Doing walkaround is all about thinking on your feet, and experience. I often open with my own trick (soon to be discussed here) that I like to call "Dr. Lao's thumb. This basicly consists of noticing a lady by the pool pulling out a cigarrette, at which time I snap my fingers and my thumb lights up, and I light her cig. On very rare occasions, this act is overlooked, which is pretty strange.
Starting a dessert set, can be as easy as coughing violently and then pulling out the big coil. There's really is no need to go and say, Hey, I'm Ted Danger, and I'm going to perform magic, cause the host is kicking me down big time. For things like Bill Grahams Christmas parties, the Merlin gettup kinda say's it all......... So Slappy, in closing, just do your own thing. Be bold, be good. You don't have to be like other magicians, except for that Malini thing with the full beer in your shoe..
"One may say the eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility." Albert E.
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