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Jolan Vanderdark
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The Brownsville City Morgue
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I'm not usually very big on packet card tricks but this one sounded pretty good, really good for the price if it does what it says. Does anyone else own this one, that could recommend it or not recommend it before my credit card makes up its mind? Thanks for the help.

Twisted Sisters by John Bannon - Your spectators will remember you by this effect. Three huge climaxes are rolled into one absolutely astonishing feat of card magic. Highly recommended!!!

List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $13.49
The Effect
You get the attention of two spectators, inviting them to participate. You place two small packets of cards, one red-backed and one blue-backed, on the table. Your give your first spectator the choice of either the red or blue packet. You ask her to imagine that the packet consists of the four Queens and to merely think of any one of the Queens. (There is no equivoque: your spectator may choose either packet and any of the four Queens.) Now directing attention to the other packet, you ask your second spectator to think of one of the remaining Queens.

You boldly state that you will cause the two thought-of cards to change places. After a magical gesture, you invite your two spectators to reveal their thought-of Queens. You spread the packets fairly on the table and the thought-of Queens are now face up. The Queen in the blue packet, moreover, is red-backed. Similarly, the Queen in the red packet is blue-backed. The thought-of cards have indeed “changed places” with each other.

You lean forward and hazard a guess that one question is on everyone’s mind: What would have happened if either spectator, or both, had thought of a different Queen? You remark with a relieved tone that it’s a good thing they didn’t, because the trick would not have worked: You turn the remaining cards in each packet face up revealing to an astonished crowd that they are all Jokers—not Queens at all.

WARNING: Performers of Twisted Sisters have a tendency to forget about their other tricks.

Why we Love it
It seems completely impossible
It’s so clean and there are no funny moves
The cards take care of everything so you are free to focus all of your efforts on your performance

What You Get

The secret
Detailed instructions
Everything you need to perform this truly awesome effect.

Manufacturer Says
“THIS IS THE ULTIMATE THOUGHT-CARD TRANSPOSITION” ”It’s hard to believe so much magic could happen with virtually no moves.”

Q: How long will it take me to master Twisted Sisters?
A: You’ll be performing this like a pro 10 minutes after opening the box.

Q: Does Twisted Sister rely on card sleights?
A: No. But there is one very easy to master “move”.

Q: Are there any extra cards used?
A: Only eight cards are used (no extra cards). Everything is in plain view the entire time.

Yes....Eventually you will come to me.

And Ohhh...What Sights I Have To Show You!!
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It's a great effect. Easy to do, too, though I saw its creator bungle it at a lecture in Chicago about ten years ago. Nice to know that everyone makes mistakes!

Some people prefer B'Wave, which is very similar but a little simpler. I like Twisted Sisters.
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Upstate NY
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Highest recomendation....superb effect with great props and is easy to perform allowing maximum concentration on presentation...
"The Safwan Papers" eBook: $30
Please read the many great reviews here at the Cafe:

"THE LOGAR SCROLLS" eBook is also now available ($30)


Bryn (also my PayPal for purchases)
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Pittsburgh, Pa
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Get it !! But don't believe that stuff about you'll be performing this effect 10 minutes after you get it. Yes, it's not difficult, but as with any effect you must practice it until you can do it in your sleep before an audience.
Elmsley count and a fairly decent memory, accent on fairly is what you'll need to do this along with an entertaining personality..
Very good card effect..
David Paul
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When I first received this I didn't yet have a mastery of the Elmsley and it really wasn't required anyway to perform the effect.

This effect encouraged me to master ye olde Elmsley Count.

Highest Recommendation! It can be found in one of my pockets whilst busking at Martini Lounges.

Enjoy it....
Ron Reid
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Phoenix, Arizona
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Hi Jolan:

Yes, it's a VERY good effect. And, as the others have said, it's very easy to do. In fact, you don't have to use an Elmsley Count. Some people say it's a stronger, clearer effect if you don't.

Either way, it very strong.

Ron Reid
Greg Arce
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I use the jumbo version in my mental set and it never fails to get a great response. I always leave out the Elmsley counts because they are just a bit too tricky looking for my taste. I do it as an experiment that involves three things: mind control, teleportation and penetration... of the human soul... get your minds out of the gutter! Smile
One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
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Hungary & Israel
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I bought one in NY after seeing it performed and was not disappointed. The mechanics are very simple but presentation should be worked out by you.

All right then. I'll go to hell. (Mark Twain)
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I too always get a good response when performing it for a group of spectators. If you can do the Elmsley count, you can do the effect. Smile Smile
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Upstate NY
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If you are doing it as Mentalism, DON'T do the Elmsley because the sudden face-up appearance of a card is a little too "Magicky."
"The Safwan Papers" eBook: $30
Please read the many great reviews here at the Cafe:

"THE LOGAR SCROLLS" eBook is also now available ($30)


Bryn (also my PayPal for purchases)
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New York
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This is a modern classic of packet tricks. I personally don't like the effect that much, but spectators love it. The most important thing to remember is stressing the true freedom of their choice. Otherwise, you could do the same effect with equivoque.

And for those who recommend B'wave, you can do B'wave with the Twisted Sister cards. Just use half of them.
Sugar Rush is here! Freakishly visual magic.
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On 2003-02-05 08:58, mindhunter wrote:
If you are doing it as Mentalism, DON'T do the Elmsley because the sudden face-up appearance of a card is a little too "Magicky."

Some mentalists would think using cards was too magicky, never mind jumbo cards. So when I used it in a mental spot, I used the count. If you can make the cards teleport why can't they arrive face up?

Whatever our personal views on how it should be performed, it IS a great trick. I speak highly of it in my book "Small But Deadly - The Packet Trickster's Handbook".

Paul. Smile
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Yes, it's worth the money. In fact, I'm looking at buying another set, mine are looking a little worn!! That is to say, I ALWAYS use this trick. People love it.
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Cornwall, UK
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This is one of the few effects that I do time after time and always get a great reaction. It was one of the first effects I bought and learned and I still carry it in my jacket pocket all the time. Can't recommend it enough!
Smile Smile Smile
Learn as if you would live forever... as if you would die tomorrow.
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It's a good effect and well worth the low price. It usually blows most of my specs away.

Scott Cram
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Twisted Sisters, as others have said, is a great effect, and is highly recommended. The proof of the odd-back cards, and the cleanliness of the choice is part of what makes this effect so ... well ... effective. Plus, if you already know B'Wave, you can perform that as well.

One of my favorite effects spawned by B'Wave was Fried Thrice, by Jon Racherbaumer. You use the jacks, queens AND kings in this mental effect. First, one of the jacks is named, and shown to be the only jack with an odd back. Second, one of the kings is named AND shown in an even more fair manner to be the only king with an odd back. Finally, one of the queens is named, and it is shown to be the only queen in the queen pile!
Darren Roberts
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As a beginner, I found this to be a great effect for learning everything that magic is about - especially performance!
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Its a great trick. Although the cards are gaffed (not all of them!) the routine and effect allows you to easily switch the cards.

Recommended highly.
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